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Heather Kristian Strang is an author, Love Activist, spiritual guide & matchmaker, mystic, and Barefoot Doctor. Her books include Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle From The JOGs, Ecstatic Union with The Divine, A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living, The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic (currently optioned as a film), Following Bliss, And Then It Was You, and Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems. She has written for and been featured in Bustle, Spirit Guides Magazine, Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Sedona Journal of Emergence, FinerMinds, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, and the book Fierce on the Page.

Heather Kristian committed to living a Spirit-Led life after a health crisis led her to John of God in Brazil in 2008. She now brings through transmissions from five non-physical guides that she “met” while at the John of God casa in Brazil in 2013 and shares their messages through a variety of offerings. Heather Kristian blends the power of The JOGs (as she Lovingly calls these five guides), intuitive wisdom, positive psychology, emotional healing, the Law of Attraction, quantum physics, energy medicine and Advanced PaRama BodyTalk to facilitate offerings for individuals worldwide. These offerings support those called in reclaiming the power they have within to co-create a life filled with Love, Peace, prosperity, and joy.

Heather Kristian has received certifications as an Ordained Minister, Master-level Success & Mentor Coach, PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner and a Barefoot Doctor. She has a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in English and Women’s Studies from Portland State University and graduated summa cum laude. When she’s not engaged in some form of work-play, you’ll find her meditating amidst a cloud of white sage, dance-walking along the Oregon Coast, and/or exploring possibilities through her deep connection with Spirit. Learn more about Heather Kristian at:

And visit her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.




Traditional Education

  • Associates of Applied Science in Marketing, Portland Community College, 2000
  • Bachelors of Science in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on English & Women’s Studies, Portland State University, graduated Summa Cum Laude, 2008
  • Master Success Coach & Mentor Coach certification, InsideTrack, 2008-2011

Energy Medicine / Consciousness / Spiritual Education

  • Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki Attunement, 2008
  • John of God psychic surgery September 2008
  • Continuous remote and in-person healings from John of God in Brazil from 2008-2015
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals 1&2 – Merging of Western & Eastern principles by tuning in to Higher Consciousness and an individual’s Higher Self
  • Women’s Sexual Health minor in BodyTalk
  • Advanced BodyTalk Protocol
  • Advanced BodyTalk Integration
  • Principles of Consciousness Mod 3
  • Biodynamics – Chinese Medicine Mod 4&7
  • Macrocosmic Bodymind – Astrology, Past Lives, Lifecyles, Chinese Clock Mod 6
  • Matrix dynamics – Matrixes Mod 9
  • FreeFall 1- addressing core dynamics with parents, intimacy, relationship
  • San Baio – Energetic Acupuncture
  • 5 Elements, 50 Conditions – Chinese Medicine
  • Mindscape – Intuitive Process
  • Body Ecology – Microbiomes
  • Eastern Medicine – Psychic channels / Ancestral Meridians, Kundalini cycles
    *All of the above taken from 2009-2016
  • Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction / Art of Allowing seminars, 2011-present
  • Womb Wisdom training with Anaiya Sophia, 2012
  • Abraham-Hicks 6-day Art of Allowing workshop, 2014
  • Outrageous Openness (Surrender) Training, Tosha Silver, 2014
  • PaRama Unit 1 & Practical – Advanced brain and energetic dynamics, 2016-2017
  • Barefoot Doctors Program, Dr. Janet Galipo, 2017
  • Studied Love, Partnership and Higher Relating under Alison Armstrong, Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena), Nicole Moore and famed dating coach Marni Battista



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Book Reviews for Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle from The JOGs:

“Thank you so very much, Heather Kristian, for the gift you have made possible for me. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of The JOGs. Thank you for this magical book and for all your support. These transmissions have awakened me to Love, to my true Self, and to what I really am here for. From the truest, deepest part of me: THANK YOU.”
–Carol Morgan, health & nutrition advocate & consultant

