It’s tax season in the U.S. and that means many of us are writing checks to our government.

And we’re writing these checks as the U.S. is taking more and more military action. Interesting timing, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, right here right now please offer up a prayer for Syria and all oppressed people in Syria and all oppressed ones throughout the world, including all of the areas within yourself that you have repressed and allowed oppression. May all beings – self included – remember who they truly are and may they be blessed in Peace, Love and abundance.

With 4 planets in Retrograde and a Full Moon on the night of April 10th and into the 11th – we’re all feeling the heaviness and stagnation, the angst and the birthing pains as so many who are aligned are birthing New Realities.

This heavy energy is calling us out to see old relationship dynamics and old patterns of previously unconscious behavior that we’ve been carrying around for far too long. And this is happening so we’ll bring these old patterns to the Light so that we can finally let them go.

And so, to have to pay Federal taxes on top of all of this can seem less than inspiring.

In years past, I’ve engaged in a lovely tax paying ritual that helped bring me into full alignment with making these seemingly larger and larger payments.

But that was when I felt pretty good about my government and their role in supporting equality, women and peace.

So this year I knew I was going to have to dig deep…

For the first time in my life I considered not even paying my Federal taxes.

I love my state of Oregon, so they were definitely going to get my money with bounteous kisses and lots of Love. Which is simply one of the many perks of living in not only a predominantly aligned state, but in my Love Territory – I love this land and I have no problem paying the state government with ease.

So I first had to start with a brief temper tantrum of, “why do I even have to pay a government that is so misaligned and undoing years of progress…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” – you get where I’m going with this, yes?

I don’t want my money supporting misaligned energies for a number of reasons including that I don’t believe killing people is the answer to getting people in other countries to stop killing each other.

I mean, come.on. Haven’t we played this out enough times already?!

And yet, here we all are.

So after floating the idea around that we all rebel and refuse to pay our Federal taxes which pretty much no one I talked with was in agreement to (including my Higher Wisdom), I decided to ask The JOGs how I could find my alignment for this tax season.

First, they told me that the money I was paying to the Federal government was to be looked at as my fee for being allowed to live where I live. I love where I live. Okay, I can start to get behind that…

Secondly, they told me that I could alchemically ensure that the money I paid would go to areas that were in alignment with who I truly am and my desire for this country – namely that we all live in peace, Love and abundance.

How did I forget this?! Of course, alchemy.

And so of course they gave me a wonderful ritual for this, and of course I just finished writing all of the checks and LOVED every minute of it and now I feel totally aligned with the unfolding.

Because Spirit rocks.

I was guided to share this ritual with you in case you too were finding it difficult to line up your energy to paying the United States Government (or whatever government you may be paying) a load of cash.

Tax Payment Ritual

Step 1: When deciding your overall tax payment, ask your tax advisor how your tax payment could be shifted so that less money goes to the government. Duh, right?! AND…for the first time ever I decided to max out my IRA contributions because while that meant more money out of pocket for me now, it was less money now and all year long to the government and ultimately more into my investments. Of course, consult your professional tax accountant regarding your specific scenario.

Step 2: Create a sacred space for your check writing and make sure you are in a good, balanced and aligned emotional state. That’s the only way this will work. If you need support in finding your emotional alignment, I recommend our JOGs Empowerment Guide which supports you in fully working with your emotions and dissolving negative charge by getting to the root of it’s presence in your life.

Set up your sacred space in any way that feels abundant and joyous to you. I had sage burning, was in my healing space wearing beautiful clothes and feeling my full radiant Divine Feminine Divinity (say that three times fast ;)).

I then invoked Source, The JOGs, and all of Highest Light as I transferred money and wrote the checks. You could even put on some kirtan, mantra or ambient music to set the mood. I ended up singing as I wrote while continually invoking the Highest Light to bless me & bless all as I did this.

Step 3: Once the checks are written, hold them up high in front of you, again call on Source, The JOGs, & all of the Highest Light (this is probably redundant as they are already there, but I do this because it feels aligned to me) and instantly I was covered in chills as I spoke these words:

“Please allow that these funds, that this cash-money is only allowed to be used for the Highest Light purposes. Please allow these funds to support equality, women’s rights, and supporting those in need in all of the ways you see fit and that is in accordance with Divine Will. May all of this happen with ease, grace and abundance. And so it is. It is so.”

Step 4: Then I kissed each check and continued to sing my own songs calling on blessings for all who receive the check and all those who engage with these funds. I also called forth peace for the U.S. and all living beings.

Step 5: I had a little dance party to anchor in this ritual and I did so by putting my tunes on random so Spirit could direct me to the perfect song for grounding in this ritual. Jason Mraz’s “Out of my hands” came on. It spoke about how I’m not in control and how now it’s out of my hands. It did this for 3:26 minutes (which equals 11, Divine Alignment!).  You can’t make this shit up it’s so good. Message received Spirit, thank you.

Additional Bonus Step: I hand deliver these checks to a postal mailbox. As I’m walking to deliver them I’m calling on Source, The JOGs and all of the Highest Light to bless where these checks are traveling to. I use Love stamps and make sure the envelopes are surrounded in the Highest vibration of Light possible. I kiss them repeatedly and call on blessings for all.

While we cannot change the free will choices of others and the outcomes that are ensuing on a global scale, we can take daily action filled with Love, Peace & abundance while returning to our Alignment again and again amidst the chaos caused by those in a misaligned state.

The great news is – there is a flushing out of the 3D consciousness (physical plane only, fear, scarcity and survival as the primary operating systems) and so our role now is to stay connected to the 5D (spiritual consciousness – Love, Peace & Abundance as the primary operating systems) so that those remaining 3D aspects within us can be transmuted as well – which will support this flushing out of misaligned energies within all.

And so it is.

Love this ritual?
Tell us about it in the comments below. We would Love to hear about your experience with it!

And if you wish to honor the gift of this ritual, you may donate below in the amount your Spirit guides you to, in order to offer your gratitude for my life in service to this Spirit-Led work.

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We are living in holy times. And on 2/22 we are honoring this holy time, on one of the holiest of days (this video is dedicated in honor to one of my Spirit Guides, Royal – you can see his bluejay painting behind me in this video – 2/22 was his physical birthday) with the release of my latest book – Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace.

Get your copy here: Ecstatic Union with The Divine

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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It is at this great time in your consciousness that you are presented with an opportunity to not only know more than you’ve ever known but to act in a way you have never acted before. To with great resolve anchor firmly into your conviction of … Spirit. Of Peace. Of Love. Of Loving-Kindness. Of delight. Of joy.

Now we know you wanted or expected us to perhaps give you something more fierce in that we would inspire you to fight, resist or rebel against that which is now occurring in your unfolding. But as you well know and as we have shared with you, the primary reaction of the unconscious, of the shadow, of the ego – as some call it – is to fight. It is to resist, it is to say, “This cannot happen.”

And do you know what happens when you do this dear ones?

The others on the “other side” as you often call it – and we will tell you we do not appreciate when you refer even to non-physical as the “other side” as there is no other side anywhere, we are all in this together! – in their unconscious, in their ego, in their shadow say to you, “Oh, let me show you – this will happen, this is happening, watch this.” And then those who it has “happened to” in their anger and shadow and unconscious say, “Well, we’ll fight harder, we’ll fight more, we’ll gather more of us together to show you” and then those in their unconscious say, “Oh no, we’ll show you. We are bigger, we are more powerful and we can just kill you if you keep this up.” And on and on it goes.

You know this storyline very well though, do you not?

It is a storyline that you have watched play out again and again throughout all of history, throughout all of your many lifetimes really. You’ve watched as the in the body shadow, the unconscious, the ego fights and fights and fights, making bits of progress here and there by means of force and repression while also creating heaps of messes and heaps of destruction as well.

