One of the majestic mountain ranges we work with in B.C.

Living a life committed to Love and to Spirit means life is always an adventure!

You never know exactly where you’ll be expanded into and where you’ll end up.

Being an Advanced Soul (otherwise known as an old af Soul here on Earth for a Love mission), requires having flexibility to the new pathways that open up for you.

You will eternally be expanded into greater Love, greater Peace, greater Prosperity – and ultimately greater Freedom – to be the Sacred, Higher Self you truly are, all while in a physical body.

Me and my husband on the Ferry across the Columbia River into interior B.C.

For my husband and I, this means engaging in Love Tours throughout our Love Territories in the Pacific Northwest, West Coast of the United States and British Columbia.

Our Love Tours began last year when we were guided to go on several epically long road trips, performing rituals, leaving crystals and doing prayer and meditation work to bless the land, waters and living beings we passed by.

Our Love Tours went even more next level when we were given specific guidance by our Higher Wisdom to work with the High Planes of British Columbia to support more Love and Peace being broadcast onto the earth.

Incredibly, we were guided to secure a third home, this time in the High Planes of British Columbia, so that we could be here more regularly to do this important work.

We are guided to the exact timeframes to be here throughout the year so as to carry out this deeply healing work with the earth, again to support all lands, waters and living beings throughout the earth plane.

We are currently on a 3-week tour and are Loving the deepening that we feel happening with the land, with ourselves and with the earth.

We frequently see bald eagle’s above us and take this as a confirmation of our continually going “higher” into who we really are, our Sacred Selves, at this critical time in consciousness by doing this work.

Being an awake and Advanced Soul requires us to listen to the guidance deep within and from the Highest Light.

It requires us to say “yes” to the nudges and signs, even when they don’t make sense. It allows us to live in a truly Love-filled & miraculous way.

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to all those ones who support this Love Tour work through monthly donations.

Every bit helps and is hugely supportive of our commitment to live this Spirit-and-Love-led life.

If you’re called to add Rising UP for Love and our Love Tours to your monthly donations of what you would like to see more of in the world (namely, Love & Spirit!), please donate here.

Simply check the box that says “make this a monthly donation” to do so with ease.

We also call on blessings of the Highest Light for all those who support our work in this way.

Thank you for receiving our Spring Love Tour share, and we look forward to sharing with you when our Summer Tour begins as well!

In Divine Love & Sacred Awakening,

XoHeather Kristian & Team

Practicing my selfie skills on the Ferry for our Spring Love Tour. We bless the Columbia River and more! Xo

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You’re an Advanced Soul.

You couldn’t be here reading these words if that wasn’t the case.

Don’t you just Love reminder that the power of the Universe will always connect you and bring you what you need?!

So…let’s talk more about this – what is an Advanced Soul?

An Advanced Soul is a Soul who has lived many, many, sometimes 10’s of thousands of lifetimes on this Earth plane.

You’ve been, during this time, supporting the evolution and ascension of the human animal into human Spirit through these incarnations and through living a life.

You’ve been, in each lifetime, working to clear your Earth body so that you may allow the full integration, the full embodiment of your Higher Self into your human body.

In doing so, you support the healing of the collective Soul.

That’s right, by becoming more of your authentic, Sacred Self, by healing the pains and attachments from many previous lifetimes before – you support the ascension and healing of all beings.

Pretty rad, right?

And as an Advanced Soul, the commonly accepted “norms” of this world will not sit quite right with you.

Money, business, relationship, health/healing, food, material items, lifestyle, beauty, etc – the traditional forms won’t mesh for you over the long-term.

You’ll consistently be called to awaken more fully to what’s truly true and from that enLightenment you will be called to create the new – new ways of working with money/currency, with business/work, with relationships and health and healing, and more in your life.

You’ll consistently be called to uplevel into the next newest expression that is available to you.

And if you heed that call, you’ll go deeper and deeper into your emotional and spiritual work which allows for this embodiment as your Higher Self. 

You’ll consistently feel the call to Love, to be at peace and to be a force for only the Highest Good on this plane.

You’ll be called to Divine service.

But not because “they” need healing, but because you follow the call of your true Self, your Spirit – and when you do that you heal yourself so deeply and thus heal the collective.

Your deepest desires literally contain the initiations and next steps for healing your own Soul, and thus the collective.

This path of Advanced Soul-ness is not understood by all beings, nor does it need to be.

No one needs to “know” this about you, but of course everyone will whether they can speak the words or not.

