Patty* called me frustrated and dejected. She constantly compared herself to others all the while steadily resisting the signs (like getting sick, having no energy and feeling unhappy) that were trying to redirect her out of her business, into her creativity and into her sacred feminine.

I reminded Patty that her resistance wasn’t entirely a bad thing.

It was merely an indication that she was really, really close to having what she desired — and possibly in a form that she never even imagined possible for herself. Sometimes the thought of having what we have longed for, for so long or embarking on a new, unknowable journey is terrifying. Like, absolutely devastatingly frightening to our mind and to our conditioning that says it’s not possible to radically alter our life, leave or start a relationship, leave or start a business or romance ourselves every day simply because we deserve it.

As human beings we often have unconscious beliefs, fears and traumas still running active in our body-mind-spirit. So, sometimes we’re going to resist. We’ll come up with any and every excuse to not go down that road. We’ll pay healers, coaches and therapists to make it better (and while they facilitate powerful healing, it is up to us as individuals to do the work to allow this healing to occur), and then get angry in the face of the guidance we receive.

I can say all of this with strong conviction because let me tell you, I know this road well. And I feel so honored that when clients like Patty come to me with any or all of the above, I can share from a place of having walked (and still walking!) that path right alongside them.

In fact, I’ve actually observed and identified my basic resistance process:
1.) I receive guidance or have a life experience that requires me to go outside of my comfort zone in some way.
2.) I then spend two-to-three weeks with my mind battling out all of the reasons said expansion is too much, too scary, too premature.
3.) Then, timidly I begin telling those close to me about this next thing I’m going to do/be/have. The resistance softens as I own it as my reality more and more.
4.) By week four to five, I’m in acceptance! But it sure would be a lot easier to not have to go through that process at all. Right?!

Can you identify your basic resistance process? How do you respond when you receive guidance or have life experiences that don’t feel comfortable to you? It’s helpful to raise your awareness and notice the next time you’re in resistance. Because then, you are in a powerful place. A place to shift your resistance into thriving.

Below are some of my tried-and-true ways to move out of resistance and into our natural state of thriving:

• Dance. Nothing shifts your vibration like shaking it. Right now I’ve got “Royals” by Lorde on repeat to shake and shift my vibration whenever needed.

• Take a 20-minute cat nap. Sleep is the ultimate reset.

• Tap cortices. Visualize balancing the left and right hemispheres of your brain as you do this. Really got yourself in a tizzy? Tap multiple times in a row, slowly, while taking deep breaths.

• Meditate. As little as five minutes of sitting in meditation can shift your whole vibration. If you prefer guided meditations, I highly recommend Getting Into the The Vortex by Esther Hicks.

• Go for a walk. Outside. As you walk connect with the greenery around you, imagine green light emanating from your chest to support your fourth chakra of self-love and love of others. In the desert or a less-than-green environment? Imagine an orange ball of light in your pelvis growing brighter to activate your second chakra (how you relate to everything outside of you — money, sex, power, people).

• Laugh. Pull up NetFlix comedy videos, call up your funniest friend, watch your favorite laugh-out loud movie (for me, that’s “Baby Mama”).

• Listen to teachers and authors you respect who inspire you. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Abraham-Hicks do it for me. Pull them up on Hay House Radio or YouTube for an insta-vibration lift.

• Self-pleasure. Slowly and without attachment to outcome. In fact, light some candles, turn on some music and enjoy being present with your body. It’s just like a meditation.

• Recite a mantra that soothes you. Some examples to get your started:
“Everything is always working out for me.”
“I am balanced, harmonious and peaceful.”
“I follow the flow of my life.”
“I am on my way to thriving!”

A great way to get ahead of resistance before it shows up is to take this list and add your own joyful, high-vibing activities that shift your vibration. Then whenever you notice yourself resisting what is, you can saunter (or plod, depending on your mood) over to your resistance shifting cheat sheet and begin going down the list applying these practices until you feel your natural state of thriving return.

Ultimately, know that as cliché as it sounds — this too shall pass. Your resistance won’t last forever. With intention and an empowered attitude, you can experience a life that truly thrives.

What are your favorite ways to release resistance? Leave your comments below.

*Not her real name.

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Michelle* was one of the most demanding people in my life. She was also my “best friend.” She called every day for minimum one-hour chats, expected me to plan parties for any and every occasion and frowned upon my decision to have a steady boyfriend. In essence, Michelle wanted me at her beck and call. And for many years, I thought that being a friend meant you had to do what the other person wanted. That somehow sacrifice of self showed just how much you loved and valued them. This type of out-of-balance thinking caused me to attract “friends” who would play this belief out with me time and again.

