One of the majestic mountain ranges we work with in B.C.

Living a life committed to Love and to Spirit means life is always an adventure!

You never know exactly where you’ll be expanded into and where you’ll end up.

Being an Advanced Soul (otherwise known as an old af Soul here on Earth for a Love mission), requires having flexibility to the new pathways that open up for you.

You will eternally be expanded into greater Love, greater Peace, greater Prosperity – and ultimately greater Freedom – to be the Sacred, Higher Self you truly are, all while in a physical body.

Me and my husband on the Ferry across the Columbia River into interior B.C.

For my husband and I, this means engaging in Love Tours throughout our Love Territories in the Pacific Northwest, West Coast of the United States and British Columbia.

Our Love Tours began last year when we were guided to go on several epically long road trips, performing rituals, leaving crystals and doing prayer and meditation work to bless the land, waters and living beings we passed by.

Our Love Tours went even more next level when we were given specific guidance by our Higher Wisdom to work with the High Planes of British Columbia to support more Love and Peace being broadcast onto the earth.

Incredibly, we were guided to secure a third home, this time in the High Planes of British Columbia, so that we could be here more regularly to do this important work.

We are guided to the exact timeframes to be here throughout the year so as to carry out this deeply healing work with the earth, again to support all lands, waters and living beings throughout the earth plane.

We are currently on a 3-week tour and are Loving the deepening that we feel happening with the land, with ourselves and with the earth.

We frequently see bald eagle’s above us and take this as a confirmation of our continually going “higher” into who we really are, our Sacred Selves, at this critical time in consciousness by doing this work.

Being an awake and Advanced Soul requires us to listen to the guidance deep within and from the Highest Light.

It requires us to say “yes” to the nudges and signs, even when they don’t make sense. It allows us to live in a truly Love-filled & miraculous way.

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to all those ones who support this Love Tour work through monthly donations.

Every bit helps and is hugely supportive of our commitment to live this Spirit-and-Love-led life.

If you’re called to add Rising UP for Love and our Love Tours to your monthly donations of what you would like to see more of in the world (namely, Love & Spirit!), please donate here.

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We also call on blessings of the Highest Light for all those who support our work in this way.

Thank you for receiving our Spring Love Tour share, and we look forward to sharing with you when our Summer Tour begins as well!

In Divine Love & Sacred Awakening,

XoHeather Kristian & Team

Practicing my selfie skills on the Ferry for our Spring Love Tour. We bless the Columbia River and more! Xo

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I have exciting news! I have a new monthly column in Spirit Guides Magazine on Love, Sex & Sacred Union! You can even submit your Q’s to be featured in an upcoming article.

In the meantime, check out the A’s to these initial Q’s on Spirit Guides Magazine!

Whatever relationship that you call in can only be as vital and healthy as the relationship you have with yourself.

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This article was #1 on the Grassroots page on Elephant Journal!

“The most spiritual act is to be happy.”

Or so said the psychic that I had purchased a reading from one gloomy winter day. I sipped my tea and diligently took notes.

Being happy was a spiritual act and not some frivolous pursuit?!

No, it couldn’t be!

I thought being spiritual was about walking around all “zenned” out. And Namaste-ing everyone you meet, especially on your way to yoga.

(I’m joking.)

Even so, I had to investigate.

Read more on Elephant Journal.

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In this “real talk” 7th episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we break down what spiritual bypassing is, what I actually believe it to be (yes, there’s a difference) and what the Highest Light perspective of Love (which is really the only opinion worth caring about) says about spiritual bypassing. We break it down clearly because we know you can handle it. All of it.

After today’s episode, you won’t be bypassing anything.

We break down how to apply this expanded understanding of spiritual bypassing in your day to day life and on the larger world scale.

We give you specific actions you can take so as to be part of the great healing and ascension that’s occurring at this time for the earth.

And if you’re ready to receive inspiration and tools to let go of bypassing in all its forms, join our email community and receive a free Love Toolkit to begin.

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You’re an Advanced Soul.

You couldn’t be here reading these words if that wasn’t the case.

Don’t you just Love reminder that the power of the Universe will always connect you and bring you what you need?!

So…let’s talk more about this – what is an Advanced Soul?

An Advanced Soul is a Soul who has lived many, many, sometimes 10’s of thousands of lifetimes on this Earth plane.

You’ve been, during this time, supporting the evolution and ascension of the human animal into human Spirit through these incarnations and through living a life.

