I love life and love living it to the fullest. I want the richest life possible. — Richard Branson

We each have an amazing opportunity to make 2015 our “richest” year yet, a life not only filled with monetary abundance, but an abundance of love, joy, laughter, and experiences that allow us — like Sir Richard Branson — to live life to the fullest.

Here’s exactly how you can make 2015 your “richest” (in all senses of the word!) year yet.

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111GroupSessI love a New Year.
It’s full of fresh possibilities and opportunities. Can you feel it? Even the air is beginning to feel fresher. The slate has been wiped clean and we are ready to co-create more Magic than ever before!

And while it’s true that every day is a new beginning, the turning over of a New Year opens doors to possibilities on a grand scale. Energetically shifting into a New Year creates a powerful matrix for a higher level of co-creation with Spirit. And who doesn’t love that?! I know I do.

To support you during this time, below is one of my favorite rituals ever! It’s deeply cleansing and sets a new vibrational frequency to expand into.

Get ready for 2015 to be your most spectacular year yet!
Follow the New Year’s Day ritual below and it will be. Seriously. I do not mess around with this stuff – as you know. These rituals are downloaded from Higher Consciousness to support you in your expansion into whatever level of awesome you are ready for.

  • Create a sacred space of 40-60 minutes (depends on how deeply you go into the journaling portion) for this powerful ritual. Light some candles, put soft music on, have your favorite crystals out – anything to do to set the energetic frequency of this being a sacred ritual.
  • If you are feeling out of balance in any way, do this 8 minute general balancing session to bring yourself into greater alignment with who you really are.
  • Then, tap Cortices with the focused intention of balancing your entire brain and connecting to your Higher Power.
  • Take out your 2014 calendar – whether you use an online calendar or a paper one.
  • Take out your journal and write “January 2014” and write the highlights of what occurred for you in that month. Then write anything that occurred during that month that you would like to leave in 2014 and not take with you into 2015. Do this for each month. For those who did an intention ritual last year, now is the time to pull out that list, read the items – noting what items manifested for you in 2014 and when.
  • Once you’re complete with this, review by re-reading to see if anything else pops in for you.
  • Then, burn what you have written. As you burn the papers, bless 2014 and feel yourself opening up to new creations in 2015. For those with a ritual from last year, you’ll also want to burn that paper as well.
  • Tap Cortices again – this time with a focus on connecting to your Divine Destiny for 2015.
  • Call in your guides and angels of the Highest Light to support you in being connected to your Divine Destiny in 2015.
  • Sit quietly for several minutes in a meditative position, breathing deep – inhaling through the nose to gather up whatever does not serve you and exhaling out your mouth to release it from your body-mind.
  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your pelvis and continue breathing deeply for several more minutes. Imagine that you are sinking in deeper and deeper into your connection with your passion and purpose.
  • Then, slowly open your eyes and bring your attention back to the room you are in.
  • Take out your journal and write your top 11 desires for 2015 – what are you calling forth into this New Year? Connect to all areas of your life – abundance, Soul Purpose, relationships, romance, home, wealth consciousness, etc.
  • Re-read silently once you are done.
  • Then re-read out loud saying, “I now call forth into my life in 2015 the following with ease and grace…” and then state each item out loud. Once you are finished reading say, “So be it. And so it is. It is done.”
  • Place this list in a special envelope and place it underneath your mattress for the year (I like to put mine right under my side of the bed where I sleep for optimal activation during sleeping hours).
  • Close your ritual by thanking your guides & angels of the Highest Light and by blowing out your candle(s).
  • To anchor in the ritual, go for a walk out in nature, imagining that as you walk you are rooted your intentions into the Earth. Bonus: walk barefoot in the grass to root yourself and your intentions into the Earth.

Be sure to leave a comment below with how this ritual unfolded for you or drop me a note on the FB!

And if you want to super-charge your intentions for 2015, join us via phone or remotely for our Divine Alignment 1/11 group Soul Alignment session “Let 2015 Be Your Most Abundant & Kick-Ass Year Yet”.

AND/OR spend a weekend with me at one of the top luxury hotels on the West Coast to be attuned and aligned to your fully expanded Soul’s Purpose in 2015 for our Live the Magic in 2015 Luxury Weekend Retreat.

