And Then It Was You

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Book Synopsis

31-year-old Allie Strauss thought she had found true love. But when her husband of 5 years ends their marriage over breakfast one Thursday morning, Allie’s world is turned upside down. She is thrust into a dark night of the Soul and re-emerges with new highlights, a seriously up-leveled wardrobe and a new attitude that makes even her once skeptical self believe in the Law of Attraction. In an unprecedented move, Allie gallivants down to the Gulf Coast away from the safety of her home and family in Oceanside, Oregon & winds up in the arms of a sexy stranger. Allie’s magical journey reminds her and all of us that when it comes to true love everyone wins – even when everything is on the line.

Who is And Then It Was You written for?

Readers who love a novel chock-full of inspiration, sexy scenes and true love.

Karla Sauve

Karla Sauve, BodyTalk/Intuitive Healing, sent this beautiful review.

I have the book “And Then It Was You” which by the way I LOVED.  I was holding off on purchasing The Quest books because I thought it was a just for fun read.  Well, I was wrong, I had so so so many insights and shifts from reading the book.  I seriously couldn’t put it down and read it all in 1 day.  I didn’t want it to end!

Reviewer on Amazon

Yesterday morning I started to read this great novel. A few months before I also read the “Quest” – Heather Strang’s 1st novel and I felt I had to read the new one too because the first one was AMAZING and REALLY, this new one is topping the last one. I found me reading the book in one sequence, only 20 minutes for preparing lunch and then I was again kind of absorbing the whole book. A few hours later I finished – what an experience – my heart was pumping, I felt a kind of warm feeling inside and a big smile on my face – if you want to feel real happiness THEN you have to read this wonderful book …. It contains much more than WORDS can tell – thank you, Heather Strang and PLEASE keep on writing!

Laura, a reviewer on Amazon

I love this book and the whole Quest series! This is definitely a page turner with lovable and compelling characters and seriously interesting scenarios. It is Sexy, Conscious, and Magical. Chances are you haven’t read anything like this before! Enjoy 🙂

Melissa, a reviewer on Amazon

If your goal is to cultivate feelings of desire, passion and true love connection-THIS is the book for you! Thank you Heather Strang! I enjoyed reading this story and received some golden nuggets I will be implementing in my life.

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