In this truth-telling episode, we lean into the popular New Age beliefs/notions that “there are no mistakes” and “it’s all perfect”.

While I was one of the biggest fans of these beliefs, I’ve been shown that they are false notions that we are now ready to awaken from. I share about how this awakening has occurred for me and the empowerment it has welcomed into my life.

That’s the remarkable thing about awakening! As we awaken we are empowered to live our even more authentic life expression.

We will talk also about why these beliefs were created, why many (myself included) bought into it and what we can awaken/evolve into now!

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Eighteen years ago, my life changed in a big way.

I discovered—before it was hip and cool—that I was allergic to gluten. At that time, all I had to feast on were salads.

After several years of this, as I’m sure you can imagine, I was pretty sad.

Salad with balsamic vinaigrette everywhere I went was beyond depressing.

As the years continued, I discovered allergies to dairy, soy, corn, and refined sugar.

So, I began creating my own recipes that were filled with things I could eat.

Read more on Elephant Journal.

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The most important thing we can do for anyone is to love and support them unconditionally.

It’s a new month and with it, we have new A’s to your love, sex, and sacred union Q’s! This month we talk about how our sexual energy contains our vital life force energy and how to live a life far better than retirement. Big stuff!

Read it all on Spirit Guides Magazine.


Working with your sexual energy is a beautiful way to activate the body’s natural healing energy that exists within the sexual chakra.


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18 years ago, I gained 25 pounds and felt horrible in my body.
I didn’t know what to do.

A book I was reading, “Eat Right for your Blood Type” suggested that I cut out all gluten.

Within 3 weeks, I lost the 25 pounds. And I was forever changed.

I went on to start one of the first gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar blogs (that still gets remarkable amounts of traffic!) and we even had advertisers back in the Wild West days of blogging, before anyone knew about anything.

Over the course of the past 18 years, my body has continued to show me when a food has become too processed for me to eat.

As my spiritual journey progressed, it became even more important for me to be clear of toxins in my body.

That meant soy had to go, and then corn, then refined sugar, then alcohol, then caffeine.

Each time I was devastated.

What would I eat?!

And each time, my Higher Wisdom took me on a journey of discovery about what my body truly needed to be a clear channel for serving my Soul, my clients, and the world through my books and Rising Up for Love.

I know that perhaps you’ve had this experience – discovering over time that your body becomes inflamed and sick from foods that you once consumed with ease.

So, I probably don’t have to tell you this, but I will anyway – our food supply is ridiculously polluted.

And once you’re aware of this it can feel like there’s nothing you can eat that isn’t poison!

For years people have been asking me to publish a cookbook and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it – it wasn’t resonating. I wanted to do something more dynamic, but I didn’t know what that was…

In meditation a few months ago, I received the guidance to create The Metaphysical Menu.

This blog-site features a new weekly recipe or product recommend based on my 18 years experience of eating for enhanced intuitive abilities, clear thinking and clean living.

Almost every recipe and recommend is free of: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine, as well as most preservatives such as citric acid.

It can feel overwhelming and confusing to uplevel how you eat, to support your intuitive abilities, your body temple and a clear mind.

But it really doesn’t have to be that confusing.

Our intention with The Metaphysical Menu is that you’ll have bountiful inspiration, new ideas and new ways to care for your body-mind-Spirit.

18 years ago I was banished to salads with balsamic vinaigrette (I cannot even tell you how many I ate – oy!) – today there are so many great options for you and for us.

I know because I’ve pretty much tried them all. And, now you don’t have to! Let my expertise in this area support your clear eating and expanded intuitive abilities.

Check out The Metaphysical Menu here.
If you want to be notified when new recipes come out, you can even sign up for that email community.

I’m so thrilled to serve in this new way to support highly sensitive beings in eating deliciously, while maintaining a clear channel for fulfilling their Divine Destiny during this time of Ascension (grounded Ascension that is :))!

In deep, Divine Love & Sacred Eating,

(& The Highest Light Team)

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When you allow yourself to vibrate in the frequency of love, all that is truly love can come to you.

It’s a new month and with it, we have new A’s to your love, sex, and sacred union Q’s! This month we talk about how to let your partner know you don’t want to have sex and how to let go of a “Soulmate”. Big stuff!

Read it all on Spirit Guides Magazine.


Let them be all-in or let them go. You’re worth it. You deserve it. And so do they.


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We all want love.

In fact, the desire to feel love, to be loved and to experience love is deeply embedded into the core subconscious programming of all individuals. It just so happens that our subconscious programming runs up to 90 percent of our life (that’s why working on the subconscious mind through advanced energy medicine technologies is so necessary and relevant, but more on that in the future).

This desire to experience love is a powerful motivator that drives every human on Earth, whether they consciously realize it or not, to take a multitude of actions and manifests in a variety of behaviors – both wanted and unwanted.

Read more on Sivana East.

P.S. This article made it into Sivana Spirit’s weekly newsletter, too!

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In this dynamic episode, you’ll receive the 2 action steps you need to solve every problem in your life. Really, we swear it. This is a game-changer, be sure to download and bookmark this episode. Oh, and also share it with everyone you know. 🙂

In only 22 minutes, you will have solved the great mystery that has caused you to go in desperate search of solutions to your life’s problems (and no we’re not going to tell you there are no problems, but we will give you inspiration on how to rock them).

We’ll also give you access to a FREE Online workshop on 6/11/19 at 11:11am Pacific (no worries if you can’t join us LIVE, you’ll receive a recording) AND introduce you to our #8 book – Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles. Learn more here.

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We are so thrilled to share that our newest book, Love Now: Your Year of Love & Miracles is now available for purchase through our publisher and all major book-selling sites.