Whatever path you choose, I wish you an abundant, joyful and amazing 2015!
With Love & Magic,

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You know that time is coming, right? When you load up the car and make your way… back home. Maybe it’s down the street or an hour’s drive or just a Skype session away.

Whatever the stitch, the holidays often mean returning back to old dynamics, to people who knew us way back when – you know, before we were as aware, conscious and amazing as we are now. And often walking back into these old dynamics can unleash a shit storm within ourselves — as well as externally — that can make the holidays the least wonderful time of year.

Well, not anymore.

There are three ways you can make this year the year it all goes differently. The year you have a genuine smile on your face as you walk through that door, pick up the phone or open Skype. This is the year the holidays and home aren’t a struggle, but a welcome experience.

Think I’m dreaming? Try out the three tips below and see for yourself!

  1. Set your intention.
    As cheesy as it might sound, expectation and intention is everything. We literally get what we expect. So prior to your holiday interactions, get really clear about the kind of holiday experience you desire. It can be as simple as “I desire to have the best holiday I’ve ever had!” In fact, sometimes just keeping the intention that simple can allow the Universe to surprise you with an amazing holiday that you previously could not even fathom. If you have serious negative expectations about what is possible for the holidays, do some journaling about your negative expectations and then write out what would be ideal for you. Let yourself feel how good it would feel to enjoy every minute of your holiday time. Simmer in those feel-good emotions and then let yourself return to them before and during your holiday. In serious negative expectation cases, it’s highly advisable to have some kind of balancing session – counseling, energy medicine, etc. prior to the interaction so that you are clear and grounded and less likely to be in a state of stress.
  2. Have tools you can use handy.
    YouTube access during the holidays could inevitably be your saving grace (thank god yet again for smartphones). Check out the Cortices tapping here and use it to stay balanced en route to or before seeing/talking with family. Triggered? Tap Cortices several times in a row with a focus on connecting to your Higher Power and staying balanced. Really, super, freakin’ triggered? Try this general balancing session (it’s only eight minutes long — so go lock yourself in the family bathroom and use it!). Taking deep breaths anytime you feel irritated or annoyed will help move the energy through. Breathe deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth to move and release tension. In fact, deep breathing contributes to 70 percent of our body’s ability to heal itself! Keep some Calms Forte handy for natural anxiety relief and drink three to four liters of water each day to keep your system moving, grounded and balanced.
  3. Limit alcohol and refined sugar intake.
    I know, I know — isn’t that exactly what the holidays are all about — indulgence? Well, not if you want to have an enjoyable time in dynamics that are typically highly charged. It doesn’t mean you can’t imbibe or snack at all — but keep it moderate. Both alcohol and sugar can elevate tensions and bring old wounds to the surface that are unnecessary to discuss while in the midst of the holidays. If you really want to talk to your mom about why she dressed you in floral prints for most of your childhood and gave you a bowl haircut which resulted in a hideous stage that lasted all the way through your teen years (don’t worry mom – I’m saving that conversation for the New Year), save that for a private, sacred time when both of you are stimulant-free and can discuss more thoroughly your demands for therapy reimbursement for said traumas.

The best part in all of this is remembering that you get to choose how you experience your life. It’s true you can’t control crazy Aunt Laura or your cousin Larry’s inability to hold an intelligent conversation — but you can control how you react to what happens around you.

The tools above will set you up for massive success this holiday season and who knows, you just might find yourself humming the tune to “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

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We’re sliding into the darkest day of the year, Sunday December 21.
And with it comes an opportunity to release, manifest and create the start of a truly mind-blowingly fantastic New Year.

Ritual is a powerful way to commemorate and harness powerful energy to align more fully with the life of your dreams, and that’s why I LOVE tuning in and creating rituals for my community.

WinterSolsticeAltarFollow the Winter Solstice Ritual below to set the stage for your release, your peace and your ultimate magnificence!

