It’s 2016! Cue the cheering, the strobe lights and celebratory woo-hoo’s.

It’s also a year I never thought I would live to see. Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that Armageddon was en route any day, and so, I spent my early childhood nights praying that I would be able to graduate high school.

Somewhere deep inside of me, beyond the places religion and my parents could control, I had a hunger to learn. I knew intuitively that education was the key to my inevitable freedom – if it did exist – and so I prayed nightly that Armageddon would be delayed long enough for me to complete my education (and I really wanted to go to at least 1 high school dance with the hot quarterback on my high school football team, so there was that too ;)).

And even with Armageddon looming and the potential to never have a future in the life that I was in, I imagined myself a teacher in a classroom or a writer and editor working at a successful and hip magazine (Seventeen magazine was the guilty pleasure I indulged in at the local library when my mother wasn’t looking). I couldn’t help myself, the future – even in all of it’s unknown and potentially never-to-be-ness – beckoned me. I could not not intend for what I wanted as it called to me so strongly…

When impending doom never took place, I was thrust into a world that had so much to offer it made my head spin. Intentions were oozing out of me – I wanted it all!

And then after watching the movie The Secret in 2006, I went wild with intention setting and vision boarding and “deliberate creation” as Abraham-Hicks call it. Everything that my eyes saw that was new (and after a pretty isolated existence as a JW for the first 24 years of my life, it was all new) I wanted, I desired, I thought I had to have it all.

But only a few of my intentions and vision boards and deliberate creations ever came to be.


I have learned through my journey with Spirit, it’s because they were created solely from my mind, and the mind is made up of the contents of our conditioning – religious, familial, cultural, etc. The mind is a computer of sorts that has been stocked with programs from the past – and depending on your past (and in my case a past filled with chaos, abuse, lots of rules and pain) – this is hardly the place to positively manifest from.

For me, I was so hungry for experience, I wanted it all. My Soul no doubt managed to slip in clarity about my truest and Highest intentions here and there even back then, but the power of my mind had been so well-trained from school, my parents, religion, media – that my Soul didn’t stand much of a chance of truly being heard.

And so now it’s a New Year and all of the talk out there is about intentions and actions and what’s next. You may feel a desire to connect to your intentions. But you know as I do and as most do that the old ways don’t work anymore – statistics show that most people by the second week in January have completely abandoned their New Year’s intentions. Why? These intentions did not stem from the true being that they are.

Intend your best life.
Intend your best body.
Intend your perfect relationship.
Intend to make gobs of money.

Initially this is exciting and empowering, and then eventually it becomes heavy and overwhelming.

But it needn’t be this way. Our intentions can buoy us with Light, with joy, with a serene knowing of our truth.
Here’s how…

On a Spirit-Led path, you recognize that if you leap into intention-setting / vision-boarding* mode without focused connection with your Higher Self or Higher Wisdom, not only will the results be close to non-existent, but life is not filled with the fun and Magic that you came here for. You recognize that it is not a matter of “manifesting” anything, it is a matter of co-creating with this Higher Wisdom so that Magic is your daily experience.

The Magic that I speak of is discovering who You truly are beyond all of your conditioning. For example, your mind may be drawn to an image of a couple getting married or sparkling diamonds or a new house but your Higher Self is focused instead on an image or intention of a woman at the beach twirling and dancing with joy or an image of a small child laughing with glee or a beautiful cabin in the woods with the sea in the background. Who knew?! As it so turns out, that may be exactly what the true You really wants in 2016.

When you are Spirit-Led, you are surrendered ultimately to Divine Will. I want to be clear about what I mean here.

Divine Will is not the intentions that God/Universe/Source (or whatever term you resonate with) set for you. It is the intentions that YOU set for you before you incarnated.

There is a Higher Self part of you that is connected intimately to Source energy. It is the wise being that you truly are. It is the part of you that knows why you incarnated, what you’re here to do and who you are here to do it with. It is the You that set this whole game of Life up for you along with your Spirit Team (Angels & Guides of the Highest Light) and Source.

And so, when I say “surrender to Divine Will”, I’m talking about the Will that the Higher Wisdom part of you intended for you in this lifetime. This isn’t about handing over your life to some other entity. This isn’t about something outside of you knowing more than you. This is about the true You knowing more than the in-the-body-physical-mind-you knows.

Let yourself be open to what wants to come through you in this lifetime, as opposed to what you think you have to go out there and “get” to “make” your life happen, or worse yet, assuming that you have to wait for something to change. Co-creation means you must be involved, it means your action and intention matters. But it must be all of You, not simply your mind and conditioning. Your Higher Wisdom must be consulted at every turn.