You’ve been, in each lifetime, working to clear your Earth body so that you may allow the full integration, the full embodiment of your Higher Self into your human body.

In doing so, you support the healing of the collective Soul.

That’s right, by becoming more of your authentic, Sacred Self, by healing the pains and attachments from many previous lifetimes before – you support the ascension and healing of all beings.

Pretty rad, right?

And as an Advanced Soul, the commonly accepted “norms” of this world will not sit quite right with you.

Money, business, relationship, health/healing, food, material items, lifestyle, beauty, etc – the traditional forms won’t mesh for you over the long-term.

You’ll consistently be called to awaken more fully to what’s truly true and from that enLightenment you will be called to create the new – new ways of working with money/currency, with business/work, with relationships and health and healing, and more in your life.

You’ll consistently be called to uplevel into the next newest expression that is available to you.

And if you heed that call, you’ll go deeper and deeper into your emotional and spiritual work which allows for this embodiment as your Higher Self. 

You’ll consistently feel the call to Love, to be at peace and to be a force for only the Highest Good on this plane.

You’ll be called to Divine service.

But not because “they” need healing, but because you follow the call of your true Self, your Spirit – and when you do that you heal yourself so deeply and thus heal the collective.

Your deepest desires literally contain the initiations and next steps for healing your own Soul, and thus the collective.

This path of Advanced Soul-ness is not understood by all beings, nor does it need to be.

No one needs to “know” this about you, but of course everyone will whether they can speak the words or not.

What matters most is that you know this and you – instead of fighting your path, your pain, your hiccups in life, your areas of challenge – you embrace them as opportunities for enLightenment, for deeper Love and Loving.

And so, you must know by now that my “work”, that Rising UP for Love is 111% about Spiritual healing and awakening for Advanced Souls through the principles of Love.

In this Spirit, we have been guided to create Love U(niversity), an online portal to support Advanced Souls in their awakening and healing journey.

Various courses will be available throughout the year, and we’ll let you know when they are so you can take advantage or share with other Advanced Souls (and get special bonuses along the way!).

For now, check out our Love U homepage here, and listen to my audio recording for more Advanced Soul Love inspiration.

I’m thrilled at the continued ways that Spirit expands us and I’m looking forward to all of the ways I can support you on your spiritual journey!

XoHeather Kristian

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In this 6th episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we define what “managing the crazy” means, why it’s a thing that most empaths/highly sensitive beings do and what this time in consciousness is actually asking us to do instead (i.e. STOP managing!).

We’ll give you specific examples of what managing looks like, and specific guidance for how to break this cycle to liberate yourself and the others involved.

Be prepared to laugh, take notes and experience greater freedom in your life and in your awakening today!

And if you’re a woman ready to let go of the managing and step into your leadership and empowerment (and the greatest Love of your life!) join us for Reclaim Your Sacred Woman – accepting ladies through February 28, 2019.

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We Love You! XoHK & Team

©Rising UP for Love,

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Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!

We’ve been spreading the LOVE all week long for Valentine’s Week (subscribe to our Love email newsletter and we’ll get you a Love Meditation and our V-day Resource guide), and we have a new treat for you!

On Galentine’s Day (i.e., the unofficial holy-day for ladies celebrating ladies!), we recorded a new, epic podcast episode with the ladies over at Spirit Guides Radio and it was seriously my fave podcast interview to date!

We went deep and kept it real by covering a V-Day feast of topics such as – sex, sacred union, partnership, the masculine and feminine and this time in consciousness when we must rise UP for Love.

So click on over to this link, and bring a pen and paper because this episode is full of lessons that you’re going to want to remember – as the Spirit Guides Magazine ladies put it – “these golden nuggets of wisdom”. And when you’re done, report back; we would love to hear from you and how you were impacted by this sacred, leading-edge episode!

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Okay loves, it’s time for me yet again to speak publicly about something I have not spoken about before.

It’s gonna get raw and real and may offend you.

This needs to be said, so hang on to your hat! 🙂

And so, let’s talk about John of God, shall we?

In 2008, I was very sick and after being at the John of God Casa and receiving a psychic surgery I was miraculously healed. Shortly following this I began having healing energy coming out of my hands and my psychic/intuitive abilities opened.


It’s what set me on the journey of healing, and changed my life.

I am forever grateful for that experience. However…

When I returned in 2013 to the Casa in Brazil, this time for spiritual development purposes, we had just started hearing news that Joao, the man who is called John of God, had sexual assault charges coming up.

