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It’s been a long time since my last blog – I have successfully completed my move and have settled into apartment living in suburbia (is there anything more divine than mad mom’s in minivans – everywhere?).

I would like to use this blog as a forum to post writing tips. Are you ready? Be prepared to be absolutely astounded. 😉

After editing several cover letters and resumes recently, there is something everyone must know: SIMPLE IS BETTER. Less words = more effective communication. Using a multitude of words does not make you sound smarter, but rather, unsure and insecure.

Example: “I feel my skills can provide your company with the best possible option as an employee.”

Better: “My skills qualify me as the best employee for this position.”

Best: “I am the best candidate for this position.”

Fewer words and more active language make your writing (and you) sound more confident and qualified for any position.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
Please feel free to email any writing questions to: info@strangwriteforyou.com.

Heather Strang

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10 Aug / Welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

We’re in the midst of summer and I’m loving it. The weather is gorgeous. Last night I did a
7-mile bike ride (which isn’t much at all), but it killed. It’s my first real ride in over a year. My bike is a totally pimped out and I’m ready to go. I’m trying to find a cycling buddy to do some longer rides with me, but so far no luck.

I’m heading out to the Howie Day/Anna Nalick concert tonight at the Crystal Ballroom. This will be my first time attending a concert at the Crystal Ballroom and I’m looking forward to it. Did a little pre-concert shopping today and picked up some huge dangly earrings to wear tonight. 🙂

The only down side to summer is my lack of motivation to work. Everyone and their mother is on vacation and I’d much rather be reading a book (currently “His Needs, Her Needs”) by the pool than sitting in front of a computer. It’s time to get that laptop with wireless internet I’ve been drooling over…

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