Early on, the friendship was a fit and we were a match on many levels. But then, as I began my self-development journey, it became more and more clear that my friendship with Michelle was actually causing me more stress than joy.

It was clear to me that we needed to break up. Michelle wasn’t interested in doing her spiritual work and she certainly wasn’t interested in changing our relationship dynamic. Whenever I made adjustments (like finally getting a boyfriend or no longer planning her parties), a drama would ensue. When I tried to talk to her about my needs in the friendship, she stared at me blankly.

But letting go of someone who has been a prominent fixture in your life is often no easy undertaking. As I continue to grow and flourish on my path, I have faced this challenge many times and now regard it as an important part of my self-care practice. I love having people in my life that are true partners with me on this wonderful journey.

So, how do you know if someone in your life is like my experience with Michelle and no longer serves your highest good? Here’s a checklist to get you started:

• How do you feel — the majority of the time — after you interact with this person? Anxious, irritated and low energy? Or inspired, joyful and excited about life?

• What do you usually focus on when you spend time with this person? Is the conversation more centered on what’s happening in their life and what they need? Or do you feel heard and supported?

• Is there a natural flow to your time together? Or is it difficult to find time to connect, and when you do is it usually based on what the other person wants?

Our body is always letting us know if a person/place/thing is in alignment for us. And how we feel after and during our time with someone is a really good indicator of whether or not they are serving our highest good.

No doubt in the case of my “friend” Michelle, she felt great leaving our interactions. It’s important that both parties feel nourished, supported and loved in the friendship (or whatever it is that you need to feel with the people in your life). If that’s not happening, having a conversation about this and asking for your needs to be met is vital. See The Center for Nonviolent Communication as an excellent tool for these conversations.

If attempts to bring healing to the relationship fail, try the following:

• The slow fade out. Some friendships can dissipate with the slow fade. This means only attending meetups or events when it feels really good to you or in alignment for you — if it does at all. No more attending or doing anything “out of obligation” (ever, for any friendship!).

• If a friendship has been in your life for a while, or like Michelle gets very triggered when action is taken to shift the dynamic, try this approach via email:

Dear (name of person no longer serving your highest good),

As I’ve shared with you previously, things have changed for me in our friendship. I’m not feeling supported or nourished (or whatever adjective works for you) anymore. I really feel like we are in different places in our life and it feels better to me if we take a timeout from one another. I love you, but I really need to take care of me right now.

With love,

In truth, we can’t be anyone’s friend if we aren’t taking care of ourselves first and foremost. And having people and relationships in our life that deplete us is the opposite of self-care.

It’s important that when we choose to release people from our lives that we are also doing our self-work so we can see why we attracted these people and what we can do to attract individuals who inspire, support and nourish us in the future.

Do you have experience in letting go of people who no longer serve your highest good? Tell us your story in the comments below — how did you release them?

*Not her real name.

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I wanted it. Really, really badly.

And that “it” could be any number of things — a job, a super-skinny body, loads of cash, a boyfriend, a car, a vacation, working for myself. Whatever. I just had to have it. So, I went after it full throttle. I hustled. I hurried. I followed leads. I networked. I online dated. I used all of the manifestation gumption in my power (and as a first-born Aries, that’s a lot!) to make what I wanted happen.

Sometimes this worked like magic. Other times, no matter what I did, what I desired would not show itself to me. Lesser forms might appear but the true manifestation of what I wanted still evaded me. Dejected and frankly irritated that my usual manifestation power failed, I often launched into a full-on tantrum aimed specifically at the universe. This typically involved tears, yelling and feet stomping followed by giving the universe the double finger. I know, real mature, right? My inner 13-year-old was alive and well.

Even more shocking, what I wanted had yet to materialize. It seems as though the universe won’t surrender to temper tantrums. Who knew?!

Finally, exhausted, I would stop trying. I would eat what I wanted, spend money when I wanted and only do the work that I wanted. I stopped networking and spent time with myself. Around that time said object of my desire would either show up or I would forget I cared so much about it because something even more fantastic had arrived.

Did it happen because I finally raised my vibration to align with what I wanted? Or was it because I wasn’t “meant” to have it until that divinely appointed time? Does it matter?

Actually no, it doesn’t. What does matter is the principle — that when we are trying and working so hard to “make” or “manifest” something — it simply cannot happen. When we relax, have fun and take care of ourselves, then what we want can manifest. The very energy of wanting something so badly hurtles it far, far away from us.

Manifesting is one of the awesome gifts of being human. But one of the primary components of manifesting is to send our request out into the universe and then let it go. Surrender to the powers that be and let it do the heavy lifting.

Spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson says,

When we surrender to God, we surrender to something bigger than ourselves — to a universe that knows what it’s doing. When we stop trying to control events they fall into a natural order, an order that works. We’re at rest while a power much greater than our own takes over, and it does a much better job than we could have done. We learn to trust that the power that holds galaxies together can handle the circumstances of our relatively little lives.

You may have noticed that while reading the above quote your whole body relaxed. That you even let out a little sigh. It’s simply the deeper part of you saying “yes.” Take this quote and put it up — on your bathroom mirror, in your car on your tea kettle — any place where you can regularly see it.

Remember that you are a powerful being and one of the greatest powers you have lies in surrendering to something even larger and more powerful than you.

And when you surrender you will find, as I have, that you won’t ever have to flip anyone off again, including the universe.

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If you had asked me five years ago the best way to make a decision, I would have answered you emphatically with the following: make a list of pros and cons, assess possible outcomes from all vantage points and take yourself through each likely scenario until the winning solution presents itself.

Whew. Are you exhausted yet?

Not surprisingly, that head-centered approach to life left me depleted, frustrated and burnt out. But in a culture that often reveres the power of the mind over the heart, I didn’t even realize that I had other options. Options that didn’t include Excel spreadsheets, pros/cons lists and endless hours of processing.

I soon discovered that a head-centric way of life rarely, if ever, leads to the abundant, deeply rewarding life that I craved. It’s not that the mind is bad. It’s a powerful tool to use for planning, sorting details and taking action steps. But it is not the sole place you or I are meant to live from.

There is a deeper place that we can inhabit on a more regular basis. A place where our inner heart truth can be accessed so that we can live in the richness we deserve.

And good news, because getting there needn’t take hours logged on a therapist’s or our best friend’s couch. We have the ability to tap into our inner heart truth in mere minutes. Curious? Ready? Follow the three steps below to connect to your inner heart truth now.

Step 1: Step away from the information overload. Leave your cell phone, iPad, laptop, Kindle and whatever other electronics typically surround you in another room. Find a comfy and peaceful place to sit quietly (sometimes yes, your only option may be the bathroom — but do whatever you need to get away from it all momentarily).

Step 2: Take 4-7 deep belly breaths, placing one hand on your lower belly. Breathe into your hand, allowing your inhale to extend your belly out as far as possible and on the exhale allowing your belly to sink into your body. Make this breathing your only focus.

Step 3: Next, place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the top of your head. Focus your attention first on your left hand on your head and then slowly move your attention to your right hand on your heart. Feel the fingers in your right hand and feel the skin of your chest (or collar of your shirt). Slowly begin to lightly tap over the head and heart — right hand tapping over heart, left hand over the top of the head. After about 10 seconds, move your left hand from the top of your head to over your right hand on your heart. Gradually slow down the tapping, resting both hands over your heart center. Breathe into your heart for 4-7 breaths. Visualize green love light emanating from your chest.

When you feel ready, open your eyes. Notice how the colors in the room appear brighter than before, how your breath has slowed down and how you may suddenly have clarity about something that was ailing you.

Welcome to being connected to your inner heart truth.

Use this exercise as often as you need. If you’re a head-led superstar (as I used to be) you may need to do this several times a day until a heart-centered approach becomes more of a habit. Soon though, you’ll experience a greater connection to inner heart truth without the impediment of the mind.

Take five minutes to do this exercise now and tell us what you noticed in the comments below. Love! xo

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It wasn’t that long ago when I believed that to be successful I had to hustle. You know, attend copious amounts of networking events, be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn and HerFuture simultaneously, offer discount sessions to clients to drum up business and essentially drain myself, all in the hopes of success.

Turns out, that is not the way to thrive and run a vibrant business. Instead, I was left with adrenal fatigue and a slightly enhanced, but certainly not thriving bank account. With no more hustle left in me, I was forced to give up on conventional methods and following the pack. So I surrendered, and discovered that the true key to success in business (or in any area of life, for that matter) is to follow one’s inner guidance from the spirit within. I learned that when our higher self leads the way, abundance abounds.

Now, a year later, I’ve more than doubled my income and my daily joy quotient.

Want to do the same? Follow the five tips below and you’ll be well on your way to thriving in your spirit-led business.

Meditate every day. I know, I know — you’ve heard it all before. But there’s a reason why everyone from Deepak Chopra to the Dalai Lama is telling you to meditate. It is the quickest way to connect to that part of you that knows and to retrain your mind to shut up. And when the mind shuts off, the spirit thrives.

