Most people outside of Oregon probably haven’t heard of Depoe Bay. If you blink, you’re bound to miss it while driving south on Hwy. 101. Fortunately, I grew up on the coast, so I know all about the po-dunk towns in between Astoria, Lincoln City and Newport.

We stayed at Inn at Arch Rock in Depoe Bay this weekend. It was lovely! The views from our Penthouse Suite were amazing. Although, truth be told, I spent more time in the jetted tub than I did anywhere else in the spawling 2-bedroom suite. Something about soaking in a hot tub and sipping white wine completely soothes my soul. From there, we spent Friday driving up Hwy. 101 to visit my favorite beach – Oceanside.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Merely to encourage you to take a break. Even if it’s simply for the one night or a weekend. I had time to sit and meditate in front of the ocean. I found answers to some of my recent anxieties and attracted ideas for future writing.

Be still.
It’s the best thing any of us can ever do.

Wishing you much love and success,

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I’m surprised by the big glass of Haterade a host of therapists, coaches and authors are serving up on The Secret. When I first discovered The Secret, I was excited, thrilled and glowing. To me, it provided the missing piece of my evolving spiritual puzzle – I could attract what I wanted into my life IF I put my focus on attracting it.

As of today, I’ve watched The Secret half a dozen times and have shared it with as many people as I possibly can.

I’m shocked at the amount of negativity that these “progressive” individuals are throwing at The Secret. I unsubscribed from Debbie Ford’s newsletter as her rants following The Secret’s appearance on Oprah made me realize how threatened she felt by the movie’s methodology (which directly challenges her entire business premise, therefore threatening her livelihood). Today I received Byron Katie’s newsletter to uncover more of the same. Add to that segments on the Today show saying The Secret is “dangerous” (Gail Saltz – stop being so afraid of losing your cush gig for god’s sake!) and numerous rants by anyone who is threatened by the possibility that everything in our life we attracted by our thoughts/feelings/actions.

All I can say at this point is – what are you all so scared of?

Stop being afraid and enjoy life!
Use the Law of Attraction and The Secret to make your world a better place (thus affecting everyone around you).

We can all agree that if we had more love and less anger the world would be a better, happier place. The Secret just happens to be one of the vehicles we can use to get there. Not so scary after all, eh?

While you’re at it – check out The Secret book…I recently received the audio version (thanks boyfriend!)

Okay, I’ll now promptly step down from my soap box. 🙂

Much love to you ALL!

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22 Apr / Go Macro!

A macrobiotic diet sounds a little, well…scientific. I never bothered doing much research on this diet until I received a press release about Go Macro’s new line of gluten-free bars. The founder’s mother had breast cancer and used a macrobiotic diet to cure herself. Amazing! I SO believe that the food we eat is in direct relation to our health. Unhealthy? Check out the food you’re eating (that and the thoughts you’re thinking). That will provide all the answers you need!

While a macrobiotic diet does include whole wheat, the folks at Go Macro decided to add gluten-free to the mix. The bars are a bit carb heavy (35 grams of carbs in one bar) in fact, I wouldn’t eat them as anything more than a meal replacement (with a soy yogurt for breakfast) as opposed to a “snack”.

So far, I’ve tried peanut protein – a little misleading – there are only 13 grams of protein, but it’s very tasty. My favorite is cashew butter – 240 calories, 36 carbs, 4 grams protein. Pretty comparable to Cliff bars, the taste though is somehow – better. It’s lighter and more pure in taste. Is that even possible? Seems so. I’m tearing off pieces of the bars to eat as snacks in between meals. One whole bar is simply too much to eat at once, unless it’s for a meal.

Have you tried Go Macro products? If so, do tell!

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Sometimes great ideas don’t turn out as you imagine.

That was truly the case for a recent food piece I did for in honor of International No Diet Day. I had this FABULOUS idea that in honor of No Diet Day, I would abandon my wheat/dairy/sugar-free lifestyle and enjoy one day of eating whatever I wanted.

The editor LOVED the idea and decided to add a video component and 2 additional restaurants. My idea was now to be a documented event, with 6 restaurants in one day.

I don’t need to give you the play-by-play (although you will be able to watch it all on April 26) for you to know what happened. While I only ate a little bit at each restaurant (OK – a whole dessert at Papa Haydn’s and ate way to much at Bernie’s Bistro), by location 6 – I was sick. And it didn’t just end there. I’ve been recovering all weekend. I literally had a food hang-over. I didn’t eat until dinner time yesterday and even that was very bland foods. I had headaches, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, skin irritation, extreme crankiness – all of it from eating unrefined foods for one full day.

