With the new year comes new opportunities to shine our brightest light. I absolutely believe 2013 is all about “claiming” the big-ness of who we really are and to move forward in carrying out our mission.

In my client BodyTalk sessions that message is coming through again and again as clients are being asked to live their hearts truest desire (which is taking some of them to places like California and Hawaii!) and to follow this true desire with their true love. My second novel, Following Bliss, based on experiences I’ve had with the non-physical realm shows how the “other side” often works to bring us together with our true love and true purpose.

In essence, the time is NOW. Not tomorrow or next week or when we have time, but now. Time to embrace who we really are (despite what our friends and family might think) and to live solely from that place. It means letting go of old stories, old people and old ways of doing things that no longer work.

Are you ready for this??! Cuz it’s BIG.

If you are, (And if you’ve read this far, you definitely are. I find that if people don’t go running at the mention of non-physical beings, they usually are ready to step into living at a higher frequency.) there are many, many supports for you on this path.

Join us this month for a lot of healing and claiming goodness! Tuesday, January 15th is the Claim All You Desire BodyTalk healing circle which allows you to begin the process of shedding the layers of small-ness and old stories that say you’re not worthy to claim what you desire.

If you’re ready to Unleash Your Creativity in 2013, join me and members of Women in Portland Publishing (WiPP) on Saturday, January 19 at 2pm at the home of WiPP founder Jennifer Weaver-Neist. If you remember, I spoke at WiPP in November and Jen and I got so inspired we decided we needed a healing circle just for women creatives. RSVP by emailing me here.

And if you’re ready to claim BIG LOVE (think Mr. Big & Carrie, minus all his avoidant drama!), join us January 22-February 12 for Manifest True Love – a powerful 4-week healing series that brings true love to you in ways you never imagined.

As always, I’ll continue to share with you awesome healing opportunities from healers I love (see post below), like Gabrielle Bernstein and my fave spirit guide guru Jacquelyn Pannullo with Body Soul Love.

2013 is your year to claim who you really are, at your core and to live from that beautiful place.

Will you join me?

Be sure to connect with me on Facebook as well and stay tuned for exciting new details regarding my novel The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic!

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Happy New Year!

The launch into 2013 has my mind and soul connecting, working together to map out my best year yet. I’m positively giddy with excitement around what the future holds (novel #2 being released, bringing healing to as many people as possible and love, love, love – among other things).

But, truth be told – we can’t do it alone.

Nope, we need support. We need inspiration. We need to see others who are rockin’ it so we can have the courage to continue forward on our own healing path.

And that’s why I’m so stoked to have the support of Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest book May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

In it, Gabby outlines a 40-day program to guide us into miracle-ville. In it, she addresses everything from food/body image (and after the holidays, who doesn’t need some support in this department?!) to finances, romantic relationships and creating a life of service.

I’m finding Gabby’s book to be both inspiring as well as a positive reminder of what I know to be true: miracles are happening every day. And with the love and support of individuals who kick ass (like you, me, Gabby and countless others) – a life of miracles is not only  possible, but an everyday reality.

What I love most about Gabby’s book is the continual reminder that while yes, we all need love, support and encouragement, it is our inner guide that knows what is truly best for us. May Cause Miracles gives us tools for the path, and our connection with our inner guidance is the beaming light to make our particular way clear to us.

We’re all together in this big, awesome world, and I feel so grateful to know we can create miracles, everyday, together.

I’ll be putting into practice what Gabby outlines in May Cause Miracles, beginning this Sunday, January 6. If you’d like to join me in this miracle-filled journey, feel free to email me or reply in the comments below.

With so much love!

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Are you enjoying this wild and crazy ride? Things are certainly heating up…

“In a single moment – all that we know can be stripped away – the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job – and suddenly we’re left standing at the mercy of the Universe. “Why did this happen? What did I do to deserve this?” we cry. And the Universe answers, “It’s to move you along your path. It’s to teach you to live.”And once again we rise from the ashes, reborn.” –Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

This is the experience a lot of us are having these days.Even if you’re aware and on your soul path, the stuff (to put it mildly) is going down as the pressure seems to mount and build as we approach the end of the year.