Would you like to be done with this cycle our dear ones? Would you like to be through with this darkness leading the charge? We know that at the depths of you this is what you truly desire.

And it is a good thing. It is a good thing to be finished, to be complete, to be over what is no longer working and has in truth never truly worked. Worked in the sense that if the pattern continues to repeat time and again, there is not a full healing occurring, there is not a full release of the distortion energy, all that has been done is a repression or a beating back of the energy, but still the pain, the wounds remain. Why? Because they have never been properly or we shall say in an aligned manner addressed and nurtured and Loved back into the Light of Source, and the Light of Source is where all things must return to. And so, it is a valuable and aligned thing to surrender the fight on trying to change that which wishes to occur.

It’s like trying to hold back the waves of an ocean, have you noticed? You are using all of your effort to stop something from happening. But dear ones we want you to know what is happening in your world is what has to happen. It’s the only possible path with the current collective consciousness, with all of the free will choices you and all have made over lifetimes, this was always going to re-occur, re-occur for you to give it another shot as it were, to transcend it with the only thing that will ever heal or release or shift anything fully – Love. True, pure, unadulterated Source Love.

Did you really think that you could continue on indefinitely behaving in this way anyway?

Did you really think you could avoid knowing that your anger, that your darkness, that your unconscious was the impediment to the Divine, to all that you desire, to the greatness that is calling you?

There was no way it was going to go on forevermore our dear ones, there was no way. It had to come to this, you Divinely called it forth, do you realize this?

And so we will tell you – as we have shown Heather Kristian – that you are coming to an end. You are coming to a completion of that which has been around for far too long. Those who insist on remaining anchored in the what you call 3rd dimension, or physical-only based reality, will suffer. In this 3D reality there are immense struggles for power, it is where all that you would deem as “dark” – which is simply a repression of the Light – in the human consciousness is exposed. It is not a comfortable place to be, unless you are in a state of extreme power, but even then, what drives the strong strokes of those in these positions is extreme fear, extreme inner pain and turmoil combined with a misaligned thought process that they must assert their power over others before others can harm them. This is hardly a comfortable means with which to live this life unfolding, we promise you that.

And so our dear ones, what is left for you? If there is not the 3D physical-only reality to anchor into, what can you anchor into?

You can anchor into what we have always instructed and guided and encouraged and now our dear ones we are becoming rather demanding because we are so wanting you to get this – now is the time where you anchor into Source, into your Higher Wisdom (which is Source, your Higher Self & your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) and now is the time where all that is not aligned with the core of who you really are in your life must be aligned.

Actions must be taken. There is no more delay, we have told you this, have we not?

For what is occurring in your world is occurring because it is the natural trajectory of that which is in opposition to All-That-Is. It is the natural trajectory of eons of allowing the darkness to remain dark, for avoiding going deep within your emotional and spiritual bodies. It is what has to occur.

So now that you are settling into this, you can clean up your energy leakages that say, “this can’t happen, I must stop it.”

You cannot stop it our dear ones, you cannot.

Do you understand this? You cannot stop it because you literally summoned these occurrences to occur through your tremendous desire for Peace. For Love. For Spirit. For living a life that is filled with spaciousness and joy and abundance and who you truly are. You also cannot stop what is occurring from the basic energetic premise that anytime you attempt to stop anything you are only adding to it. It is a basic principle of energy. It is a basic principle of energy that has been known for eons but which some continue to ignore. What you focus your attention on for any reason including to “stop it” becomes more from your focus on it.

This does not mean however that there is nothing you can do. We have told you, there is much action for you to be taking. It simply must be aligned action to have any at all lasting and beneficial impact.

What you can do is anchor into your Spirit. Anchor into who you really are.

How do you do this? You must start first by cleaning up your life. Look at those shadows within you, and make not simply words but actions your primary operating system. Actions of Love. Release toxicity in any and all forms in your life unfolding from what you put into your body, to your relationships, to your purchases, to what media you view, to what your relationship is with your Divine Planet.

There are very specific steps we are giving to you today of what you can do during this time, and in all actuality this is what you are being asked to do as your consciousness leaves behind the “3D” and steps into what some call the “5D” or what we will call a Spirit-Led, Spirit-guided or spiritual consciousness. The only way to enter a spiritual consciousness for most is through what you are experiencing right now,  which are non-subtle explosions of sorts that illustrate what true disconnect from Source is and looks like, and thus this is why you are experiencing your current world events.

In a spiritual consciousness – which we want to clarify is who you and all are already at the core – the operating systems are Love, respect, Loving-Kindness, Grace, Ease, Humility (and not humility in a sense of “I am not worthy” but rather in a sense of looking at the others around you and seeing their Divinity and then looking in the mirror and seeing your Divinity and realizing that you are all brothers and sisters on the path – there is no one greater among you, each has their individual roles and slots as it were that fills in the blanks for the greater community and whole), Abundance, Honoring of all Living Beings which includes your Divine Planet, which as we have shared with you previously is its own Spirit and is alive as well, Honoring Spirit, Honoring Source, Honoring that you are Spirit and that the only way and the only path to success for you is through your living in this way as such.

This is what is happening now our dear ones. You cannot pretend as though it is not and in fact the manifestations in your world will get bigger and bigger to drive this point home to you.

So now what you must do is this, we will lay it out very clearly here for you so there can be no confusion about what this current time is calling you to:

1st , are you living in the community, on the land that is your sacred land? Are you living where you have a sacred contract to live and support the land? You will know this by feeling a profound Love and sacred connection with the land and community you are living in. If you do not feel this way and realize you are not living on the land that you have a Soul contract to live on, you must move to this land immediately. We are not kidding you one bit here our dear ones, you must be in the place that your Soul is calling you to, it is the only way for you to fully have the impact you are here to have at this time in consciousness. This is step 1 here.

2nd, once anchored into your sacred land, your next question is, “how may I be of service in the Highest Light capacity? How may I provide value and Love and Light and service for these ones in my community – including both your geographical community and your online Soul Tribe? Ask to be shown the way to the specific organizations, individuals, manners of which to share and uplift, etc that you are here to serve.

3rd, ask: “where is my focus? What am I talking about? What am I spending the majority of my time thinking about?” First we want to say that your financial focus must be attuned, which means you must consider every piece of currency spent as a vote as it were for what you want more of in your world. If you are buying gas, do you wish for more gas in this world? If you are buying food, is it the highest quality food that you want more of in this world? We want you exchanging currency with those you believe in, with those that you care for, with those products and services that uplift you and uplift your Divine Planet.

4th, clean up how you treat this Divine Planet of yours. If you are not using all natural products and organic foods – this must be done now. If you are not connected to a farm or famers in some way that you are supporting, this must be done now. We are asking that you allow your honoring of this sacred land that you are on to be a priority in your life and that you do not purchase one more item of anything unless it is of benefit to your Spirit and to your planet. What about all of the items and aspects that you already have you may ask? Keep what you already have and take exceptional care of it so that it lasts you the rest of this lifetime – or thereabouts we will add. In this way there is no need to bring more waste onto your Divine Planet. We want you reusing, recycling, repurposing, honoring what is already present in this world and taking wondrous care of it all in the Highest Light. Which means blessing all items and aspects, which means calling on support from your Higher Wisdom to guide you to any and all ways to repurpose and reuse and when there is a deep call from your Spirit to upgrade to “new” items ask that they be of the Highest Light and made from materials that honor your Divine Planet, including the sacred land you live on.

