19 Feb / Episode 06: You Can Stop Managing the “Crazy” Now!


In this 6th episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we define what “managing the crazy” means, why it’s a thing that most empaths/highly sensitive beings do and what this time in consciousness is actually asking us to do instead (i.e. STOP managing!).

We’ll give you specific examples of what managing looks like, and specific guidance for how to break this cycle to liberate yourself and the others involved.

Be prepared to laugh, take notes and experience greater freedom in your life and in your awakening today!

And if you’re a woman ready to let go of the managing and step into your leadership and empowerment (and the greatest Love of your life!) join us for Reclaim Your Sacred Woman – accepting ladies through February 28, 2019.

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We Love You! XoHK & Team

©Rising UP for Love,

By Audrey Gates in Awakening: The Podcast

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