But, you know what else is happening these days?

Moments of deep connection, crystal clear clarity about what we’re here to do and who we’re here to do it with, commitments and aha’s that we’ve never had before.

In essence, this seeming chaos and things going “wrong” is leading us back to our whole selves.

The question is – are you feeling like a victim or are you honoring your soul’s call to wholeness?

This is the time to do what your soul is urging you to do. I encourage you all to make a commitment to do the following everyday from now until the end of the year:

  • Tap Cortices 1x a day or more (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?).
  • Meditate every day for a minimum of 20 minutes.

And then, you will know exactly what it is you need to do to transform the seeming chaos to the healing and wholeness your soul is asking for.


P.S. Here’s some inspiring music for your journey. Enjoy! xo

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Me with the lovely bride Jess!

After my divorce 8 years ago, I swore I would never get married again. Never.

I didn’t actually understand why anyone got married.

You see, I was raised to believe that if you wanted to have sex, you needed to get married. Sounds crazy, right? Well, welcome to a glimpse of 24 years of my life as a Jehovah’s Witness. According to the JW’s (and many religions) sex is only to occur between a husband and wife. And since hormones start raging early on in life, the formula quickly becomes sex = marriage. Not surprisingly this leads to a lot of divorce (and super young marriages), amongst other headaches.

Once I left the religion, and my husband of two years declared he no longer wished to be married, I was free. I could have sex and not be married (this was a novel idea for me at the time!) AND I could choose to never have anything to do with marriage again.

Until I fell in love with two my favorite people in the world, Jessica and Jeremy.
They got engaged, and asked me to officiate their wedding.

Facilitate a marriage ceremony? Whoa.
I was about to face a topic I had avoided for 8 years.

What did I really think about marriage? Not, what did the religion think about marriage, or what did “God” think about marriage – but rather what did I think of marriage? And honestly, I didn’t really know. It had felt like a prison to me. But was it really?

As I created the ceremony for Jessica and Jeremy (with the strong help of the book Sacred Ceremony), I began to make peace with marriage. Through this process I was able to understand the true desire to marry. I also got clear about what this kind of commitment really means.

Essentially, marriage is one of the vehicles for ascending to our highest selves. We can do this in any relationship, of course. But the level of commitment that marriage requires is one of the ways we really show up and do our work. Imagine it (and many of you are currently living it), you are committing to love one person romantically for the rest of your life. You two are going to get to know one another better than anyone else in the world. You’re going to find one another ridiculously sexy at times and at other times, just plain ridiculous. You are creating a family, even if you never have children. You are still becoming one with another human being and letting the whole world know about it (via the wedding ritual and wearing wedding rings).

To make a commitment of this depth and magnitude requires far more than a desire to get laid (note to religious organizations everywhere) but rather an intense desire to know one’s self and grow in a way that only a union of this kind can facilitate.

I’m still in awe of what I’m uncovering about marriage.
I was overcome with love during Jessica and Jeremy’s ceremony and watching two people I love go so deep in their growth and commitment to one another.

In the meantime, I’m still allowing this rewiring in my brain to sink in…I even sorted a lot of it out as I wrote my next novel Following Bliss. In fact, I think via this ceremony and writing Following Bliss, I’m finally clear about what this sort of commitment looks like for me (and I sense it’s time for a big paradigm shift in how we create our romantic commitments!). More to follow in 2013 on this!

What are your thoughts on marriage? Share them below!


P.S. And a big shout-out to our cameraman, the illustrious Steven LaMere. Love you love! xo

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Awesomeness alert: My dear friend Gabrielle Bernstein is throwing down some hot knowledge about the key steps to manifesting your desires! In the Q and A below, Gabrielle gives us crucial guidance on how to truly manifest and achieve our goals in 2013. To top it off she’s also offering a FREE group-coaching course (of which I’ll be part of!) in December on the topic of manifesting.

Q – You are a self-proclaimed manifesting maven. Can you demystify this topic for us?

Gab- We are always manifesting. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical being. This energy attracts its likeness. So if you’re thinking, “I suck,” then your energy kinda, well, sucks–and you attract sucky experiences.