Receive consistent energy healing. After spending more than 10 years in therapy, I realized that while a lot in my life had changed (my hair, my clothes, my occupation), I still seemed plagued with the same patterns in relationships, as well as the tendency to never rise above a certain level of success. It was like I had my own self-imposed glass ceiling. Disgruntled, I gave in when a friend suggested I try BodyTalk, because frankly, it seemed like it was my last option. After three sessions, my entire life transformed and I’ve been hooked ever since. Find a model and a practitioner that resonate with you and receive twice-monthly sessions. Then enjoy watching as your life and business soar.

Surround yourself with high-vibrating peeps. Hanging out with folks who are struggling in their businesses and lives is a surefire way to stay exactly where you are. Tony Robbins tells us we can see where our future is headed by the quality of the five people closest to us. Take a close look at the conversations you’re having and the people you spend your time with. Do you leave those interactions feeling inspired? If not, it’s time to look at making some changes in who you spend your time with. Don’t have access to folks who are living their dreams and embroiled in success? Start listening to their audio/video offerings, attend their book signings, courses and lectures. Immerse yourself in the energy of success. This will raise your vibration and the vibration of your business.

Say “no” to anything not in alignment with your soul purpose. Of course this means you need to know what your soul purpose is (practice the first three tips above and it will make itself known to you). Once you have your soul purpose in hand, do not under any circumstances take on clients or work that are not in alignment with it — especially if your thought is, “Oh, I’ll just do this for the money.” The month after I stopped doing work “just for the money,” my monthly income quadrupled. Trust me on this, stick to soul-purpose work and your business will skyrocket.

Have more fun. Working 70 to 80 hour weeks in the name of success is not fun — no matter how much you love what you do. Make sure you include fun in your daily life. The biggest attractor of opportunities is positive high-vibrating energy and nothing gets you there faster than having a blast in your personal life and with your business. Take yourself out on a date, see your favorite show, skip down the sidewalk, laugh at a funny movie (or better yet, laugh at the part of you that thought nose-to-the-grindstone work was the path to success), eat fro-yo, have whatever your version of fun is. You and your business deserve to be having a lot more of it.

We all deserve to thrive. It’s our birthright. And to thrive, we need to take empowered steps that let our spirit and everyone around us know that we are committed to thriving. If you follow the five tips above, your business and your life will thrive like never before.

I would love to hear your thriving success stories, so leave your comments below. Love! xo

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Integrating from my second journey to John of God (JOG) has been a  fun ride! My whole JOG experience this time around was filled with a lot of light, joy and thousands of insights. In this video I share with you some more of the guidance I received while in Brazil, along with a hilarious story of what happens when the Universe works to give you an unexpected prescription (hint: it involves wine).

This v-log is pretty long – 20 minutes in length – so my suggestion is to put me on while you finish up those dishes or while doing some yoga asanas. I promise that you’re gonna love it! It’s friggin hilarious!


Be sure to leave your comments below – I would love to know about the times when you’ve had to listen to your guidance above and beyond what everyone else was saying.


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carkeysI keep having the same experience over and over again the past couple of weeks.

I’ll be in some kind of hurry – heading out the door and grabbing my water bottle, leaving the gym and mindlessly rehashing a conversation that didn’t go well, running late for a meet-up with my bestie –  and suddenly I cannot find the cap to my water bottle anywhere, my phone has gone “missing” at the gym, and my keys are no where to be found. So there I am, scurrying around, searching everywhere, and cursing like mad. I am pissed off. I feel frustrated and exasperated.

At myself.
When I tune into my self-talk I’m directing my anger at myself.
Now, first, I have to point out, this is a big improvement. Having been raised by two parents enmeshed in victim consciousness, along with spending 24 years as part of a fundamentalist Christian sect that thrives on victimization – I would typically be running around my home/gym cursing the Universe. Why was it choosing today to misplace my bottle cap/phone/keys?

So now that I’ve finally cleared that up – thank you BodyTalk – I’m on to berating myself. (And yes, I’ll be taking this realization into my next BodyTalk session.)

But then, it gets even more interesting.

Once I tap Cortices, take some deep breathes and distract myself to a different task at hand, the location of bottle cap/phone/keys appears. Once I shut my mind’s conditioned responses off (blame) the answer appears.

And guess what? My bottle cap/phone/keys were never actually missing.

They were right where I last put them (cap in dishwasher, phone in my gym shoe in my gym bag, keys in the last jacket pocket I wore).