“Communication with my Angels and Guides has gotten clearer and clearer and the specifics I ask for (time frame, platform for information, etc.) hone the messages so keenly…The transmissions seem like a tapestry, more than punctuated messages – weaving together over time. It’s been so interesting to see how they mirror what’s happening in my life, and how what’s happening in life mirrors them.”
–Brooke Kalan, life coach & speaker

“These transmissions have taught me to Love deeper, know deeper magic and connection, deeper healing and forgiveness and more depth of Source and who I am than I could ever imagine existed.”
–Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach


Book Reviews for Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace.:

“A must read for everyone wanting to live their truth, tap into their Higher Selves and shed all that holds them back. Let Heather Kristian guide you to true fulfillment as she connects to The JOGs energies sharing truth, authenticity, and Love.”
–G. Brian Benson, Award-winning Author, Actor, and Filmmaker

“Heather Kristian has done it again! Ecstatic Union with The Divine is a crystal clear transmission that outshines the many titles covering a similar theme. Why? Because it is evident that she is living it. It’s dripping with truths that soothe, inspire, activate and heal.  Thank you, Heather Kristian, for continuing the journey with us.”
–Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual UnionWomb WisdomThe Rose Knight, and Sacred Relationships: The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love

Ecstatic Union reads like a great novel; you have no idea what’s coming next but are so happy once you get there! This is the first book in a long time of this genre that I’ve wanted to read thoroughly and not use for a coaster halfway through. It’s not the “same old, same old” in only slightly different words but rather a fresh take on so many of the issues most of us struggle with. I took copious notes and enjoyed the expanded perspectives and tools provided by The JOGs. A potential bestseller for years to come.”
–Dave Markowitz, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer and Bestselling Author of Self-Care for the Self-Aware: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, and Healers


Book Reviews for A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living:

“Heather Strang’s latest work is a testimonial to her obvious connection to the John of God energies. Her oracular writing is at the edge, revealing the magic of her guidance in an entirely new way. She understands the vital importance to share her wisdom at this time – making her a modern day Oracle. A must read for all Lovers of Prophecy everywhere!”
Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual Union, Womb Wisdom, The Rose Knight and the soon to be released: Divine Relationship.

“Personal and professional abundance has been overflowing and increasing since I started a regular practice reading this Oracle that Heather has so beautifully transcribed. It has been by my side, as a kind of pocket Spiritual Guide. Within a week of reading, and with the support of the text I stumbled on that day, I made an important, but challenging decision with total confidence, the positive impact of which continues to grow now, many weeks later. It seems whatever page I turn to is always the perfect thing for that exact moment. Thanks to Heather and the JOGs!”
Danielle Ross, Marketing Coach, Singer & Professional Speaker

“I’m incredibly grateful to have the Oracle as a source of guidance. Each morning I randomly pick a reading which almost always aligns with whatever issue happens to be up for me. The guidance is consistently profound and resonate with my body/mind/spirit. As an added plus, the messages are often funny and fun to read! I tend to be skeptical of “channeled” material, but I can’t deny the fact that the Oracle has given me a huge amount of clarity as well as helped me overcome challenges and attract magical and uplifting experiences. I’m a believer!”
Donna Zerner, Writer/Editor


Book Reviews for The Quest: a Tale of Desire & Magic:

The Quest takes you on a journey deep within, asking you to honor your own guidance above all else and reminds us that when we follow Spirit and work with the laws of the Universe miracles abound. A must-read for any Spirit Junkie on the path!”
–Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

“In The Quest, one is reminded that the path to the Beloved is illuminated by one’s own inner guidance and connection to the soul – nothing else can replace that. It’s a beautiful message for those called to unite with their Beloved and who enjoy a wild, sexy read!”
Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual Union and The Rose Knight

“I love a book that makes me laugh and inspires me to honor the truth I feel within. The Quest does all of this and more. It artfully encourages us to follow what we know to be true – that we have the answers within. The Quest is a story anyone can relate to and it leads us to knowing that when all is said and done – our truth is all that matters.”
James F. Twyman, NY Times bestselling author and Peace Troubadour