This Spirit-Led path allows for exactly this as you partner with your Higher Wisdom to discover your truest intentions for this life, not simply the intentions that the mind / conditioning are drawn to.

Because you do not know how beautiful your life is meant to be.

The true You, the Higher Self You, does. And it’s right there with you in this body-mind, ready for you to lean on this deeper Wisdom more fully to guide you while you are in a body.

That’s what Spirit-Led is.

It’s not about giving your life away to someone or something else.

It’s about surrendering to the true You and making it your conscious and intentional focus to connect daily to your Higher Self, Spirit Team and Source so that your life is extraordinary.

Extraordinary in that you are living as all beings desire to live at their core, but which only a select many will take action to actually do so.

Extraordinary in that you recognize that every event, person and opportunity in your life is communication from that Higher Wisdom (your Higher Self, Spirit Team and Source) and that it is all set up to support you in living the most joyous, miraculous and rich life possible.

Extraordinary in that you know you in your physical body are not in total control and that’s a very good thing.

Extraordinary in that you know that when you partner with Higher Wisdom, your intentions and vision boards elevate in their truth, in their power, in their preview of what is to come for you.

This is the first year that I allowed my New Year’s ritual and vision board to be fully Spirit-Led. Before cutting out any image, I let myself “feel” the image – was it truly a representation of what I desired in my 2016 or was it what I was expected to desire from media, New Age thought, culture and other programming?

I was shocked as the images that my mind / personality was pulled to – images of Bradley Cooper and Tim McGraw (gorgeous, powerful men), an image of friends taking a selfie (sad, yet true ;)), images of stacks of jewels and diamonds, and bright cityscapes – while aesthetically attractive were not at all what my Higher Wisdom desired.

Instead and for the first time ever I have a vision board filled with glow, with sunlight and dancing, with a puppy (?!), with art and joy. The theme is happiness, joy and peace. Gone are the wedding scenes, clothes, cars, and best-seller lists (and for the record – there is nothing wrong with any of these things at all, they are simply not what the true Me desires) and instead is a vision board that is glowing so bright I have to take my eyes off of it after a few minutes of staring at it.

I used to look at my intentions and vision boards and feel pride. I would feel this masculine, aggressive, “yes, I’m going to get that!” Today, when I look at my vision board I feel my heart open and expand, I feel peace, I feel grounded. I am co-creating with Higher Wisdom. I am home. And 2016 is going to radiate like no other before it.

So with this New Year upon you, this glorious 2016, you have an opportunity and a choice to make. You can choose to dive into intention setting galore, or you can get quiet, you can get centered, you can get present and you can ask to be shown where your focus will serve you the most in 2016. You can ask to be shown where your creative energy will most serve you in 2016. You can ask to be shown the people and opportunities and cash-money that will most serve you in 2016.

And from that place, you are no longer overwhelmed or confused and you certainly do not abandon the intentions your Higher Self gives to you a few days into the year. Instead, you are grounded. You are clear. You are certain that all is unfolding for you to fully enjoy this game of Life – the whole way through.

*I have a powerful Spirit-led New Year’s ritual that went out to all members of my email community. If you would like to receive this ritual, email here to request it and we’ll send it your way. Xo

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AAF_43951I often talk about doing your “work” and lately I’ve attempted to clarify this further by expanding it to, “doing your emotional and spiritual work”. But even that can leave many wondering what in the hell I’m actually talking about.

For most of my life I didn’t even possess the awareness that there was anything emotional or spiritual for me to “do”. I sincerely and quite ignorantly believed that what was in front of me and what was happening in my life was the fullness of reality and that I was just fine, thank you very much, it was simply everyone else around me who needed to change.

Oh, so cute Heather.
And, oh so incorrect.

When I shockingly realized that it was I who had a gargantuan amount of emotional clean-up to do (I could blame mom and dad here but since I chose them as my parents before I incarnated and therefore knew in some capacity the shit-show they were going to provide me with, I’ll just pat myself on the back for a job well done.), I dove in but spent many years spinning my wheels because I didn’t understand what doing my “work” really meant.

No one should have to suffer unnecessarily like this. I spent 10 years in therapy going over and over and over my story with very little progress. That’s not fair to anyone. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault, we (myself and the therapists I worked with over the years) didn’t fully “get” what doing one’s “work” really was and how to do so in a way that allowed me to move or evolve forward.

What I’ve realized from this Spirit-led journey is that while I might have initially thought that I was here on planet Earth to work a job and have relationships and enjoy some high-drama, that’s minuscule when it comes to what being a human being – or a Spirit in a body as the JOGs call us – is all about.