Even though it appears that something has gone “wrong” and that I’ll be late/won’t be able to have client phone sessions/see my friend (or whatever other catastrophic thought my mind can conjure) – nothing is wrong at all. The only thing that has happened is that I’ve forgotten something very, very important.

I had the answer already.

I knew the location of the “lost” or “missing” item. But it was only when I slowed down, stopped rushing, re-balanced my brain with Cortices and relaxed into myself that the answer could be accessed by ME.

Not someone else, not something else, not anything other than ME.
That once the mind-crazies were cleared the truth could emerge.

And that’s how I view BodyTalk. It clears the mind-crazies so we can know our truth. It’s not me who has the answers or explanations for my clients, or for anyone. What I do have is a dynamic tool that uses the principles of bio-energetics and quantum physics to support the clearing of the mind clutter, the releasing of the conditioning, the unwinding of the story. When that happens the answers are known.

One of my clients recently got off the table, beaming. She said to me, “I love how the minute I have a BodyTalk session, everything I’ve been worrying about and stressing over becomes clear to me. I just know whatever it is I need to know.”

So, the question for you is – will you allow yourself to know your truth?

I have some clients who consistently ask me for my take on their life. While I love using my intuition, I can’t ever give anyone answers to their truth  – no one can. And none of us should listen to any intuitive/healer/psychic/guide unless what they say resonates at such a deep soul level, you can feel the truth (chills, tears, a strong “yes” inside, etc).

Because the truth is, we already know the way. We just have to be willing to show up for ourselves, to show up for our life, to allow the clearing to take place and allow ourselves to connect to our truth.

That means slowing down, meditating, spending time journaling, being in the quiet, being with ourselves. In a world that is connected 150 percent of the time this can be challenging. But this is it. This is how we truly do the “work” to live our most authentic, connected, vulnerable, joyful life.

Will you join me?

I would love to hear from you – how is life teaching you these days? Leave your comments below.

With so much love & gratitude for all that you are and all that you are becoming,



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mytwinbedIt was on day five in Brazil at my pousada at Luz Divinia, a few days after I had gone before John of God (JOG), when I awoke with an important knowing.

I had originally thought my trek to see JOG after my first dramatic visit five years ago (Read the full accounting of the trip in these posts: Lesson 1, People of Brazil, John of God Ass-Kicking, Part Deux, I’ll Return, The People at the Casa), was to take other clients and friends who were ready to experience off-the-charts miracle healing along with my guide friend Kerry. When everyone who was “in” was suddenly “out” – I knew something greater was at work. So, when I went before JOG on May 1 (which fyi, is a holiday in South America, so not a good idea to visit on that day – there were thousands upon thousands there) I held in my hand three requests that felt like the core stuff that I hadn’t completely wiped out with BodyTalk (fear, worry, shame, and intimacy stuck-points).

But on this day, on day five, the knowing came in and I instantly knew that all of the above were just excuses that my soul gave to get me there. The words flew into my head so quickly, I almost rolled off my twin bed and onto the floor:

You’re here to heal your broken heart.

Tears filled my eyes. You see, this wasn’t a broken heart from any man (although my divorce nine years ago did flash into my mind as a possibility), this was my broken heart from long before.

This was the core wound, the ultimate broken heart – the broken heart I experienced as a child – from my parents.

mybenchMy Spirit Guides led me through a meditation a few hours later while I sat on my favorite Casa bench (see photo to your left) showing me the exact moment my heart was broken by my parents. I was 18 months old. They were having another violent fight (which was not uncommon in my life from birth to about age 10 when my father left). It felt like too much to witness and I felt myself resist feeling the fullness of this heartbreak. But my Guides urged me to feel these feelings anyway. When I did, I sobbed, my chest heaving, my body shaking. This was beyond ugly cry face, this was full on heart-broken-ness.

My parents hadn’t done this intentionally of course – but the pain I experienced from their unconscious actions was real, and deep. From that moment on, I began to firmly guard my heart. I began to recognize that it wasn’t “safe” for me to love anyone around me or to truly be loved. I was shown how I had spent my entire life armoring, guarding, protecting from that initial pain. I felt so much compassion for my inner 18-month-old. First, for how terrifying it must have been to grow up in that house and even worse that as the oldest (eventually of 5 girls) that she had to be the strong one, the one with the answers, the one who kept everything together.

So…now what I wanted to know?

Nothing was the answer. I just needed to feel the feelings. WTF? No protocol, action steps, no process I could apply to root out this broken-hearted-ness so that it never returned? Nope, was the reply. I received the reminder I needed then and will need for some time – simply feeling our feelings brings healing. Who knew?! I had worked so hard and for so long to not feel that pain of rejection by the first people in my life – but then subsequently continued to attract people who could only support me in revisiting this pain (why wouldn’t I just feel it already and then I could stop attracting them?!) – that I realized how vital it was for me to merely be with the feelings.