The opposite experience occurs when you think high-level thoughts like, “I rock!” When you think and feel, “I rock,” you exude an energy of confidence and in turn attract great experiences into your life. Each thought you have informs your energy, and your energy manifests into your experiences. Your thoughts and energy create your reality.

Q – You talk about manifesting mishaps. Can you tell us more about this?

Gab – Manifestation has become a buzzword lately. Though it’s totally awesome that the Law of Attraction is now trendy, it also can be a bit misleading for folks who are unwilling to do the heavy lifting. If you truly want to use your energetic power to manifest greatness, you must clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness.

A Course in Miracles teaches that on some level, you’ve asked for everything that happens in your life. Your intentions create your reality. There’s no need to beat yourself up: simply recognizing how your low-level thoughts negatively affect your life is the first powerful step toward changing your experiences. Begin your manifesting process by getting honest about how your low-level thoughts, energy and feelings of disbelief block you from receiving what you desire. Once you get clear about the blocks, you can begin to clean them up to clear space for positive manifestations to occur.

Many people, when trying to manifest, focus too much on the outside form rather than the internal condition. From A Course in Miracles perspective, what’s important is our internal experience: whether we choose to experience love or fear. When we commit to our internal experience of love, we begin to attract more love. Many people approach manifestation from a place of “How can I get something to feel better?” Instead, the focus should be: “How can I feel better and therefore be an energetic match for attracting more greatness into my life?” The emphasis must be placed on healing the internal condition, not getting a hot new car or boyfriend.

Q – You have Five Principles for Manifesting Your Desires can you share them with us?

Gab: Here are my five key principles for genuine manifesting. When practicing these steps, make sure to stay committed to the goal of feeling good first and attracting stuff second. Continue to remind yourself that when you feel good you energetically attract goodness into your life. When your primary function is to be happy, then whatever comes to you is irrelevant. Happiness is your true manifestation.

Principle One: Clear Space

Before you begin the manifestation process you must take the necessary time to release all your disbelief in your power to be happy. One of the best ways to clear the blocks of disbelief is to pray for release. Begin a daily prayer practice of asking the Universe to set you free from all the limiting beliefs that block you from believing in your greatness. Stay open for signs from the Universe and show up for the assignments that are brought to you. Universal assignments come in many forms. Maybe you’re guided to the relationship that brings up all your shit so that you have to finally heal your fear. Or maybe you lose your job so that you can learn the lessons of self-reliance and strengthen your self-love. Trust that these assignments, however tough at times, are incredible opportunities for you to clean your energy and clear space to call in what you desire.

Your job in this step is to pray for guidance to clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness. Then allow the Universe to help guide you to whatever assignments you need to aid in the healing process. Show up for the assignments and trust that the more you clean your thoughts and energy, the more positive experiences you will attract into your life.

Principle Two: Get Clear

Clarity is king when it comes to manifesting your desires. You must have clear intentions for what you want to call in–otherwise you can manifest a lot of what you don’t want. Focus on what you desire and then make a list of all that goes along with it. If you’re getting clear about the job you want, make a list of all the things about the job that make you happy: the office, the people, the salary, etc. Be unapologetic about what you want. This list helps you clarify your intentions and access a vibrant mental picture of what you desire.

The most important part of this step is to clarify how you want to feel. When you get clear on how you want to feel, you can begin to access that feeling. That feeling is what makes the manifestation come into form. You can write a thousand lists and make a million vision boards, but if you don’t clearly feel what you want to experience, it will never truly manifest into form.

Principle Three: Think It, Feel It, Believe It!

Now let’s put these steps together. Take your clear intention and spend time every day sitting in the feeling of what it is that you desire. You might access the feeling through meditation and visioning exercises. Or call on the feeling when you’re in nature or doing a form of exercise you love. Let the thought inform the feeling and let the feeling take over your energy. The more you feel the feeling of what you desire, the more you believe it is on the way. From a metaphysical perspective, if you believe it then it is already here. So make time for contemplating, thinking, feeling and believing.

Principle Four: Chill!