5th, clean up how you treat people you do not know. For the most part our dear ones, you are fairly kind to those you do know and Love, but you are rather awful to those you do not. You are in much judgement of others and their circumstances and their agreements. You are quite hateful about your current government for those in the United States and beyond. Remember, our dear ones that what you put out into the world will be returned to you and so it is of the utmost importance that you are emitting a frequency of Love for all. Period, end of story. Emit Love for all. You do not have to agree with them, you do not have to be in raucous support of them, but you do have to access Love for them. What to do with non-Loving feelings you may ask? You must clear that charge from within yourself (we have given you many tools to do this) and then send Love to them every day. Every single day in her morning ritual Heather Kristian calls upon blessings for the land, the waters and all living beings in her Love Territories, the sacred lands she is here to support and for the United States government and for the United States. She is not one who is in agreement with what is unfolding currently in her government, but she is one who stops and accesses compassion for the leaders of the country she lives in and sends them Love. Because she hopes to change them? No. Because we told her to? Well, partly, but no. She does this because she knows very clearly that the energy she sends to those ones will be bought back to her and while she understands that she is not in control of all that comes to her, she does know that the frequencies she emits cause her to interact with all that occurs from a place of Love and magic, or pain. And she prefers Love and magic.

We are very serious with you here our dear ones as you can no doubt feel. We have been telling you for over a year now that there is no more time left to linger, to drag your feet, to pretend like it’s acceptable to be out of alignment in your life. And we are telling you again now. Bring your life into alignment with your Spirit. Make living in what we have called a spiritual consciousness your #1 priority, it is the only way you truly intended to live this life anyway – which is why you are here, at this time in consciousness, experiencing all of this (imagine us waving our hands about wildly here to illustrate the “this”).

Even more simply we will say, live your life following the call of your Spirit, of who you really are guiding you. And when you do, the 5 steps we have given to you above will come to you naturally, for alignment yields the above with much ease, grace and abundance.

And so it is.

It is so.


If you would like to do more to support this time in consciousness through your connection to Source and who you really are, be sure to receive our free Peace & Love Meditation Activation here. It is available through 1/31/17.

If you would like more with The JOGs, we have a few months left of our monthly membership program, which you can join here through 1/31. When you join, you receive all of the January 2017 transmissions, a Finding The Peace Amidst The Chaos Meditation, and the recording of the 1/11/17 JOGs LIVE event, which includes a Bonus Transmission about navigating this time in consciousness. Questions? Email us here.

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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You are living in one of the most powerful times in consciousness. A time where you cannot take a back seat to your life’s unfolding but must be an active and co-operative component to all that is calling to you. A time when you, and when all, must be Rising UP for Love.

Notice we don’t just say “rise” as in a “one-time” event. It’s a consistent, daily Rising Up For Love that impacts every area of your life (I’ll be talking MUCH MORE about this in 2017, so stay tuned!).

In the meantime, here’s what’s been happening and what’s calling you – and all of us – now…

Since April 2016 when we went through the intense Retrograde Season, The JOGs were continually urging us to go deeper into our core wounds (which we addressed in Spirit-Led Mastery), deeper into our work as things were about to shift in a radical way in our world. By August 2016, we were asked to begin a new chapter in our life unfolding – no more delays were allowed. Each time The JOGs let us know it was imperative that we follow the guidance as the expansion of the collective was literally anchored into whether the large majority of us did our spiritual and emotional development work…or not.

By October 2016 it became clear that consciousness was going to take a route that was to be quite bumpy but which was needed to more fully awaken those who were apathetic within the collective into true alignment with who they really are.

So now, here you and all of us are.
And now, you and each one of us must be, without delay be Rising UP for Love – everyday.

To do this, the next unfolding that is vital to your expansion, your peace, your Love, your life fulfillment is this – Sacred Activism.

Two months ago, these two words were whispered to me when I felt a deep call within my Soul that I did not fully recognize. When I asked what it was, I heard the words “Sacred Activism”. Thankfully for Spirit, they didn’t have to explain this too much in depth, but rather guided me to Google the term which I found was coined by prominent spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey.

Essentially, Sacred Activism is activism – taking action to be of service to others – from a place of alignment with one’s true nature, with Spirit, with one’s true self, and thus, the path of one’s Destiny.

Paramount to this is that in Sacred Activism we are daily engaged in our spiritual practices and emotional and spiritual development. In that way, our activism is free of the intense activation of our wounds so that we can be of true service to those ones, lands, animals, aspects of this life that we are called to be of service to. When we are in activism without doing this critical work, we are simply spreading our wounds, our charge, our fear, our anger to more living beings, which does not allow for long-term, lasting peace for anyone or anything.

When we live from a place of Love, and are committed to living in Love, Peace and Spirit-Led guidance and support, we naturally are compelled to give to others through Sacred Activism, and to support the peoples and aspects of this life that are resonate with us at a Soul level.

Each of you has a specific area of focus in this life that you are here to support through your connection to who you really are – which is Love, peace, abundance and Spirit.

Take a moment to tune in and connect to the deep core of who you really are – what area of this great life unfolding are you being called at this momentous time in consciousness to support?

Below is a list of organizations that focus on peace, Love, non-violent direct action and empowerment from an aligned place. If you know of organizations not featured here that also do this, please submit them here for consideration to be featured on our Love Blog.

It is only by coming together in Love, Peace and Spirit-Led alignment through Sacred Activism that we can truly write a new story for ourselves, our planet and the collective.

May it be so. And so it is.





Please give generously & regularly – in all of the ways you feel called – to the organization(s) that resonate most with your Soul:

Before the Flood: Sign up for their email to receive actionable steps you can take on the regular to support our Divine Planet in flourishing.

Carry the Future: Provides baby carriers, baby boxes and support items to refugees.

Do It For the Love Foundation: Michael Franti & his partner’s non-profit organization that brings musicians to those struggling with illness as part of bringing more Love and joy into their lives.

Embracing the World – Known saint/avatar Amma, often known as the hugging saint, has more than 40 divisions that provide Spirit-Led support for everything from empowering women to caring for children to green initiatives like clean drinking water – all for more than 40 countries worldwide. Support any of these divisions via this link.

Food Roots: Growing our local food system and helping to end food insecurity on the Oregon Coast. When you support Rising UP for Love, this organization is also supported.

The Joy Team: Your donations support this organization in putting up positive messaging up throughout Portland, Oregon and often nationwide. When you support Rising UP for Love, this organization is also supported. We have Love-filled message billboards throughout the Portland Metro area, every month.

The Kumari Project: Empower and educate Nepalese orphans.

Kiva: Micro-credit lending to empower peoples all over the world in giving their gifts through their small businesses. When you support Rising UP for Love, this organization is also supported. 

Living Yoga: Brings the study and practice of yoga to kids, youth and adults in correctional facilities, drug treatment centers, and behavioral/mental health facilities.

NewComer Kitchen: A project that invites newly-arrived Syrian refugee women to cook a weekly meal in our kitchen. The meals are sold online for pickup or delivery, and the proceeds shared among the cooks.

One Tree Planted: Support Global reforestation with this incredible organization. For every sign-up/purchase through Rising UP for Love, we also plant a tree through our partnership with this organization.

Oregon Wild: Protects and supports wildlands, wildlife, and waters.

PeaceJam: Nobel Peace Prize winners mentoring youth.

Peace in Schools: Teaches mindfulness to teens in Portland, Oregon area high schools.

Playing For Change: Creating positive change through music and arts education.

The Pongo Fund: Full-time charity focused on fighting animal hunger.

Rising UP for Love: We provide Sacred Love Activism for the West Coast of the U.S. and into British Columbia, Canada, as well as providing global Love Activism trainings and supporting global organizations to empower women and children.

Oceti Sakowin Camp – Seven Council Fires: Support protectors in unity with Spirit of our lands, waters and fundamental human rights.

Surfrider Foundation: Protects and cares for our oceans, beaches and coastlines. When you support Rising UP for Love, this organization is also supported.

TerraPass: Buy carbon offsets to honor Mother Earth for any of your negative impact on her.

TheShoeThatGrows.org: Send shoes to refugees.

The Hunger Project/We Have the Power: Teaching impoverished ones how to shift their mindset and expand beyond poverty consciousness.