After that point at JOG, I began meeting new people, connecting with others in very synchronistic ways. A sexy French man was sent to guide me through my second appearance before JOG (I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese, the sound system was terrible and I had no clue what was going on) and he also gave me the location of a city in France that had particular meaning for me (more on that awesomeness in the future!). I met a very sick man from Austin, Texas who was Christian but still found comfort and healing from JOG and who, despite his family’s warnings of being involved in the “devil’s work” had committed to living near the Casa for many months to experience full healing.

I felt my heart opening up in a new way. Each day, I cried tears of gratitude and joy, and my first week back from the Casa was filled with more of the same.

Now, I’m finding I regularly have moments where I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and thanking the Universe, Higher Power, God (whatever you want to call this Divine Love energy that is all around us supporting us in every moment!) for allowing me to live this life and walk this path.

I finally received the “okay” to receive another BodyTalk session. My first week back it came through that I was balanced and didn’t need a session (much to my and my practitioner’s surprise!), not to mention the first time that had ever happened to me – thanks JOG! The session, not surprisingly was all about my fourth chakra – the heart chakra. It was as though feeling those feelings at JOG had brought all that needed to go and be harmonized to the surface. Now, BodyTalk could work its magic and balance my body-mind-spirit! In that session, another piece from my ever-dramatic childhood/adolescence was ready to be released. At age 17, my mom kicked me out of the house after her new husband said she would have to choose between me or him. This trauma was still (I cannot believe it!) running active in my cells and was finally ready to be released. Chills and waves of energy coursed up and down my body, tears poured, rage rose and then just like on that quiet bench at the Casa, I felt it release.

My heart healing journey is certainly not over, in fact, it’s only beginning. On my 35th birthday in March, I could feel that I was becoming the woman I would have been had I not experienced so much trauma growing up. At the Casa and in front of John of God in Brazil in May I knew that I was that woman on levels I still can not yet fully comprehend, and today through the power of BodyTalk I am speechless as tears fill my eyes and I am acutely aware of the deep power of this healing path I am on.

I feel unending gratitude for John of God, BodyTalk, and this path. Thank you for reading, for allowing me this space to share with you things that I never in a million years I thought I would share. Vulnerability is the key to living a wholehearted life – as Brene Brown is teaching us all – and so it is my intention that as my BodyTalk-JOG-Intuitive-Led heart opening journey continues, I’ll be sharing it with whomever is drawn to hear/read/see.

Thank you, more please Universe!


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MeonbeachgulfSome days I really want what I want.

Like when I was so sick of the Oregon weather (which btw, has been pretty epic for the past year and I legitimately had/have nothing to complain about) and decided that I wanted a quick and easy warm beach getaway before my pilgrimage to Brazil to see John of God.

When a girl I had known for several years moved to Galveston, Texas with a Gulf of Mexico view and suggested I come visit – I jumped at the chance. When she said I could crash at her place, do what I wanted and we would hang out off and on throughout the visit, I thought, “This is too good to be true!” (Note to self: if this thought crosses your mind, investigate it.) Freedom, flexibility and the Gulf of Mexico? How could I say no? Well, I should have said no. If I look back on the moment I booked the trip I heard that quiet voice within saying the same thing.

But, like I mentioned – I really wanted what I wanted – so I batted said voice away and proceeded on.

Besides, I had never seen the Gulf of Mexico and I hadn’t seen this particular friend in quite some time. True, we hadn’t seen each other much because our lives were in completely different places.  Essentially, we were no longer hanging out in the same vibration. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just what is.

But, I wanted what I wanted, so I carried on.

The Universe though, not to be deterred, worked to send me messages with greater frequency. I stopped hearing from my friend until just two days before the trip. Every time I told someone I was going to Galveston, Texas they told me how horrible it was and how going there was a terrible idea (I know, Universe – you were telling me all along!). I booked the flight via Southwest (and I hate flying Southwest, so I have no idea why I booked with them), which meant I could have changed the flight with no transfer fees.

To add to all of that, about three days before the trip, I woke up knowing I shouldn’t go. I was irritated; I wanted my easy beach getaway!


  • Consulted my inner guidance in meditation. Got a “no.”
  • Tried my pendulum. Got another “no.”
  • I consulted my best friend. She suggested I change the flight – why not go on a getaway by myself? I was tired of traveling by myself so I ignored that idea.
  • I asked my pendulum again. Was it in my highest good to go to Galveston? The answer was “no.”
  • Hmm…Could I go anyway? Dear god, I am stubborn.  After all of that, I finally got the “yes” I was wanting.