What matters most is that you know this and you – instead of fighting your path, your pain, your hiccups in life, your areas of challenge – you embrace them as opportunities for enLightenment, for deeper Love and Loving.

And so, you must know by now that my “work”, that Rising UP for Love is 111% about Spiritual healing and awakening for Advanced Souls through the principles of Love.

In this Spirit, we have been guided to create Love U(niversity), an online portal to support Advanced Souls in their awakening and healing journey.

Various courses will be available throughout the year, and we’ll let you know when they are so you can take advantage or share with other Advanced Souls (and get special bonuses along the way!).

For now, check out our Love U homepage here, and listen to my audio recording for more Advanced Soul Love inspiration.

I’m thrilled at the continued ways that Spirit expands us and I’m looking forward to all of the ways I can support you on your spiritual journey!

XoHeather Kristian

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Beautiful, Blessed You,

Now that the holidays are upon us, we are being guided to elevate our holiday experiences Higher into our Divine Truth, and higher into Alignment with Love.

Stop right now to tune in, and ask yourself:
How can you make the holidays more sacred?
More meaningful?
More in alignment with who you really are (and not the programs you had installed)?

Take some time now to tune into this. Maybe even pause and journal for a bit about this.

For gifts that are conscious, sustainable and bring more Love and Light into the world, below is our 2018 Spiritual Gift Guide.



1.For the cozy-loving, Love-conscious friend: I love their Fair Trade clothing filled with inspired messages!

2.For the eco-conscious, skin-care Lover:

Luminance Skincare, family-owned, glass containers for most everything and all natural ingredients, this goodness will make you GLOW.

3.For the healing jewelry & gifts Lover:

Sivana Spirit – jewelry and healing gifts galore (and you can check out some of the articles I’ve written for them too! :))

4.For the Seeker of Love:

The Truth About Love – our Spirit Guides Magazine Digital Guide is only $11.11 and gives any Love-seeker rituals and support to bring their life into greater harmony with Love.

5.For the Intuitive:

Want to fine-tune your intuitive abilities and communication with Spirit? Try our Oracles – Live Like You’re on Vacation, Ecstatic Union with the Divine, & A Life of Magic.

6.For the Romantic:

Want more romance in your life? Read (or listen to – I narrate!) The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic, or read Following Bliss, and And Then It Was You.

7.For their stocking:

Want an Oracle Card Deck? We Love Journey of Love by Alana Fairchild.

8.For the Tree Lover:

Plant trees for those you Love through One Tree Planted (Rising UP for Love is an official Tree Ambassador, planting trees whenever our offerings are purchased. I come from a family of loggers, so it’s very important that I do my part to heal that wound!).

May this be the easiest, most in flow, most prosperous, most joyful, most Love-filled holiday season of your life thus far.

You have the Higher Realms supporting you in exactly this, so all that is needed now is your free will choices to make it so.

And so it is.
It is so.


Yours in Divine Love & Remembering,

(And The JOGs!)

If you feel inspired and in gratitude for my & The JOGs work, you may also make a donation in the amount your Spirit calls you to by clicking the Donate button below. Then feel free to send a message or leave a comment below about your experience with this “work.”

P.S. If you celebrated the holidays with your Higher Self guiding you, how would you celebrate? Do THAT this year. Yes, THAT. Leave a comment below and tell me how it unfolds for you! Xo

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One of the sure-fire ways to loose our zest for life is to be in pain – of any kind.


Whether it be physical, emotional or mental, when our health is struggling it can feel like everything else in our life sucks too.


And so, it’s time to step into a New Paradigm of Health.


A new way of being with our Health and Well-being. A new way of working with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


A way that is empowering and sets us free from the stories that something is wrong with us or that we have to give our power away to anyone to be “healed.”


Underneath this power-sucking dynamic lies our real truth, our Divine-beingness, and our PEACE.


In the old 3D paradigm (of which, yes, is still in existence on the Earth plane), we “get” sick – through some kind of “random” transfer of “germs” and “viruses” and other bad things.


We are immediately disempowered. This “thing” got into our body randomly? By accident? That’s kinda freaky!


Then, we further disempower ourselves as we have to go to a doctor to run tests to find out what is “wrong” with us.


Then, we are further disempowered when we are given “medicines” that often creates a whole host of additional side effects that disconnect our bodies and minds further and further from our authentic, empowered self.

