Breathtakingly Brilliant You,

Here’s an important question for you:

Do you feel a powerful vision rising up within you?

Maybe it’s concrete. Maybe it’s only words. Or maybe it’s still just a feeling at this time, a sense of deeper knowing that has yet to find form.

Do you suspect you have something important to add to the leading edge of creation for our world at this time?


This is a powerful time for feminine leadership, for women to rise up and claim the full power and sovereignty of their voices, their vision, and their values.


The Divine Feminine is rising in power, but it won’t happen automatically.

It has to be channeled through each of us in fierce, purposeful, and commanding ways.

It’s up to us to step into our most powerful archetypes and lay claim to the highest version of ourselves and what we know we deserve to create for ourselves and for others in our communities.

Not just to push against what has gone on (unjustly/mindlessly/fearfully) before.

But to create a vision for the world we are lighting the way toward.

Firmly rooted in ourselves while pushing the edges, beyond what is comfortable, convenient, or commonplace.


WE are the ones to show the new way.

WE are the ones to model personal freedom, expression, and prosperity.

But we have to LAY CLAIM to it first.


By tapping into our power as Sacred Rebels, facing our own shadows, and shining light on what we care about, we take a bold stand for what wants to come into the world, through our own healing and the healing we offer to others.

By honoring what wants to come through each of us, for the good of ourselves as well as the collective, we honor our Divinity and say YES to something bigger and more expansive than we can even imagine.


Many of us are doing this leading-edge work and paradigm-busting through the conduit of soulful, heart-led businesses. (Yes, us, we are doing it!)


We stand for what wants to come through each of us via our unique gifts.

We create new ways of doing business that honors ourselves, our communities, our world, and OUR SPIRITS.

We say YES to ways of working that show love and reverence for Mother Earth.

We know the old ways are ready to wither…

And we know WE are the ones to divert the focus and create a new map for the sake of the collective and the Earth we are so joyously a part of… and often feel a need to fight for as Sacred Warriors.


You are part of this rising tide of feminine leaders.

(Whether you feel your ripple is small, large, or beyond the normal means of human perception.)


Wherever you stand, it’s time for YOU to claim your own powerful archetypes.

To say YES to the vision that wants to be created through you.

And, the best way we can support each other in this mutual, life-affirming expansion in the realms of business, self-expression, and prosperity…

That holds the highest good for all as paramount…

In a way that honors the brilliance of each woman, no matter her birthplace, skin color, body shape, genitalia, sexual preferences, spiritual associations, or upbringing…

Is to bring our voices together and share our wisdom and brilliance with one another in a forum of mutual respect, celebration, and amplification of our collective power.


To claim our roles as Sacred Rebels, bucking the status quo and standing up and out for the new ways.


And I know YOU are one of the powerful feminine leaders who is here to do that sacred, rebellious work.

That’s why today I am so very excited to invite you to a powerful global gathering featuring conversations with 25 powerful feminine leaders and entrepreneurial experts (myself included!) who are leading the way into a bold future.


This event is called:

Power Archetypes for High-Vibe Women in Business

Raising Power, Shifting Paradigms, and Forging Pathways for World rEvolution
via the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Rebel

It’s happening LIVE from September 30 – October 4.

Registration is completely free. Simply click here to join now.

It couldn’t be easier to step into a container where your expansion and uniqueness will be fully honored…

And the sparks of your higher visions fanned into a powerful flame and a force to be reckoned with.


