With the world a little in the cray-sauce right now, it’s important to tune into the benefits that times like these can also bestow upon us.

Sure, it’s easy to spend hours freaking out about all the millions of ways this whole thing could go – dystopia or utopia (I mean, you know I’m voting for/meditating on/praying/chanting for utopia!), OR you could also use this time to get more clear about how you can upgrade your life.

First stop…physical health.

Maybe it’s time to give a plant-based diet a try? You know you want too…besides it pairs really well with growing your own food (something we can all start leaning into).

But, since every body is different, you may also want to check in to make sure a vegan way of eating is right for you.

I was super stoked to learn about HealthLabs new tests that can help you decide if going vegan is the right thing for you – and to make sure you have all the right nutrients for eating this way too.

You can also test to see if you have any allergies to meat and dairy to support you on your vegan journey.

Pretty cool, right?!

Check out the Vegan testing option here – including a basic, advanced and comprehensive test to answer the question: “Should I be vegan?!”

You can also check out the meat allergen testing option too to see if meat is actually messing with your health.

Recieve 25% off all vegan tests through HealthLabs.com by calling in and using the code: RISINGUP25

I’ll be doing a few posts for you with health tips and support for your journey during these times that are inviting us to uplevel every area of our lives.

In Love, XoK

P.S. Be sure to check out my recipe blogsite: https://metaphysicalmenu.com/ for more support in eating consciously too. Xo

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Happy 2020 and the New Decade!

In this 11th episode (11 is a master number that serves as a portal to Higher Consciousness) of Awakening: The Podcast, I share with you what the focus is for 2020 according to the Highest Light and what’s calling you during this incredible time in your – and our collective – consciousness.

I cover what happened in 2012 that has led us to this moment in time and how you can use specific practices and tools to thrive in this New Year and New Decade.

When I mention the 3rd dimension, I’m talking about the physical-only focused energy and beings that disregard Spirit and spirituality.

You can learn more about how to thrive in 5G in the 5D as mentioned in the episode here.

If you’re a Divine Feminine entrepreneur or corporate leader, get your free Spirit-Led Business expansion meditation here.

If you have any questions about this episode, submit them here and I will respond to let you know if we’ll be covering your Q in an upcoming podcast episode.

Many blessings on your Awakening journey, XoKristian

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I scribbled furiously in my journal, my head down with focus, my writing barely legible.
It was New Year’s Day 2003 and I was making my dreams come true, god damnit.

Sad side note: they didn’t come to fruition that year.

Then there was the year, after a horrible New Year’s Eve date (not even a good kiss, if you can believe that nonsense) that I dropped to my knees in my tiny studio apartment in NW Portland and asked The Universe to just send me the love of my life already.

Sad side note: he didn’t show up that year either.

Finally in 2007, I got sick, like tumor-on-my-ovary sick and woke up.

Manifesting the life of my dreams wasn’t going to happen alone, by myself, wishing or desperately crying out my desires to some random Universe.

I was going to have to come up with something far better than that and fast.

There’s nothing like a healing crisis to whip a girl into shape.

That was the year I learned about coaching and healers and psychics and prayer healings and all kinds of seemingly whacky things that totally changed my life and saved my health.

I became a coach and then a healer after that.

Because, it worked.

Here’s the thing, as humans we’re flawed af. And we cannot do this life thing alone.

Left to our own devices, we screw up and self-sabotage. We do this because we carry within us unprocessed traumas, hurt and pain that are leaking out all over the place.

This is the reason the self-development field has blown up in such a dramatic way in the past decade (predicted to be a $13.2 billion industry by 2022).

We know we can’t do life alone, and we know we need support – whether it be by a therapist, coach, mentor, healer or a spiritual guide.

We know, intuitively, that it only takes one person to believe in us to experience the next level in our life – whether that’s buying our dream home, getting married, starting a new business, divorcing a partner and getting to truly know ourselves, writing a book, having a baby, healing our body of a physical/mental illness or creating a whole new industry/product/creative endeavor.

In the world now, there are many gifted mentors, healers, coaches, therapists and spiritual guides and it can be tough to know how to choose “the one” who can walk alongside you as you bring your desires into reality.

So, I put together my top three tips to help you choose the perfect-for-you support to make your new year’s dreams come true (because no one should be left stranded on their carpet crying out to the Universe):

Read the full article on Thrive Global, Sivana Spirit & Medium.

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Four and a half years ago, I quit drinking.

It was a bright, sunny April day in Portland, Oregon.

I sat outside at the New Old Lompoc on Northwest 23rd with an old friend. We sipped half-stale champagne and talked about how totally epic the cherry blossoms were.

The conversation paused, and I heard a voice inside of me say, “Enough.”

Read more on Elephant Journal.

