You know that whole “everything but the kitchen sink” line that cooks/chefs use when they put a little bit of everything into a dish? Well, this recipe could very well be one of those. One day, burned out with my usual chicken and veggies routine, I decided to mix things up. I grabbed a jar of Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade (which I had never tried before but fell in love with!), some veggies, chicken and giant white beans and created this! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tapenade your chicken!

1lb organic chicken
1 jar Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade
1 jar giant white beans (also at TJ’s in a tomato sauce, or grab a container at any olive bar)
1/2 package frozen artichoke hearts
1 c organic, fresh spinach
1 package of organic stir-fry veggies (I get them fresh from TJ’s, but frozen will work as well)
1 avocado

In a separate bowl, pour tapenade over chicken. Let sit in fridge for 30 min-1 hour. Then, place chicken and tapenade in skillet and cook on medium high heat. In separate skillet, saute veggies (not avocado) and white beans. Once chicken is fully cooked through, cut up into bite size pieces. Pour veggie and bean mix in with the chicken, cook on low until all mixed together. Voila! Makes 4 servings. Top with sliced avocado for an added creamy kick. Lightly season with sea salt.

Happy Eating!

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As you know, I love treats. Cookies, cupcakes, bars – all of it. However, when you’re eating gluten/dairy/soy/refined-sugar-free, that can be very, very tricky. I know you know this.

And that’s why I am SO thrilled that Petunia’s Pies & Pastries (who makes such yummy gf goodies, but almost all products have soy making it impossible for me to eat!) just released its Millionaire Bar.

The Millionaire Bar - Worth a Million! (And totally allergen free!)

It has it all. Sunflower seed butter (my fave!), blueberry jam (makes the bar in my opinion), cashew butter, hazelnuts, coconut – the works. I ate it in one sitting, but I probably shouldn’t have. This bar is a meal. Great for carb loading before a big race or workout, or if you’re like me and just want to eat it for lunch, or dinner, or well, even breakfast.

The Millionaire bar hits stores February 7th, so put it on your calendar now so you too can devour these delicious bars.

Customers can order and pick up directly from Petunia’s at their kitchen, and they will also be available at all of their other retailers: Blossoming Lotus, Case Study Coffee, Floyd’s Coffee, Seven Virtues, Cloud Seven, Ruby Jewel, Adventist Medical Center, Spoke Coffee & Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine.

Thanks Lisa & thank you Petunia’s – we heart you!

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Anaiya Sophia, Author & Healer

Anaiya Sophia, famed author of Pilgrimage of Love (which I served as developmental editor for!) returns to Portland for her second tour through our illustrious city. And this time, Anaiya has a few different workshops available for your healing pleasure. The topic? One that is near and dear to my heart – the Alchemy of Love. You do not want to miss this.

Just sayin.

See below for all the details:

Breitenbush HotSprings, Tuesday, March 20- Thursday, March 22

SomaSpace, Saturday, March 24

OneDoorSpace, Saturday, March 31 – Sunday, April 1st

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I haven’t eaten a quesadilla at a restaurant in YEARS. Finding a restaurant that offers dairy-free cheese is almost impossible, and they are usually served on flour tortillas. But, not anymore. On a recent hike through the Multnomah Village and Hillsdale areas, we discovered Verde Cocina Cafe, which boasts gluten-free and dairy-free goods.

Ladies and gentleman, I have never in my life experienced a quesadilla this good. EVER. Goat cheese, chicken, handmade corn tortillas, garbonzo beans, kale, onions, carrots – this dish had it all. It was healthy, delicious and is big enough to reserve some for leftovers or to serve as your one big meal of the day.

Verde Cocina Cafe does gluten/dairy/soy-free eaters good!

Order this at Verde Cocina, or share with us any of the other goods you’ve enjoyed there in the comments section below. I will definitely be back!

Happy Eating!

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Happy Friday the 13th! This is one of the luckiest days of the year (and one of my best friend’s birthdays!). I spent today enjoying the company of some very powerful women and noshing on some delicious treats from Tula Gluten-Free Bakery Cafe.

One of things I love about Tula, other than the delightful smell of the cafe, is that they do an excellent job of labeling all of the items in their pastry case (which look delish!) with the various allergens they contain. It makes the ordering process move a lot more quickly and takes the guess work out of what I can/cannot eat. Check out my tasty dishes below. From top to bottom – Red Nectar Rooibos tea with hemp milk, large mixed greens salad with balsamic dressing and pear turnip soup (doesn’t sound good but was divine!) with gluten-free crustini. Oh, and be sure to pick up a bag of their GF granola or focaccia bread to go!

Rooibos tea and hemp milk - creamy goodness!

Mixed greens salad and pear turnip soup with gf crostini - yum!

I am feeling so blessed to live in Portland, Ore. where we have access to so much healthy, allergen-free food. Thanks Tula and thank you Portland!

Happy Eating!