Please note: Not all medications are out of alignment. But that’s not the point of this story, we will share the aligned vantage point with you here


Then, when the medicine give us more symptoms, we feel worse and go right back through the same cycle over and over again. Seeking and searching for our “healing.”


Feels a bit hellish, yes?


Many of us got burned out by this old paradigm and so we stepped up our game into what we might call the 4th Dimension of Consciousness.


This means we understand everything is energy, everything is consciousness and nothing is “random.”


The “New Age” movement was born here and while it was an important part of our evolution, something far more expansive is now here for us.


Under this model, we went to healers and practitioners trained in ancient healing arts and with Divine gifts that could support our body in more fully healing itself through natural and non-invasive means.


This felt liberating and still is liberating.


However, we were still carrying aspects of the old model, so we gave our power away to these healers and practitioners, and we were still energetically disconnecting from our true Power and healing.


Often, we enmeshed with these healers energetically, we put them on pedestals and we felt there was no way we could have the health and vitality we desired without them.


Over time, as many bounced from healer to healer looking for the cure-all to their pain – the disempowerment continued.


And at the core of this – was this ultimate truth: We felt disempowered by our bodies. We were not at Peace. We were disconnected from our Divine Truth.


Why was our body gaining weight? Or sick? Or challenged?

Why were we struggling?

We felt betrayed by our bodies, we felt betrayed at times by our mind, we felt betrayed by God – how could we have incarnated into faulty bodies and where was the person/Spirit/Guide to heal us?!


Can you feel the intensity of this disempowerment at the core of you?


It’s time for a new way.


It’s time to take our power back from these old, outdated models.

It’s time to take our power back from our body that has been carrying too much for too long – over many, many lifetimes.

It’s time to reclaim the Health & Vitality that is available to us in every moment.

It’s time to reclaim our PEACE.


We gather in a sacred container of Love with support from The JOGs (5 Ascended Masters I “met” in 2013 at the John of God Casa) and the Highest Light to reclaim what we have lost tomorrow, the International Day of Peace, September 21 and Friday, October 5, 2018.


We gather together to remember.


We gather together to ascend more fully into who we really are.

We gather together knowing that doing so allows us to heal, align and rise up for Love like never before.

We gather together to experience true Peace.

We gather together knowing that a new tree will be planted on our behalf for doing so and that we will be supporting the Love Activism work that we are doing here.


Reclaim Your Health & Well-Being is for you if you are a wayshower, one who is called to live in a new way and shine the Light of what is possible when one lives as Love, empowered and liberated from constraints that hold many back in our current collective matrix.


This workshop is for you if you have dealt with illness / dis-ease and are ready for an upleveled perspective that will set you free.


This workshop is for you if you would like to experience Peace.

We will be taking you through specific exercises, an Autumn Equinox Ritual, a healing meditation and a healing transmission to allow whatever level of peace is available to you to be experienced by you.


We invite you to join us here and be the wayshowers in this New Paradigm of Health.



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During this powerful time of Rising UP for Love, cosmic shifts and Ascension*, a New Reality is before us.

Those of us called are being asked to co-create (in concert with our Higher Wisdom which includes our Higher Self and Spirit Team) and along with the Loving support of our physical team members (mentors, guides, therapists, healers, etc) and Soul Tribe – new paradigms in every sector of our lives.

One of the first areas we’re being asked to address is our relationship with money and finances.

This is often a hot-button “issue” for many, especially Advanced Souls** who feel out of alignment with the mainstream or 3D consciousness that sells us the lie that money and finances are something you must work debilitatingly hard for in a manner you do not love – or even like – and at the detriment of the Earth and other living beings. The 3D paradigm of money is based on competition, lack/scarcity and on a select few manipulating the greater whole for gain.

Not a very attractive paradigm, eh?

Because of this many Advanced Souls have made vows to never have anything to do with these aspects of the financial systems, which often leaves them having a tumultuous relationship with money as their Soul imprint is not aligned with the 3D financial paradigm.

Other Souls have found alignment with money through alignment with who they really are (which IS the best path!). Even so, their money may be tangled up with energies that are out of alignment and not in full support of the 5D consciousness (unity, Love, Peace and Prosperity for all) – and so, a new upleveling  for all Advanced Souls must now occur.

We have received Divine guidance that the tide is ready to turn, that Advanced Souls everywhere – who are willing and open – can forge a new relationship with money that will allow them to feel empowered and uplifted, and allow them to thrive.