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How to Close Out 2019 Like a Spiritual Gangster

Perform this ritual to gracefully wrap-up your 2019 and start your 2020 off right.

The end is near.
You’ve heard all the warnings. You’ve seen all the signs.

And now it’s here.

We’re closing out the end of not only an intense AF year but also a ten year cycle of becoming that began in 2010.

We’ve been working – some of us more relentlessly than others over the past decade on our becoming – we’ve been shedding layers, we’ve been letting go of who we thought we were and have only really now begun to chart a new course.

To honor all of this, I’ve got a ritual for you so that you can make the closing of this past decade so bad-ass that you high-five yourself. (And then, tell no one of your adorable goofiness.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cozy, sacred space where you won’t be interrupted for 33 minutes minimum.
  • A journal, one candle, a timer and some white sage or palo santo.
  • Some water or herbal tea, and a box of tissues (it has been 10 whole years, a lot has happened!).
  • A comfy place to sit – whether it’s on a meditation pillow, bed or yoga mat. Add pillows and blankets so you can be comfy and rest after if needed.
  • Leave your phone in the other room or put it on airplane mode if you’re using it as your timer.

Now, here’s what you’ll do:

First, say out loud an invocation as you light your candle – call on your Higher Self, guides and angels and any other deities or God/Goddess energy you feel aligned with.

Example of this might be, “Oh, supreme Goddess and Higher Self, please bless me as I step into this ritual to honor 2010-2019. Please allow me to leave behind anything that has held me back and allow me to celebrate all that I’ve experienced. Please bring me clarity so that I may see myself and my life crystal clearly and may this ritual support me in moving powerfully forward into the new decade.”

Now, set your timer for 11 minutes and close your eyes for a silent meditation. Affirm that all you need to remember about this past decade will come back to you.

We use 11 minutes, because 11 is a master number. That means, when we activate 11, we open up to connect more greatly to higher consciousness.

If you feel discomfort as you meditate, breathe into it, it’s okay. Simply focus on any body or mind sensations/distractions and breathe into them, allowing them to release as you exhale.

Next, take out your journal, set your timer for 11 minutes and free-write on the following:

  • What were your best / peak moments of the past 10 years? Where did you rock the holy mother out of your life?
  • Where did you crash and burn?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What do you want to leave in this ten-year cycle?
  • What do you want to carry forward because you love it so much?

After you’re complete, review and circle the aspects you want to leave in this ten-year cycle. Close your eyes and imagine that you’re gathering these aspects up and placing them into a bubble of golden light.

Then, give that bubble to Source/God/The Great Mother (whatever resonates for you). Ask that it’s all transmuted to Divine Love and released from your life-stream with ease and grace. So be it. And so it is.

Then, review and circle the aspects you’re most proud of yourself for. How will you celebrate?

Write out some ideas for how you can reward yourself for your growth over this decade. Think spa pedicure, a healthy dinner out with someone you adore, two hours of uninterrupted time in nature – or whatever feels grounding and nourishing to you.

Next, pay special attention to your answers to the final question – what are you carrying into 2020, which heralds the start of a new decade, and a new opportunity to put who you truly are into expanded action.

Put that list up somewhere you will see it often – your bathroom mirror, fridge or on your desk.

You did it!

A simple, yet highly-effective ritual to close out 2019 and the decade it’s been carrying with it.

Sage yourself from head to toe, and front and back to clear yourself of what you’ve released. Open a window to allow the space you were in to clear as well.

And then, go celebrate like the spiritual gangster you are, because this next decade hasn’t seen anything yet – you’re just getting started.

This article was featured on Sivana East, Thrive Global and Medium.

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We have entered the holiday season dear ones!

And so, we wanted to give you plenty of Spirit & Love-led options for this holiday season so you can say “yes” to more Spirit-and-Love-led goodness in the world.

Some of the items below have limited quantities available. So be sure to get your order in as soon as you feel the “yes!”

And may you have the most Sacred, Love-filled, Spirit-Led and blessed holiday season. Xo


For any Loved one:

Blessings of The Highest Light

Let your friend or Loved one know that you’re thinking about them and wish them only the best by submitting a request for a Blessing of The Highest Light for them here.

Upon submitting the donation amount your Soul calls you to and placing your request in the notes on the donation form, then please send a photo of the individual you are requesting the blessing for to kristian (at) heatherkristianstrang (dot) com. We will then include the Blessing for them in our next ritual and send them an email with their Blessing, featuring a small jpg artwork and their blessing.

For the sustainable furniture-protector:

Reclaimed, Handmade Pacific Northwest Maple Wood Finished Coasters

Beautiful, urban salvaged, handmade Pacific Northwest Maple Coasters, in a set of 6. Natural lines and refined texture make these a great gift for any occasion. And, BONUS these coasters will protect any table surface.