  • Set aside 30-40 minutes of peaceful space for yourself. First, read through the ritual so you know what you’ll need to make it flow with ease.
  • Tap Cortices with the focused intention of connecting to your Source and aligning with the perfect release & manifestation for your Winter Solstice Ritual.
  • Create a Winter Solstice altar. This can be on your dining room table, a small stand, or an existing altar converted for this seasonal ritual – follow your intuition on what feels right for you!
  • The most important component of the altar is fire (for winter – bringing in the light!), so be sure to have a candle or two or three as part of your altar space.
  • Once you have your altar set-up with what you’d like – ideas include winter plants, holiday cards, meaningful items, candles, meaningful jewelry – sage the space. As you sage say, “I now call in the Highest Light for this Winter Solstice.” Feel free to add anything else that comes through you!
  • Take out your journal and write down whatever you would like to release as you saunter into 2015. If you get “stuck” or feel like you need help remembering what to release – tap Cortices and call on your angels and guides of the Highest Light to support you in being fully aligned in your release.
  • Once you feel complete, review the list one final time, saying “good-bye” to each item on your list. I like to blow each one a kiss and wish it well as it is released once and for all. Remove the piece of paper from your journal.
  • Then, take one of the candles on your altar and light this paper on fire. Be sure to do this near a sink, fireplace, etc. – somewhere safe to burn paper.
  • Bless the paper as it burns and smile – knowing you are releasing the ‘dark’ within and around to open up space for more Light in your life.
  • Dance! Dance for 11 minutes. I recommend putting Pandora on – a station that moves you – and invoke Spirit to set your 11-minute playlist. Say out loud, “Guides & Angels of the Highest Light – please bring me the perfect songs to accompany my Winter Solstice dance as I shake off the old and connect to the New.” And then don’t be surprised when Taylor’s Swift’s “Shake It Off” comes on. 😉 Oh! And keep a piece of paper handy – I am always blown away by the messages that come through for me via the songs.
  • Once your dancing is complete, tap Cortices with a focused intention of connecting to the Light that wants to come through for you in 2015.
  • Write in your Journal the Light you are calling forth in your life – in your “career” (I add quotes because long gone are the days of compartmentalizing giving our Soul’s gifts to the world. Learn more here.), personal relationships, romance/Love, health, wealth, home, car/transport, experiences/travel and anything else that flows in for you.
  • Re-read and as you do Bless each item, imagining that you are making space in your heart and in your life for these new waves of Light to be brought forth.
  • Place your Light list for 2015 in a special envelope and place it on your altar.
  • Tap Cortices with a focused intention of moving forward into your Solstice day with ease and grace. If you feel called, sage the space again to bring completion to the ritual.
  • Keep the candle burning at all times when you are home (in a safe, protected way of course).
  • Keep your altar up through 1/1/15. After that, place your envelope under your mattress or in a sacred spot to be opened and released during the Spring Equinox. I do rituals of this magnitude on the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox – each one unique in its own way. And I promise to share these rituals with you during every season so we can do this together! When I open my Winter Solstice Light manifestations on the Spring Equinox, I’ll often take anything yet unmanifested that I still desire (a lot of times the desire is complete too!) and add it to my Spring Equinox Birth intentions. It’s up to you! Follow the flow that feels most in alignment for you.

Enjoy this incredible time of going within and then celebration with family and friends.
I am so grateful that you are part of my swirl!

Be sure to ask any questions in the comments below and/or post your altar pic’s!


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It was to be the “happiest” day of my life.

I had just married the man I believed to be the love of my life.

And I was sure, absolutely, positively sure that I had made the right decision.

Then, the wedding night arrived. And because I had been raised to be a “good” Fundamentalist Christian (more on that in the future), we had waited to have sex until our glorious wedding night.

I had even purchased Victoria’s Secret lingerie for this exact moment.

I couldn’t wait, I was finally to be celibate no more!

And then.

And then, it was the absolute worst sex ever. So bad, even I, as inexperienced as I was, knew that I was in serious trouble. Worse yet, he didn’t seem to notice that it was quite possibly the most radically terrible sex ever had by two human beings on the planet.

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, on the plane ride back from our destination wedding, my hands gripped the arm rests, my eyes bulging out of my head in horror while he slept idly in the seat next to me.

What. In. The. Mother. Hell. Was. I. Going. To. Do.

Well, I did what any inexperienced, young wife would do. I worked desperately to create an enjoyable sexual connection with the man who was now my husband. This was especially difficult because he unfortunately did not think there was anything wrong with the sex we were — infrequently — having. However, I pushed on, determined that somehow, someway I could make the sex between us better.

Two and a half years later and the jig was up.

I was exhausted and stopped trying. He discovered he did not want to be married anymore.

And this — from start to finish — became one of the biggest gifts of my life. It caused me to investigate deep within myself what love and sex have to do with life satisfaction and uncover my own incredible realizations on these two very important topics. Realizations that have led me to now support women and couples all around the world in having the hottest sex of their lives.