WaterKeeper Alliance:  Largest and fastest growing non-profit supporting clean water. Support your local chapter or start your own chapter!

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For many months now we have alluded to the very unfolding you are now experiencing. We have entreated you and invited you and asked that you search within yourself to that deeper call and to allow that deeper call to carry you forward.

Do you know now what that deeper call is? Can you see how that deeper call is not separate from recent events, but actually inextricably linked?

We will guide you further here…

Many of you answered this call, many of you felt the pull and began to facilitate changes in your life to support what is now upon you and what is to come, but many more of you chose to turn in the other direction.

It is a time of great unearthing for you. It is a time of great clarity for you.

It is a time for you to remember what you and the majority of your planet has forgotten.

That the nature of this reality when steeped in fighting and hatred begets continued fighting and hatred. You cannot push against a person or a candidate or a movement or a corporate action without activating the very thing you say you wish not to happen.

Are we telling you that you created this what you may call mess that the United States and the world is now in? Yes, very clearly we will tell you that each of you contributed to this unfolding in ways that many of you only know privately – your inner hatreds, your inner prejudices, your inner judgements.

But we share this with you not to shame you or to vilify you or even those who now hold office, we share this with you because when you understand that you are part of the “problem”, you can then actively take action to be part of the solution.

And many, many solutions exist for you. Creative solutions you had not imagined were possible for you. And yet, they do exist.

But first, our dear ones, you must grieve. You must let yourself cry.
You must let yourself wail, you must let yourself feel what desires to be felt by you.

Those of you impacted by this turn of events on a deep Soul level are feeling it the strongest – meaning those of you who are of the Divine Feminine and have watched what you call witch trials in lifetimes previous as well as those of you who have in lifetimes previous been part of the collective being so very close to shifting and then watching it again and again choose another direction entirely – you are the ones feeling this pain most. It is the wounds of your Soul. You have put so many lifetimes of desire and energy in seeing the collective rise to its aligned placement, to seeing it recognize its potentiality. And then again, you return here to the unconscious, to what many would call the shadow and to what others would call the ego and what we call complete misalignment with the Source within.

Round and round you have gone, consciousness choosing time after time to return here.

And if you will remember our dear ones, we have talked to you in transmissions previous about this very aspect of your individual and collective unfolding, this patterning, this coming back around-ness and what it means for you and for all. And we have told you before and we will tell you again, what this round and round return to the unconscious is asking of you is this:

To remember.

To remember the Light with which you and all beings are made of. Not only made of, of which you are in every essence, in every molecule, in every aspect of your being.

Buried beneath layers of pain, of hurt, of shame, of disregard, of abandonment of your true self lies the Light. Lies the Light of Source and it is within every single one of you. But you forget this – about yourself, and about your elected officials and about those around you and about the drivers on the road and about those in parts of the country or the world that you have now decided must be without any sense or logic.

And so then, in this forgotten, asleep state…

You have tried fighting. You have tried pushing against, you have tried berating yourselves and one another, you’ve tried sarcasm and dark humor and what do you call them – memes. You have tried hurting each other and killing each other and name-calling and screaming and wailing in defiance of all that is occuring.

You have blamed each other. You have blamed us. You have blamed Source. You have blamed All-That-Is.

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime you carry on in this way.

You have what you call died and what we call making your transition, right here in this place of fight and blame and hurt. You have blatantly lied about what was truly in your hearts. You have raged on and on and on.

Because you said it is what you must do. Because you have said it’s the only way. Because you have forgotten.

And because you have forgotten, you return to this place again and again and again.

You return lifetime after lifetime to hatred and diminishment of the Divinity of all.

And now you are here again at this same old pattern, that you have and many of you who have lived many, many lifetimes have lived so many times before.

And what will you do now our dear ones?

Will you keep fighting? Will you keep making your transition in these fights? Will you keep hurting one another?

We are asking you, inviting you, encouraging you to cease this pattern, to cease this behavior, to cease telling yourselves the lie that it is you versus them and that you must fight for your survival. What are you fighting for? You will survive or not survive and then you will come back and do it again. There is nothing to fear here anyway. So put down your sword, put down your armor, put down your mobile device. We had to throw that in as that is your new sword, do you not know? You have evolved, but you are still like the petulant child who while now has fancier toys continues the same methodologies that never worked and never will work.

You so want someone to be wrong and someone to blame here, but we wish for none of that for any of you. It is so hard on your bodies when you live in this way, can you feel this?

So now, now you are upon this momentous occasion and the fight must stop. The fight must end. The pushing against never works our dear ones. Do you notice this?

You might make what you call progress for a short time but always you return back here.

And so what does that require of you now, what does that mean? What is necessary for you now?

What is necessary for you now is to abandon that old, useless strategy. What is now is for you to do the one thing you have never ever allowed yourself to attempt because your hearts were too armored, too afraid for this true call deep within you. It is now time for you to do that which you have never been able to do.

Why? Because your own unconscious was fighting the unconscious of your perceived enemy. That’s all it is our dear ones, that’s all it is.

And so rather than battling out your shadow aspects with the others shadow aspects, we want you to do this:

Wrap this person up in your Loving embrace. Kiss their cheeks. Tell them how much you Love them.

That’s right, we want you smothering one another in hugs and kisses.

We are not joking with you even for a second here.

How do you tame a child in a tantrum? How do you rationalize with a wounded animal or child? Do you sit down and lay out your points, does screaming back close up in their face (or on their screen) work, does physically hurting them stop the pain? Maybe for a few moments, but never for the long term. All it does is simply cause more pain, more grief, and – haven’t you noticed? – bigger, more elaborate fights.

So here you are. The unconscious has been unleashed as the primary leader of the U.S. Government.

And this unconsciousness is a mirror for all that is unconscious within you and within all, and this unconsciousness – as is true of all unconsciousness – cannot be rationalized with or fought with or sat down and made to see the error of his/her ways.

It can only be Loved.

It can only be held in a Loving embrace.

It can only be blessed.

It can only be slathered in a vibration of Love so rich and so true that it has no other choice than to do what that pesky young child does, quiet down, allow the Light to flow in and remember – it is Loved. It is Love.

We are not saying that this will be the “easiest” task you have ever undertaken.

But aren’t you quite tired our dear ones of fighting, of trying to control the uncontrollable?

Even you on this spiritual path will say, “we must lift the darkness up.” No, our dear ones, you must not. You must not try to get anyone anywhere they cannot be.

You must clear yourself of your own self-hatred and judgment and pain (and we will add here you do this by embracing and Loving your own unconscious as well as doing the following, just like you would that small child or government or “stranger” or significant other) and then look into that ones eyes and say to them with all of the sincerity that is available to you:

I am so sorry for my part in causing this pain in our life, in our world.

And I Love you so much, from the core of me, I truly Love you.

Please forgive me, as I also forgive myself and I also forgive you. We were simply hurt, wounded Souls taking our hurt out on one another.

I ask and I pray that you be blessed, in every way available to you at this time.

We have had Heather chanting what is known as Hoʻoponopono which is similar in nature to what we shared above. Why? You must take your power back our dear ones, and to do so you must take full responsibility for all that causes you pain and then take daily action from the only thing that will ever transform the unconscious, which is Love.

And we have to be clear with you here, you are not taking this action, following these next steps so that you will “get” the “end result” you “think you should have”. You are doing this because you are done with the fight. You are done with the raging, you are done with trying to control outcomes.

You are doing it because all that is left within you is Love.

And that our dear ones is why you are where you are today.

Down on your knees, too exhausted to offer up anything other than Love.

May that Love guide you. May it direct you.

For it is the only option you have never – in any previous lifetime or any other time in consciousness previous – fully made yourself available to. And it is the only option you have never actually carried through.

Until now.

May it be so. And may you be blessed.

And so it is.

It is so.