What we’re really here to “do” is:

  • Uncover why that person/situation/experience makes us want to scream at the top of our lungs.
  • Love ourselves – including our gorgeous bodies – unconditionally.
  • Extend this beautiful, Divine love to others while still holding boundaries for our Highest unfolding.
  • Create a strong relationship with our body – knowing that every dis-ease/symptom is a call from the deeper part of ourselves to be more of who we really are, and then take action accordingly.
  • Allow our sexual energy to take us deeper into One-ness consciousness. For those called, to come together with the Love of their Life and merge with One-ness consciousness at new levels through sexual intimacy.
  • Give our Soul’s deepest and Highest gift as our “job” or “work” in the world and live a rich, abundant life as we give that gift.
  • Develop a strong relationship with our Spirit Team and co-create the Magic that we agreed to (& more!) before we incarnated.
  • Understand that everything happening “out there” that we feel a strong response to is an opportunity to evolve ourselves forward in new ways.
  • Treat every situation, person and occurrence in our life as communication from Source/Spirit (it is), leaning in and asking curiously, “I wonder what Magic is here for me?”

To sum all of this up, we came here to live a life of Magic. We came here to bust out of the illusion that anything is happening to us or against us or that “bad” things are ever occurring. We came to wake up from the illusion that there’s anything to “get” and to surrender to the knowing that there’s a Higher order overseeing our lives and the sooner we align with that and “work” with it, that’s when our life will become really, really good – like beyond your wildest dreams good.

So how do we “do” this?

This is when I would say, “start by doing your emotional and spiritual work”. Which does not sound as sexy as living a life of Magic. So let’s keep it sexy…

Below is what to “do” to live a life of Magic (aka do your “work”):

  • Call in a spiritual teacher, guide, mentor, or practitioner to support you/cheer you on/uplift you/encourage you in establishing a deep connection to who you really are (Higher Self) and Source (Higher Power) and if you feel the call also to your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light (Spirit Team). And when I say “call in” I mean, you can literally shout or whisper from your couch or in my case the kitchen table, “Okay, I’m ready – send me a teacher/guide for my Life of Magic!” Then, follow every email, dream, thought pop-in, social media news-feed item that comes in and “investigate” the possibilities. This teacher/guide must feel like a Soul match. You must feel a deep “yes” inside of yourself to their work. Then, immerse yourself in it.
  • Receive consistent energetic clearing work quantum physics style to release old thought-forms, limiting beliefs, fears and traumas that may be holding you back from your magnificence. It is incredibly important that you do not let ANYONE into your energetic field (or body for that matter) unless you feel a Soul resonance with them and trust them completely. You do not want someone who is not fully doing their work in your field or body. Trust me on this one, I have experience in this department. I used to let anyone “do” sessions on me. Early on when I was a walking shit-show, that was fine. But over time as I became more Light, more clear, more aligned, allowing people in my field that were not of the Highest Light for me was not to my benefit. I typically recommend 1 session a month minimum with a modality and practitioner that resonates deeply with you and your Soul. I believe BodyTalk is the best energy medicine system on the planet and I highly recommend it (and I receive zero incentive for this recommendation).
  • Meditate everyday for 11 minutes minimum. Put on guided meditations or silent or join a meditation group or all of the above. Just sit your ass down and meditate. Don’t expect your mind to be quiet or some mystical experience to happen straight out the gate. It’s like exercise – consistency is everything. So be consistent and you will discover that meditation is more important to you than your daily cup of coffee or whatever you think you can’t currently live without.
  • Care about the thoughts you think and the aspects of life you focus on. Keep your focus on what uplifts you as much as possible. The one difference I’ve seen between people who live a joyous, abundant life and those who don’t is this: what they think about and focus on determines their reality. Shitty life = shitty thinking. Awesome life = awesome thinking.

And that’s it.

Really and truly, the above 4 aspects can keep you “busy” for many, many lifetimes.

You are a powerful, Divine being and you have LIFETIMES of awesome that you are here to evolve forward. You have so much Love and passion and goodness to share in your relationships and through your gifts. Life and your body is bringing to you in every moment opportunities to know yourself and the nature of life in deeper and more abundant ways.

AND, there’s all of this delicious food to eat and aligned entertainment to enjoy and don’t even get me started about nature or all of the other beautiful people out there to learn about and know and feel.

If every person on the planet did the above 4 things in addition to just flat-out enjoying their unfolding and made that the central focus of their life, while letting the earlier bulleted list be their guide about what life is really about – there would be more peace and Love and Joy than we can currently comprehend.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

And now for future reference, you know exactly what I mean when I say or write about “doing your work”.

In love,






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I grew up believing bad things happened to people. Every day.

