I’m Heather Kristian Strang, but you can call me Kristian.

I’m an author, Love Activist & mystic. I created, or rather co-created with my Higher Wisdom, the organization Rising Up for Love to empower you in BE-ing the Love you truly are – in your work, in your relationships, in your healing of dis-ease/trauma in the body-mind and in the healing of the collective consciousness.

Our focus at Rising Up for Love is to empower as many Souls as called to live as Love in their lives. To be Love Activists committed to bringing Love into everything they live and do.


We do this through our positive-Love-filled message billboards in partnership with The Joy Team, through our online Love Activism training, through meditation and healing offerings, through micro-credit lending to women entrepreneurs, through prayer, through working with community food sources to end food poverty, through emotional empowerment tools and more.




You’re here to Love. Fiercely. Strongly. Clearly.

It is the only path to Peace, both personally and globally.


We want to empower you to do exactly this with our tools, inspiration and Love Activism work.

Get started with us below…

You’re needed during this momentous time in consciousness to live in Love, as Love and to BE Love. 2018 is calling you to this, and we have the online training certification ready for you, so you can BE the change that is so needed at this time. Learn more and sign up for Love Activism Certification.

Donate to Rising Up for Love to support our powerful Love Activism work. Consider including us as part of your monthly activism contributions. Learn more here.

BE the Love with Offerings that empower you in your own self-healing as well as the healing of the collective consciousness.