Here are just a few of our guest presenters and their business-changing, paradigm-bucking topics:

  • Margaret Lynch-Raniere: How to UNLEASH the 3 Super Powers that will Uplevel your Speaking, Action and Magnetic Energy
  • Abiola Abrams: How the Shadow Archetype Keeps Spiritpreneurs(R) Playing Small
  • Lia Griffith: The Divine Feminist in Business
  • Neghar Fonooni: I Don’t Want Your Love & Light: How spiritual women can show up for intersectional causes
  • ME! 😉 Kristian Strang: Operating Your Business from Love (You’re going to Love this! We get fierce & real when it comes to Love and Biz.)
  • Ari Krzyzek: Claim The Unique You! – Using Brand Archetypes for Your Personal Branding
  • Anna Tsui: Use Your Shadow as Fuel for Success
  • Sydney Finn: Becoming a Social Media Goddess

This is just a third of the powerful content that will be available to you at this online global event, and it’s completely free. Click here to register now.


These 5 days will be rocket fuel for a new year of claiming your full power and essence so you can fully step into the influence and leadership that’s been calling you forth.


And when we gather with the full fire of our purpose in a collective, to lay claim together for the future we are here to create, then we become an unstoppable force.

Are you ready to join us in this leading edge dialogue and expansion of prosperity, self-expression, service, and deeper joy?

This is the week that’s going to bust it open wide and make you believe your visions are not only possible, but that it is absolutely time for you to create and lead a community for your highest visions.


Power Archetypes for High-Vibe Women in Business

Join us in this week of sisterhood, inspiration, and on-the-ground strategy for making the big visions real.

Your voice is needed.

Registration is completely free. Simply click here to join now.


In Divine Love & Sacred Embodiment,

(& The Highest Light Team)

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We’re having so much fun having so many leading-leading-leading edge conversations on podcasts and summits (more to come!). This was one of my favorites because we covered SO many topics about the New Earth, my personal story of being such a “weirdo” and how Love is actually fierce AF. Listen to it all on the Innerbloom Podcast with Alexa & Amby.

We would Love to hear about your experience with this podcast – do let us know how it resonated for you. Alexa & Amby invited me to come back, so I would Love to hear what you want to hear more about!

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One of our lovelies in this community has an incredibly beautiful podcast – All Things in the Name of Love with Erica Risberg. And we recently had a wonderful conversation about living Spirit-Led, honoring our body temples and how to put spiritual practice/knowing into daily life. This is a must-listen for anyone on the Spirit/Love-Led Path! Listen to it here.

We would Love to hear about your experience with this podcast – do let us know how it resonated for you.

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We just had the most amazing conversation about Love, 5D, Ascension, healing and more on Blog Talk Radio with Michele Meich on her Awakenings radio show.

You can listen in here,
I come on at minute 55:30.

We would Love to hear about your experience with this podcast – do let us know how it resonated for you. Michele invited me to come back, so I would Love to hear what you want to hear more about!

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In this truth-telling episode, we lean into the popular New Age beliefs/notions that “there are no mistakes” and “it’s all perfect”.

While I was one of the biggest fans of these beliefs, I’ve been shown that they are false notions that we are now ready to awaken from. I share about how this awakening has occurred for me and the empowerment it has welcomed into my life.

That’s the remarkable thing about awakening! As we awaken we are empowered to live our even more authentic life expression.

We will talk also about why these beliefs were created, why many (myself included) bought into it and what we can awaken/evolve into now!

Be the first to know when an episode airs by subscribing! And join our email community for a free Love Meditation, Healing Transmission & Grounding Treatment along with weekly Love and Spirit inspiration every Sunday here. If you felt uplifted, inspired and received something of value today, please consider donating here. Every dollar helps, as this podcast is supported by your Love-inspired donations. Xo

©Rising UP for Love,

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Eighteen years ago, my life changed in a big way.

I discovered—before it was hip and cool—that I was allergic to gluten. At that time, all I had to feast on were salads.

After several years of this, as I’m sure you can imagine, I was pretty sad.

Salad with balsamic vinaigrette everywhere I went was beyond depressing.

As the years continued, I discovered allergies to dairy, soy, corn, and refined sugar.

So, I began creating my own recipes that were filled with things I could eat.

Read more on Elephant Journal.

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The most important thing we can do for anyone is to love and support them unconditionally.