And that I was also one of those people that bad things happened to. And that bad things were just going to happen because after all it was a cold, cruel world and no one could be trusted.

How do you think my life was with that kind of limiting bullshit running me?

It wasn’t pretty.
Because I deeply believed that in general people were not to be trusted and bad, and that bad things happened to people, myself included – that’s exactly what I experienced.

People close to me got diagnosed with this terrible thing and that terrible thing all the freakin time. Friends and family were cheated on, ripped off – you name it – I was surrounded by my beliefs that bad things happened to people. The news assaulted me with daily stories of harm and violence.

And then me. Oh wow, the “bad” things just wouldn’t stop.
I was cheated on. I was lied to. I was ripped off. Money didn’t hang around. Neither did men or jobs or friends.

It was a cold, cold world after all and thus that’s exactly what I experienced.

My conversations with “friends” and my therapist consisted of listing all my ails and torments along with a heavy dose of blame. I felt exhausted all of the time (I wonder why) even though during this time I was 17-28 and incredibly young.

Near age 28, I started getting tired of my own story. I was exhausted by my complaints and by all of the “badness” that I could do nothing about. I mean, there were earthquakes happening and wars and people hurting each other and it was just all so overwhelming.

Then Spirit woke my ass up with a health crisis. And an okay, but not quite relationship that needed to end. And a business that I was working 50-60 hours a week at but only making $3,000 a month from.

I was introduced to the movie The Secret and the concept of the Law of Attraction and I was captivated. Was it possible that by thinking differently I could have different results in my life? I received a psychic surgery from John of God …and if you would like to know more about My Story, check it out here.

Since my life was straight up disaster-ville at that time, I decided to try changing my perception on for size…and I’ve never looked back.

Here’s what I’ve discovered, and it could save you 11 years of pain and suffering – at least – if you’re ready for it, that is:

  • How we view life is the bulk of what we experience. When I thought bad things happened and people were bad, that was what I lived day in and day out. More days than not life was not working out for me or anyone else around me for that matter.
  • Life is only ever what your perception of it is. No joke. If you think life is shitty and bad things happen, and that darkness plagues our world that will be your experience of it, pure and simple.
  • You are literally creating your reality when you approach the world as “good” and “bad”. These 2 opposing labels limit you significantly, including limiting what’s possible in your life.  And you’re not doing anyone else any favors either. As I’ve learned in my expanded “work” with Spirit, you are also contributing to creating more “badness” in the world through your thoughts as such because that energy ripples out into all of your interactions and experiences. Which, btws is not cool, so stop doing that.
  • You can change the physiology of your body through your thoughts and beliefs. Meaning that your cellular structure and body / brain chemistry will adjust and change to match the thoughts and beliefs you focus on! You literally can make yourself sick and weak or not. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work illustrates this beautifully – we are 90% water as human beings and where we focus literally shapes our physical bodies.
  • YOU are the only one that can think your thoughts and choose your beliefs. This is the control you do have in life. And when you begin to actively work with this knowledge your life will radically transform, if you want it to.

So whatever lens you choose to view your life through will literally be your experience.

But we are going to take this a step further … because you can handle it.

Since our perception of what is happening is what creates the meaning of it and this perception is one of the only things we truly control, try this on for size:

What if nothing bad is ever happening to anyone, no matter what it is that is happening?

What if every single thing that happens in your life is happening because it is serving you in living the fullness of this life experience that you intended before you came here?

What if every single thing that is happening “out there” in the world is happening because people are playing out their beliefs and dramas and fears with each other and ultimately whether in this life or the next – it will lead them to where they most desire to be?


We could just as easily see the “bad” as an opportunity (right along with the “good” or any other label we use) – an opportunity to step up into our greater purpose and be of service to others, to see it as an opportunity for our collective consciousness to choose a higher/more aligned set of belief systems and thoughts, an opportunity for us to open our hearts and love more deeply.

Now, there are definite grumblings from those who lean towards what they call “realism” (I used to say all of the time “I’m not negative, I’m just realistic.” I swear my gag reflex just kicked in as a I typed that… ;)) insisting that this kind of opportunity/Higher Consciousness-based belief system creates apathy and is rooted in an attempt to avoid or “bypass” helping others and doing our civic duties.

Au contraire.

Because when you know there is a Higher Purpose in place, you don’t avoid or bypass, you lean in.

When you understand the principles of Spirit (non-physical energy) and of Source (God/Higher Power energy), you can see the birds-eye view that yes whatever is happening is happening for the individual(s) and then connect to ,“and how am I to be of upliftment and positive service to whatever is occurring if I feel called to do so?”