Here’s some of what I uncovered:

  • The true love of your life never breaks up with you. Ever.
  • You and the love of your life do not require a book full of techniques to create yummy, incredible sex.
  • The love of your life would know if you two had the worst sex ever. And would talk to you about it immediately until there was a dedicated plan in place to heal whatever was at the root of it for both of you.
  • The quality of the sex between two people is a direct reflection of what is happening at a deeper level between one or both parties, and most certainly in the relationship dynamic. The sex between my husband and I was horrendous because there were parts of ourselves we had not healed around intimacy. There were secrets that even we didn’t realize we were keeping from each other that were serving as blocks to a truly deep connection. It wasn’t a problem that could be solved with tantra (although I tried) or increased frequency (yep, tried that too).

Satisfying sexual connection — for both parties — is dependent on a satisfying emotional connection. Yep, I said it. And yes, this is true for womenand for men.

For both people to truly feel sexually satisfied, there must be intimacy on all levels — mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. If there is not, it will show up in the sexual intimacy. If there’s a place we’re holding back emotionally — either partner — it will show up in the quality of the sex. If there are resentments that have not been healed or anger that is simmering — it will show up in the quality of the sex. If there is sexual trauma that is being avoided or repressed by one or both parties — it will show up in the quality of the sex.

Because, when we’re all truly honest with ourselves, what we’re really craving is Soul Sex. Soul Sex is where there is total transparency, intimacy and deep connection. Where both parties are aware, conscious and engaged in their individual and coupled Soul Alignment so that when they come together they are able to show up as authentically and intimately as possible. And when you take that into the bedroom, you better watch out. There’s no special oils, techniques, tips or tricks required. The hottest sex is the sex you’re having by showing up 100 percent as who-you-really-are, with your partner doing the same.

Soul Sex takes a commitment by each person to really know themselves on the deepest levels and to share that within the context of the sacredness of their relationship. It looks differently for each couple, because each couple gets to create what is most satisfying to both of their Souls.

We all deserve deeply conscious, connected, hot, mind-blowing sex. And it’s up to each of us to allow that kind of deep loving connection and partnership into our lives so that we can experience it.

So, are you ready to bring Soul Sex into your life experience? Right now, tap Cortices with a focused intention of allowing Soul Sex into your life and ask to be led to the perfect practitioner/modality/course (i.e. whatever is perfect for you) for that to occur. Next, treat everything that happens from there as a sign. Enjoy! And post your experiences in the comments below or reach out to me to share. We’re all so very ready for this!

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I was terrified. Engaged to the most amazing man I had ever known, my business thriving at levels that exceeded every possible expectation I ever had, and with the release of my first novel The Quest, endorsed by New York Times Bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein — I clearly had every reason to be terrified.

I officially had everything I ever wanted. Shortly after this realization, I began to find something — anything really — to worry about.

I mean, I couldn’t be this happy. Could I?

And, I’m not alone. I’ve watched for years as my clients have similar experiences. One client lands the jackpot with her business, nearing millions and suddenly she isn’t sure she is marrying the right man. Another client meets the love of her life and suddenly she can’t stop focusing on how “bad” her job is.

We all do it. Because we’re all afraid.

The question is — of what? What is so terrifying about living the life of one’s dreams? What’s so mortifying about experiencing all that we desire (and then some)?

Could it be this — that if we’re happy, if we’re living the magnificent life that we were intended to live, then we’re bound to come face-to-face with this divine truth:

We deserve it. We are worthy. We are more than enough. Thriving is our natural state.

And then what? We all dance off into the sunset living happily ever after?

It would seem that yes, that is in fact what is possible. Only instead of a fuzzy image of the sunset and the closing credits rolling in a film, we are meant to continue the divine living journey. We then go on to uncover new terrains to enjoy, new areas to expand into and new experiences that allow us to live an even more conscious, rich and deep life.

But until we are ready to claim our worth, claim our deserving and know that we are powerful spirit beings in human form who came here to shine, we may continue to sabotage our successful expansion, all because we are too afraid to remember the above.

When we know our worthiness there are no longer any excuses left. We have to live our Soul’s purpose, have to stay connected to other high-vibrating beings, only put high-vibrating food in our mouth and in general, cloth, adorn and shower ourselves with the bright light that we are. Anything less than fabulous will not do for us — in any area of our life.

