I celebrated my first-ever Easter this year. Besides not having any idea what this holiday is about (in honor of Jesus resurrection and rabbit fertility – what?!) I thoroughly enjoyed the egg decoration process.

The boyfriend bought a kit and I got to decorate my pretty eggs with stickers, dye and stamps. It felt more like a grade school project than a holiday, but I have to tell you – connecting with your creative side – even if it’s simply decorating eggs, felt GOOD. Then, I had my own Easter egg hunt. He hid the eggs throughout the apartment and I had to find them.

I discovered two things:
1) Scavenger hunts ARE HARD (there’s an egg hidden in my spider plant!)
2) Being a kid (even at 29) is a lot of fun. Yay Easter!

How does this relate to writing? Well, it doesn’t really. Other than I’m a writer, writing about my first-ever Easter experience. How’s that for relevance?!

Oh and check out this fabulous book I just finished. It’s been a big help – I’m not raging in traffic or agonizing about nutty people. 🙂


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09 Apr / WOW Brownies!

At a recent visit to Hair Unlimited in West Linn (where my sis Amanda cuts hair – she rocks!), I discovered WOW Chocolate Brownies at Market of Choice.

WOW, these are delicious. Brownies. Yum!
No refined sugars and no wheat.

Even better – they’re a NW company, located in Seattle. So, check them out.
It’s a great weekend treat.


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Great discovery – Oliver’s in Lake Oswego offers gluten-free pizza crust (but only in a 12″ size). It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I told the boyfriend to get his own pizza, because I would be devouring the entire thing myself. The crust is perfection.

Try the “Soprano” – it has mozzarella (although you can add soy cheese!), Italian sausage, pepperoni, tomatoes and yummy sauce.

There are a variety of other options, as well as “create your own pizza”.

Formerly Pasto-Rico’s, the restaurant just went under a major name change and they do not have a new website.

Visit them: 14559 Westlake Dr.
Lake Oswego, OR
United States
(503) 620-7723

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I just finished taking a Women’s Studies course through Portland State University on Body Image. I loved it! The overall conclusion is this: media (TV, print, radio, Internet) advertising tells us that we suck (we are too fat, too ugly, not worthy) so that we will buy the products that will “fix” the problem (SlimFast, cosmetic surgery, self-help books, etc). All of this is reinforced through media programming (anything on MTV, Desperate Housewives, etc).

So…I gave up cable. I canceled my magazine subscriptions.

Then, spring break happened.
I didn’t have any school textbooks to read.

I picked up my latest issue of SELF magazine (the subscription runs out in July). I leafed through it, skimming it really. 2 hours later, on a walk through Portland’s Nob Hill, I’m compelled to enter a store with pretty dresses. I have not purchased any clothing in MONTHS.

I’m on a “consume-less, love my body more” kick right now.

I find several dresses I MUST HAVE. I purchase one. For $50. One dress.
I paint my nails.
I buy hair clips with the intent of doing more than wearing my hair down and in a ponytail.

Is it SELF magazine? Is it all the pictures of extremely thin, tan white women that is driving me to begin obsessing about how I look again?

I thought I was done feeling bad about myself, but today, after my magazine indulgence, it’s back. If my women’s studies class is right, beauty magazines make women feel ugly and bad about themselves.

What do you think?
I’m desperate to know!
Post comments or send emails to: heather@risingupforlove.org


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I turned 29. Can you even believe that noise? I know, it’s ridiculous. My good friend, Sarah and I were lamenting today about how 28 was so very good to us. Now, we’re staring 30 in the eye. Like, that’s old or something. I’ll use my typical response to the age fear – look at Suzanne Somers for god’s sake – the woman looks amazing and she is 60 or something.

Anyway, the b-day was fabulous. We spent it dining at Marrakesh – Portland’s Morrocan restaurant. It was incidentally, completely out of Moroccan beer and wine. Mental note – do not visit this establishment on a Friday night. It was ridiculously crowded. But, I did get a bellydancing lesson from the bellydancer herself (humiliating!) and got to wear one of those Shriner’s caps for the “Happy Birthday” sing-along. All in all, a perfectly wonderful night.

BTW, I accomplished zero writing on Friday. It was my b-day and I treated myself to a pedicure at Nirvana Day Spa instead of work. Is there a better gift? I think not!


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Or should I say, what’s left of my birthday cake? The folks at Piece of Cake Bakery did a fabulous job. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Wheat/Dairy Free cake was YUMM-ILI-CIOUS. Pretty sure I ate over half the cake (and I picked it up on Friday!). Let’s just say I was thoroughly enjoying my birthday weekend.

That’s a picture of me and my sister Bethany goofing off at my new apartment. Flowers are courtesy of the boyfriend. Gotta love a birthday!

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19 Mar / Favorite Books

Before I forget, each Monday when I write my blog, I’ll also include recommendations on books, music and movies. Sometimes they’ll be writing-centric, other times, simply good for your soul. Check out the book I’ve been touting for some time now – Law of Attraction.

I’m going in for reading number two of Ask & It is Given. This book goes more in-depth on using the emotional guidance system. Helped me to get out of a bad mood earlier today. This stuff works!

Let me know how these books are changing your life!

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19 Mar / New Office!

I’ve moved! And I am happy to report that it was the most effortless, wonderful move of my life. I now have my own writing studio, complete with Buddha, plants, loads of books and a drafting table (so I can stand and write, instead of sitting all day!).

I’m in heaven. Still need to vacuum and then I’ll post pictures of my adorable little space.

Until then, picture me in a lovely brick and sage (with purple carpet – my fave!) studio, hammering out some of the greatest journalism of all time. 🙂

Even better – I’m now in NW Portland – which means coffee shops with wi-fi, long walks and the bustle of garbage trucks (more on my hatred for Waste Mgmt later) all around.

Happy Monday!

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I’ve never had a birthday cake. Ever. No candles, singing or a moist, rich, decadent cake to celebrate with. Until now.

Piece of Cake Bakery in Portland is changing all of that.

That’s right – this year (Friday to be exact) I will be eating cake.
And not just any cake, a gluten-free, DAIRY-FREE chocolate peanut butter (my absolute favorite in the whole wide world) cake.

My life just got a 1000 times better.
Look for my report next Monday on how fabulous the cake was…

Know of another gluten-free bakery that makes you jump for joy? Leave a comment and tell us about it!



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12 Mar / Signs of Land

One of my teachers and current partner on the “Letting Go” book, Brooke Emery, introduced me to an amazing concept. It’s called “Signs of Land.”

And its based on the Strategic Attraction Process that Brooke teaches.

The methodology is this – instead of racing all over the place trying to capture our perfect customers, we can be like lighthouses. We do this by staying in one spot while emitting positive, abundant energy. This will attract our perfect customers to us. I LOVE this concept.

It has also resonated with my manifestation group. SO…every Friday we email one another what Brooke calls our “Signs of Land” – signs that what we want to attract is on its way. Some examples: attracting new customers, receiving a huge tip, connecting with our significant other on an important issue, primo parking spaces and freebies.

I truly look forward to receiving the Signs of Land emails as much as I do writing my own signs. It helps me to appreciate and be joyful about all that I attracted into my life for the week. And the victories/signs of land from my co-horts inspires me to know that everything we all want is on its way!

Want to start your own manifestation group? Do it! Feel free to email me about how or contact Brooke. Her class is what got me going. She’s amazing!


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