When you are the one “it” is happening to, you lean in to what is happening. You feel the emotions, you cry the tears, you get the feelings out in a healthy, non-harmful-to-anyone-else manner and then you ask, “where am I being guided to from this experience? How can I let whatever this is be an opportunity for me to know myself, my path and those around me on a deeper, expanded level?”

The way to never have another “bad” thing happen in your life is to abandon the notion that “bad” things ever occur. And to instead see life as Source sees it – this grand adventure with all sorts of dramas (if we choose, cuz hey drama can be “fun!” and mildly addictive – but that’s a post for another time) and ideas and possibilities and opportunities.

What perception will you choose?

Will you choose like I did in the first chunk of my life to believe that it’s a dark and cold world and thus have dark and cold outcomes? Or will you choose like I did once Spirit woke my ass up to play with the possibility that you are so powerful that you can change your reality by shifting your thoughts and focus and language?

There are so many benefits to seeing life through a Source perspective, that it has elevated my life in incredible ways:

  • The first interesting byproduct is that less “bad” shit happens in your world when you choose to see life through this Source/Light perspective. It just happens. Less drama, less pain and suffering, less feeling overwhelmed. Your stress level plummets. You breathe more deeply. You expect the best and usually get it. High-five Universe.
  • Second benefit is that when shit goes down, you can pass up the drama and go right to, “what is the opportunity that is being presented to me?” Because you know you live in a benevolent Universe you can start by remembering that if it’s happening to you or to someone you care about or in the world (like the terrorist attacks) that there is a deeper wisdom at work. There is more happening in those situations than meets the eye. And if it is your situation, it’s your responsibility to open to the opportunities that are before you.  And if it’s someone else’s situation there’s no way for you to have access to all of the pieces at play so you can instead surround them in love and be of service to them in all of the ways you feel called while they do their spiritual “work” (or not) to access the opportunities before them.
  • Third benefit – life becomes more fun. You laugh more, you cry a lot more happy – or what I call – Soul tears. You realize it’s all happening for you and therefore since we are all connected it is happening for everyone else as well. Then, you allow yourself to engage the Magic of life and trust that we’ve been taking it all way too seriously and harming ourselves and each other unnecessarily. Instead we can laugh, we can love, we can be of service. It also makes it far more easier to surrender and relax and chill. These are all things I didn’t even know I could do (like relax, without substances no less!) until I aligned with this Spirit-led path.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that when you look at the most balanced and successful people in the world – they know this. They are not caught up in negativity, they are not caught up in darkness and drama. Truly happy, joyful people know this truth and they live it. Think of someone you view as happy and joyful in the world. What are they doing? How are they living? Let that inspire you to choose to see the opportunity in all that transpires in your/our world.

I had to decide if I was going to be happy and joyful or if I was going to argue to be right and stay miserable.

Miserable wasn’t working out so well for me. My life was not successful.

So instead, I chose happy. I chose joyful. I chose abundant.
And my life is unlike anything I could have ever imagined it to be.
It’s peaceful, it’s Soulful, it’s abundant and it’s all powered by Spirit.

Will you join me?







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One question I’m often asked by clients is about war and violent acts in our world. What is the Highest Light way to view something of this nature and what can we as individuals on a Spirit-led path “do” to support a positive end to the violence and terrorism that our world experiences?

I am so grateful for the insight I gained from taking this inquiry into my connection to my Higher Self, Spirit Team and Source.

Here’s what came through:

  • Violence begets violence. Specific to the recent events in Paris: France’s military is in Syria, Iraq and Africa “fighting” and killing “extremists”*. The extremists are fighting and killing as well in all of those areas, now including France. Who started it is not the question that matters right now. Who will end this cycle of hatred and killing once and for all is the question we all have the opportunity to ask and act on.
  • There is no winning when the perceived “solution” is: “If you hurt/wrong/kill us, we hurt/wrong/kill you.” This methodology to kill those who are killing “our people” only leads to one thing – more killing. As we have watched over the years, terrorist attacks have “evolved” to include higher and higher stakes and no one wins as we have seen over centuries of this limiting and immature form of problem solving.
  • Bottom line: it’s not working. What will it take for this violence to end? It will take a government(s) or a governmental leader(s), an “extremist” or a whole slew of “extremists”, and/or a nation(s) to cease all forms of killing as a response to killing.
  • But how do government official(s), extremists or nation(s) ever get to that place of true alignment with Source when they are out of alignment in these realms? Remember, that these people who seem so externalized from us are a product of our collective consciousness. The governments, the extremists/terrorists, the nations change when more and more of us also change. They then no longer have to mirror our internal and external violence and battles – violence and battles that have been raging on for lifetimes.