And while it’s OK to be terrified for a short time, we cannot stop there. We cannot let ourselves systemically sabotage the rightful joy, abundance and pure awesome-ness that we are meant to experience.

So what can you do when you get hit by a case of the sabotage crazies?

• Call yourself on it. See that you are engaged in fear, fear of your worthiness, fear of your divinity, fear of living the life of your dreams. Congratulations. You are human. Now, let’s let it go.

• Tap Cortices as you say, “I am a divine being here for a divine purpose. I now allow myself to live the life of my dreams.” Anytime you catch yourself thinking/speaking fearful thoughts tap and say your mantra.

• Meditate daily. Fifteen to 20 minutes is all you need, but you need it daily to support you in allowing your dreams to continue to manifest, without your fear interference. Spend three to five minutes after visualizing a scene that excites you, something you would love to have occur in your life.

• Receive focused Soul Alignment sessions on this topic so as to release these old fears. There are often many, many layers (from this life and previous ones) that are contributing to the sabotage and fear. Be gentle with yourself and work with a practitioner that you resonate strongly with and trust. Nothing but the best, for the best — remember that.

• Allow yourself to find where in your body this fear is and work with the fear, using your breath to support it in being released. Use this process for releasing stuck emotions.

• Be super loving to yourself. Eat your favorite, high-vibrating foods, wear the clothes that make you feel the most gorgeous and only spend time with people who support and love you. Remembering our worthiness can take some time, so create an environment that supports you fully.

You are not alone on this journey of amazing living and claiming the fullness of your life experience. We are all in this together, and together we can bust through these self-imposed limitations and glass ceilings, and step further into the light of who we really are — magnificent, divine beings.

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It’s easy to see what we don’t like in the world — whether it be in government, politics and religion, or in our personal world — at our kids school, our workplace or in our relationship(s). And it’s easy to think that if this guy or that gal would just do ____ (insert your genius idea here), then all would be well in the world — or at least your part of the world.

But what if the onus was on you?
What if you could, right here, right now change not only your world but the collective world for the better?

Sound a little too Pollyanna for you?
Well, before you completely negate this as a possibility, I have a challenge for you.

From today and for the next 30 days, practice one or more of the following (see below) – every single day. Keep a journal; each day briefly jotting down what activities you engaged in, including any new activities that you were inspired to. At the end of the 30 days, reevaluate with a longer journal entry: What is happening in your life that wasn’t happening 30 days ago? What have you learned about yourself and about other people since beginning this practice? What has changed within you and outside of you?

Gandhi didn’t tell us to be the change we wish to see in the world for nothing. And even though changing the world can feel a little too big for even the strongest, biggest human; daily, consistent and some might even say “small” practices are the key to changing anything, including the world.

I promise you, if you commit to and honor this 30-day challenge, your entire world will change, as will what surrounds you. Imagine what would happen if everyone took on this Change the World challenge?

Below are ways that you can support shifting the world, right here, right now today, and everyday:

  • Smile at everyone who passes you on the sidewalk, in the hall, in your home, in your office.
  • Leave notes of encouragement everywhere you go. “I love you!” “You make the world better just by being here.” “You’re beautiful.”
  • Give an additional $5 or more to the barista to pay for the next patron’s beverage. You can do this anywhere you spend money.
  • Always slow and stop your car, so pedestrians can cross the street.
  • Say “please” and “thank you” every chance you get to every human being you interact with.
  • Only make purchases at stores and from people you feel inspired by and whom you believe in.
  • Search the Internet for positive, uplifting stories – share them on your social media.
  • Bake cookies and hand them out at the office or even on the street.
  • Bypass the handshake, go right in for the hug. I often shake my head and say, “Sorry, I’m a hugger.” The responses I receive are awesome. So, go do it, hug it out. Imagine if in every corporate and government setting this was happening. Trans.Form.Ative.
  • Smile and wave at construction workers on the side of the road.
  • Make eye contact with the person at the checkout counter or your mail man/woman. Lean in and ask how their day is going. Listen when they speak.
  • Listen when anyone around you is speaking. The gift of attention and focus is relationship shifting.
  • Only post positive messages on your social media. Make your profile a haven for upliftment and encouragement.
  • Speak only positive words about your life and the world. The world hears you talking and so does your life. When you get hit with the complaining bug, go for a walk or run outside, go dance or do some other form of physical activity.
  • Blow kisses to the people you love.

