During my time of healing, I’m reminded of the power of gratitude. Yesterday, as I struggled to remember – ‘why exactly is THIS happening?’ I found an email from the folks at Go Gratitude in my inbox. As always, the universe provides what you need, when you need it. In the email, founder Stacey shared her recent challenges, a la’ family relationships and her need to maintain a connection to gratitude.

Turns out, I’m not alone and even the most enlightened of us struggles. I felt instant peace. And you will too, when you check out the YouTube piece on gratitude. It gave me chills and an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards my existence on this amazing planet. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I’m loving it!

In addition, be sure to visit Gratefulness.org – a non-profit dedicated to the power of gratitude. SO Cool. I’ve signed up for their newsletter and have bookmarked the site for future wanderings.

Every morning, I write 10 things I’m grateful for. It’s a practice I teach to girls in my empowerment classes and it’s so important. Anytime I’m not feeling grateful (symptoms of this: irritability, complaining, fear, anxiety, etc.), I work hard to shift to a place of gratitude. Now, it doesn’t always happen – like yesterday – but often it does.

So, today, I’m sharing my gratitude list with you:
-My amazing and perfectly healthy body.
-The weekend!
-My adorable cat, Beatrice.
-My sister Amanda.
-Jim – the best boyfriend EVER.
-Toast. (Ezekiel bread with Smart Balance Light butter – YUM.)
-E! and Sex & the City πŸ™‚ It’s a tie.
-Wearing jeans (I’ve spent the last 1.5 weeks in drawstring everything.)
-Mid-day naps.
-My book proposal.

What are YOU grateful for today?
Please share!

Much love,

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09 Sep / Cats For Healing

When I found out that I was going to have surgery (ovarian cyst removal – fun!) last week, I wanted to put all the elements for healing in place. I remember in the Secret, that James Arthur Ray mentioned the power of pets. I haven’t had a pet since I was 12 and I finally felt ready for the responsibility – as I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe.

So, the boyfriend and I made a jaunt to the Oregon Humane Society last Saturday to pick out the perfect cat to aid in my healing. I spotted Beatrice online and she was the first cat I requested to see. A short haired Tabby, Beatrice is affectionate and independent (kinda like me!).

Since bringing her home, she’s kept me company on the couch both day and night. When I’m up at 4am, she’s there with me. I don’t feel bad about sleeping most of the day, cuz she’s snoozin’ along side me. Incidentally, Beatrice has kept my mind off of just me and the pain of surgery. She’s a great diversion and her healing energy keeps my mind at ease.

In addition, I’ve been listening to Kelly Howell’s Guided Healing meditation since my ER visit and I firmly believe that it’s helping in my healing process. I also purchased Doreen Virtue‘s Healing with Fairies cards and they are AMAZING! The cards are bringing me comfort and connection with what is truly important in my life. A big shout out to Brooke Emery with the Attraction Boutique for the recommendation of this fabulous cards.

All in all, everything DOES happen for a reason – even the stuff that scares the crap out of you. I’ve never been more clear about my purpose, desires and direction in life. My ovarian cyst has taught me more than I could dare to bore you with here, but I will share this – it has reminded me (rather aggressively!) what’s truly important – taking care of ME, as well as the importance of gratitude in the present moment. How beautiful is that?!

Have any healing therapies you can’t live without?
Please share!

Much love,

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With Labor Day weekend on the way (and the holiday’s looming – have you seen the Halloween displays??!), entertaining and eating wheat-free and dairy-free takes some extra thought.

Below are a few ideas, although there is some sugar included – but nothing processed – I promise!

First up – Trader Joe’s always has great dark chocolate covered something and right now I’m digging their Dark Chocolate Almonds. Belgian chocolate and raw sugar – yum!

-Blue corn chips & salsa – you can never go wrong with this combo.
-Veggies & hummus – recommend Trader Joe’s hummus – best on the market
-Amy’s Rice Crust Cheese pizza (add toppings like chicken and red onion), sliced into tiny pieces

If you’re going to a BBQ or gathering, bring these yummy spicy mixed nuts – it’s from a recipe I snagged from a former roommate:
1 egg white
2T cold water
1/2 c walnuts
2/3 c pecan halves
1/2 c Splenda or raw sugar
1 1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t ginger
1/4 t nutmeg

Beat egg white and water until frothy. Stir nuts into mixture.
Mix sugar and spices in large plastic storage bag. Add nuts and shake to coat.
Spread nut mixture on large microwave-safe plate in a single layer. Microwave 2 minutes, turn, another 2 minutes and turn and then a final 2 minutes.

Put in fridge for 1 hour and voila! Perfect party snack!

