Raspberry juice dots my fingertips
Smearing the steering wheel, and I don’t care

Your name repeats a million times in my mind
And I feel the longing for more

For your name in my mouth,
Your heart in my soul

For a love that burns longer and sweeter than the brightest harvest moon
We are one, you and I

And even the raspberries know it.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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26 Sep / Time

Time stands still when you love this deep.

-Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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21 Sep / Torn In Two

As I tear apart what we created
I am reminded vine by vine
You were never really mine.
Old photos tell the story well
Me, the man I loved and the man who wanted to love me.
The man who withdrew into his own world
Never inviting me, never wanting to share
The pain was too deep
And I imagined that all he felt was despair.

You aren’t ever coming back
I remind myself, my hands digging into the soil
Like it’s a pound of flesh.
You won’t ever be near me again
I throw the dirt, hard.
It scatters, going no where
But all over me.

And that’s how you are for me,
Gone but everywhere
Lying all over my soul, in all my cells
To the point I can’t breathe.
I continue to tear away at what we created
Sure that somehow its destruction will put an end to the pain in my heart.

-Heather Strang

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The burning question in every woman and man’s heart is how do we find The One?

By drawing from the depths of her direct experience, Anaiya will share with you that only by ‘becoming the One,’ will you attract the ‘other’ into your life. There will be Soul Mates along the way, but if it’s the Twin Flame you yearn for, then Anaiya has some ‘work’ you may be interested in!

Anaiya will be sharing her transformative work in Portland Sept. 9-11th. Click the links below to learn more, and register today!

Friday, Sept. 9th, Evening lecture as a teaser for the Sunday, Sept. 11th event at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces. Donation-only. 7pm-9pm

Saturday, Sept. 10th, Awakening to Sacred Union at SomaSpace, 11am-5pm, $75

Sunday, Sept. 11th, The 13th Archetype (it’s YOU, the One!), Healing Waters & Sacred Space, 10am-5pm, $75

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We have great news! This blog has been re-created as The Metaphysical Menu. You can catch all of the amazing recipes here. We can’t wait to see you there! Xo

ALERT: Great new gluten & soy-free, vegan snack!

Just found this tonight at the New Seasons on Cedar Hills Blvd:  Gluten-free, Vegan Date Nut Bar by Gluten-Free Gem.

This is their blueberry bar, which wasn't available at New Seasons, but since I demolished my date bar before I could get a camera to it, this will have to do.

And it is delish! Light, crispy with a hint of sweetness (and no soy!). Several of their bars and cookies do have soy (boo!), but this one didn’t and I LOVED it. Pick one up today!

View product locations here.

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We have great news! This blog has been re-created as The Metaphysical Menu. You can catch all of the amazing recipes here. We can’t wait to see you there! Xo

Panera Bread is known for delish baked goods, but unfortunately they don’t offer any gluten-free vegan options. A group of bloggers and I decided to see just how easy it would be to transform their goodies into excellent gluten-free, vegan options.  And today is our Gluten-Free Dream Day for Panera Bread.

I was assigned to transform the Orange Scones into a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free dream. And it worked!

First batch, with just oranges. Yum!

My guy's favorite - with the cranberries added.

Orange Scone Recipe

2  cups Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free all purpose baking mix
3 tablespoons of Erythritol (natural sweetener)
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons grated organic orange peel
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt
1/3 cup canola oil
1/3 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
Egg replacer for one egg (recommend Ener-g brand – no soy)
1/2 cup chopped organic mandarin oranges, well drained
*Optional: 1/2 c dried cranberries

1-Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2-In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar substitute, baking powder, orange peel and salt. Stir in canola oil, almond milk and egg replacer.
3-Stir in oranges (and cranberries, optional).
4-Mixture will be pretty dry – this is perfect. Do not add more liquid. In fact, if it’s too runny (especially if you use another gluten-free flour blend), add flour so that it is fairly dry, yet moistened.
5-Take ball of dough and kneed on a floured surface, roughly 10 times.
6-Pat into a circle with roughly a half inch to 1 inch of thickness.
7-Optional: sprinkle with additional Erythritol.
8-Cut into triangles/wedges.
9-Place individual triangles on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
10-Serve while warm, dip or drizzle with agave or orange marmalade.


Join us on our Gluten-Free Dream Day by visiting these friends who have created gluten-free versions of Panera Bread Bar goodies. Maybe one day, bakeries around the planet will offer more gluten-free goodies for this growing demographic!


Allyson Kramer — Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel


Family Fresh Cooking — Wild Blueberry Muffins
Oh She Glows — Apple Crunch Muffins
Veggie Num Num — Pumpkin Muffin
Multiply Delicious — Chocolate Chunk Muffins


Heather Strang — Orange Scones

Breakfast Sweets

Namely Marly — Caramel Pecan Rolls
Diet Dessert Dogs — Cinnamon Crumb Cake


Clean Green Simple — Spinach & Artichoke Souffle

Right now the only way to try all these gluten-free goodies is to make them yourself. But who knows, maybe someday you’ll be able to pop into a place like Panera and enjoy one right from their menu.

Happy Eating!
xoHeather 🙂

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At a recent visit to the PSU Farmer’s Market, I discovered HeidiHo Organics featuring dairy-free cheese. And so, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to consume this delicious cheese. I purchased the Chipotle Cheddar and find that it’s perfect shredded on my salads (even better on taco salad!) and in this recent breakfast creation.

