Live Like You’re On Vacation

Living Like You’re On Vacation is the path to both personal and world Peace…


Before the hotness of social media and showcasing one’s epic adventures, I was the ultimate travel junkie. I worked to vacation. No sooner did I finish one vacation and I had the next in the works.

I went on like this for quite some time – even as my understanding of spiritual principles expanded. In fact, I found an old journal where I had written that if it was up to me, I would live like I was on vacation.

That actually turned out to be a prophetic statement – although I received a powerful upgrade from Spirit as to what true vacations are truly meant to be!

I’ve spent the past nine years meditating daily and taking every course available to understand the quantum field and energy medicine while going deeper into my connection with Higher Consciousness including expanding into channeling work from my five guides The JOGs and my guide Royal.

Through this deep dive with Spirit, I have brought through the transmissions contained in this book which act as healing sessions while also activating your remembrance and ability to live like you’re on vacation.

Dive into this Oracle daily and you will experience more Love, Peace, and Prosperity than you ever thought possible as you co-create a life that feels vibrationally just like true vacations were always intended to feel, and then watch as the ripple effect extends throughout your entire life and the entire world.

And so it is. It is so.

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“To live your life and allow your life to be an example – a shining example we might add – for Peace, for abundance, for richness, for Love, for joy, for all that is good and true within all beings. You literally have the ability and the opportunity, through your daily attention and focus and actions, to lift your frequency and therefore the frequency of the world to a new level.”
-The JOGs

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“Thank you so very much, Heather Kristian, for the gift you have made possible for me. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of The JOGs. Thank you for this magical book and for all your support. These transmissions have awakened me to Love, to my true Self, and to what I really am here for. From the truest, deepest part of me: THANK YOU.”
-Carol Morgan, health & nutrition advocate & consultant

“Communication with my Angels and Guides has gotten clearer and clearer and the specifics I ask for (time frame, platform for information, etc.) hone the messages so keenly…The transmissions seem like a tapestry, more than punctuated messages – weaving together over time. It’s been so interesting to see how they mirror what’s happening in my life, and how what’s happening in life mirrors them.”
-Brooke Kalan, life coach & speaker

“These transmissions have taught me to Love deeper, know deeper magic and connection, deeper healing and forgiveness and more depth of Source and who I am than I could ever imagine existed.”
-Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach

“There is this quality of peace that is there which feels better than anything I’ve felt in a long time. This. Feels. So. Right. I have been immersing myself in all The JOGs transmissions – in my car, in my meditations, while doing dishes, taking a bath, every chance I get. I know this is big, so thank you for showing me the way.”
-Karla Sauve, energy healer

“During the transmission itself, I could feel the Spirit Team working in various locations in my body. It felt expansive and blissful and like a very healing recalibration was taking place. Thank you!”
-Daria Howell, massage therapist

“I can’t thank Heather Kristian enough because as long as I have known her she expresses exactly who she is and I find this so beautiful and inspiring. For me, this is her signature note of beauty in the world and this is what she brings out in me as well. From my experience (with this work) I feel I deeply shifted. I had been craving a return to the true me since my babies were born and I have found that from the practices, the encouragement, the teachings…this occurred. They went to the heart of some ancient patterns I have been asking to be healed and am so thankful they understood me, saw me and were able to guide me back to myself. I feel empowered, at peace and more excited about life. Thank you so much, Heather Kristian & The JOGs!”
-April, healer and intuitive

“The impact The JOGs have had on my awakening is so strong. I have been feeling blocked for a long time…I felt like something was missing but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I found you and The JOGs! Thank you so much for everything!”
-Amanda Baker, teacher

“All of these transmissions lately have caused tears to flow which makes me also realize this stuff is SO REAL. I am finding the TRUTH of who I am and loving it. Today’s transmission seemed like it was just for me… I am SO grateful to be a part of this fabulous group of wonderful people. When you let it flow, it flows. That flow led me to Heather Kristian Strang and my life has not been the same since…thank you xoxox”
-Judy Siebler

“The messages from The JOGs has brought me such peace and feeling grounded in who I am and I am learning how to believe in myself…Suddenly, my life doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you!”
-Marianne Marshall, hospital services manager

“These transmissions introduced me to my capacity to work with my life as it flows, and has helped me move away from the belief that premeditating and strategizing and pushing will get me to my desired destination. It’s begun to crack open the understanding that relationships with others are primarily energetic, and that (again) strategizing and working to set up the “perfect” scenarios does not result in the deepest possible connections. It’s helped me become clear that the depression or apathy or impatience or anger that surfaces is not a result of physical circumstances or “something wrong with me” but is rather a call to release limiting beliefs or emotions, and in fact, has been set up for my expansion (how funny this makes it all!).”
-Jessica K., Physician’s Assistant

“A friend of mine recently introduced me to Heather and her incredible work. This is the first of her books that I’ve read…WOW! Heather is an extraordinary woman who holds the ability to help us all learn how to grow – spiritually, in our relationships, passions, pathways, careers. What I really appreciated about this book is just how accessible the transmissions are, and how much you can learn from each one. Amazing how each day’s reading seems to guide me towards answers I’m seeking. This oracle has become part of my daily practice. So grateful to have been guided to Heather and the JOGS!”
-Kate, Reviewer on Amazon
“This book gives very spiritual but very grounded and relevant advice on how to shift your thinking and flow better with life! I have read Heather Kristian Strang’s previous books and felt really supported with guidance. The author also leads online seminars and meditations which have really elevated how I engage in life. If you’re Uber spiritual, You’ll love it. And if you’re wanting to dip a toe… buy the book! It’s a great way to start a daily habit of connecting to your higher wisdom.”
-Stephanie, Reviewer on Amazon


“We are here for you, Loving you, guiding you when you allow us and throwing as many synchronicities – times, license plates, birds and all forms of animal and nature communicating with you, babies, any being of Light we can summon and any numerical sequences we can summon to let you know – we are here. We are your certainty. And the certainty is that everything is working out for you. Always. And the certainty is that when you employ, deploy, co-create with us – you can be certain that you are going to live one of the most magical, Divine, joyful lives that you could ever live.”
-The JOGs