For the past several years, I’ve watched as Higher Consciousness has asked specific Souls to go to work or back to work in the current financial realms as a way to bring more Light into these paradigms to support the shifting of these old ways***. This was all in preparation for this – a new Financial Paradigm to be birthed.

It is unnecessary for any Soul that does not feel the full alignment with the current system to continue to struggle with money or finances. The long-held past life and ancestral vows and karmic agreements to be separate from money are ready to be deactivated so that this new self-sustaining, thriving and independent from the current systems paradigm can be co-created.

And here’s what’s even more amazing, this new Financial Paradigm is not a one-size fits all prescription.

Each Soul has very specific areas he/she is  to focus on, nurture and develop so that their New Financial Paradigm is custom-tailored for their specific Soul purpose, influence and expansion.

Because of this, I have been guided to co-create Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment, a 2-part workshop that will give you the attunements, energetic frequency upgrades and outline for forging a new pathway of living in true Prosperity in accordance with your specific Soul purpose and life path.

This Divinely Aligned workshop begins in a very short time – on June 22. It will be recorded so that all who sign up for it will be able to participate fully. The second portion of the workshop will take place on June 29 and will feature a LIVE Q&A along with continued energetic upgrades. If you cannot be with us LIVE, you may submit your Q’s ahead of time to be addressed during the workshop.

If you have any questions about this workshop and how it will be of benefit to your reclaiming of your financial empowerment, please leave them in the comments below.

I look forward to supporting you in Rising UP for Love in this new and expanded way of financial thriving!

For when one of us thrives, it opens the energetic doorways for even more to step in and say YES to their financial thriving.

At this time, we need as many Risers as are called to step fully UP and IN for this new co-creation. And so it is. It is so. Amen.

As always, a portion of all proceeds will go towards our continued Love Activism work.


*Ascension is the process of becoming integrated in your physical body as your Higher Self. You are going Higher into who you really are while in your physical body. For many, many ages this was only possible for a select few and for a very short time before they then had to leave the Earth plane to fully ascend. The Spirit of the Earth is also going through this Ascension process, shaking off lower vibrating realities to be more fully Her Ascended, true Self.

**Otherwise known as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Empaths, Intuitives, Healers. Advanced Soul denotes a Soul who has lived several tens of thousands of lifetimes – or more – and has incarnated at this time in consciousness to do what has not been done before – to ascend while remaining in a physical body.

***Please note that if you currently work in the financial realms, your Light to support this transformation is still needed. What we share with you in Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment will support you further in doing this important work.

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It happened in a split second. One minute I was joyfully leaping to grab my keys off the top of the fridge to head to a pampering appointment, the next a loud shattering of glass and nail polish splattered all over my hardwoods, myself and my couch.

I immediately cursed Spirit, because who else would have made such a horrible mistake? (Insert winky face and eye roll here.)

And so, on my hands and knees I went. First with rubbing alcohol and then with nail polish remover to clean up the massive mess I had inadvertently created, while also trying to sort out why in the midst of a perfectly wonderful day this had happened.

Except I have to stop things right here and tell you it wasn’t the most perfectly wonderful day – at that point. I was grumpy about some things. I was having trouble letting go of some conversations and some judgements. I wasn’t my worst self, but I most def was not my best self.

Maybe you can relate…

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a big mess – a mess you didn’t exactly want to clean up or even wanted to deal with?

I took yet another knee and began to scrub my floors more diligently, tuning in to what was at work here – as I know there are no accidents. And since whenever we are asking, there is always an answer, the answers began to flow in.

Turns out, messes happen so you and I can remember. I had to stop, get super present – and let me tell you, nothing makes you more present than purply-pink nail polish all over your gorgeous floor and couch – and just BE with a task. A repetitive task that allowed the words and insights I needed to flow through.

I was shown that of your life and my life experiences occur, responses happen, life unfolds exactly so that you and I can remember whatever it is that we next need to remember.

So that we can remember what we’ve been “too busy” to know – whether it’s an insight about a barrier to Love within, or a next step we need to take or a Love action that is needed. It occurs so that we can tune back into the frequency of our Spirit, by being fully present while our mind uses its gift of logic to “solve” whatever the “problem” or “mess” is.

Kinda brilliant, right? Get the mind out of the way, get totally present and voila! – Divine Wisdom of which could not flow through previously is now able to roll right in.

It begs the question – what if every mess in your life was a call – sometimes a scream, sometimes a slight raising of the voice – to tune back into the true You?

