I’m Heather Kristian Strang, but you can call me Kristian.

I’m an author, Love Activist & mystic. I created, or rather co-created with my Higher Wisdom, the organization Rising Up for Love to empower you in BE-ing the Love you truly are – in your work, in your relationships, in your healing of dis-ease/trauma in the body-mind and in the healing of the collective consciousness.

This is Spiritual Healing & Awakening for Advanced Souls (i.e. really, really old Souls who are ready to do whatever necessary to be who they truly are – Love – while in a physical body).


And yes, living a life of Love is leading edge, it goes against pretty much every cultural “norm” and is also what every Great Master has instructed us to do to live in Enlightenment.


Join us at Rising Up for Love. Your purpose and path is here.


Our focus at Rising Up for Love is to empower as many Advanced, Old Souls as called to live as Love in their lives. To be Love Activists committed to bringing Love into everything they live and do.


We do this through our positive-Love-filled message billboards in partnership with The Joy Team, through our online Love Activism training, through meditation and healing offerings, through micro-credit lending to women entrepreneurs, through prayer, through working with community food sources to end food poverty, through emotional empowerment tools and more.




You’re here to Love. Fiercely. Strongly. Clearly.

It is the only path to Peace, both personally and globally.


We want to empower you to do exactly this with our tools, inspiration and Love Activism work.

Get started with us below…

Receive a prayer healing with our donation-based prayer requests. These prayers have led to remarkable physical/emotional/spiritual healings. Learn more and submit your prayer request here.

Our latest book, Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles, is out now! This daily guide is the perfect way to upgrade your vibration to the frequency of Love (or higher). Read a snippet each day to give yourself the alignment you need to live a Love-filled and fueled life. Get your copy here.

Check out our Offerings to get the tools, healing and empowerment you need to support your Ascension/evolution process as an Advanced Soul awake at this time in consciousness.