The next step is crucial to the manifestation process. In order to truly manifest your desires into form, you gotta chill out! A Course in Miracles teaches: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” Take this message with you and allow your faithfulness to guide you into the belief that what you desire is on the way. Also trust that the Universe has a much better plan than you do. Though you are clear about what you want, you cannot control the timing or the form in which it comes. Stay calm, relax and trust that the Universe has your back!

Principle Five: Know the Universe Has Your Back

When you’re in the know you’re deliberate about what you want. When you’re in the know you no longer vibrate energy of fear or disbelief. You just know. As your disbelief wilts away, wanting is replaced by knowing. Getting into the know happens naturally. When you diligently practice steps one through four, you will clean house, get clear and feel happier. This process is healing and powerful, and it leads to a deep inner knowing that you are right where you need to be. Accepting your greatness in this moment, right now, is what manifests more greatness. Being in the know helps you accept that you already are living in your desired manifestation. When you feel it, you live it–regardless of what is happening on the outside. In time, the Universe catches up with your energy and your desires come into form. This process of allowing the manifestation to follow your internal faith is the true process of co-creation.

Stay Committed to Happiness

Stay committed to this five-step process and trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Is your main desire to feel good? Trust you will be given everything you need to create that feeling. Know that feeling good is the true manifestation–and everything else is the icing on the already delicious cake!

Q – Next week you’re offering a free course in Manifesting. Can you tell us more about this?

Gab: If you want to learn more about Manifesting you can get two free video coaching sessions on the topic. December 3rd and 12th I’m leading a course called How to Manifest Your Desires in 2013! The course is free when you order my new book May Cause Miracles. You will also receive my guided meditations, audio book intro and Authentic Power lecture. To learn more about the course click here.

To pre-order the book and get your gifts & course click here.


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We have great news! This blog has been re-created as The Metaphysical Menu. You can catch all of the amazing recipes here. We can’t wait to see you there! Xo

Here at Eat Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Low Sugar (and soy-free too!), I am committed to sharing with you product recommends, recipes and other high-quality fabulous food opportunities whenever possible. Today is no exception.

And today, I’ve got to tell you about a new book by the lovely Jane Barthelemy, called Paleo Desserts. It is SCRUMPTIOUS in all ways. I was blessed enough to be one of Jane’s taste testers (and I could not get enough!) as well as one of the editors who worked on preparing her manuscript for her publisher. It’s a fun read and Jane does an incredible job of making Paleo baking quite simple.

Jane will also be touring throughout Portland, so be sure to meet her and her delicious food in person as well. (See her event schedule here.)

Once you’ve tried out some of her recipes, hit me up on the blog and let me know what you think (her cupcakes are TOO DIE for!).

Happy Eating!

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Are you thinking about Thanksgiving yet?
We’ve got a sorta-kinda plan in order, but things just got a whole lot easier with this awesome cookbook – The Best Thanksgiving Recipes from the Best Bloggers. All proceeds go to Feeding America and yours truly is featured with my delicious crock pot stuffing recipe. You’re gonna love it (along with all of the great recipes featured).

Pick up your copy today!

And if you want more T-giving inspiration – check out some of my other infamous T-giving posts.

Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Refined sugar-free Pumpkin Pie (best EVER!)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Roasted Pumpkin seeds (try sprinkling cinnamon and stevia blend for a sweet treat!)
Crockpot Stuffing (as featured in The Best Thanksgiving Recipes from the Best Bloggers book)

Stay tuned for a gluten/dairy/soy-free macaroni and cheese recipe as a fun T-giving side dish!

What are your fave Thanksgiving recipes? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the recipes in this awesome cookbook!

Happy Eating!

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I’m thinking about love a lot these days. As I prepare to officiate my first wedding (on 11/11, no less!), I cannot help but reflect on our innate desire to experience love in our lives – not only with another but in everything we do.

Love drives us, fuels us, makes the richness of life so much, well, richer. And when love is what is guiding us, everything we do has more meaning, more depth and more alive-ness. It’s also a lot more fun!

However, all this yumminess doesn’t come from one person, one event or one experience. It doesn’t come from outside of us at all. True love, in it’s deepest form, comes from within.