Purchase this set of 6 coasters for $34.99 via Amazon.

For the sustainable, nature-loving chef:

Butcher Block Cutting Board Salvaged from Columbia River

The wood in this cutting board has spent at least the last 250 years standing in a forest of the Pacific Northwest. It then spent another 50 years in the Columbia River holding log rafts together as “boomsticks.” Now this FSC 100 percent recycled piece of wood has the potential to become a unique and historic part of any space.

Purchase this cutting board for $54.99 via Amazon.

For the romantic:

The entire The Quest series

All three books in The Quest series – The Quest: A Tale of Desire & MagicFollowing Bliss, & And Then It Was You – signed and blessed by the author for $47, plus $5 shipping for USA Domestic, $7 shipping to Canada. Email for shipping details outside of USA and Canada.

Purchase here.

The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic

The first book in The Quest series, signed and blessed by the author for a special holiday price of $11! $3 US Domestic shipping, $5 shipping internationally.

Purchase here.

For the intuitive:

A one-of-a-kind gift-set: All 4 Channeled Oracles, Signed & Blessed

All 4 of Heather Kristian Strang’s channeled oracles – Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles, Live Like You’re On Vacation, Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace., and A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living – blessed and signed by the author. This special, one-of-a-kind gift-set is available for $133, US Domestic shipping included. Email for shipping outside of the U.S. Only one set available.

Purchase this special gift-set here.

The first 2 Channeled Oracles, Signed & Blessed

This gift-set includes the first 2 Channeled Oracles by Heather Kristian Strang – Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace., and A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living – blessed and signed by the author. This gift-set is available for $60, plus $5 shipping for USA Domestic, $7 shipping to Canada. Email for shipping details outside of USA and Canada.

Purchase here.

Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace.

The 2nd channeled oracle by Heather Kristian Strang – Ecstatic Union with The Divine: Live Rich. Live in Love. Live in Peace. – signed and blessed by the author.

Made up of transmissions from the Highest Light Team, this oracle will give you detailed guidance on aligning with the truth of who you really are – which is abundance, Love & Peace.

Purchase this gift for $25 here, with $3 shipping within the domestic U.S. or $5 shipping internationally. Only 7 copies available.

For the Love Activist:

The Truth About Love ebook

The Truth About Love: A Guide to What Love is, How it Works, and How to Create More of it in Your Life. This beautiful, inspirational, and relatable 60-page guide is designed to help you embody the energy of Love in all that you do and are.

Purchase this ebook for $11.11 here.

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In this episode, we follow-up on episode 9 on what to do once you’ve f***** up. Meaning, you made a mistake or you missed the mark and now you’re facing it head-on. There is a graceful, easeful and highly effective way to navigate mistakes. A way that allows you to take full responsibility AND move yourself forward in a beautiful way. We don’t screw up because we are bad or suck, we mess up for a very specific reason that contains within it an incredible opportunity for us. We talk about all this and more in this serious, yet laughter-filled (gotta laugh at being human, it’s pretty hilarious!) episode.

Be the first to know when an episode airs by subscribing!

And join our email community for a free Love Meditation, Healing Transmission & Grounding Treatment along with weekly Love and Spirit inspiration every Sunday here. If you felt uplifted, inspired and received something of value today, please consider donating here. Every dollar helps, as this podcast is supported by your Love-inspired donations. Xo

©Rising UP for Love, RisingUPforLove.org

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Breathtakingly Brilliant You,

Here’s an important question for you:

Do you feel a powerful vision rising up within you?

Maybe it’s concrete. Maybe it’s only words. Or maybe it’s still just a feeling at this time, a sense of deeper knowing that has yet to find form.

Do you suspect you have something important to add to the leading edge of creation for our world at this time?


This is a powerful time for feminine leadership, for women to rise up and claim the full power and sovereignty of their voices, their vision, and their values.


The Divine Feminine is rising in power, but it won’t happen automatically.

It has to be channeled through each of us in fierce, purposeful, and commanding ways.

It’s up to us to step into our most powerful archetypes and lay claim to the highest version of ourselves and what we know we deserve to create for ourselves and for others in our communities.

Not just to push against what has gone on (unjustly/mindlessly/fearfully) before.

But to create a vision for the world we are lighting the way toward.

Firmly rooted in ourselves while pushing the edges, beyond what is comfortable, convenient, or commonplace.


WE are the ones to show the new way.

WE are the ones to model personal freedom, expression, and prosperity.

But we have to LAY CLAIM to it first.


By tapping into our power as Sacred Rebels, facing our own shadows, and shining light on what we care about, we take a bold stand for what wants to come into the world, through our own healing and the healing we offer to others.