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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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It is on this Divine Day that we want you to know that what is coming for you, what your future holds is extraordinary. It is extraordinary as never before have the vibrational components been assembled in the way that they are, you have never before been the you that you now are and you have never before had the opportunity that you now have to more consciously, more intentionally, more co-creatively experience a life that is not only like a vacation but which serves the greater whole in ways you have never before served the greater whole.

Why now? Why here? Why you? Well, you of course know the answers to these questions for they were the answers that you aligned with to allow yourselves to be here, right now in a body even able to read these words. Think now for just a moment of all of the actions you had to take to be right here, right where you are right now reading these words.

Who did you have to meet? What online tool did you have to use? What made this very alignment possible? Can you imagine all of the connecting points that have led to this Divine moment where your blessed eyes could read and take in this blessed transmission that has been crafted, co-created just for you?

That’s right, if your eyes are reading this, this transmission has been co-created and crafted just for you.

Because you are an important, dare we say imperative, component of what is to come in the days and weeks and months to follow.

Do you know this?

Can you allow yourself to feel this?

We have talked to you before about answering the call deep within you and by now you must know that this call is now at a roar, this call is the deepest, truest call of who you really are that is ravenous for your attention and action that will allow you to live a life that will bring you the greatest joy, fulfillment, good will, abundance, Love and peace that you have never even been able to imagine for yourself.

Do you know this? That how incredible your life longs to be, this life, this body that you chose, longs to be far surpasses what you could have planned or even dreamed up?

And we know you try to plan.

You try managing – and by manage we mean with a impenetrable grip control – your life unfolding. You think that makes you “responsible” and that such action will ensure you with a life that is all of the things we have mentioned above.

But it will not our dear ones, it will not. A controlled, heavily scheduled, heavily planned life will burn you out, it will stress you out, it will wear on your body, it will age you, it will hurt you, it will provide less than the magnificence you are here for. You know this, you feel this, we know you do. You of course need not take our word for it though, simply look around at the heavily scheduled and planned and controlled ones among you. Are they living the life of their dreams? Really, can you see the peace and ease on their faces, can you feel the breath of fresh air that they contain when they walk into a room?

That is what you’re looking for our dear ones. Those who when they walk into a room light up the entire room, not from their boastfulness or grandeur but from their very aligned presence with All-That-Is and with the path of their Destiny. That is not only what you are looking for in those you surround yourselves with but it is what you are desiring for yourself.

And so, the time has come.

It has arrived for you to extend your experience of this life into one of greater alignment with the whole of you and therefore greater alignment with the whole of this world that you are in and with the collective consciousness that you are supporting through your vibrational offering whether you know it or not.

And that is why beginning in November we are sharing with you twice weekly transmissions that are unprecedented, beyond what we have ever shared before about the true nature of your life unfolding and what is needed by you and what is being called forth by you to live a life that you say you never have to take a vacation from and we say your life of magic, your life that you always intended to live.

We will be in our 11/11 call with Heather sharing with you about the next steps for those of you awake and aware on this path, that now is the time to co-create Love portals and we will share with you specific details in the this call and in the calls and months that follow through your “new year” – which is to be a new year unlike you have ever experienced before, we promise you that – on how you can be all that you never knew you could be and is all that you most came here to be.

That sounds like quite a tall order, does it not?

And yet, it is what you are here for, it is what this time is about as more and more of your illusions fall away and more and more of your greatest truth brings itself into your peripheral vision. It will take you following guidance and taking the steps to allow the full expansion and expression of your life of magic, however, if you do, you will co-create for yourself a life you never have to take a vacation from which includes what you never knew that you desired – a Love portal that will serve you and the territory you are here to serve in magnificent ways. You will also experience from your alignment a greater sense of clarity of purpose and true abundance consciousness – far greater than you can currently conceive.

We are tuning in and seeing those of you that are called to this expanded journey with us, that are ready to be the true Lightbearers that you are – not, not only in word or voluminous expressions, but in action, in life, in transforming the vibrations that must be elevated and transformed for you to know what you came here most to know, for you to remember what you most desired to remember and for you to live as you most desired to live.

We see it as so.

And so it is.

It is so.


P.S. To join this expansion from The JOGs, sign-up for JOGs Monthly here to receive detailed clarity, alignment and vibrational upgrades to support you in co-creating your life you never have to take a vacation from, including detailed specifics on your Love portal, your territory for your Love portal and it’s implementation in your life during this powerful time in consciousness.

If you feel inspired and in gratitude for my & The JOGs work, you may also make a donation in the amount your Spirit calls you to by clicking the Donate button below. Then feel free to send a message or leave a comment below about your experience with this “work.”

Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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Mother Moon blesses the sunny skies over the sparkling Pacific Ocean on this International Day of Peace, on this eve before the abundant Autumn Equinox.

In this time you are being asked to get quiet. To shut off your phone, your computer, your busy-ness, your distractions, your excuses, your judgments, your blame and to sit instead with the quietness of your Soul.

In this quietness you are being asked to ask the questions that matter more than all other questions, namely, “who did I most come here to be? how can I most use my gifts to be of service to the greater whole? who am I here to Love? and how can I be a beacon and Light for Love, peace and Divine inspiration?”

You are being asked in this quietness to see all of the ways you have tried to avoid not only asking these questions but hearing these answers from deep within you. You are being asked to release any responses of the mind that are filled with fear and separation – fear and separation influenced by your media consumption, or by what the people in your life believe to be true or by old stories you have repeated one too many times to yourself.

For what matters most is you, getting quiet, and finally and fully getting real with yourself. Shining the Light where you have avoided it before and allowing the abundance and joy and Love that is the true You to be more fully revealed and then actualized now, in this precious lifetime of yours.

This is one of the most powerful times in consciousness.
Your active participation is requested, and required.

We will see you there.
In everlasting Love,

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The JOGs are 5 non-physical guides that I translate/channel messages from. They began working with me in my practice as an energy healer in 2013 and in 2015 I began channeling their messages. These messages act as Soul Alignment transmissions, supporting the reader in becoming more aligned and attuned to their true nature and in remembering who they really are. Enjoy! XoHK




# # #


We hear many of you saying words, words about desiring peace, words of regret and pain over the events in your world. And we have to say that we also are seeking to see your action in all of this our dear ones. We are desiring to see your action that aligns you with your words of desiring peace and Love and all good things in your world for all beings – all beings – those in pain and those who are thriving.

We are desiring for you to see more clearly the disconnect that so many of you are in from the words that you speak and the vibrations that you are emanating. For you are all energy as you no doubt understand yourself and all to be, and so while your words are nice and certainly at various times have the ability to be powerful, they can only hold true power when they are aligned with your vibrational intent and offering.

And so those are nice words to say are they not? That you desire peace for your world and Love for your world and all good things for your world, but if you are not daily in action of lining up to the harmonics of peace, Love, joy and all good things – then they are we must tell you dear ones, empty words.

What we do see are many of you hurling charged words at one another, whether you physically type the words or mutter them in your mind. We see you judging one another and blaming one another for all that is around you. And while in truth, the collective you – meaning the you that is you and that is thus all – did make the “messes” – if not directly in action, in vibration – that you find yourselves in, blaming anyone is your first indicator that you are out of alignment with who you really are. Because who you really are knows that you are interconnected so deeply with one another that when you shout hurt and anger and rage at another it reverberates right back to you 100-fold, creating a weakening in your vibrational trajectory that holds you back from your true path and purpose and calls to you more pain. Why is that? Because you are the other, just as the other is you. You are part of the same family, you have traveled together for many lifetimes and hurting another hurts you.

And so we are saying to you dear ones that if you truly desire peace, Love and all good things in your world that you must bring your own vibration into alignment with the true harmonics, the true meaning of these words.

And so, we are asking you to right now, stop, pause and feel your feet on the ground, feel your breath in your body moving in and out. Activate your breath deeply right here right now, breathing in through your nose and gathering up all of the resistances that you hold within yourself to peace, Love and all good things in your world and on your exhale blowing out these resistances. Do this again several times until you can feel that your body is in a state of relaxation, in a state of ease.