There is a tremendous amount of talk in spiritual circles about “one-ness” and about how we are all connected. And it’s easy to skip over this and nod in affirmation that yes of course we all are.

But we won’t actually ever fully understand what one-ness consciousness truly is until we realize that when a “terrorist” or anyone for that matter kills another, they are killing a part of themselves. The ripple effect of that killing will ripple into all aspects of this lifetime for them and for the lifetimes to come. There’s no circumventing this.

And it doesn’t just apply to murdering one another either.

When we say hurtful things about another, when we judge another, when we belittle another, when we hurt another – we are hurting ourselves and the ripple effect of that hurt carries on into our current lifetime and into the next that follows.

When will we really “get” this as Spirits in a body?

Spirit doesn’t get worked up about this in the way that I might or the way that we as humans might. They know that nothing is being solved in any of these battles and that if humans wish to continue these dramas they can, but the ripple effect remains and eventually we will have to “get” it. Eventually consciousness will have to wake up to this truth of interconnectedness and of the stark realization that killing or hurting another human being is never going to get them the results they truly desire. Like peace, like joy, like deep loving, like cash-money richness, like total Wealth.

And so, Spirit acknowledges that we have been doing this for eons and someday, someday they know with their ever present optimism that we will remember – collectively and individually – that we are all truly one and that the only solution that will ever hold true is to love ourselves and one another deeply. It may not be now, it may not be the next lifetime, but someday we will remember these truths. We can’t not evolve. And believe it or not – even in the midst of these world events, we are evolving. These events are simply a new opportunity to do things differently…

So, what can you and I do? What can those of us on a Spirit-led path do when we see this violence and terrorism and pain? Here’s what:

  • Surrender your judgements about either side of these conflicts. Recognize that there are karmic contracts, Law of Attraction and all manners at play here that you could never (nor would you want to) fully understand. It’s not your business (unless it’s happening to you – in which case if it is – you’ve got some big-time spiritual work to do to heal this ish and you have the full support of Spirit to do so) and not your place to get in there with your stories about what might be happening. You don’t, won’t and can’t know. So let it go.
  • Decide that instead of feeling anger, pity and rage about these violent occurrences that YOU CAN be part of the solution. Starting right now.
  • If you want to do something to be part of the change to ending violence in our world, please do this: Every day, morning preferred, send blessings of Source love and healing Source Light to the terrorist/extremest groups, to the terrorist nations, to the leaders of these organizations and nations. Do you know how disconnected from Source you have to be to be involved in something like this? Do you know how deeply hurting a human being must be to feel that the only relief they can find is to kill/hurt/harm other human beings – not knowing that they are hurting/harming/killing themselves when they do? These ones need our compassion and love above all else. This does not justify their behavior but it does begin to end this cycle of violence that is present in our world. We break the cycle of: you hate and kill, I hate and kill.
  • After sending out the Source blessings and love above, send out Source Love and healing Source Light to all affected by these violent acts (you can also use this for any Mother Earth shifts) and their families and loved ones. These ones obviously also need the love and support of all as their lives are called to new levels of expansion and will be forever changed – whether they are still in the physical plane or have made their transition into non-physical from this event.
  • Here’s an easy to use script for your morning blessing ritual: “I’m now calling in Source energy (or whatever term you use for your Higher Power) and all of my Guides & Angels of the Highest Light. I ask that Source Love and Source healing Light is sent to all those involved in the events in Paris (and other affected area(s)). I ask that all of those involved in the Paris and other worldwide events are blessed and that these events awaken them to their Highest Path and to living in alignment with who they really are. I ask that any pain is transmuted to Divine Love and that all are blessed with Divine Love and peace. And so it is. Amen.” You can light a candle in honor and respect of these events, you can post this everyday on your social media, you can perform this ritual several times a day. Let your intuition and your own connection to Spirit be your guide.
  • If you feel a full body “yes”, i.e. a call deep within to be of service during any type of major world event (man-made or Mother Earth shifts) – you must do so. Call in your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light and ask to be directed to the proper organization(s)/areas/means to send money and resources to or if the call is deeper, to go on-site to be of support. You will know if you have a call of this magnitude – and most likely if you do it’s because it is part of your karmic contract – because you will not ask or check in with anyone about doing something like this, you will simply feel as though you have to do it and you will.

We are not helpless during times like these. We are all human beings, all Spirits in a body and when one of us hurts, we all have the ability to rise to the occasion to send the powerful energetic support, love, and resources that we are called to.

These are not scary times, they are not bad times, they are times for growth. We are repeatedly given opportunities to choose a Higher Path. We are over and over again faced as a collective with the challenges of violence and hatred and judgement and condemnation. And every single time Source gives us a new chance to handle it differently, to see the Light amidst the Dark, to choose the most aligned path.