The Quest is a beautiful and inspiring story with strong characters and a storyline that will hook you from the beginning! I love a good love story and this was a fabulous one. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!
Cari Kamm, author of For Internal Use Only

“The way Heather Strang writes about love makes you believe in love and want to pursue love. I can’t think of anything more important a novel can accomplish in a world that desperately needs more people in love.”
Matt Love, author of The Far Out Story of Vortex 1

“What a wonderful ode to the magic and mystery of love, and the sweet blessings that await us when we live from our heart and follow our intuition. Beautiful!!”
–Amanda, Book Review on

“I finished the novel over a weekend. It was a beautiful and inspiring story with strong characters and a storyline that will hook you from the beginning! I love a good love story and this was a fabulous one! Bravo to this author! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!”
–Jojo, Book Review on


Book Reviews for Following Bliss:

“This book is so fun, juicy, sexy, spiritual and amazing to read. I loved it!! It gave me one of those very special feelings that you only get every once in a while like while you are watching a magical sunset or blissed out in meditation. There is a very special energy to this book…This book really warms the heart and reminds one of the important things in life. I smiled while reading it and could not put it down. I did one of those crazy things and stayed up very late for 2 nights in a row as I just couldn’t stop reading it.”
–Alove, Book Review on

“This book was the first e-book I have ever read. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end! It made me giggle, it aroused me, it brought tears. I welled up with emotions for the beauty of life that is inspired by the ideals the characters strive to find in their lives and embody in their choices – grace, love, joy, peace, truth, soul authenticity! If the goal of this book was to inspire a person to be their best self and to open their heart to love in a world where we are shown to defend and protect ourselves from vulnerability and pain, then this little e-book is the perfect antidote to the jaded environment we sometimes find around us. Thank you Heather for your offering of goodwill!”
–DrBodyTalk, Book Review on


Book Reviews for And Then It Was You:

“It’s safe to say that I’m a huge fan of Heather Strang and The Quest novels. There is always magic and a sense of healing that goes along with reading Heather’s books. This was especially true for And Then It Was You. I decided to read it during a time in my life where everything was new, changing, and uncertain. There were times that I felt like I was reading a chapter from the book of my life! That’s what a good author does, right? They make the story relatable so that everyone sees themselves in the story in some way. It was a little more than that for me. It was almost as if I would read a chapter and then something very similar would happen in my life. And Then It Was You became my guidebook for holding space for my deepest desires and allowing the Universe lead me. These books are the real deal, inspiring, exciting, sexy, fun and deeply spiritual – everything that life should, and can be!!”
–Maya A., Reviewer on

“Yesterday morning I started to read this great novel. A few months before I also read The Quest – Heather Strang’s 1st novel and I felt I had to read the new one too because the first one was AMAZING and REALLY, this new one is topping the last one. I found me reading the book in one sequence, only 20 minutes for preparing lunch and then I was again kind of absorbing the whole book. A few hours later I finished – what an experience – my heart was pumping, I felt a kind of warm feeling inside and a big smile on my face – if you want to feel real happiness then you have to read this wonderful book …. It contains much more than WORDS can tell – thank you, Heather Strang and PLEASE keep on writing!”
–Reviewer on


Raves from Clients of Heather Kristian Strang:

“I’ve been working with Heather consistently for the last 7 months. I can’t tell you what a difference she has made in my life! In this short time, I’ve been able to let go of anger and resentment, forgiven family members for past pain and betrayals, forgiven myself for hanging onto that pain, cleared physical ailments, I am experiencing a level of whole-body healing I’ve needed for a very long time, discovered and claimed my Life’s Purpose and realized (on the heart level, finally!) that true Happiness lies within me and that I can choose to be Happy every day and amazing things will manifest as a result. My life has expanded so much in such a short amount of time and I could not have experienced this without Heather.” – K.S., 32