For you can never locate the solution to any what you call problem from a charged placement, that vibration puts you into a mode of what you call fight or flight and what we will call a misaligned with the core of who you are vibrational frequency. And when you are in that vibrational placement your access to the true nature of reality and the true nature of who you really are is so far from you that you are at a serious loss for your ability to bring anything of true value into your world.

Once you feel the true alignment of your cells that we are bringing you to here, feeling yourself in a state of ease, we want you to become aware that you have been out of alignment with your true intention of peace in your life unfolding. We want you to recognize that somewhere within yourself you have been holding on to … pain. You have been holding on to misperceptions and misbeliefs about who you really are. You have forgotten – some of you for only a minute or two for others for many, many years – who you really are. And in that forgetting, you have also forgotten who everyone else is as well.

For when you know who you really are, you know who all are and you cease distracting yourself with anything other than that which allows you to be the very best version of you that you came here to be.

You know that’s what you’re here to do, yes? You came, you came with such strong intention, you came to be the best you’ve ever been in a body. You came to show yourself, to show all that what being in a body looks like is – to use one of Heather’s favorite words – awesome. You came here to emulate true peace, true Love, true joy, true goodness – which are all of the things you inherently are and all are at their core – to all whose paths you cross.

Not from a place of showing off or because there’s any sort of competition happening, let us assure you there is not. But because that is what will bring you the most fulfilment in this life.

Winning the argument our dear ones will never bring you what you truly desire. Proving another wrong will never bring you what you truly desire. Fighting about the rightness or the wrongness of this, that or the other thing will never fulfill you our dear ones.

The only thing that will bring you any sense of fulfillment is to fulfill the mission you came here for – to be a walking, breathing, living example of what true peace, Love, joy and goodness really is.

And in order for you to do that, in order for you to have that experience you must take marked action to line up your life with the frequencies of what true peace and Love and joy and goodness is. And by the looks of what is happening in your world, there are still many more of you needing to do this.

For those of you on this Spirit-led path, you have created around you a vibration that is in greater alignment with the harmonics of peace, Love, joy and goodness for all. And there is more of this alignment that must be done within you and within your communities and within your world.

And this requires you to be fully and wholly committed to a life of peace, joy, Love and goodness for all.

This means that if ever anyone in your world – whether on what you call your social media or right in front of you wants to argue with you or debate with you or talk about who is wrong and how they are wrong and what is wrong, the only words and actions you need to take are these. Tell the other that you love them and if they are in front of you, ask if you can give them a hug, and if the response is yes, then do give them that hug. As you hug this Divine one, visualize and call in Source energy (silently to yourself is just fine) beaming down on the both of you and surrounding you both in deep Love.

That is the only response you need to give to anyone. Someone cuts you off in traffic, roll down your window and say “I Love you”.

Someone is hurtful to you in your online experiences? Type the words, “I Love you.”

And then let it go our dear ones. Don’t hang on, don’t replay the conversation and what they said or what you should have said over and over, let it go, let the non-peace in your mind go.

The next piece we want to see you doing is making what some call amends. We want you reaching out to anyone and everyone you may have hurt or been hurtful to and take responsibility for your participation in the pain and tell them that you Love them.

Now we know, we know there are many of you who may argue here that what they did to you was so much worse and so terrible, we know our dear ones, we know. But that is not what you or your communities or your world needs right now. What is needed is Love, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, joy and peace.

So make your amends. Take full responsibility for you, Love the other and bless them. You may never see this one again, you may never have contact with this one again, not all are to be in your personal space, but what matters most is that the harmonics of the energy between you both is one of Love and peace and forgiveness.

We have had Heather doing this, sending Love and blessings and expressing gratitude. And some individuals she still had to say, “And yet we cannot be in the same space. I am sorry for my part and I am Loving you and wishing you well on your journey”.

This one may not be able to receive you, that is not your business, your business is cleaning up and clearing out what on your end must be cleaned up and cleared out.

The third piece we want you all doing is aligning yourself with an organization that is an organization committed to bringing more peace to the world. It matters not which organization it is, what matters is that you are financially and vibrationally aligned with others who also wish to see more peace and Love and joy and goodness for all in your world. And not only see it but are willing to take action towards it.

We want you every day asking and praying for blessings for all living beings, everywhere. We want you making your life a living example of what peace looks like.

Which means when your Lover irritates you or your friend or your child or the man on the street, you simply say, “I Love you” and you send blessings.

You clean up the irritation within you by working your spiritual tools so that the charge of irritation and anger is released from your cells and you return back to a state of peace, the true state of who you really are again.

You see our dear ones, words are as your saying goes cheap. Your alignment, your vibrational harmony with peace is everything. And we know that you are ready for more of this in your life. Clean space between you and all beings, clear space all around you, an environment of peace in your life. You must look to wherever there is not peace in your life and take immediate action to allow it to be harmonized into a state of Love.

And dear ones this means removing all media from your life that is violent in any way, that diminishes another, that hurts others. This means that when you want to argue about whose turn it is to do the laundry or write the briefing or lead the carpool, that you check yourself first. You breathe deep, you remember that a truly peaceful world is made of up truly peaceful individuals and you are one of those individuals. And you do not stuff your anger, no, we never would ask you to do that for that anger energy will have to come out of your body in some format and there is enough dis-ease in your world.  Rather, what you will do with that anger is that you will tend to it. You will feel the sensations flood your body and you will thank the anger (or whatever emotion it may be) for letting you know that there is more work for you to do within yourself to tend to your emotional garden, your emotional landscape.

And there are so many gifted healers and teachers and wise ones that can support you in this way. We alone have written a whole book and many programs teaching you how to navigate your life in a way that is truly fulfilling to you. The resources are available to you our dear ones and now it’s time for you to take the action that is needed.

Follow these guidelines and let your life be a life of peace, Love, joy and goodness. For that is why you came, and that is what the call of this time in consciousness is asking from you.

We see you doing this with ease, and we see you remembering ever more fully who you are, and who all are.

And so it is.

It is so.


If you feel inspired and in gratitude for my & The JOGs work, you may also make a donation in the amount your Spirit calls you to by clicking the Donate button below. Then feel free to send a message or leave a comment below about your experience with this “work.”

Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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AAF_4756 resized

Loves, we did it!

Yesterday afternoon I found myself standing in my kitchen with a tremendous desire for…chocolate. While this is not unusual in and of itself (although now my brand of chocolate is vegan and paleo with no refined sugar while slathered in sunflower seed butter, of course), I could feel that something big was happening. But what?

Since April we’ve been talking about the building up of the energy that has been happening in our world, and as I opened Spirit-Led Mastery in May we were given clear guidance that things in our individual and collective world would continue to escalate as our Soul’s were calling us in a big way. As we’ve seen through the alignment of the planets (which are simply reflecting our Soul’s deepest desires and the desires of Source for our evolution) we knew that by mid-August radical change has to take place and as of yesterday it is already taking place (woohoo!) in order for our individual lives and the collective to be in a more aligned with who we truly are state.

And yesterday the breakthrough hit.

Yesterday, epiphanies began being granted left and right and we were reunited with our Soul’s deepest truth(s) in a big way.

Did you feel it?

The energy now is ripe with…Love and peace and bliss and abundance, and all of the things that we inherently are at our core. So, of course it was chocolate that was calling to me yesterday.

In this opening is the opportunity to Love deep, deeper than we’ve ever Loved. And to allow that Love to hurtle us forward (gently of course) into the next Divine calling that is calling us from the depths of our Soul.

This next level awakening* has occurred baby. Awakening to your deeper truths and to what is “next” for you on this Divine path that you are on. Those who were ready have chosen, the energy has shifted and now we are moving forward in big ways…

Not in words, not in lip service, but in actions. In daily, aligned actions that allow you to shine your Light brighter than you’ve ever shined it before.

