19 Mar / Episode 07: Spiritual Bypassing: The Real, Raw Truth

In this “real talk” 7th episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we break down what spiritual bypassing is, what I actually believe it to be (yes, there’s a difference) and what the Highest Light perspective of Love (which is really the only opinion worth caring about) says about spiritual bypassing. We break it down clearly because we know you can handle it. All of it.

After today’s episode, you won’t be bypassing anything.

We break down how to apply this expanded understanding of spiritual bypassing in your day to day life and on the larger world scale.

We give you specific actions you can take so as to be part of the great healing and ascension that’s occurring at this time for the earth.

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©Rising UP for Love,

By Audrey Gates in Awakening: The Podcast

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