And so, I went. AND, despite experiencing flight delays and sitting on the tarmac for almost an hour after landing the Universe relented.

You see, I wanted what I wanted.
Fortunately for me, the Universe recalibrates and reorganizes even when I willfully try to make things happen.

My first full day there – even before I realized what I was dealing with –  the Universe sent an angel to rescue me from this out-of-my-alignment situation. Literally, this person/angel worked to make sure we connected. So when my friend freaked out (I’ll spare you the silly details – only to say I haven’t experienced so much drama since my early 20’s) and told me I wasn’t welcome to stay with her anymore, the Universe had already moved heaven and Earth to make sure I was fully supported and taken care of. This angel took care of everything for me – made sure I had a place to stay, a ride back to the airport that was 45 minutes away and plenty of food and rest at my disposal.

While in the midst of all of the weirdness, which I now fondly refer to as a “vortex of crazy”  – I was in a state of much internal stress. I was so confused; how did I get here? (Um, by not listening to your intuition. My inner dialogue – so cute!) Since finding BodyTalk more than three years ago I have experienced more peace than ever before. After living a life filled with far too much drama (wait for my memoir to get all that scoop!), this was a welcome relief. So, it was ironic that during my “relaxing beach vacation” I found myself stranded in Galveston, Texas with enough stress to make me tap Cortices every five minutes.

I immediately reached out to my supports and received a distance BodyTalk session right away (toxic friends were being cleared from my system – down to the cellular level – once and for all apparently), my sister didn’t hold back from scolding me (in a way I needed) reminding me that my long-standing habit of allowing not-healthy-for-me people into my life needed to end once and for all. She made me promise I would release any remaining out-of-my-alignment peeps. I promised and thanked the Universe a million times over for reorganizing itself despite my will to make what I wanted happen.

Ultimately, though, this experience was  a complete and total blessing for me:

  • First, I was reminded of the power of the Universe to reorganize and support us even when we don’t follow the signs. That didn’t mean I was protected from stress – I was extremely upset and stressed out by the entire turn of events – but I was beyond grateful to see the Universe shifting and moving so I would ultimately be safe.
  • Second, I was touched by the kindness of people who did not know me at all, but who rallied and rescued me from a very uncomfortable situation. I was so grateful for the reminder that if I want to have high vibing experiences I have to only ever spend time with high vibing people (apparently I needed a bigger reminder of this fact!). Who we spend time with will shape and affect our experiences. While I’m usually good at this, as my sister noted, I have, over the years been one to allow not-so-good-for-me people (who not surprisingly often mirrored personality types I had grown up with, i.e. my mother) into my life for longer than necessary periods of time. That had to stop. I recommitted to this and let go of a couple of people who were still in my life that were not fully walking a path either I wanted to be on or was on.

  • And finally, I was reminded (yet again) of the value of following my guidance completely. I don’t need to understand why I have an intuitive hit or what it means. All I need to do is follow it. I don’t need to have another Galveston, Texas experience to know that when I feel like I shouldn’t do something – I shouldn’t do it. It isn’t my responsibility (or yours) to make other people feel okay by doing things out of obligation. It is my responsibility (and yours) to thine own self be true – 100 percent of the time. Because when we do, everyone wins.
  • One more finally worth mentioning – when I returned home from this experience I had emails and texts waiting for me from many clients and friends who “felt” something was “off” for me during this time period. Some knew I was traveling, others didn’t. One client had a dream about me – that I was sad and in need of help (indeed, I cried many tears during this whole thang – mostly in angst at myself for not listening to my intuition!), others said they kept thinking of me and wondering if I was okay. Thank you for your emails and outreach! It was such a powerful reminder that we are all truly connected. I am so blessed to have you all in my world!

I did a disservice to myself and to my “friend” by not listening to my intuition. She no doubt didn’t want to have that experience either I’m sure! And while since then I’ve sent her love and we’ve now “amicably” parted as friends – this was something I should have done years ago, but rationalized away. Having this experience reminded me that I cannot have any leaks in my energy field. If a person/place/thing is not in alignment with me – it is not in alignment with me. When we’re no longer in alignment – it doesn’t mean anyone or anything is “bad” or “wrong,” it’s just no longer in our highest good. There needn’t be judgment, only acceptance. And the fact of the matter is,  I honor myself and others the most when I follow my intuition and dis-engage when I am guided to.