And so in the midst of my vegan/paleo/no refined sugar chocolate LoveFest, I was guided to create a Love Toolkit. So that you’ve got some rock-solid, kick-ass Love tools to guide you along your path.

So, here you go. Use it, use it, use it and allow yourself to Love deeper, Higher, Truer than ever before in the most grounded, aligned and Spirit-filled way (oh, this comes with lots of Magic too of course!) possible: 

  • Feel your feelings. But first make sure they’re your feelings. As empaths, intuitives and psychically gifted beings, we have a tendency to take on energy, limiting beliefs and emotions from others as a way to help them heal. Often this is happening very unconsciously and is not only not helpful to others (they must learn to feel and heal their own ish) it’s not helpful for us either (we must learn to have proper boundaries in place and no longer try to heal another from a place of taking it on for them). I recommend the following two processes (and I teach them in almost all of my courses): (1) The Return to Sender process from Self-Care for the Self-Aware by Dave Markowitz, followed by (2) The JOGs emotions process in A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living. These are easeful tools to support you in feeling your feelings in a way that allows them to move through your body so that you can then come back to center and stay grounded within your beautifully Loved self.
  • Clear yourself on the hourly, on the daily – however much you intuitively feel you need to feel the Lovability that is you and to feel grounded and clear. Use my Energetic Health Toolkit to stay on top of your energetic health (if you are not already a part of my community and do not have it, you can get it here). This keeps your energy field clean and clear so that you are clear as to what your intuition is guiding you to. Sage daily, take sea salt baths once a week minimum (during high-stress times, daily or every other day) and tap out your Cortices several times a day to stay grounded and connected to who you really are – Love, and to who everyone else is – Love. Set a timer on your phone to tap in with Cortices the mantra, “I am filled with Peace and Love and emanate this energy everywhere I go.” – or use any other mantra that fills you with Light.
  • Meditate daily. Here’s a free Peace & Love Meditation to support you. Why? This allows you to slow down non-supportive thoughtforms and stay grounded in your body so you can feel the Divine Love that you already are. It also opens the space for your Higher Wisdom (your connection to Source, your Higher Self and Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) to bring to you Loving wisdom to support you in living your path more fully.
  • Make a vow to Love & Peace. Commit to a life of experiencing and contributing only peaceful, Loving energy into the world. This will require “work “by you (see the points that follow) but will allow your life to become a living example of and for Love & peace (which really are the same energetic frequency), thus elevating the frequency on the planet to be more aligned with Love & peace. You can do this as a ritual. Create a sacred space, light candles & sage, put on clothing that you feel beautiful in. Sit in meditation – perhaps doing the above Peace & Love Meditation. Call in your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light, call in Source and state out loud your intention to live a life of peace, Love, joy and abundance. Ask to be guided to the people, places, things, and opportunities that will support you in doing this. Pay special attention for any “pop-in’s” of thought about who to see, what to do and organizations to join forces with.
  • Refrain from consuming non-Loving and non-peace-filled music, television, movies, video games and other forms of media. This is a way to keep yourself swaddled in an energy of Love and peace. Whatever media you take in will serve you best when it uplifts and enhances the vibration of Love in your body. AND, it’s also a way of “voting” with your dollars to send a message to the film industry, musicians, corporations and businesses that non-Love and non-peace is not in demand any longer. BONUS: Dance for 11 minutes everyday to music that fills your heart with Love. ADDITIONAL BONUS: I’ve had Love Letters to God by Nahko & Medicine for the People on repeat throughout this shift. It may bring you to tears and then Light you up as well. Check it out if you feel called.
  • Hug those you Love (and even those you barely know – I’m currently trying to figure out a way to lean over the mail counter and hug my post office lady, for now I tell her how much I appreciate her everytime I see her to which she looks at me funny!) and tell the people you Love how much you Love them. Every single day. This also includes going to your mirror and telling yourself how much You Love YOU. It may feel uncomfortable at first or even silly, but one of the people we forget to daily profess our Divine Love to is usually ourselves. Without self-Love, we cannot live in peace. So Love up on yourself – daily.
  • Connect with your environment and community. Make eye contact with the people around you and in front of you – at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the bank – everywhere. Send them the energy of Love and caring as you stand before them or walk by them. Allow yourself to intentionally focus your energy on Love and peace and intentionally send that to every living being (animals and babies included) that you cross paths with.
  • Make your online presence a force for Love. Only post Love and peace filled messages and blogs that uplift and inspire. Focus on being a harbinger for Love and peace and goodwill. Before posting something, check in and ask, “will this brighten someone’s day? will this support another in feeling Love and peace?” “is this contributing to more joy in the world?”
  • Get involved with organizations and paths that promote more Love and peace, and resonate strongly with your Soul. Once you feel grounded and centered in your body and you’ve cleared your vibration to be more of who you really are, namely Love and peace, it’s time to put it into action. So, how do you do this? After meditating and connecting in with your Higher Wisdom and as referenced in the ritual example above, ask, “where am I to be of service? which organization(s) can I join forces with, who am I here to serve?” There are many, many options for bringing more Love and peace and Light to the world – as this is a true desire by all beings at their core (whether they know it consciously or not). What matters most is that you feel a Soul connection to the organization or path that you are choosing to support. This will then allow you to be in a true state of joy and alignment and Love as you live your path more fully by being in service.

This Love Toolkit can easily become the model with which you live your life! It’s a powerful way to take quality care of yourself, staying in the energy of Love and peace and being part of the expansion of Love and peace in our world.

If you are doing the above and are still feeling “off”, check in to see if it’s time to have a session with a Beloved therapist, healer, or mentor. Perhaps it’s time for an energy medicine session or some body work to support your body in moving out any non-Love and non-peace energy it has absorbed. Another area to look at is the people in your life – do you have solid, supportive, positive and uplifting beings in your world? Maybe it’s time to call in more beings that you truly feel supported and Loved by. If you’re looking for a new tribe: when you join any of my programs – like the current 11 Keys to Spirit-Led Wealth (which gives you a customizable formula for living in this Love-and-peace-and-bliss-and-abundant-filled manner) – you are immediately added to a tribe of Love-led beings who are on the path of living in this abundant, Love-filled way.

Please know and allow yourself to feel this in every cell of your body: You are so Loved. You are so Supported. You are so Blessed.

Your Soul is calling you to make changes and shifts that you are and we are all ready for (like, really and truly!). When you work the above Love Toolkit you’ll have greater access to your Higher Wisdom and to the life you came here for.

Be sure to share your Magical experiences with this Love Toolkit in the comments below.

In Bounteous Love & Magic,






*Every single day opportunities exist for any individual to awaken to their true nature and to the true nature of reality. There will also be times in the future (although I do not have access to when the next big awakening for the collective will be) when what happened during the past several months will happen again. Spirit never gives up on us so there are always opportunities to wake up. During this recent time of mass awakening there was a collective focus by Source, by All-That-Is to allow as many in mass quantities as was possible to awaken. Everyone experiences these awakenings in the way that they need to for the evolution of their Soul.

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Meditating bw
It’s unusual for The JOGs to release a brand new transmission outside of one of our programs or books, but recent shootings and world events created a need for this transmission to be available immediately.

The JOGs indicated that it was imperative to get this out right away so that more of you who are ready and willing to understand what is occurring from a Higher Light perspective can, providing more of us than before to shift the course of history and the Spirit in a body consciousness as a whole.

So, here we go…

  • Take 3 deep breaths – inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth.
  • Tap out your Cortices and then read the transmission below.