To tune into the Divine inspiration that is available to you and to all beings at any and all times?

And in this tuning in you and I are then able to align more fully to our purpose, to our mission, to the catalyst for our very existence at this time in consciousness.

Because here’s the thing about the time we’re living in. It’s hurtling us all into living more fully our true, Divinely aligned purpose.

We may have thought previously we knew what this purpose was, but it is so much deeper than that. So much more than we imagined, so much richer than we originally understood it to be. And now, now all of the cosmos is moving to get us to know this and to live this and to put it into tangible actions each day that we remain on this Earth plane.

The broken nail polish bottle – shards of glass and purpley-pink nail polish splattered in every which direction – was an incredibly creative way that my Higher Wisdom brought me to new clarity. Brought me Divine inspiration, allowed me to see what I had not seen before.

If I had continued my blaming or flown into a rage or lashed out at someone or something else (myself included) I would have missed it, my rage too furious to allow the peaceful depth of my Spirit to speak to me.

Perhaps you too are in a mess and your Spirit has supported the orchestration of this mess so that you can listen, so that you can be expanded, so that you can remember the next piece of your Soul mission, your purpose on this plane.

Don’t distract yourself from getting down on your hands and knees, doing the hard work and letting the clarity come. It’s easy to distract, to blame, to get on social media, to binge-watch, to overeat, to overdrink, to numb out with weed or other drugs, to take it out on our Loved ones or self, or to look for what’s wrong.

It takes courage to be present for our emotions, calm the self, be present and allow the Miracles that want to show up – even from a shattered bottle of nail polish – to make themselves known.

As we move through the summer months, the areas of empowerment and living our Soul’s purpose become more fully available for us to make swift and radical expansions in.

I have two supports for you to connect into the next steps for your own empowerment and living your purpose below:

**Love Activist Training Certification – from now through June 11, you can receive this training for half off the regular price using special offer code bethelove. Add Love Activist to your title and start a whole new expansion in your career/work in the world!

**Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment Workshop – June 22 & 29. Take back your power from the globally disempowered money matrix and catapult your own money matrix into direct alignment with your Soul’s purpose at this time in consciousness. This interactive workshop will take you through the meditations, processes and transmissions that will allow you to reclaim your total empowerment with money and your finances.

As always a portion of all proceeds for the above go to support our Love Activism work at Rising UP for Love. We have completed two Love Tours this year alone working with the energetic frequencies of the Earth plane and we have a Love Campaign coming this summer along with our monthly billboards and more.

We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. Want an audio mp3 of this article (with some adlibs that only occur in an audio recording)? Donate in the amount your Spirit directs you to here, typing “audio recording please” in the notes and I’ll send it your way. Xo

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In the past 6 months, two people I Loved “died” or – more appropriately stated – made their transition back into non-physical. They did so at a time I did not agree with. In a manner I did not approve of and without consulting me first.


How rude, I thought. As I crumbled to the ground in a heap. Twice.


The story could have ended there or stayed there for days, for weeks or months or years even. But as someone who consistently communicates with non-physical energy, there was no way I could just leave it there. I know too much. I can’t throw my hands up, say it’s a terrible thing and let myself be crushed by the weight of what feels like loss.


Because I know what happens when we “die.” My grandfather came to my bedside 2 months after he “died.” My non-physical Spirit Team gives me all the deets and info I could ever hope to know about death. And so…


I know everything is okay, that a transition is simply a transitioning of energy, that I can communicate with these Loved ones and that all is well.


Even so, I found myself crying in the grocery store when I realized my friend would never go to the grocery store again in the body I knew them in. Still I cried when I awoke from a dream with a clear accounting that all truly was well and my Loved one was at peace and in happiness. I cried. A lot.


And still I felt angry. A lot. It could not have been their time to transition I argued. I found more arguments to throw at Spirit like – we need Advanced Souls on this plane. He needed more time to heal and evolve! And it most certainly should not have happened the way that it did.


And I continued on…


Who the hell came up with this birth/death process anyway?! What genius thought this death thing was a good idea?! I even found myself arguing with Spirit about the whole damn point of us being here in bodies to begin with. What was the point if we were all just going to leave each other anyway?!


Of course I was reminded that no one was leaving anyone and my limited perspective was causing me tremendous pain.


So I leaned into my grief, into my pain, into my tears and once the grief wave for that moment passed I asked, “What would Divine Love have me know and do right now?”