By the time you read this, I will be en route to Brazil to see John of God for the second time in five years. I am loving that – unlike my Galveston experience – the closer I’ve gotten to this moment, the more excited I’ve become by this opportunity for deep spiritual development, along with tremendous heart opening as I begin to feel the Casa once again. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead (and with the way my life has been expanding and shifting, who knows what amazing-ness may unfold!) and you can trust that I will share more of my experience with you here in the months to come.

In the meantime, let my story be a reminder for you. Follow your intuition. Please. For the love of all that is good and right. I’m begging you. Oh, and tap Cortices and receive BodyTalk. 😉

Love you all more than words can express – thank you for reading and for all your support!

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RawShotofMeTurns out, my hair was just the beginning…

Actually, rearranging my whole home healing space and being told I was no longer allowed to have a desk to work at came before any of this.

I received a BodyTalk session from a fabulous practitioner in Western Australia who alerted me to “geopathic stress” in my home. BTWs I had no idea what this meant, but thankfully he gave me specific guidance (he even made me a video  since the session was done remotely – our time zones are waay to different to line up) to use a pendulum to find the stress in the home.

I found it – right where my desk was located. I did a BodyTalk session on that area in my home (seriously, you can do BodyTalk on anything – it’s miraculous to say the least!) and that’s when I received the guidance to remove the desk and to help support that area as it had been traumatized by the building of the home in 1929. I was told that sitting at a desk working all day – even from my home space – no longer served me.

Seems as though, as I approached my 35th birthday, there were many things that no longer served me. I was then guided to chop my hair, as outlined here.

In fact, the night I cut my hair I received guidance that I also needed to end my romantic partnership.

What the what?!
I resisted. Surely, there was a way to make things “work.”

Later that week I received a BodyTalk session from one of my favorite practitioners in NYC and (she knew none of the above and the session was fully remote), the following message was delivered from my session:

“The notion of finding “The One” is meant for smaller souls than one like yours, so let your soul be free to love your current partner fully and trust that wherever it is going, that is the right path for you.”

What??? “The One” is not a concept that serves me? The facilitator of Manifest True Love, the author of The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

But no-sir-ree, my inner guidance was not kidding me.
From there the Universe conspired relentlessly to show me the signs. And let me just note it made the “signs” to chop my hair look like a walk in the park. I received daily signals that my relationship was ready to dissolve and that this concept of The One was no longer serving me.

I had no choice but to surrender.

Surrender to the whisper that came into my meditation one evening amidst my confused mind: You are the love of your life.
Surrender to
the clarity of my soul, despite my mind’s desire to “make it work.”
Surrender to the knowing that we never get it wrong, and we never get it done (Thank you Abraham-Hicks!).
Surrender tothe realization that women and men left my Manifest True Love series not just with dates, but with a deeper focus on self-loving in a way they hadn’t yet connected to.
Surrender to the distinct and clear acknowledgement that often love relationships are about coming together to make our insecurities “okay,” not two fully whole people coming together to support one another on a mutually fulfilling path.

Relationships under the above construct are, as I have learned, playing small. And apparently I’m not allowed to do that anymore.

Since fully owning this knowing deep within me, my life has expanded in ways I cannot yet fully process. I feel like a gimp at times, standing tall, my mouth open (see above photo – and after a photoshoot with the kick-ass photog Kathy Campbell, you’ll soon see more of this!), a grin emanating from every muscle in my face.

I awoke the morning of my 35 birthday feeling that I was now becoming the woman I would have been if I had not experienced such trauma in my early years. Tears poured down my face as I felt ME, the ME that had been there all along, aching for me to acknowledge it and set ME fully free into this world. I am more ME than I have ever been in my life and becoming more so every day. This BodyTalk path to wholeness is setting ME free in ways I never could have imagined.

So now, along with the silly grin on my face, I am walking around in a state of profound gratitude, thanking the Universe, my guides and angels of the highest light,  the founder of BodyTalk John Veltheim, and whomever else might be necessary to thank for these blessings.

I have been receiving 3 or more BodyTalk sessions a week to support this transition and it has been beyond incredible.

BIG things are on the way for those engaged in this deep healing work, those committed to following our innate wisdom as it guides us so perfectly, so beautifully – and guides us even when we can’t imagine where it is leading us.

So, I have no idea where this path will take me next. And I am so completely committed to following the guidance from within to live my soul purpose to its fullest expression, that it doesn’t even matter. I am here now and it is beyond my wildest dreams (this is no exaggeration as I was raised believing Armageddon could arrive at any moment, but  more on this awesome part of my journey in the months to come…). 🙂

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I am so grateful for you.

So much love to you,



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