Ecstatic Union with The Divine

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Ecstatic Union with The Divine 


Do you desire to live more richly, more in Love and more in Peace?


If so, this book is for you.

In it, you’ll receive detailed guidance on aligning with the truth of who you really are – which is abundance, Love & Peace. You’ll receive practices and processes for navigating your life’s unfolding with greater ease and grace – regardless of external conditions.

You’ll also be uplifted by these channeled transmissions from The JOGs as they remind you of what you know deep within you.

The JOGs transmissions are designed to work on and with you at core cellular and energetic levels. Read the transmissions out loud or silently to yourself to activate your Soul Alignment. You may also use this book as an Oracle or read it straight through.

Some of the topics The JOGs address in Ecstatic Union with The Divine include:

  • What “Enlightenment” actually is.
  • A new paradigm of relationship: Spiritual Partnership
  • How to dismantle limiting beliefs and step into new co-creations.
  • Ending Survival Consciousness as your primary operating system.
  • How to live a Peaceful, abundant life – regardless of external conditions.
  • How to navigate your life in a way that truly serves you.
  • Love Portals – what they are, why they’re needed at this time, and how to set yours up.
  • True Love, True Wealth, True Peace – with details on how to align to all 3!

Honor your intuition on how to allow The JOGs to support you and welcome in the expansions, truths, greater richness, and Love & Peace that envelops your life from this work.

We see it as so.
And so it is.

Want a blessing of your book from Heather Kristian & The JOGs along with detailed guidance, a Meditation and a transmission on how to live in Ecstatic Union with The Divine? Go here.


FlourishBreak“And so if you could allow yourself to know, to believe, to fully understand that every experience that is occurring is occurring for the opportunity of becoming more filled with Light, that it is calling to that Light part of you and calling forth for you to walk with whatever it is in the Light, then you have an extraordinary life experience. Then you are in Ecstatic Union with The Divine each and every day.” -The JOGs



“A must read for everyone wanting to live their truth, tap into their Higher Selves and shed all that holds them back. Let Heather Kristian guide you to true fulfillment as she connects to The JOGs energies sharing truth, authenticity and Love.”
-G. Brian Benson, Award-winning Author, Actor and Filmmaker 

“Heather Kristian has done it again! Ecstatic Union with The Divine is a crystal clear transmission that outshines the many titles covering a similar theme. Why? Because it is evident that she is living it. It’s dripping with truths that soothe, inspire, activate and heal.  Thank you, Heather Kristian, for continuing the journey with us.”
-Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual Union, Womb Wisdom, The Rose Knight, and Sacred Relationships: The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love 

Ecstatic Union reads like a great novel; you have no idea what’s coming next but are so happy once you get there! This is the first book in a long time of this genre that I’ve wanted to read thoroughly and not use for a coaster halfway through. It’s not the “same old, same old” in only slightly different words but rather a fresh take on so many of the issues most of us struggle with. I took copious notes and enjoyed the expanded perspectives and tools provided by The JOGs. A potential bestseller for years to come.”
-Dave Markowitz; Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer and Bestselling Author of Self-Care for the Self-Aware: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, and Healers 

“What if there were a path to living a more whole, complete, clear, joyous, and grounded life? And what if you were already on the path, but had not yet attuned to your co-creative power? What if you could simply soften into receptivity, listen for guidance, and learn to trust, welcome, and appreciate what comes—all of what comes? These are the questions Ecstatic Union with The Divine asks—and answers. By inviting you to live rich, live in Love, and live in Peace—and revealing how equipped you already are to do so—author Heather Kristian Strang leads you home to your true nature, where a soul-filled, heart-centered, Spirit-led life awaits you.”
-Sage Cohen, author of Fierce on the Page

“Heather Kristian Strang’s Ecstatic Union with The Divine embodies and transmits truth. The expression of The Divine moves through her to deliver vital messages of what is our innate birthright living on this planet: to live in our abundance, Love, and Peace. Ecstatic Union with The Divine is a transmission of inspired and timely wisdom that supports each reader to discover what is true for their unique and Highest path. A true compass and guide to Truth.”
-Jennifer Alyse, Visionary Entrepreneur and photographer 

“If you want to live your life from your most authentic place, if you want to understand yourself  from the best vantage point and experience the most inspired and blissful perspective, then Heather Kristian Strang’s new book Ecstatic Union with The Divine is a must read. Heather Kristian’s channeling of The JOGs gifts to you the art of surrendering to your Soul’s directive. Allowing yourself to be guided by your Soul, your Higher Self and your spiritual guiding team, to experience your highest potential in this lifetime, is laid out beautifully and eloquently in the pages of this book. If you want a map to live your best ecstatic life, experience The Divine in everything you encounter, and receive all that is meant for you, then this book outlines and illustrates that journey exquisitely.”
-Jo Jayson Spiritual Artist, Teacher & Author of Self Love Through The Sacred Feminine 

“I love this book. This morning as part of my daily spiritual practice I sought guidance in it. I opened up to a transmission on Peace. And I instantly felt the rightness of it, and how Spirit knew exactly what I needed to know for today: that Peace is who I really am. So I’ve walked a troublesome day today knowing that Peace is my natural state and affirming that: ‘I do only that which brings me Peace’. Thank you JOGs.”
-Carol Morgan, Live Pura Vida

“I was using Ecstatic Union with The Divine as an oracle since I had received it but just recently got the feeling I needed to read it from start to finish and it is amazing!! It feels like a whole new experience. Yay!”
-Jillian Gunlicks, Artist

Ecstatic Union with The Divine is a portal to access the highest frequency of you. It’s a Divine dance in shedding all that is not serving you to the reminder of TRUTHS that will bring you true Peace. The Ecstatic Union with The Divine is an opportunity to be washed by an ocean of Love & Light, always begin again and reconnect with your Higher Self. The wisdom that is coming through Heather Kristian via Spirit is a gift and an opportunity to be free and filled with Love and invites you to dance with The Divine.”
-Brooke Emery, Connector, Strategic Coach, Spiritual Guide

“Tonight I read the chapter “what is truly at work all around you”.

I literally got three sentences in and felt so much emotion. … So much love and support. The words coming off the page resonated so deeply. Such a gift. I really really needed it. It’s just felt like I’ve had the support this whole time!

You have such a gift. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m just putting the utmost faith out there that all these words I’ve read and are spoken to me by you are aligning me on the right path that is a little notch above where I used to be.

I was very touched tonight and felt compelled to share with you!”

FlourishBreak“We want to see and we encourage you to be one who chooses the path of Love in this upcoming year so that when the boat is rocked, so to speak, and it will be, that you will be grounded firmly in Love, untouched in your clarity and rapture.”
-The JOGs