And this opportunity is not just for those directly affected by these events, it is an opportunity for every single one of us. Not to bypass, not to avoid, not to judge, not to spew negativity, but to be part of the Highest Light solution.

I invite you to send blessings, love, and healing light to terrorists/extremists everywhere and all those impacted or affected by their acts. I invite you to join me in choosing the Highest Light path in how you engage with your world. To release your hatred, to release your despair, to release your unkindness and to instead step into the truth of who you really are – a loving, kind, abundant Spirit, in a human body.



*Quotes are used to denote generalized labels. For ease, I am using general terms to clarify who I am speaking about.

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In October 2014, my photo went before John of God in Brazil* with 3 requests, one of which asked that I be 100% Spirit-Led.
By this time exactly in November of last year, I had just begun taking the blessed herbs that would support the integration of this request.

Immediately, health issues began. My romantic relationship began to show glaringly obvious signs of misalignment. I “knew” the truth of what needed to change on many levels but some part of my mind would not fully accept it or surrender. Maybe if I did this special diet for my health or had 3 sessions a week or tried more meditation, maybe if we went to more therapy or I practiced the Law of Attraction more fully on the relationship – maybe then it would all change to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.

Except, I was avoiding the one truth I knew all to well – there’s no messing with your Destiny baby. There’s no messing with Divine Timing. You can’t Law of Attraction your way out of your path. You can’t energy medicine your way out of what your body demands you go through. You cannot control the uncontrollable.

And btws, it is all uncontrollable.

By uncontrollable I mean – there is not a damn thing you can do to make something/someone you want to have happen, happen if it is not in your Highest Good. There is not a damn thing you can do to make something/someone go away that is meant to be felt and uncovered and experienced by you.

And by all, I mean everything except your reactions, behaviors and most of your actions. Those are the only things you are truly ever in control of. Most of the time. I say most of the time because there are some actions we can’t understand why we took them – in my case, why I wrote that I wanted to be 100% Spirit-led – because Spirit is actually strongly nudging us to take that necessary action.

And because you are in control of your reactions, behaviors and most of your actions – there are myriads of aligned things you can be/do to make whatever life experience you are in more abundant, more joyful, more love-filled, more in-flow, more at peace. But you cannot change or control the outcomes to your specifications. And this is a very good thing because your specifications suck. I’m sorry to say it, but someone had to. You really don’t know what the best outcome for you is. You might have a taste of it, a hint of it, but you don’t actually know how incredible your life is truly meant to be. So stop trying to micro-manage it.

In more eloquent terms, what I’m trying to say here is that what your (and my) Higher Self and Spirit Team have in store for you (and me) is so much better than what you (and I) can dream up. Thankfully.

But trust me, I know this line of thought hardly suffices in the midst of wanting so badly something to be other than it is.

I wanted so badly for things to be different last year. I wanted to be an even “bigger” success in my business. I wanted to want what the people around me were telling me was “next” for me – speaking on bigger stages, being on TV, hitting 7-figures and beyond. I wanted to have the most beautiful, intimate and amazing wedding ever. I wanted the man I loved at that time to be the Love of my Life. I wanted my body to cooperate with all of this along with seeing 20-30 clients a week and large group sessions and classes and retreats and social events.

But no amount of my wanting was going to make what was so necessary for me to experience not occur. There was no changing what the larger part of me had set into motion with that request to be 100% Spirit-led.

And so on 1/22/2015, Spirit did for me what I could not. Brought to my knees, I could no longer fight for what I knew was my Destiny, my path, what I must go through and evolve into and be and become.

I often questioned – why in the hell would I write down a request to be 100% Spirit-Led? Why would I do that to myself? Who is the person who does that?

Who I really am, the core of me, the Source Self me – she wrote that request. She knew the health “stuff” was a huge detoxing and awakening, she knew the wedding could not take place and the engagement had to end so that I could become who I really am (and only becoming more of every day).

It was only then that I could be and was reborn.

Reborn to my deepest, most tender, most vulnerable heart.
Reborn to the Soul of me.
Reborn to the core of me.

No longer the “dream” of a certain kind of success (that looks like what she or he or they are having).
Not the dream of a marriage that looks like ______.
Not the dream of how my life is meant to unfold.

But rather, the core of what matters most to my Higher Self, to the true me, to the woman that I am here to be:
Laughter. And a lot of it.
Deep connection with self. With Source. With those I love and with those I don’t love.

I finally “got” it. And I’m sure I’ll be “getting” it even more as I evolve. But this is so gigantically huge for me I am marinating in its luxuriousness as much as I possibly can.