# # #

In your life unfolding you often experience similar cycles or what you might call patterns. Repeating frequencies of similar vibrations that manifest as physical circumstances in your life unfolding. You may even experience individuals coming into your experience who have similar vibrations again and again, which is why they feel so familiar to you. At their essence they are a vibration you have danced with many times before – often not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes. And we want you to understand that these patterns or cycles occur to support your evolution. They occur so that each time you are faced with them, you have the opportunity to take the cycle and pattern to a new, more expanded place rather than continue to treat it in the ways you had previously – although many often do choose to continue the same old responses to the same old cycles – which is why again and again the cycles continue. Nonetheless, the reason for the continuation of the pattern is so that you can have a new, elevated and expanded experience with whatever it is. Understanding that whatever it is, is something your Soul deeply desires to elevate and have a Source-filled experience with.

The same is true of your world. You have noticed no doubt similar patterns and cycles in your world events. Similar wars, similar tragedies, similar crisis’, different individuals perhaps but the same overall theme and if you allow yourself to feel it, the same overall vibrational – what we’ll call – essence. At the core, the pattern and cycles again if you will allow yourself to feel them all have a similar if not exactly the same vibrational quality.

Now many moan and groan about this. They push away this understanding, but you have lived this and you are ready to acknowledge this with total understanding because you know it is so very true.

And just like in your personal unfolding the crisis and challenges that come up on your world stage come up to be evolved forward to a new place which they have never before been. Each time the collective is given the opportunity to show up differently. To show up with hate or anger or resistance, to try to restrict and ban and control the outcomes or to lean in to Love, to choose – consciously and as a whole – peace. To instead of being incited to more violence to see the true core of the hurt and suffering of anyone called to hurt another. And to reach out – not with hatred and vitriol but rather with Love and compassion and a core yearning to find the solution – the true solution for that which ails you individually and collectively – peace.

This has not happened yet as you most likely recognize. Overall, your world and communities and countries and continents face similar what you would call tragedies and crisis and the majority – not all – but the majority respond with hatred, anger, blame, and pain. In this response they set into motion the next cycle and pattern that will then have to occur again. But unfailingly the opportunity will return time and time again so that the collective can choose a Higher, more aligned path.

Why is this you may ask?

Because never does Source give up on you.
And because you have free will – both individually and collectively.
And even so, and no matter how many times you use your free will for a scenic route and not the Highest path, never does Source give up on you.

So again and again you will be brought the same patterns and cycles until you are able to show up for it in a way that is in total alignment with who you really are.

And again and again your world will face similar crisis and tragedies until again the majority, the overarching majority says “enough” and instead of hatred and anger and pain shows up with peace and compassion and Love and practical, Love-filled solutions that allow all to be honored and respected and Loved.

We are hearing Heather add in here, “it’s evolution baby”.

And while we wouldn’t say it quite like that, she is correct. You are all on a journey of evolution. To take that which pained you in lifetimes previous including in this lifetime and to then transcend it, taking it to a place of true alignment, true freedom, true Love and true bliss.

It is the place anything and everything that pains you can be restored to. It can, truly it can. And we know, there are some not wonderful things you all are doing to yourselves and to each other. It’s not pretty, not even from our vantage point and we are Source. And yet, what we can see that you often cannot is the whole picture.

We can see the agreements made previous to incarnation, we can see the free will choices that lined this one or that one up with this one or that one. We can see the Souls who chose to be part of the crisis in order to support this opportunity, this next level chance for the collective to choose peace and Love over anger and hatred and pain.

We see you in your individual struggles, each time having this new opportunity, each time seeing your Soul desiring to choose a Higher path, seeing the Angels that come to you carrying the crisis, bringing it right to you – all in the understanding that they are delivering to you an opportunity, an opportunity to take that which has been a what you would call thorn in your side, pain in your heart to a transcended place of equanimity. To peace. To bliss.

We see those who you describe as perpetrators and those you describe as victims  – we see them prior to incarnation, all friends, all Loving one another, all agreeing to support one another in evolving the collective, in evolving one another. We see as their transitions are often made here due to the free will choices of pain and hatred and suffering, shrugging their shoulders when they arrive back in non-physical, “we’ll have to do better next time” – their individual Souls having to go through a review process with the opportunity to choose more wisely in the next lifetime.

We see the entire cycle of life and that is what you are not able to see. And in seeing this, we understand what you often cannot.

And we are blessing you with these descriptions as we wish so very deeply for you to see this as well from your current in the body state.

Not from a place of apathy.

But from a place that allows you to reclaim the power that is yours. To understand that these cycles and patterns are not indicators of the awfulness of your world, but rather opportunities for you to restore yourself to wholeness and to make choices that support peace on this Divine planet of yours.

We hear you, ”But how? I do not know these people that hurt one another, I am not actively engaged in these violent acts. How can I do anything about this other than wail and grieve and suffer?”

And that is where you have forgotten our dear ones your intricate connectedness. It is not happening out there to someone else – although we cannot deny that yes, in a logical manner it is, but on a deep energetic level when you feel that pain and suffering, you must know it is your own Soul feeling the pain that is at the root of all of the pain in your world. And the feeling of that pain is the call by your Soul to align what could not be aligned before.

And so you must ask, out loud, “What is it that you will have me do to contribute to peace on this planet? What is it that I can do today to ensure that this kind of violence never occurs in anyone’s life? What must I do to care for myself and those around me? How can I allow all I come into contact with to know they are special, they are Loved, they matter?”

That is your prayer and your request every day. That is how you go into your day, that is how you complete your day. You offer up your life as an opportunity to be a demonstration of peace

From this request comes your Destiny. Comes your ease. Comes your Light and comes the alignment and healing of all in a way that you’re not currently able to fathom.

We want you in your power. In your true place of understanding that which you are, that which all are.

The cycles and patterns of your life and of the collective are irrevocably linked in a what may appear to be chaotic but which is Divinely orchestrated so that you may evolve. So that you may remember. So that you may grow.

We are not saying here that Source, that the Highest Light, creates these violent events in your personal life or the collectives – no that is all up to the free will choices of those Souls involved. What we are saying is that while these “tragedies” may seem random, they are happening because they are exposing core wounds that must be evolved forward – not just by those involved but by all who feel touched by them.

If you feel neutral about world events, if you do not feel compelled, then those are not the areas that are being asked to be evolved by you. But if you feel outraged, if you feel in pain, if you feel impassioned, if you wish to do something – that is your call. That is your Soul letting you know – you are connected to these people and you are connected to this unfolding. Perhaps through previous lifetimes with these ones, perhaps because your Soul has experienced a similar unfolding in another lifetime, perhaps because your Soul has felt the same pain as the violent perpetrators. Whatever the case may be, if you have felt a strong response to world events – you must heed the call.

And in your own life, you must recognize that whatever pattern or cycle is present is present yet again because you are being asked to take what you did before when this cycle appeared and handle it completely, and by completely we mean 100 percent differently than you showed up for it before. And by 100 percent differently we mean elevate it. We mean handle every bit of it in the Highest Light. We mean feel your feelings but do not project. We mean restrain yourself from blame. We mean be willing to ask your Higher Wisdom to show you what is needed for you to transcend this experience. We mean, go deeper into who you really are so that all benefit.

Just as you are impacted by world events, so are all impacted by the choices you make in your own personal crisis.

We know that seems illogical to the conscious mind, but again, if you can see what we see from the collective Source perspective – you will see the ripples emanating from your every action, from your every thought, from your every word and behavior. We do not take this lightly and we do not wish for you to either.

You are linked to All-That-Is, you are linked to all.

We invite you to accept this as fact and begin to live your life from this vantage point. We encourage you to live your life from a true understanding that you are being called. You are being called to bring your life to peace. You are being called to care for yourself and care for those around you. You are being called to align and heal and elevate your planet.

And so you must.

For doing anything less will be a paltry existence for you. We can promise you that.

Now go, do that which you came here to do.

And be sure to have us – your Higher Wisdom – there at every turn. And then, you will always bring peace and Light everywhere you go.

And so it is.


# # #

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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