I was horrified.
What is with these men?!

I was then guided to not receive a psychic surgery, to not sit in current inside the Casa and to basically stay the F away from John of God.

We did run into the man, Joao, after the Sacred Waterfall one day. We took a photo with him and I was watching and witnessing – would he touch me or anyone inappropriately? Would anything out of alignment take place? Fortunately, it did not. Which left me wondering…

We asked others about these allegations and no one seemed to know anything. I wondered if they were false claims and just couldn’t wrap my head around such a healing force doing something so horrifying.

And so, I was guided to sit in meditation in the Casa Gardens in Brazil which were the Highest vibration of energy I had ever felt (the John of God Casa sits on a clear quartz mine so it is super charged like you cannot imagine!).

During these 4-5 hour long meditations I was given incredible downloads about my path, about my work, and more.

In addition, 5 Ascended Masters, came to me in Meditation and asked that I begin to scribe/write for them. I did not understand channeling as a concept then and it wasn’t until 2015 that that level of the work began to flow through me.

In those early days, they would come into my one-on-one BodyTalk sessions and perform psychic surgeries that were blowing people away and providing great healing.

I was told that I would not return to the Casa again until after the man Joao, known as John of God, had transitioned.

Since that time I have emailed John of God Casa guides and others who visit there to ask about what happened with the 2013 allegations.

John of God was banned from Omega in 2014 I believe, but then was allowed back in.

Everyone said the Miracle Healings were still off the charts and no one seemed to have any information on further allegations.

I still could not recommend others to go visit in good conscience, as I was asked regularly by people for recommendations, etc.

This past year I wondered if maybe it had just been untrue and wondered if the healings could still be effective.

Wonder no more.

12 women have come forward with very detailed (and all similar) sexual assault and rape allegations against John of God. (More than 600 women have stepped forward since the initial 12 were courageous enough to share their stories, along with many other horrifying allegations. We are #overJohnofGod officially and forevermore.)

I am absolutely disgusted.

Enough people. Enough.

The Masculine is not capable of holding these positions of power without abusing it.

We must turn to Matriarchal Matrixes and healing modes led by the Divine Feminine.

I am sure that there exist men who are not abusing their power that have healing gifts.

Even so, it’s time to turn this over to the Divine Feminine.

The governments, the healers – it all needs to be led by the Feminine. The Masculine can support this, but he is in no way capable of long-term success in these areas any longer (example John of God, example the current U.S. government).

In order to go Higher, we must be led by the Divine Feminine. Nothing else will do.

In order to experience the level of Love that is necessary for all, we must be led by the Divine Feminine. Everything else will crumble.

Ok, that is all. For now. 😉

Yours in Love & Empowerment, Xo

*This stance was originally posted on my Facebook page on December 11, 2018. Since that time, Higher Wisdom has revealed that while in my pain and anger about this turn of events I wanted to wipe the world of all male leaders :), it is a Sacred Union paradigm that will most serve our Earth. The feminine and masculine, together, side by side being of service to support the Ascension and healing of this Earth. This requires deep healing of the masculine and feminine within each of us, and is the empowering work we are here to do more fully now.

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In this 5th episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we talk about all of the important things. Namely who are we truly here to save? How does romantic relationship factor into this?

And how can we come together with a Divine partner or take our current partnership into a level of alignment and sacred union that will ripple out into the Earth to bring more Love and Peace and Prosperity to the world?

We give you real and spiritual guidance on how to take relationship to the next level for the greater healing for Self and for all.

If you are ready to claim Sacred Union for yourself, please join us for: Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

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©Rising UP for Love,

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In our number 4 episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we get even more raw and real. There is a war cry being emanated from the Universal Consciousness for all Ladies (and no, it’s not Beyoncé calling the Single Ladies!). We speak this cry and we call on the hearts of the feminine everywhere to rise up and lead the way for 2020 and beyond.

In this episode we’ll reveal to you the deep and powerful roar that is wishing to be heard by all. We tell it like it is – in our usual style – for some hard truths.

You may be offended.
You may be pissed off.
You may totally disagree with us.

But what we ask is that you take what we’ve shared here and sit with it. Feel into your heart with it. See if your greater truth emerges as you do.

In this episode, we give the 4-1-1 of men in leadership and why that hasn’t worked, along with the way the masculine/feminine are meant to work together.

This may easily be your favorite episode yet!

And ladies, if you’re feeling the call of your Sacred Woman, join us here – before February 1: Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

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©Rising UP for Love,

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