In fact, as one of my favorite authors Brene Brown writes in her book The Gifts of Imperfection, we can only love others to the degree with which we love ourselves. (Gasp! And yes, it’s truth.)

As we wrap up my final Manifest True Love series for 2012, I’m seeing this truth even more. When we love and appreciate ourselves, at the core, it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves us. And when it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves us, everyone and everything loves us.

Why? Because there are finally no more barriers that say, “I’m not lovable.” The Universe can then respond in abundance with all the love you’ve ever desired because love is who you truly are.

The question is – are you loving YOU first and allowing the rest to follow?

If not, I encourage you sit quietly in meditation, one  hand on your heart, visualizing green light emanating from your heart center. Ask your true self what it needs to feel/be/do/have more love. Journal afterwards and take action on at least one aspect that was revealed to you. And feel free to hit me up with what results – via the comments below. You know how much I love this stuff!

Want some more love inspiration? Check out this fabulous piece by Kris Carr from The Daily Love who has lived with cancer for over 10 years and knows all about love and health (psst…they are totally intertwined!).

With so much love & gratitude,

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In this four-week series, BodyTalk Practitioner and love/dating expert Heather Strang shares inspired and spiritual tools for manifesting true love – whether you’re single or want to bring more love into your current relationship. Join Heather as you release the unconscious belief systems and fears that may be keeping true love out of your life, experience deeper love of self and open your heart to yourself and others on a profound level.

You’ll receive:

  • 4 group BodyTalk healing sessions with other like/love-minded individuals.
  • 4 weekly coaching worksheets to guide you to go deeper within, containing heart and love-opening practices.
  • Unlimited email access to Heather for intuitive guidance and support.
  • Group forum for support, ideas and exploration with other members of the Manifest True Love community.

Weekly details:

October 15, 7pm-8:30pm
Preparing for True Love – Heart Opening

October 22, 7pm-8:30pm
Healing Core Wounds – A Look at the Messages We Received

October 29, 7pm-8:30pm
Envisioning Your Vision – Connecting With Your Inner Wisdom

November 5, 7pm-8:30pm
Living As Love – BE-ing Who You Really Are

More about Heather:

Heather has been on a quest to manifest true love for as long as she can remember. While living in Kauai writing her first book Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems she realized that experiencing true intimacy and love was an important aspect of her life purpose. She has written and coached others about love (and additional topics) since 2008, serving as a dating columnist and singles event host for HipFish Monthly and featured in The Oregonian as a dating expert. Her first novel, The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic is Heather’s latest foray into sharing the power of true love with others.

Then, through a series of health crisis’ Heather was led to BodyTalk – a healing system that allows the body/mind/spirit to be brought into balance – thus allowing miracles (like loving oneself and manifesting true love!) to occur daily.  She has combined her love knowledge along with the power of consciousness-based healing to manifest true love in her life and wants to share this process with the world.

Today, you’ll find Heather working on her second spiritual romance novel, hosting BodyTalk healing circles and series’ (like Manifest True Love) and sharing with clients one-on-one.

You can read more of her story here. Or visit her at: www.HeatherStrang.com.

Register today for only $225 to join this powerful and inspired healing series!

What People Are Saying:

“This 4 weeks did more for me than 2 years of counseling!” -M.O., 42

“Through the gentle work of BodyTalk, not only did I find a path to manage my chronic pain, but I cleared the obstacles and old patterns that were keeping me from finding love. As my BodyTalk sessions progressed, Heather and I both recognized the shift and could feel my partner moving into my life. When he finally appeared, I knew that I was ready and was able to embrace the risk to reap the reward of love. For the past several months I have been enjoying a relationship built on mutual respect, affection, fun and true partnership. I know that I would not have been open to this kind of love without BodyTalk.” -N.S. 34

“I felt very, very supported and never judged by Heather. She was always so quick to respond with her intuitive wisdom, always “right on.” It was (is) quite a journey of self-discovery…Heather made me feel extremely safe, so I was able to go to all the places I needed (and still do) to go!

My intuition is off the charts right now after our sessions. There is psychic energies abounding! So much so that Heather was having a dream about me and a career path (that I was already taking) while I was emailing her at 3:33 am!