And that’s just a starter list! There are countless more ways to change the world, but the above is a great starting point. Be sure to post on my Facebook Fan Page what you notice from your involvement in this 30-day challenge, and also post other world changing actions you take on a daily basis to spread the inspiration.

We all have the capacity to make the world a more loving, abundant place. And it needn’t be heavy or hard, it can be simple and yet profoundly transformative. Try it out and see for yourself!

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You are now empowered to go on your own sexy, spiritual romantic Quest with the release of The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic in paperback!


IMG_3070Kathryn learned that the journey within was paramount to her Quest for The One.

So, in the spirit of Spirit submit a photo of you or someone/something you love with The Quest in your favorite spiritual spot and upload said photo on our Facebook fan page, using hashtag #TheQuestMagic.

Where do you love to connect within? Show us!

For me, it’s out on my patio on the Willamette River – flowers and fairies all around me and the peace of nature enveloping me. It’s here that I connect to my Soul, Spirit and to my Destiny. We can’t wait to see where you connect along with your copy of The Quest!

Contest begins on 9/2 and runs through 11/1 for the 1st place prize, and 12/22 for the other two prizes. The top 3 individuals with the most soul-inspiring spots will win some super Sexy and incredible prizes and will be announced on our Facebook Fan page.

3 Quest-worthy prizes will be awarded.

Congrats Britt W. for winning 1st place:

One winner will receive the Rockstar Package to Heather Strang’s answer to The Quest for Love – Love.Sex.Magic. – A 7-week Soul Series. Value of over $700.*

2nd place:

One winner will receive the Sexy’s Back! Attract True Love Into Your Life Soul Alignment audio, Love meditation, a bottle of blessed The Quest Malbec wine and a signed copy of The Quest.  Value:  $200.

3rd place:

The Quest goodies bag, featuring 1 bottle of The Quest Malbec wine, blessed by Heather along with an assortment of Magic goodies. Value $50

*If you have already entered the Love.Sex.Magic. matrix, you will receive a credit in the amount of the value of the package for future 1:1s and groups.

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We all want something. I’m not talking about a lox & cream cheese bagel sandwich on a Saturday morning or even that super hot fuchsia dress at the boutique down the street. I’m talking about the big stuff. Our heart’s deepest desires. Whether It’s our dream house, our husband or wife, a fat check and/or our dream work to share with the world.

We may scratch our heads wondering — how the heck do I get to that stuff? But the better question to ask is, how the hell do I allow what I deeply desire to come into my life?

The truth is, the life of your dreams doesn’t happen by chance. It doesn’t even happen by working doggedly hard to experience it. And it isn’t only available to “lucky” people or people who somehow have an “easy” life.

Every single one of us has the opportunity and the ability to experience what our heart longs for throughout our lifetime. As we grow older (or younger as the case may be) and evolve, our desires will do the same, and we will continue to call forth new desires into our lives. And every time, we have the opportunity to experience our desires coming to fruition. Not from luck, not from trying like mad, but because we know something almost no one will admit is true:

There are invisible and divine universal forces all around that are here to support us, and when we tap into this support and make our life a co-creative process — we can live the life of our dreams.

As it turns out, living the life of our dreams is exactly what each one of us came to do. We came here to live the path only we can live while we give the unique gift to the world that only we can give.

Pretty radical, right?

Fortunately there is a three-step process that when applied in the order below can shift anyone into greater alignment with their heart’s desires. Check this out:

Step 1: Get clear on what you desire to call in. You absolutely must know without a doubt what your heart and soul desires. Not from a mind place or because someone told you to want it, but because your heart just cannot imagine living a life without this particular experience. Once you have absolute clarity about what you truly desire, write it down and date it. Make a commitment in that moment to have what you desire and to allow it into your life because it is important to your life purpose, happiness and fulfillment (as a former commitment-phobe, this was terrifying for me, but a huge relief once I allowed myself to commit to what I desired!).

