About Words

Everything, it seems, is about words
The words used, and the words unused

The intention exists to share a kind word
But, nothing comes out – fear overtakes

And so, the moment passes
He lives on never knowing how much you cared

The words fly out in a fury
In a mad, crazed reaction to a hurt

Before you know it
Only silence exists, all from feeble words

Words matter, in fact, they make all the difference
Cover yours with love

Surrender them to the magic
In love, in kindness, in wonderment

In the glory of being here, of having this experience
With all the incredible people we are so truly gifted to meet

Words, they are our power
Use them carefully, very, very carefully.

-Heather Strang

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If Ever

If ever there was a nice guy
It is you
You with your deep voice
Your shining eyes
And your confidence
Making the world alright.

If ever there was a sweet soul
It is you
The kind words
The knowing
Combined with the gentleness of an angel –
You are a reprieve from the intensity of life.

If ever there was magic
It is undoubtedly you
White butterflies swirling around
The right people, showing up at the right time
Abundance and love making an entrance
Just when all seemed lost.

If ever there was sacredness
It is now
Now, in this glorious time of life
In the wonder of transformation
Doors closing and opening, randomly and in unison
The future unknown, all the while known, only to the soul.

-Heather Strang

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You are the perfect girl
Olive skin, blue eyes, model features

From the beginning you were the one
And I, I could never compare

Beautiful and sweet
Not obnoxious and awkward

You were everything I could never be
I blamed you, blamed them, but knew inside it was me

What a domestic tragedy
And now, 20 years have passed – look at you

Olive skin, sparkling green eyes and yes, those model features
Only now I see you, truly see you

The loveliness of your perfection
The sweetness, intelligance, radiance

No more jealousy,
Only honor, reverence

Of the beauty, of the perfection
that is you, my dear sister.

-Heather Strang

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When did I stop believing?
Stop believing that life could be peachy
I don’t remember the moment, but it is here
now, in this quiet cafe sitting opposite you
with a pile of shoe-string fries and Heinz ketchup
When you say that thing you say
You know the one
The one where I am stupid and you, you are so much smarter
Suddenly, I am lost
I am no longer me
I am a reaction of who I have pretended to be
I know the rules, the tools, the way to appropriately handle this
The love needed to surround and dissipate this scenario
But, I cannot reach it
Awash with emotion, my appetite recedes
My throat closes, my arms cross
The fields of tulips cannot help me now
So I drive, far and long and hard
Until I am tired
I go where I always go when I don’t know where to go
– a bookstore
Flip through Vogue, read of SJP’s glamorous life
And then realize she is sort of crazy
It makes me drive back home to you
To remember all the grown-up words and love that I couldn’t access before
To whisper your name, stroke your hair and tell you the only thing worth knowing

I love you.

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I have missed several days due to a ridiculous work load and web site transition (yay WordPress!). I will extend my writing five extra days to make up for what I missed. This was inspired by a radio program I heard recently. I feel everyone would benefit from this. So much fun!

A letter to my 20 year old self:

Dear 20-year-old self,

First, please acknowledge that you are beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And, while this may shock you, you look roughly 10 pounds thinner than you imagine. Enjoy this. Please. Eat more dark chocolate and drink more red wine. When you are 80, you will wish you had done more of both and worried less about how you look.

You deserve to be treated with kindness and love. Please let go of anyone in your life that doesn’t practice this. And yes, thid means your mother, Jen, and all of the boys you could, and probably still will date from 20-28. Avoid the fisherman. Yes, he’s hot, but it’s not worth the heartache.

Follow your heart and let go of your head. Get out of corporate and continue to work for the non-profit for at least 2 more years. Go into the natural healthcare field afterwards. You are passionate about it and it will give you more creditability to write that big book. Oh, and skip the agent and the co-author. Both are more than you want to manage.

Marry him, but be okay with it ending. You are ultimately better off without . He’s important to your growth but will never change. Celebrate both the coming together and the splitting apart. Both are gifts. Don’t say you won’t date boys who play video games. You will. In fact you’ll fall in love with one. Let go of dating older men. Younger men are actually better for you.

Listen to that intuitive, but only with one ear. You know what is best for you more than anyone.

Most importantly, get up every morning, look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” You need to hear it more and if you start now, by the time you’re 25, you may actually believe it.

I love you. Seriously. Madly. Truly.

Have fun.

This is your life.

Be who you are.

And fuck everyone else who can’t handle. Well, don’t fuck them. But, you know what I mean.


-Heather Strang

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The Shift

the earth is shifting, you know.
it is gyrating, plates grating on plates
mass movement, shaking the foundation we live on.
people are starting to take notice.
this shifting is more than in the earth – it is within.
do you feel it?
do you feel the call to live life, I mean really live it?
to wake up each moment choosing with certainly
all that you need and loving every minute of it?
the time is now.
there has never been another time.
the earth is shifting, you know.
it is calling you, demanding your attention
to see the truth of what is
the truth of you
the beauty of your undeniable, delicious soul.

-Heather Strang

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nestled beside you
my breath following yours
i am reminded of how easily
a life can change.
a life with all i ever wanted –
a lovely career, an ocean view, solid friends,
even more solid beliefs. and endless,
endless possibilities.
the only thing missing was you.
as the universe would have it
you were there all along
hidden from my view
tucked nicely in between friends.
then, fed up with dating and men,
i asked for a lover, a real lover
who could walk this journey
and love me through it. a simple request, really.
on a new year’s night my wish was granted
and now i am here, with you
in our bed, following your breath
tracing the steps i took to get to you.
knowing with certainty that nothing
will ever be the same.

and for that, I am forever grateful.

-Heather Strang

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it no longer serves –
the withholding
sideways glances
the fear.

it no longer serves
keeping the love inside
keeping our hands to ourselves
laying awake at night stewing
over inconceivable wrongs.

it no longer serves
for me to hate you for being you
to make you the enemy of my demise
to judge you for your supposed inadequacies.

it no longer serves
to feel separate for the sake of separateness
to act as though we cannot connect
simply because we are different.

it no longer serves
this idle wasting of human potential
the waiting for life to turn in our favor
when all it takes is deciding, making a choice
and then voila! it is done.

will you join me?
will you lay down your armor
your hardened heart, as i lay down mine?

will you enjoy this journey alongside me
whether here or miles away
knowing we are one in the same, completely connected
and that no amount of ridicule can ever make it untrue?

be kind to yourself.
and within kindness you will unearth more joy,
more love, more goodness than you can imagine.
in goodness you will find:

it no longer serves
to be anything other than love.

-Heather Strang

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The Tea

The tea will not keep.
It cannot, actually.
Instead it will disintegrate,
dissolve, disappear.
It can no longer bother
with indifference, rude chatter
and the isolation that only
being a sole tea bag in a huge,
boiling cup can bring.
The tea ponders its future
seeing no viable options.
It is done, it sighs
and bids the world good-bye.

-Heather Strang

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