In the end, I found the true love I was calling in was SELF-LOVE. the pressure of finding “him” is lifted. Now I am relaxing into my own journey while we are finding our way to each other.  Trusting I am right on schedule!!”-J.C., 36

“I enjoyed feeling the changes, I loved seeing the changes in others! I really enjoyed the great sleep that followed each session. I enjoyed getting to know others and making connections, and I really appreciated the things I learned through the worksheets, such as learning to hear guidance. Lots of good stuff!” -G.O, 29

“We need to invest in ourselves to stay alive and to grow. Body Talk is the first modality I’ve ever met that truly deals with healing and self-exploration from a comprehensive and systematic approach. I don’t understand it all, but the sessions and the people resonated very deeply with me…I will definitely participate in Heather’s intensives in the future. Loved it and highly recommend Heather’s work!” -K.B, 44

# # #

If you can’t make the in-person group healing circles, you can still join us!

Callin information available for people outside of the Portland area. If you miss a session, you’ll receive the healing remotely along with a downloadable recording of the healing to listen to at your convenience.

# # #

Feel free to leave questions in the comments section below or email Heather directly.

The Fine print:
Please note:
Limited space available. Reserve today.
Cancellation Policy:
A minimum of 7 days notice is required. Payment will be applied to a future healing series or one-on-one sessions.


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We have great news! This blog has been re-created as The Metaphysical Menu. You can catch all of the amazing recipes here. We can’t wait to see you there! Xo

I love to eat (which is why I created this blog so long ago!). And living in Portland, Ore. gives me a lot of opportunities to try new foods that also fit my dietary requirements (no gluten, dairy or soy and keep refined sugar to a minimum – interferes with my intuitive abilities!). Here’s some of what I’ve been finding these days (and loving). Enjoy!

Back to Eden Bakery
This is one of my fave spots. In fact, every time I visit, I get 2-3 goodies thinking I’ll give one to my partner or eat it later in the week. That never happens, as I usually eat all of them in one sitting. This raw cheesecake was especially good, although it was so rich it was the only thing I devoured that day.





Broder Portland
Their baked egg dishes ROCK. Light, fluffy and with goat cheese, you just can’t go wrong. Also, the staff couldn’t be nicer. They are the sweetest ever. So much so, you barely notice that you’re stuffed into a tiny table and a tiny seat and can almost eat your neighbors food by turning your head. Please get a larger restaurant Broder so I can love on your food some more.




Cravin Raven
I discovered their delicious cookies at People’s, but quickly found an excuse to visit their small bakery to sample more. I love their cookies because they add awesome ingredients like quinoa and almond flour which adds a lot of depth to the flavor. They do use agave, but I never find their goods too sweet. I love dough and their cookies are doughy yumminess. I also recommend their tarts. De-lish. Outdoor seating makes the small space manageable too!




EarthCafe Raw Cheesecake
Filled with all foods I can eat, this raw cheesecake blew my mind! It is rich, but totally delicious. I grabbed a slice at Whole Foods. And while I found the price to be somewhat appalling ($6.99), it turned out to be totally worth it. A great take-home treat for a hard day of being awesome.





Eena Kadeena Flourless Cookies
Another take-home treat, found at New Seasons – Eena Kadeena has done it again with her Chocolate Chew flourless cookies. There is brown sugar involved, but with no flour I had to give the cookies a shot. It was hard to just have one, and thank goodness they only come in packs of 7. Hold on to your cookies folks, these are my faves right now.





And, an hour and a half west of Portland…
Exists my fave gluten/dairy/meat-free dining spot – Blue Scorcher Cafe in Astoria, Ore.  They still have the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever tasted (they even rival mine!) and every time I visit they have another gluten/dairy-free treat that is as tasty as it is gorgeous (who knew gluten-free flour could stay together so perfectly?!). It’s so very worth the drive. Their salads and pizzas are equally incredible and I also love their soups and lavender ice tea. But mainly, I just go there for dessert. 😉



Have a fave Portland or coast gluten/dairy/soy-free spot? Leave your comments below!
Happy Eating!

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