Feel free to share any of your party fave’s in the comments section.
-Heather πŸ™‚

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The Law of Attraction is a beautiful thing because no matter what you’re powerfully giving your attention to, it brings it right to you. Like the endless amount of checks I receive in the mail, or my love of red Cabrio’s which I see every time I’m out driving. Or a book deal, which is on its way to me, or national magazine publication, which is also happening right now. But, the same goes for the stuff I DON’T want.

And so, late Saturday night I found myself in the ER at St. Vincent’s Hospital (btw – lovely hospital and the staff is AMAZING! Shout out’s to Dr. Douglas and Mary, my nurse). I’m not sure if it’s all the attention I was paying to my sister’s getting that new HPV vaccine or the fact that one of my sis’s had pre-cancerous cells burned off or that my grandparents have cut me out of their lives due to differing religious beliefs (they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am not). Perhaps it was the extreme anger I’ve been feeling towards a particular situation that is out of my control. Most likely, it’s a little bit of all of those things that sent me running to the ER in horrible pain.

Now, I’m going to live. I’m going to be more than fine, but this experience was a wake-up call. My life is good. I mean, the best it has ever been. My career is incredible, I have wonderful friends and I’m having the best romantic relationship of my life. Each day I am overcome with gratitude and yet, I find myself dealing with a health problem. And then the answer comes. The doctor’s orders? No high-impact exercising (I’m a lil’ obsessive when it comes to weight/exercise), more sleep and no stress. Aha! The universe, once again, is giving me exactly what I need.

And so, I will make more refinements. My body and soul is demanding it. Slow the pace down more, eat even better and give my body all of the tools it needs to heal itself.

Since I know, and as a dear friend pointed out, in a spiritual sense I am already completely healthy, it’s only a matter of aligning the two. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in the physical, I forget to reach deep within. And then, my body responds – screaming at me, since I’ve disregarded it’s earlier endeavors to slow down.

It is truly amazing to see the perfection in every life circumstance and I am blessed to be on this Earth to do so. If you have words of wisdom for me or healing techniques that have worked for you – please leave a comment, I would love to hear all about it!

With love,

(Note: Pic is the day of the ER visit – don’t I look so very healthy?! – with my b-friend at a friend’s b-day party.)

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I made it! I was able to camp AND eat wheat/dairy-free and low sugar. Okay, sort of on the low sugar, because I did have one roasted marshmallow. But, hey, I was camping after all!

Here’s what you need to go wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar camping. It does take a bit of preparation, but it’s worth it.

-Spelt dark chocolate chip cookies
-Turkey pepperoni pizza (great cold or heated up on the grill – in foil as shown in the picture)
-Wheat-free graham crackers

-Turkey hot dogs/wheat-free buns
Genisoy Soy crisps – Zesty BBQ is my favorite
-Non-dairy creamer containers/small Splenda packets
-Homemade vodka with infused berries (stay tuned for the recipe…)

Tada! That’s all you need for a weekend camping wheat/dairy-free and low sugar style.
Although it wasn’t the greatest experience ever (check out my Heather Strang blog for more), I did eat exceptionally well. And I still have pizza and cookies left over. Woohoo!

Have any other camping food suggestions?
Leave a comment and share them with us!

–Heather πŸ™‚

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I am not a happy camper. No, I mean it, I completely dislike camping. The thought of being dirty, cold and “at one with nature” does absolutely nothing for me. But, alas my boyfriend enjoys camping and so, I went camping.

To be honest, I was miserable. I had a horrible time trying to be “positive” and generally wailed about the conditions of zero running water, insects (which, no doubt due to my low vibration, ate me alive) and sleeping on the ground. I lay wide awake all night counting the hours until sunrise and the time to go home.

But, there was a light (so to speak!) at the end of the tunnel. I realized that I spent 36 hours consumed in present moment awareness. I did not worry about work, school, relationships – none of it. Instead, I lived in that time, moment by moment, to meet my needs for survival . I also learned tremendous gratitude like I’ve never felt before. I am SO GRATEFUL for running water, hot showers, the toilet – even toilet paper!!! My current bed often aggravates my back, however, I have never been more grateful for it than when I was sleeping on a deflated air mattress in a smelly tent in the middle of the forest.

So yes, while I initially bemoaned my camping experience, it taught me much more than a weekend spent in the confines of my comfortable home, surrounded by amenities that make my life so much easier.

Today, I stand in absolute and complete gratitude for the blessings in my life – both large and small. My journal entry Saturday morning was filled with gratitude items that had never before made my list. For all of that, I must say, “Thank you universe!” and “Thank you boyfriend!” – I needed that lesson.

In love,

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