By honoring what wants to come through each of us, for the good of ourselves as well as the collective, we honor our Divinity and say YES to something bigger and more expansive than we can even imagine.


Many of us are doing this leading-edge work and paradigm-busting through the conduit of soulful, heart-led businesses. (Yes, us, we are doing it!)


We stand for what wants to come through each of us via our unique gifts.

We create new ways of doing business that honors ourselves, our communities, our world, and OUR SPIRITS.

We say YES to ways of working that show love and reverence for Mother Earth.

We know the old ways are ready to wither…

And we know WE are the ones to divert the focus and create a new map for the sake of the collective and the Earth we are so joyously a part of… and often feel a need to fight for as Sacred Warriors.


You are part of this rising tide of feminine leaders.

(Whether you feel your ripple is small, large, or beyond the normal means of human perception.)


Wherever you stand, it’s time for YOU to claim your own powerful archetypes.

To say YES to the vision that wants to be created through you.

And, the best way we can support each other in this mutual, life-affirming expansion in the realms of business, self-expression, and prosperity…

That holds the highest good for all as paramount…

In a way that honors the brilliance of each woman, no matter her birthplace, skin color, body shape, genitalia, sexual preferences, spiritual associations, or upbringing…

Is to bring our voices together and share our wisdom and brilliance with one another in a forum of mutual respect, celebration, and amplification of our collective power.


To claim our roles as Sacred Rebels, bucking the status quo and standing up and out for the new ways.


And I know YOU are one of the powerful feminine leaders who is here to do that sacred, rebellious work.

That’s why today I am so very excited to invite you to a powerful global gathering featuring conversations with 25 powerful feminine leaders and entrepreneurial experts (myself included!) who are leading the way into a bold future.


This event is called:

Power Archetypes for High-Vibe Women in Business

Raising Power, Shifting Paradigms, and Forging Pathways for World rEvolution
via the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Rebel

It’s happening LIVE from September 30 – October 4.

Registration is completely free. Simply click here to join now.

It couldn’t be easier to step into a container where your expansion and uniqueness will be fully honored…

And the sparks of your higher visions fanned into a powerful flame and a force to be reckoned with.


Here are just a few of our guest presenters and their business-changing, paradigm-bucking topics:

  • Margaret Lynch-Raniere: How to UNLEASH the 3 Super Powers that will Uplevel your Speaking, Action and Magnetic Energy
  • Abiola Abrams: How the Shadow Archetype Keeps Spiritpreneurs(R) Playing Small
  • Lia Griffith: The Divine Feminist in Business
  • Neghar Fonooni: I Don’t Want Your Love & Light: How spiritual women can show up for intersectional causes
  • ME! 😉 Kristian Strang: Operating Your Business from Love (You’re going to Love this! We get fierce & real when it comes to Love and Biz.)
  • Ari Krzyzek: Claim The Unique You! – Using Brand Archetypes for Your Personal Branding
  • Anna Tsui: Use Your Shadow as Fuel for Success
  • Sydney Finn: Becoming a Social Media Goddess

This is just a third of the powerful content that will be available to you at this online global event, and it’s completely free. Click here to register now.


These 5 days will be rocket fuel for a new year of claiming your full power and essence so you can fully step into the influence and leadership that’s been calling you forth.


And when we gather with the full fire of our purpose in a collective, to lay claim together for the future we are here to create, then we become an unstoppable force.

Are you ready to join us in this leading edge dialogue and expansion of prosperity, self-expression, service, and deeper joy?

This is the week that’s going to bust it open wide and make you believe your visions are not only possible, but that it is absolutely time for you to create and lead a community for your highest visions.


Power Archetypes for High-Vibe Women in Business

Join us in this week of sisterhood, inspiration, and on-the-ground strategy for making the big visions real.

Your voice is needed.

Registration is completely free. Simply click here to join now.


In Divine Love & Sacred Embodiment,

(& The Highest Light Team)

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We’re having so much fun having so many leading-leading-leading edge conversations on podcasts and summits (more to come!). This was one of my favorites because we covered SO many topics about the New Earth, my personal story of being such a “weirdo” and how Love is actually fierce AF. Listen to it all on the Innerbloom Podcast with Alexa & Amby.

We would Love to hear about your experience with this podcast – do let us know how it resonated for you. Alexa & Amby invited me to come back, so I would Love to hear what you want to hear more about!

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One of our lovelies in this community has an incredibly beautiful podcast – All Things in the Name of Love with Erica Risberg. And we recently had a wonderful conversation about living Spirit-Led, honoring our body temples and how to put spiritual practice/knowing into daily life. This is a must-listen for anyone on the Spirit/Love-Led Path! Listen to it here.

We would Love to hear about your experience with this podcast – do let us know how it resonated for you.

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