I’ve been in a bit of a funk. A simple negative exchange with a family member sent me into a spin. Don’t you just hate that?! I’ve continued to write my gratitude and intention lists and I’ve even employed a new tactic of delegating to my spiritual team (more on that in the future!). But, for some reason, I was immersed in my old way of thinking – negative, aggressive and guarded.

And then I remembered something. For some time before this, I had woken up every morning and visualized what I wanted in my life, to the Hawaiian version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” For some reason, I had stopped. When searching my brain for, “how can I turn around this negativity” – I remembered my visualization song. I promptly began listening to it. It has helped tremendously.

I’m recommitting to my goal of visualizing every morning to that song. It’s helping to shift the negativity that entered my sphere. Jack Canfield was right – its all about the visualizing. When you can keep your dreams front and center, the negativity can’t get in. Try this out next time you find yourself in a crummy mood. Oh, that and a lot of dancing – to Frou Frou. Love it!

Must-Watch Movie:
This is spiritual, sci-fi and just plain thought-provoking…

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This weekend was the Northwest Writers Workshop, sponsored by the Oregonian & the Poynter Institute. Surprisingly, it was full-up of newspaper writers from across the country. Speakers such as the Oregonian’s Jack Hart and Pultizer-Prize winning newspaper reporter Diana Sugg taught classes on the writing craft.

Unfortunately, the program was mainly geared towards newspaper writers, but there was still valuable information to learn. Jack Hart’s workshop was outstanding, as was the Keynote Address by the amazing Jacqui Banaszynski.

Will I go next year? Probably not. I would rather spend time/money on conferences geared towards freelance writers, as opposed to writers with “beats”. Good god, I am so grateful I don’t have one of those. 🙂 Newspaper writers always say,in disbelief “You can really make money freelancing?” I just smile and nod. And again, feel so blessed to be living my own writing life.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new recipe and you will too. The boyfriend loves German Pancakes, but obviously I cannot eat the traditional kind. This weekend I experimented and created a recipe using spelt flour and vanilla soy milk that’s delicious. Check it out and enjoy!

German Pancakes

6 eggs
1 c white spelt flour
1 c vanilla soy milk
1/8 t salt
1/4 c melted I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray 9×13 baking pan with non-stick cooking spray or use butter wrapper.
Blend all ingredients using a hand-mixer or Kitchen-Aid.
Pour into baking pan.
Bake 30 minutes.

Tada! You will love this!

Top with butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice.
Take 1/4 c of Splenda
Grind in coffee grinder or food processor.

Now you have powdered sugar. (That invention is courtesy of the boyfriend – enjoy!)

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Going on vacation is a blast! Eating wheat/dairy/sugar-free can be a bit challenging. That’s why I prepare! We found a lovely cabin overlooking the ocean that featured a full kitchen. So, I baked Bob’s Red Mill GF brownies (Follow the advice on the recipe and add carob or chocolate chips otherwise they’re a bit cakey), homemade energy bars, brown rice pasta and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.

Turns out eating healthy on vaca was a breeze!

What do you eat while on vacation? Do tell! Leave a comment, send an email or post it on our social networking site: Eating Without.

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Here’s what I’m lovin’ this week…
Elizabeth Gilbert is smart, relatable and brilliant. A must-read for every woman.

You’ll groove to this sultry, sassy and smart lady.

A true classic – Rosie O’Donnell & Matt Dillion steal this romantic comedy (even if Timothy Hutton has to be in the film). 🙂

Love a holiday weekend! And this weekend we snuck off to my favorite beach in Oceanside, Ore. The weather was sunny & overcast (Ah, Oregon!) but absolutely amazing. We read, played cards and drank great wine (Barefoot Merlot – yum!). It was heavenly.

I tried something new and LOVED the charge I received from it – I read my affirmations out loud (check out Chellie Campbell’s powerful financial freedom affirmations) facing the ocean, completely absorbing its energy. Talk about raising your vibration. I’m now committed to spending one day a month at the ocean doing this. It’s soooo good for the soul.