I’ve been reborn to what truly matters, realizing that the momentum of my “former” life, of my life last year in particular, was like a fun and scary roller-coaster – but even so it was not the best I can or could be.

Today, now a year – almost to the day – since I began taking the blessed herbs infused with my requests (which had also included the request for my wedding to go smoothly and my book The Quest to become a bestseller – remember that if we make requests that are not in our Highest Good, we will find out soon enough what the true truth is!) – I am a woman I fall more in love with every day.

What matters most now is following Spirit fully – being in service to Spirit, in service to my path and in service to those I am here to serve in the Highest Light.

What matters now is letting peace and home and family (the healthy, Soulful kind) and community and connection to be my most valued experiences.

It’s about following all of the signs that are everywhere, all of the time. It’s about following the nudges to go here or there. It’s about paying attention to the songs “randomly” popping into my head or the snippets of conversation from others around me that make their presence known to me. It’s about following the chills and the Soul tears.

What matters most now is having a Rich life in every sense of the word. Feeling rich. Enjoying the luxury of all that is around me. Being connected to my Highest Path and settling not for one minute on anything other than the Divine – that’s what fills me up. That’s what matters.

It’s not a matter of “finding” my husband or partner anymore. It’s about allowing the Love of my Life into my life experience at the Divinely aligned time that he/she is meant to arrive (I do not assume that my personality knows the gender of my Beloved either – all is surrendered to my Highest Path.)

It’s not a matter of making 7,8,9-figures – it’s about having the most joyful, flexible, ecstatic ways available to share my gifts that are beyond my wildest dreams (thus far – Spirit is knocking this out of the park!).

It’s not a matter of going everywhere and doing everything. It’s about tuning in to the frequency of people and events and experiences that will nourish and delight and expand me.

It’s not a matter of finding what will make me happy. It’s about being happy – not because everything is going my way but because I’m ALIVE and experiencing life and that is more than enough!

It’s not a matter of looking perfect and having the perfect skin, face and body. It’s about feeling a respect and honoring of my life’s journey and the body and face and skin I inhabit and get to travel in, in this lifetime.

It’s not a matter of finding the perfect home or the perfect homestead property. It’s about lining up my energy so that my Divinely aligned home/property comes into my life experience with ease.

This is truly living to me.

I’m calling it Spirit-led 11.0. A new paradigm of untold proportions is here for those of us called to this path.
And I am here. And I am in service to this path. And I am more joy-filled and more at peace than I have ever been.

Who.Knew. It defies all of my former logic.

But apparently, I did. I knew. And I am oh-so-grateful.

*I have not kept track of how many times I have received “healing” from John of God – but it has been consistently 1-2x’s a year for close to 8 years now.

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3VolumesThe JOGs have been bringing in transmissions on the regular and I am so excited to share them with you in audio and written formats!

Their offering of 33-audio and ebook transmissions is now available for you to experience – in your home, in your car, during your workout – wherever and whenever.

The whole set features an introduction sharing more of my personal experiences with the JOGs and how my own life has  transformed from translating these transmissions, as well as a guide for best practices so you can integrate the profound transmissions from the JOGs with ease.

And! You receive a Recorded Soul Alignment session from me–attuned to all who purchase the transmissions from The JOGs.

All who purchase are also added to a closed FB forum where they can ask questions and share insights and epiphanies from the transmissions.

Here’s what one participant has to say about the transmissions:

Listening to the transmissions on random, and man are the JOGs hitting it home! Same transmission came up twice today (as I stopped and restarted in between client meetings). The JOG transmissions are right on the money. Soul tears and gratitude flooding in. SO grateful! ‪#‎Thankyoumoreplease‬Universe-Tiffani Barnum Hess

See more testimonials of the program here.

So, if you’re ready to align yourself with an expanded level of Wealth consciousness that allows you to live in a true state of Wealth consciousness – abundance, cash-money, ease, Love, flow & more then check out the Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness with the JOGs!

Thank you for being here, on this expansive journey with me, and I am so curious what we will be brought next and how further magnificent our lives will become from the power of these transmissions!


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Life needn’t be tricky or confusing, although let’s face it — at times it may seem that way.

At times, it’s incredibly helpful to distill down what we absolutely need to know to live the miraculous, abundant life that is here for us.

Read more at FinerMinds.

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Confession time: I used to be scared of my ego.

Or rather, the concept of the ego that I had been taught by spiritual teachers, self-help books and therapists. Maybe you’ve heard about this ego concept—that there is a part of us that tries to “take us out”, that is not looking out for our best interest, and that we must guard and protect ourselves against.

Read more at Elephant Journal.

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