Egg Tortilla

1 brown rice tortilla (prefer Trader Joe’s brand)
2 leaves of fresh kale
5 halved cherry tomatoes
1/8 c shredded HeidiHo Organics chipotle cheddar cheese
2 cage-free eggs, fried or scrambled (you choose!)

Put shredded cheese on tortilla, followed by kale and tomatoes. Fry up eggs, season with pink sea salt. After eggs are finished, place on top of tortilla. Place tortilla in skillet on low heat until cheese is melted. Eat with a fork or fold over and eat like a burrito. Please note: be mindful of how long you cook the tortilla, as brown rice tortillas become exceptionally hard if over cooked. Keep on low heat and watch the tortilla carefully.

Happy Eating!

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It Is Over

The day arrived
When she knew it was over

The illusion was gone
The veil lifted

The same tattood, good-time lovin’
Rum and coke drinkin’ men

Would no longer do
She would have to be stronger now

She would have to sidestep
Her own smooth-talking ways

Her own belief that she deserved nothing more
Than undelivered promises and well-intentioned lies

Her life was calling her in a new direction
In the direction of her truth

In the direction of uncertainty
In the direction of broken patterns and healed wounds

And so, she became what she never believed she could –

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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Wow, how this week has flown! I’ve been writing, but not posting, so here we go…


No permanence
It’s all up for grabs
Nothing lasts forever
And it seems such a negative way to see the world
But the Buddha said it best
Damn Buddha.


Sudden Realization

Everything I’ve been told is gone
Long gone
Here I am standing
Amidst beautiful, thin, tall, handsome, sexy people
Uncertain, unworthy and unprepared
Searching for guidance
I realize it is only my hand that
I have to hold
It is only me
To dance this one, last dance
So, here I go, here I flow
May god help me.



Sun shines through bonsai trees
While orange leaves with red tips blow
Ever silently in the breeze.

We sit on plum benches, sipping from delicate tea cups
Letting the majestic oneness of this qi take us away
To 16th century China, to gardens created purposefully for the delight of the soul.

A study, a lounge, a gazebo and intricate carvings
Tell us an important story
We lean in to listen more closely.

Outside, the city bustles
But we can’t hear it, and we don’t want to
Instead, we sip tea and remember simplicity.


The Dog In My Dreams

I feel him
I cannot see him
Or grasp anything but the color
Of his hair.
It’s golden brown
And he feels so warm.
He loves me, I am sure of it
And I, I am crazy in love with him
But I can’t see him
I can only feel him
I strain to recapture any image of him
I give up, hoping he’ll return
Knowing that when I meet him, face-to-face
I will know
And he will be mine forever.


Trey Mikael

You scared me at first.
You were blue and silent
wet, with a cord so close to your neck
I stopped breathing momentarily
frightened that you would not be alright.
She rubbed your little, puffed up chest
and you began to scream, bloody murder.
You were not happy with us
0r happy with the last 16 hours really.
Being pushed and pulled and finally
dragged by your neck into this new world.
Nurses surrounded you and you screamed louder
I took pictures – did the flash startle you?
I turned it off as soon as I could
I was eager to reach out to you, to touch you.
As they wiped you down, rather roughly, I thought
I spoke to you
I told you how much I loved you.
When your dad held you, I whispered quietly in your ear
and you stopped crying.
Your eyes, heavy from the drama of birth
shuffled over to the sound of my voice.
It was familiar, wasn’t it?
I had been talking to you for some time now
You were tired, your mom was tired, we were all exhausted
It was 3:30am after all.
But all of that to say, thank you
Thank you for coming into this world Trey
for choosing us as your new family in this crazy, mad little world of ours.

Thank you.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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I’m always on the lookout for tasty gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low sugar goods. Recently, I scored two amazing finds at my local New Seasons, made by local, Oregon-grown companies. The only thing that makes me happier than eating healthy, “free” foods is supporting our local economy. Now, you can do the same! If you live in the fabulous state of Oregon, of course.

My first find was Blue Moon Bakery’s almond & oat Jammer. I LOVE thumbprint cookies. Whole Foods has a delicious thumbprint, but they use soy in it, so it’s no longer on my splurge list. This Jammer is filled with all natural goodness and meets all my food requirements. And it is hearty and sweet. Delish! To top it off, it’s made by a local, Hillsboro, Ore. bakery.

The second score has had me standing in my kitchen with the freezer door open, while I continually go back for one more bite. Heavenly Sent’s Almond, Rice & Agave Non-Dairy, Frozen Dessert is beyond dreamy. It even tops my favorite – Coconut Bliss! The Rich Chocolate is my absolute fave – you will LOVE it! It’s also local and made by a local family in Corvallis, Ore. And that just makes me happy.

Oh, and my latest gluten/soy/dairy/sugar-free snack attack is organic raisins with organic sunflower seeds (both of which can be purchased at your local Trader Joe’s). Mix about 1/4 c of each for a delicious afternoon snack.

That’s it for now…

I’m headed to the Astoria Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival this weekend to discover some more tasty goods. Crepe Neptune of Cannon Beach (and Astoria Sunday Market and Tillamook Saturday Market fame) will be there with their gluten-free crepes (the best!) and I’m eager to see what other local vendors will surprise me with gluten/dairy/soy-free goodies. Stay tuned…

Happy Eating!

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