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On the gluten/dairy/soy/refined sugar-free path, creativity is essential. I just created this tasty number a couple of weeks ago and then proceeded to make it everyday for lunch until I decided I wanted something else. Yes, I’m one of those. If I love something I’ll eat it until I’m totally over it. 🙂 Try this out as a quick and easy breakfast or lunch dish.

Great breakfast or lunch option - easy too!

2 organic, cage-free eggs
1-2 slices of pepper jack almond cheese (or goat mozzarella is delish too!)
1 c fresh spinach
2-3 slices of organic turkey meat

Heat skillet to medium heat and crack two eggs into the pan. Season with sea salt. Cook eggs until they are ready to flip, turn over and place cheese on top. Let cook for 1 min. Then add spinach, begin to saute around eggs and cheese. Next, lay down turkey slices until they are seared and warm. Once eggs are done, put them on a plate, followed by the sauted spinach and turkey. Voila!

Happy Eating!

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I’m not going to lie, I have a serious sweet tooth. And so, I am always on the prowl for yummy snacks sans refined sugar. Right now, I am in a state of serious coconut bliss (and yes I love the “ice cream” too!). Check out some of the best gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free snacks out there (that also are not loaded with sugar) featuring my fave food right now – coconut.


Grow Your Family Healthy presents: Kettle Corn, sweetened with coconut nectar crystals
This is one of my favorite treats to bring to potlucks. It’s a huge hit AND it keeps you from eating the entire bag by yourself. Unless of course, you’re like me and stand next to the bowl the entire night long, making faces at anyone else who attempts to eat this delicious and healthy treat. Find it at Food Front on Capitol Hwy in Portland, People’s Co-Op in PDX, Lillian’s Market in Gresham and Lifesource in Salem.

Larabar, Coconut Cream Pie
This is my go-to bar snack. Not every store carries this flavor. New Seasons and Whole Foods do.

So Delicious Coconut Nog
Yes, I will be buying out Whole Foods stock on this one. It is divine and half the calories of regular nog. Heat it up and serve with a shot of brandy for a cozy evening beverage. Or do what I’m doing and sip on some after lunch or dinner as dessert!

Jennies Coconut Macaroons
By far my favorite cookie these days, and they only contain three ingredients. Love bringing this to potlucks as well. People are always surprised how delish, simple and healthy they are.

Coconut Bliss Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge
You will forget you even knew about dairy ice cream after digging in to this delectable flavor. Whatever you do, do not eat straight from the container. Before you know it the entire thing will be devoured. I warned you, okay?

Well, there you have it – my coconut love is complete! Do you have any favorite coconut gluten/dairy/soy, low-sugar goods you want to share? Leave a comment below.

Happy Eating!



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Primrose Schools is currently raising awareness for Feeding America and their efforts to help Americans in need. Feeding America is the nations leading domestic hunger-relief charity. On a mission to end the hunger in America, communities, organizations and individual people are helping Feeding America collect food to help relieve hunger this holiday season.

Primrose Schools, the nations Leader in Educational Day Care, is using Feeding America’s virtual food drive to help support the charity and to teach their students the true meaning of giving. Based on the foundation of a balanced learning curriculum, Primrose is teaching the children the importance of volunteering and helping others. To get involved and help support Feeding America and Primrose Schools check out their Facebook page where a “like” donates 1 can (or $1), and a “share” donates 2 cans (or $2).

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My guy and I discovered this weekend an absolutely delicious gluten/dairy/soy-free holiday milk by So Delicious. We decided to jazz it up with 2 shots of rum. It’s a perfect sitting-by-the-fire, listening-to-Christmas-music and spending-time-with-loved-ones beverage. Enjoy!

So Delicious Makes a SOOOO Delicious Holiday Drink

1 10 oz coffee mug
1 c of So Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mint Milk
2 shots of light rum

Steam milk on stovetop until to the desired level of warmth (I like mine hot!). Pour milk into mug, add rum. Stir. Top with Rice Whip if feeling very festive!

Happy Eating!

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I love me some pumpkin pie, and since I became allergic to soy I’ve been missing it terribly. I had a wonderful tofu-filled pumpkin pie recipe that I used for years prior, but that just wouldn’t do, so last year I gave up and baked an apple pie.

Fortunately, I stumbled across Jill Muhm’s pumpkin pie recipe (of the Healthy Muhm). It is delicious, easy and tastes just like pumpkin pie from the old days (you know when we could eat gluten/dairy/soy/refined sugar!). And you can top it with Rice Whip (Whole Foods has their own brand in the refrigerated section and it’s yummy!).

Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Refined Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie

Holiday pumpkin pie with rice whip - yum!

15 ounces organic pumpkin puree
3/4 c coconut palm sugar (I recommend SweetTree Sustainable Sweetener)
1 T cinnamon
3 organic eggs, lightly beaten
1 c organic light coconut milk
1 Whole Foods Gluten-Free pie crust (butter used)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients until creamy and smooth.
Pour pumpkin mixture into the unbaked pie crust. Bake for one and a half hours (or until knife inserted in the center comes out clean.) Let cool 1 hour before serving.

Happy Eating!

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