The Girl With My Life

Her hair is
and curly
her legs
and sexy.
She has my life,
you know.
Her days are spent
and looking
Men can’t keep their eyes
off of her
and neither
can I.
Her secret is
she is magic.
She doesn’t
she is completely
from outcomes
or the need for
others to
want her.
And so,

that girl
is smart.

I missed magical day #13, my sincerest apologies. The day got away from me, and around 2am I realized I had forgotten. It was suddenly day 14 and I simply didn’t have it in me. 🙂

Rock on NaPoWriMo.

Happy Writing!
Heather 🙂

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Where I Come From

That’s where I come from.
Top Ramen
Kraft Mac-n-cheese
Hostess Suzie Q’s
That’s where I come from.
Small town
Big trucks
Little ambition
That’s where I come from.
Bonfires at the beach
Camping by the river
Slices of Main Street Pizza
That’s where I come from.
Spiral perms
Leg warmers
Aqua blue scrunchies
There is no end to where I come from.

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

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If you prefer to prepare your own Easter Sunday breakfast, there’s a great healthy option for you to try – gluten-free waffles with fresh fruit. It’s rich, decadent and totally healthy. Even better, it’s simple to create!

Here’s the scoop:

-Use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pancake mix.

-Be sure to use organic/vegetarian fed eggs.

-Try unsweetened almond milk as a healthy milk option. I love Blue Diamond Natural.

-Add organic frozen blueberries (like Cascadian Farm) or fresh strawberries. You can add these to the mix, or serve on the side.

-Slather with Smart Balance butter and organic maple syrup.

-Serve wit herbal tea – peppermint is a fantastic option.

Happy Easter & Happy Eating!

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Gray Hair

Gray hair,
No more


Seriously, when I was living in Portland I had gray hairs popping up like no other. I was continuously plucking (and cursing!) them. Since moving to Hawaii, they seem to have vanished! It’s pretty amazing. Apparently island life eliminates the aging of hair. Who would have thought?!


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Silent Space

It seems as though you’ve lost your way
It seems as though I cannot stay
But here we are
One unit
Fully combined
Household goods
And sacred vows.
I wonder
Can I hold you in this still
silent space?
Can I reach you when there is
no where to reach?
When your soul
is barely audible
When my soul is
busy doing what it has always
The music plays
And my hips sway
You touch my face
I am empty.
You are silent

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

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Here’s scientific fact about what I’ve been saying all along!
I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks when I removed wheat from my diet. Our bodies can’t process this food and so hold onto it as fat.

Read about it on Medical News Today.

Happy Eating!
Heather 🙂

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Ode to Matchmaker Millionaire

Make me a match
May he be perfect
And rich

And smell just like a
bottle of
Obsession cologne
May he be fantastic
and loving
Oh, and don’t forget adoring

I’ll do whatever it takes
Throw my head
back in
Mock laughter?
Done and done.

Just make sure he is perfect
Oh, and did I mention rich?

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

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Small Town Girl

She is tired.
No, actually she is
From trying to
make it all work
She has three
children, she
tells me
And smiles.
Her smile fades
when the conversation
to the topic of
12 years
and they can’t even have a
Is this the life she signed
up for?
Is this all there is?
She can’t quite reconcile
to it all.
I smile back at her,
I can’t quite

I went from living in a city of 2 million people to an island of roughly 60,000. Culture shock? Not entirely, since I was raised in a town of 4,000 people. To be honest, Kauai isn’t much different than where I grew up – Tillamook, Ore. (the population of Tillamook will be thrilled to hear this). Except for the tropical scenary, warm temps and aqua blue ocean, of course. In any event, it is a bit startling to my system – it’s been more than 13 years since I lived in T-town!

Here’s the deal in Kauai – as far as I can tell at the 6-week mark:
-Everyone knows everyone.
-Local girls marry local boys. And when locals branch out and hook up with non-locals – there are mutterings and grimaces.
-You drive down the street and wave at pretty much every car because you know everyone. If you don’t know them, they are probably a tourist.
-You wear board shorts and flip-flops virtually everyone – this primarily is true of men. No need to get dressed up, you’re in paradise, bro!
-Appetizers are pupus. Get used to it.
-The hang loose hand sign that went out of style in the mid-80’s on the mainland is alive and well here. And it means Shaka, in case you didn’t know.

And there’s more: I paid for my car in cash – and the guy is so friendly and nice he gives me the car with only half down while I wait for the rest of the money to be transferred into my account. Our landlord brings us eggplant and fresh avocados from trees nearby. Just because. At the copy shop, I only have a $20, so the guy doesn’t charge me for the fax. When I meet new people (which is pretty much daily), they greet me with a hug and a kiss (this I LOVE and this is not the same as Tillamook!).

With this shift in locale, I can’t help but shift as well. I’m tearing up to country music for god’s sake (primarily because it soothes me – I was raised on country and rock), and I’m enjoying the fact that my schedule is no longer jam packed. I feel like one of those 60-year-olds who looks back on her life and remincises about simpler times. I’m now living in those simpler times! And I’m reflecting, and getting choked up. Oy vey.

I don’t wait in many lines or in traffic anymore, but I also don’t get to hang out in my favorite new age bookstore. In fact, there is only one bookstore on the whole island (Borders), but there are more churches than I’ve ever seen in my life! I feel myself get anxious when people aren’t on time or in a hurry – but it’s Hawaii, man – you don’t have to be on time.

Then, I freak out for a moment because I remember that I live on an island.
In the middle of the Pacific.
And I know two people.

And that makes me grateful that my new hair stylist is so damn sweet, that the guy who sold me my car was so laid-back and cool, and how lovely it is to work from home and create my own little island.

What an adventure, yeah?
This is Hawaii-speak, by the way, something I’m picking up.
Today, after stopping at one of the oldest churches in Hawaii (St. Raphael) I couldn’t help but reflect on the myraids of ways that my life has changed.

Thanks for reading! 😉

Much love,

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Number 3

The third time
will be a
He’ll be all that the others

He’ll fancy me in the
appropriate ways
Dream of only me
and love me like no other

We’ll never
or yell
or hate
We’ll always be
inspired and
fulfilled and know
that we are
for each

The third one
Will be the good one
The right
I’m sure of it.

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

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Read Write Poem, Inspired Poetry 🙂




And in wonder

Will I fall?

Will I leap?

Will it all end today?

It’s too early to tell

And so I sit

In quiet contemplation

And wait.

-Heather Strang
© 2009

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