It’s a new month and with it, we have new A’s to your love, sex, and sacred union Q’s! This month we talk about how our sexual energy contains our vital life force energy and how to live a life far better than retirement. Big stuff!

Read it all on Spirit Guides Magazine.


Working with your sexual energy is a beautiful way to activate the body’s natural healing energy that exists within the sexual chakra.


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18 years ago, I gained 25 pounds and felt horrible in my body.
I didn’t know what to do.

A book I was reading, “Eat Right for your Blood Type” suggested that I cut out all gluten.

Within 3 weeks, I lost the 25 pounds. And I was forever changed.

I went on to start one of the first gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar blogs (that still gets remarkable amounts of traffic!) and we even had advertisers back in the Wild West days of blogging, before anyone knew about anything.

Over the course of the past 18 years, my body has continued to show me when a food has become too processed for me to eat.

As my spiritual journey progressed, it became even more important for me to be clear of toxins in my body.

That meant soy had to go, and then corn, then refined sugar, then alcohol, then caffeine.

Each time I was devastated.

What would I eat?!

And each time, my Higher Wisdom took me on a journey of discovery about what my body truly needed to be a clear channel for serving my Soul, my clients, and the world through my books and Rising Up for Love.

I know that perhaps you’ve had this experience – discovering over time that your body becomes inflamed and sick from foods that you once consumed with ease.

So, I probably don’t have to tell you this, but I will anyway – our food supply is ridiculously polluted.

And once you’re aware of this it can feel like there’s nothing you can eat that isn’t poison!

For years people have been asking me to publish a cookbook and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it – it wasn’t resonating. I wanted to do something more dynamic, but I didn’t know what that was…

In meditation a few months ago, I received the guidance to create The Metaphysical Menu.

This blog-site features a new weekly recipe or product recommend based on my 18 years experience of eating for enhanced intuitive abilities, clear thinking and clean living.

Almost every recipe and recommend is free of: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine, as well as most preservatives such as citric acid.

It can feel overwhelming and confusing to uplevel how you eat, to support your intuitive abilities, your body temple and a clear mind.

But it really doesn’t have to be that confusing.

Our intention with The Metaphysical Menu is that you’ll have bountiful inspiration, new ideas and new ways to care for your body-mind-Spirit.

18 years ago I was banished to salads with balsamic vinaigrette (I cannot even tell you how many I ate – oy!) – today there are so many great options for you and for us.

I know because I’ve pretty much tried them all. And, now you don’t have to! Let my expertise in this area support your clear eating and expanded intuitive abilities.

Check out The Metaphysical Menu here.
If you want to be notified when new recipes come out, you can even sign up for that email community.

I’m so thrilled to serve in this new way to support highly sensitive beings in eating deliciously, while maintaining a clear channel for fulfilling their Divine Destiny during this time of Ascension (grounded Ascension that is :))!

In deep, Divine Love & Sacred Eating,

(& The Highest Light Team)

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When you allow yourself to vibrate in the frequency of love, all that is truly love can come to you.

It’s a new month and with it, we have new A’s to your love, sex, and sacred union Q’s! This month we talk about how to let your partner know you don’t want to have sex and how to let go of a “Soulmate”. Big stuff!

Read it all on Spirit Guides Magazine.


Let them be all-in or let them go. You’re worth it. You deserve it. And so do they.


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We all want love.

In fact, the desire to feel love, to be loved and to experience love is deeply embedded into the core subconscious programming of all individuals. It just so happens that our subconscious programming runs up to 90 percent of our life (that’s why working on the subconscious mind through advanced energy medicine technologies is so necessary and relevant, but more on that in the future).

This desire to experience love is a powerful motivator that drives every human on Earth, whether they consciously realize it or not, to take a multitude of actions and manifests in a variety of behaviors – both wanted and unwanted.

Read more on Sivana East.

P.S. This article made it into Sivana Spirit’s weekly newsletter, too!

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