I’m also encouraging you to find something in nature that inspires and awes you (for me its the ocean) and recite your affirmations and intentions. Love that Law of Attraction! The power you’ll feel is amazing. So, get to it!

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20 May / Just Do It

When it comes down to it, you just gotta do it. I’ve been the queen of “not enough time” – until now. I’m starting every day writing in my list of intentions, “I intend plenty of time to do everything I need to do.” And with a full-time writing business, in addition to moonlighting as a full-time PSU student, writing 2 books, monthly articles and business clients – I need to believe and feel that I have plenty of time.

But what I’ve realized is – taking action is the quickest way to alleviating that worry and guilt. So, this week I encourage you to – just do it. Stop thinking about it, talking about it & wondering about it. You’ll feel better, more empowered and get a lot more done when you step into action!

Oh, and something new I’ll be doing every week, is listing books/music/movies that I’m loving right now. Enjoy!

MUST-READ – Changing my relationship with money – yay!

Must-Listen – More insights than the book & movie. LOVE it!

Must-Watch – You’ll be enraged and vow to never give Bush or his oil cronies any more cash. (BTW-did you know that Condoleezza Rice and the rest of Bush’s team are ALL former oil executives? It’s no surprise they aren’t doing anything about oil prices.)

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Check out this website for all things allergy:

You’ll get info on yeast, wheat, dairy and even wool allergies! This site is a terrific resource to use if you suffer from allergies or suspect you might. Enjoy!

What I’m LOVING right now – perfect mid-day wheat-free snack:
Fred Meyer LITE Vanilla yogurt (while lactose intolerant, yogurt has zero impact on my body)
1/4 c Nature’s Plus Flax granola (the BEST!)

Perfect snack that has the protein/carb balance that you need. Also, toss in some freshly cut strawberries – they’re in season! Mmm…

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Lately, I’m receiving the oddest compliments. People are telling me how calm and relaxed I am. You should know, this is NOT usual for me. I spent the better part of my life in high-strung mode. But, something has shifted. And I believe a huge part of that shift has to do with Brooke Emery. (See picture.)

I met Brooke through a Ladies Who Launch listing (she’s featured in their new book – you MUST check it out!) – she was promoting one of her teleseminars. Something about her ad really spoke to me. So, I immediately signed up for the class. One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Since then I’ve partnered with Brooke on several projects, and work with her as my coach. She is AMAZING. Not only that, she’s incredibly successful. Which, in turn, makes you successful. She was recently featured in an article on Forbes.com!

Brooke completely lives the Law of Attraction. Her energy is infectious and before you know it, you’ll be loving your life. And loving it in a more calm, relaxed way. Not only that, you’re business will take on enhanced direction and meaning. I promise! You will adore her, as I do. I HIGHLY recommend contacting her today.

OK – so in summary – email Brooke Emery, certified strategic attraction coach (SO cool!) TODAY. Your life, business and attitude will make shifts you never thought possible.

Much love,


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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

It seems as though every holiday is also accompanied by mandatory gorging, preferably at a buffet of some type. So in honor of M-day, I joined the boyfriend for a family-filled brunch at the Orchard Hills Country Club. While a buffet brunch (for a holiday no less!) may seem like a no-win situation, here are some tips for eating out holiday-brunch style:

-Protein is the name of the game
Forget about saturated fat for one day and load up on yummy bacon, sausage and eggs.
-Eat all the shrimp and smoked salmon you can handle.
Add the cocktail sauce or salsa – it’s a great w/d-free addition
-Potatoes, baby!
Forget about the waffles and pancakes & bring on the potatoes. Even better, combine with your eggs.
-Wheat-Free Eggs Benedict
Remove the English muffin from the eggs benedict to enjoy wheat-free.
-Allow yourself one small treat
After eating all of the above, I decided that instead of a danish or scone I would splurge on a tiny slice of cheesecake. With a full tummy, I had no side effects (portion size is key – this was similar to a sushi dessert slice at Todai’s).

See, it wasn’t that bad.
Next, drink a lot of water and go for a walk.

Aren’t the holiday’s fun? 🙂


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