Step 2: Get your soul aligned so that what you want can come in. The minute you make this commitment, you may observe a host of resistances appear after an initial high. Resistance comes in many forms, but it can often look like: getting sick, having injuries or general malaise and crankiness. You may also observe fears appearing out of seemingly nowhere and negative self-talk. You may notice that people you had considered supporters scoffing when you share your intended desire. All of this occurs for one reason and one reason only — to show you that you have fears/traumas/negative conditioning that is not in alignment with your heart’s desire. In fact, if you’re like most people, you have conditioning that says you cannot have what you desire! But, not to fear. This is no biggie — you’re human and this is just part of the deal as a soul who is here to evolve. So, what to do? Get that ish cleared out. Work with a practitioner in an individual and/or group setting who specializes in Soul alignment. It is imperative that this individual resonates with you and you feel they genuinely are holding the highest light for you. Receive regular sessions so that as you evolve the fears/conditioning/limiting beliefs stay at a minimum and you can soar. Pair this with a daily meditation and spiritual practice and watch out world — you are flying HIGH!

Step 3: Detach from the outcome and have fun. Let the Universe bring your desire at the exact perfect and divine time. This is often the toughest part though. We humans are sometimes really good at doing and not so skilled at letting go and allowing. But it is often the most critical part of the equation. You know what you desire, you’ve identified and begun to clear the aspects within you that say you “can’t,” now you need to chill out and have fun! Go dancing, go for a walk outside, celebrate with people who love and support you — just get out there and have a blast. When you find yourself trying to “figure” out how your desire will appear and when, go back to having fun and distracting yourself. Taking a nap is sometimes the best thing you can do — let your body-mind relax and let the Universe do the heavy lifting. Make it your personal intention to master allowing. You’ve asked, you’ve aligned, now play!

Making the above three steps a practice with any desire is one of the most powerful ways to live the life of your dreams.

So what do you have to lose? Give it a shot!

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2014-08-07-awesomenessYou are awesome. Innately, wholly and totally, you are an amazing human being. In fact, there is no one on this planet just like you. You have gifts to give to your friends, family, community and the world that no one else can give and you have a special perspective that no one else holds. You are uniquely and completely awesome.

Yet, you forget this divine fact every day.

You may choose thoughts, words and actions that don’t adequately shine your brightest light. You may beat up on yourself and/or others for perceived “wrongs.” You may forget how awesome you are and get pulled into a not-good-feeling drama.

But that’s okay, because in any moment you can choose a new thought, word or action. You can walk away from a not-good-feeling drama and into a new energy that does feel good to you — just like that. Imagine: out of a drama and into a hot bath with candles, sea salts and a glass of champagne with Sade crooning in the background.

You see, you get to choose. You don’t get to choose it all (that wouldn’t be fun anyway, and besides the Universe loves to surprise and delight us with more awesome-ness!), but you do get to choose how you feel, how you react and how you frame what is occurring in your life.

And because you get to choose, you have a huge range of options for how to get yourself back into awesome.

Try this out:

Step 1: Not feeling awesome? It isn’t like you have to avoid feeling your not-good-feelings, but there is a way you can feel it and let it go so you can be back in awesome-ville sooner rather than later. Identify what you are feeling and let the wisdom of your body guide you. Easy peesy, super great method for doing so here.

Step 2: Ask for love and light to be sent to you. You can ask out loud to your Higher Power, text a close friend, or post on one (or all) of your social media accounts for love and light. Be sure to stay out of the story of the not-awesome feelings. Engaging in a conversation about the drama (big or small) only keeps the drama activated which means you’re just bound to feel more of the ish. Avoid that icky pattern by simply requesting love and light and watching as you are transformed through positive support from those around you.

Step 3: Go do something fun. Distract yourself. Dance, go for a walk, create a painting, listen to your favorite, feel-good tunes. Get off the subject of aggravation and not-good-feeling feelings and focus instead on a subject that you have ease and flow around. Watch a funny video clip — there’s a reason why ridiculous animal videos do so well on YouTube — they are funny and we need to lighten up and laugh! If it’s genuinely fun and uplifting for you — do it. Note: Eating a box of cookies is not having fun. But eating one really yummy cookie is — so find your balance and honor what feels fun to you in body-mind-spirit.

And then, somewhere between enjoying one delicious snicker doodle and shaking it to Iggy Azalea, you’ll remember that you are absolutely, positively, awesome.

Once the return to awesome occurs, you are then realigned with giving the gifts only you can give and having the most stellar life experience that you are meant to have.

And that’s pretty awesome.

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