When I was 12, I used to pretend I was the head editor for Seventeen magazine and alternated that fantasy with pretending I was the teacher in a class full of incredibly gifted students. Little did I know that these two child-like “fantasies” were glimpses of where I would be drawn as I became more and more aligned with my Highest Self.

And while I never anticipated that I would write books, I have been guided to – thus far – write 7, with the eighth one currently in progress as well. I love the consistent reminders from Spirit that what we can imagine for ourselves is only a fraction of what is truly possible for us.


Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems iUniverse ISBN-10: 1440141371 ISBN-13: 978-1440141379 June 3, 2009


Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems (Currently Out of Print) was written in 2008/2009 during my time living on the island of Kauai, Hi. I had recently come “this close” (I’m holding my fingers really close together here) to having a non-fiction book published (my co-author and I had an agent and Lion’s Press at the ready) but when the book was cut in the final review, I let go of the traditional publishing route and stepped into the world of self-publishing.

The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic Riverwood Books Available Soon September 22, 2014


The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic was written in 2011 while living in Portland, Ore. The entire storyline downloaded into my consciousness after returning home from an Abraham-Hicks workshop. It has been blessed by the John of God energies and is currently optioned as a feature-length film.

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Following Bliss was written in 2012 and is the second book in The Quest series. This book decided to write itself, and began on a long walk that I was on (without computer or pen and pencil – thanks text messaging!). It has been blessed by the John of God energies.

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And Then It Was You is the final novel in The Quest series. The entire story was delivered to me as I was walking back from a gorgeous sunset in Pacific City, Ore. (and right after I had submitted Following Bliss for publication). It’s my favorite book to date and just like The Quest and Following Bliss has been blessed by the JOGs so that it can be used as a healing transmission.

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Translated throughout 2015, A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living – made up of transmissions from the JOGs – will guide you, helping you to no longer struggle or suffer to find the clarity you seek in your business, in your relationships, with money and in all areas of your life. Simply follow the practices outlined in this guide to be able to receive the answers to your questions in the Highest Light and with much ease.

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Translated in late 2016, Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace. – made up of transmissions from the JOGs – will give you detailed guidance on aligning with the truth of who you really are – which is abundance, Love & Peace. You’ll receive practices and processes for navigating your life’s unfolding with greater ease and grace – regardless of external conditions.

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Dive into Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle from The JOGs daily and you will experience more Love, Peace, and Prosperity than you ever thought possible as you co-create a life that feels vibrationally just like true vacations were always intended to feel, and then watch as the ripple effect extends throughout your entire life and the entire world.

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Read any and all of the novels in The Quest series to shift again and again into a higher frequency of Love & Magic. Many readers will read a novel anytime they desire a new shift in their Love life!

And always, always follow those dreams that you had as a child, knowing that they will unfold in more Magic than you can currently imagine.