“I honestly didn’t think it was possible to change my view of life before Heather Strang. I am so grateful for this experience!” – M.M., 58

“Heather is a compassionate and intuitive healer. My sessions with her give me the insight to go to the next level in my career and home life, and I am so grateful. I have a great clarity in body and spirit, and I am able to release fears that no longer serve me. This has helped me to fully embrace the life I have always wanted to lead! I highly recommend the joyous life that comes from searching into the depths of your soul to find true purpose and meaning in walking your individual spiritual path. Heather will help anyone accomplish this!” – R.P., 35



Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle from The JOGs
ISBN-10: 1979602654
ISBN-13: 978-1979602655
November 23, 2017

Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace.
ISBN-10: 1542330645
ISBN-13: 978-1542330640
February 14, 2017

A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living
ISBN-10: 152390626X
ISBN-13: 978-1523906260
February 23, 2016

The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic
Riverwood Books
ISBN-10: 1940468221
ISBN-13: 978-1940468228
October 7, 2014

Download Book Cover 682x1024px
Following Bliss
June 5, 2013

And Then It Was You
April 28, 2015

Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems Currently Out of Print iUniverse ISBN-10: 1440141371 ISBN-13: 978-1440141379 June 3, 2009
Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems
Currently Out of Print
ISBN-10: 1440141371
ISBN-13: 978-1440141379
June 3, 2009




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For questions regarding Heather Kristian’s work, please contact her assistant.

To be part of Heather Kristian’s Magic, visit here.

Heather Kristian is also available for media interviews on the following topics:

  • Mind/Body/Spirit connection
  • Manifesting/Co-creating
  • BodyTalk
  • The John of God experience
  • Living a Spirit-led life
  • Running a successful solopreneur business
  • Soul Alignment

To request an interview directly, email here.



  1. The ocean and Heather Kristian have a serious relationship going. She is out on the beach, walking alongside the Pacific Ocean 2-3 times on most days, receiving insights, clarity and Soul tears.
  2. Heather Kristian loves fresh flowers and makes sure she has 1-2 bouquets in her home.
  3. Favorite author of all time: Paulo Coelho. The early years. Well, all the early years – she has read everything Coelho has written.
  4. Heather Kristian loves to dance, in fact, she was on the dance team in high school. Before she gave it up for her even bigger love – writing – and dove fully into the school newspaper and yearbook. Even to this day, usually after writing, she can be found shaking it anywhere good music is playing, including her living room and the beach. She has sort of perfected the beach dance walk. In case you were wondering.
  5. Her favorite colors are white and purple. Go figure, right?
  6. Maine is where Heather Kristian’s Soul Purpose line lives and she has a strong Soul connection to the land there. She someday intends to have a home on the Maine Coast.
  7. A fire, a stormy, rainy night, & good music/book make her a very, very happy woman. Throw in a peppermint tea latte with hemp milk and you have an even happier woman.
  8. Heather Kristian loves to bake. But not just typical baking, she absolutely loves taking a sugary, unhealthy dessert and transforming it into a grain/sugar/dairy/soy/corn-free delight. She’s apt to do this with any and all dishes, but she especially loves to do this with baking. And no you cannot have the recipe to her super healthy and divinely delicious chocolate chip cookies. 😉
  9. Even though Heather Kristian is in a committed, long-term relationship with the Pacific Ocean and its beaches, she is a fire sign (and has almost all fire in all of her charts) and loves the desert and the heat. Shh…don’t tell the Oregon Coast.
  10. Heather Kristian loves to sing. In the shower, in the car – where no one else can hear her (because no one should hear her) and she can let it rip.
  11. She has incredible hula-hooping skillz and regularly beats her niece and nephew at hula-offs. Her photographer recently asked her the secret to her hula skillz (after her 2016 photoshoot which included hula-hooping on the beach) and her response was, “These hips, baby.” And yes, that’s a direct quote.