This 494-page daily guide provides you with a consistent energetic upleveling into the frequency of Love so that you can experience more Love in your life.

Filled with channeled prayers, healing transmissions, Love quotes, Love Activism actions and Equinox / Solstice rituals – Love Now is your go-to support for vibrating at Love (or higher).

In times like these, we need organized, daily, strategic actions for Love – and Love Now provides you with exactly this!

Through May 24, when you purchase your copy of Love Now, you’ll also receive FREE admission to our LIVE online workshop – Create a Grand Love Affair with Yourself (& the World), taking place on June 11 at 11:11am Pacific.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll receive a healing transmission, practical actions and prayer and meditations for creating more Love in your life.

You can receive all of the details and order your copy – ebook or paperback here.

We look forward to reading your reviews and learning more about all of the Miracles and Love that flows to you with Love Now in your life!

XoHeather Kristian & Team


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He left, and I was sure it meant I was completely unlovable.

She trashed my locker at school and then watched with her new friends, laughing hysterically. I fought back tears. I was clearly not lovable.

My mom kicked me out of the house at 17—and that sort of sealed the deal on my unlovability.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there.

I don’t want to totally depress you because there’s a beautiful ending to this tragic beginning. Over the years, I had amassed plenty of evidence to indicate that not only was I not worthy of love, I was even, possibly, totally unlovable.

And so, it became my mission to sort it all out.

Read more on Elephant Journal.

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May 1, is Global Love Day – a day where we can celebrate Love worldwide!


It’s a day to honor Love as a unifying and peace-inducing force on this Earth.


Below are our top recommendations for how to spread the Love, feel the Love, and BE the Love in honor of this most important holiday:


  • Leave Love Notes everywhere you go today. Grab some sticky notes and write things like, “You’re so Loved!” “You’re beautiful.” “Thank you for being in the world.” “I love you.” “You are a blessing.” and leave them in bathrooms, at the gym, at the café, post office, library – anywhere your daily life takes you.

  • Wear Love Gear everywhere you go today. You will spread the Love JUST by being you.

  • Reach out to your favorite global friend. Let him/her know how happy you are they exist in the world. Ask about what is lighting them up in their world and how you can support their happiness at this time. BONUS: If you have an international calling plan and so do they, give them a ring!

  • Make your focus on social media today all about spreading LOVE. Even if you’re having a less-than-fabulous day, even if you don’t feel like it, even if there are things to complain about – make your commitment today to spreading LOVE. Post your favorite Love quote or even share our Instagram and Facebook Love posts with your peeps.

  • Buy a potted plant. Ask to be Divinely Guided on who to give it to. BONUS: If you don’t know the person, even better.

  • Update your phone’s voicemail to close with words of Love. You can be straight to the point and end your voicemail with “I Love you” or “Please know how Loved you are and how grateful I am that you’re in the world.” You can end by saying, “Sending you much Love!” – whatever is most authentic for you. We want people feeling the Love even when we can’t be there to give it to them directly.

  • Look at yourself naked in the mirror today. Make eye contact with yourself and say, “I Love you so much. Thank you for being in this gorgeous body.” This is deeply vulnerable and healing.

  • Be present for whatever you are feeling today. Whatever it is. Just BE with it. Imagine you are surrounding the feeling in Love as you are present with it.

  • Tune in to your Higher Wisdom and ask who needs to hear how Loved they are today. Then, call them up and let them know how you feel. BONUS: If it’s someone you rarely see or say “I Love you” to or even better, someone you have never told before!

  • What do you LOVE to do for FUN? Color? Dance? Sing at the top of your lungs? Garden? Whatever it is – DO some of that today!

  • If you’re in a relationship, spend 11-22 minutes cuddling. This releases oxytocin and brings more Love to each of you. If you’re single, cuddle up with yourself for 11-22 minutes.

  • Make the commitment to volunteer 1 day a month for an organization that is doing good in the world. When we join forces together, even more Love is created.

  • Drink more water. Your body will thank you for it. BONUS: Bless the water with your right hand before drinking it.

  • Put your hands on your body – especially the parts of your body you haven’t always been nice to and say, “I Love you” – visualize that you are beaming Love energy into that body part.

  • Read a Love Poem out loud to your children, to your Lover, to a friend. I love Pablo Neruda and Rumi…(if you needed suggestions).

  • Only put food you truly Love inside your body today (make sure your body Loves it too, example: donuts – your body doesn’t actually like them, your addictive aspects do :)). BONUS: Bless your food with Love and the Highest Light.

  • Bless the earth, everywhere you go (and the sky and plants and trees and animals) – hold up your right hand and say, “I bless you and I Love you.” BONUS: Touch the trees/animals/ground anywhere possible to add further connection.


Make today all about Love. Love of yourself. Love of others. Love of this Earth. And that’s how we really celebrate Global Love Day!

(Hint, you could make this everyday…)


And if you find that you Love these practices so much so that you would like to become a Love Activist – for today only – our Love Activism Training and Certification is HALF off and only $222.


In this training, you’ll receive the spiritual attunements, meditations and practical guidance for how to be a Love Activist on this earth plane.


Upon completion of this training, we’ll send you your official Love Activist certificate AND you can add Love Activist to your title on all of your social media, your resume and more.


Get your Love Activism Training here, today for only $222!


We are on this beautiful Earth together and the only way for true and lasting transformation to take place is if we are organized in consistently giving Love to ourselves, each other and the earth.


In fact, my intention is that this will be a daily practice for you and for all…


And that’s why I wrote our soon-to-be-released book Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles.


It drops on 5/19/19 to our email community (join us for free here today, & receive a free Love Meditation) to be the first to know, and the first to have your own daily Love guide! Xo


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