And as is usually the case, Divine Love had many things to tell me and also ask of me.


Turns out, these transitions were a Divine catalyst for my embodiment as Love. These transitions were presenting me with so many opportunities to get crystal clear about what truly matters to me, as I am still here, in a body, on this physical plane and to live THAT more fully.


To get there, I had to let myself grieve, I had to let the tears flow, witness the irrational thoughts (i.e., why didn’t I do more while they were still in a body, why didn’t I catch the hints that their time was coming to a close in the body sooner than I expected?!), and go into the feelings of loss that coursed through me (for those that have The JOGs Empowerment Guide, I was sitting in CTC pretty non-stop!).


I had to do this every time it presented and I had to let myself feel it – whatever it was – full on.


I didn’t want it to stay in my body, I didn’t want to store the grief inside of me by stuffing it down real tight like I had before whenever heartbreak entered my life.


I wanted to let their transitions break me open to greater LOVE. And greater Loving.


In this state of greater Loving it became so clear to me what is actually true about this in the body experience…


Love is the most powerful force on this plane (and any plane) of consciousness.  It transcends everything else we *think* is important.


Including fulfilling some “purpose” in the form of outside actions and endeavors. Whoa.


Love and to fully Love and to fully experience Love is the ONLY reason you and I actually incarnated onto this plane of consciousness.  So that we could be in some of the most non-Loving experiences and Rise UP and choose Love and Loving.


We had to learn how to Love even when it seemed non-Love was everywhere.


We had to learn how to Love even when it felt like our hearts were breaking as those we Loved left this plane or just plain left us.


Of course you and I already know the power of this Love because in just this one lifetime alone, you and I have taken many actions – some embarrassing, some over the top and some downright beautiful – all in the name of Love.


I’ve tripped over stairs and fallen flat on my face. I’ve followed dreams and signs and nudges only to have Love say to me that it wanted to just be friends (um, ouch). I’ve cried heaps and heaps and loads and loads when Love could not meet me where I wanted it to and so I had to leave.


We’ve all been trying to “figure” it out as it were. How do we Love fully? How do we Love even when every one we Love is going to leave their body – ourselves included? How does a Love like that thrive even amidst seemingly impossible circumstances?


Fortunately for you and me and all of us, we’ve been given access to the supports and tools to do exactly this, while in this body – IF we use our free will to say “yes” and use those tools.


Because here’s what I know without a shadow of a doubt – at the end of this lifetime, it won’t be more money, more material items, more houses, more Wealth or more fame that we long for – it will be more Love.


It will be more Loving moments. It will be more tenderness. It will be more Laughter with those we Love. More sweetness. More soft and beautiful intimacies.


All we will call out for in the final moments of our Life unfolding will be – One more day, one more moment of Love with those we Love.


And so, what about if right now, you (and I) stop pretending that anything other than Love is important? What if you drop the illusion, drop the distractions and BE in this now moment and affirm that LOVE is all that you truly desire, all that anyone else truly desires and all that actually matters?


And then from that place ask what Divine action you can take knowing that Love is all that truly matters.


Because you don’t have to have 2 people close to you “die” or make their transition for you to “get” this. You don’t have to wonder what would have happened if you had picked up that call or didn’t let the conversation end where it did.


Today, I am saying the hard things more readily. While I’m someone who feels Love deeply, I am not one who speaks it as easily. I can write it, I can feel it, but verbalizing it into form is often uncomfortable, even awkward for me.


But I don’t get another day or another phone or Skype call or another moment with 2 people who were really important to me. And so, I have to lean into Love more fully.


Which means, I’m not getting off of the phone with the man I Love or parting ways until I’ve said all of the beautiful things I need to say to honor him and me and our partnership.


I’m not letting time pass with discord, I’m speaking up and saying I Love You as I also say the other hard things that I would usually sweep under the rug or pretend I didn’t care about.


I’m hearing the whispers within and I’m not thinking “Oh, I’ll have tomorrow for that.” I speak it and do it today.


And I speak it and do it knowing that maybe we have tomorrow, maybe we do not. But I will be damned if anything goes unspoken or unshared or left for “another time.”


When you live in this way you can know right now today that you lived your life fully in Love, as Love, with Love fueling all of your decisions and actions.


And that will set you free. And that will be everything you ever needed to know about being in a body, and everything you ever needed to really “do” or accomplish or “achieve.”


Love and Loving is all that ever mattered and thank goodness you and I didn’t have to “die” to realize it.

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