This “fun” writing assignment reminded me why I love to eat wheat/dairy/sugar-free. I feel SO MUCH better and I don’t have any of the stomach/mood/skin problems that I do when I eat refined foods.

So, I’m in a place of complete GRATITUDE now that my day of pigging out is over. Never again. I love my body and don’t believe dieting is healthy. But, I LOVE eating wheat/dairy/sugar-free. In that way, every day is “no diet day” for me!

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15 Apr / Go Gratitude!

Go Gratitude was a catalyst in my own personal transformation. Sign up for this amazing email program and for 42 days you will receive insights that open your mind and transform (great word!) your heart. I participated in this email program over a year ago and absolutely loved it. In fact, I’ve signed up for a couple of times. The 42 days goes by far too fast!

Gratitude is paramount in attracting the life you dream about.
The Law of Attraction and Gratitude work together hand in hand giving you everything you need and desire. To learn more about the Law of Attraction, visit

Every morning, I wake up and write 10 things I am grateful for. It can be as simple as “sleep” or as fun as “orgasms”. It only matters that you align your energy with what you are grateful for.

Gratitude also turns a bad mood on its head in an instant.
When down in spirit, write 10 things you are grateful for. It’s tough to be bummed out when you realize how much is right in your life.

Check out this book on Gratitude:

Go gratitude!

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I celebrated my first-ever Easter this year. Besides not having any idea what this holiday is about (in honor of Jesus resurrection and rabbit fertility – what?!) I thoroughly enjoyed the egg decoration process.

The boyfriend bought a kit and I got to decorate my pretty eggs with stickers, dye and stamps. It felt more like a grade school project than a holiday, but I have to tell you – connecting with your creative side – even if it’s simply decorating eggs, felt GOOD. Then, I had my own Easter egg hunt. He hid the eggs throughout the apartment and I had to find them.

I discovered two things:
1) Scavenger hunts ARE HARD (there’s an egg hidden in my spider plant!)
2) Being a kid (even at 29) is a lot of fun. Yay Easter!

How does this relate to writing? Well, it doesn’t really. Other than I’m a writer, writing about my first-ever Easter experience. How’s that for relevance?!

Oh and check out this fabulous book I just finished. It’s been a big help – I’m not raging in traffic or agonizing about nutty people. 🙂


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09 Apr / WOW Brownies!

At a recent visit to Hair Unlimited in West Linn (where my sis Amanda cuts hair – she rocks!), I discovered WOW Chocolate Brownies at Market of Choice.

WOW, these are delicious. Brownies. Yum!
No refined sugars and no wheat.

Even better – they’re a NW company, located in Seattle. So, check them out.
It’s a great weekend treat.


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Great discovery – Oliver’s in Lake Oswego offers gluten-free pizza crust (but only in a 12″ size). It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I told the boyfriend to get his own pizza, because I would be devouring the entire thing myself. The crust is perfection.

Try the “Soprano” – it has mozzarella (although you can add soy cheese!), Italian sausage, pepperoni, tomatoes and yummy sauce.

There are a variety of other options, as well as “create your own pizza”.

Formerly Pasto-Rico’s, the restaurant just went under a major name change and they do not have a new website.

Visit them: 14559 Westlake Dr.
Lake Oswego, OR
United States
(503) 620-7723

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I just finished taking a Women’s Studies course through Portland State University on Body Image. I loved it! The overall conclusion is this: media (TV, print, radio, Internet) advertising tells us that we suck (we are too fat, too ugly, not worthy) so that we will buy the products that will “fix” the problem (SlimFast, cosmetic surgery, self-help books, etc). All of this is reinforced through media programming (anything on MTV, Desperate Housewives, etc).

So…I gave up cable. I canceled my magazine subscriptions.

Then, spring break happened.
I didn’t have any school textbooks to read.

I picked up my latest issue of SELF magazine (the subscription runs out in July). I leafed through it, skimming it really. 2 hours later, on a walk through Portland’s Nob Hill, I’m compelled to enter a store with pretty dresses. I have not purchased any clothing in MONTHS.

I’m on a “consume-less, love my body more” kick right now.

I find several dresses I MUST HAVE. I purchase one. For $50. One dress.
I paint my nails.
I buy hair clips with the intent of doing more than wearing my hair down and in a ponytail.

Is it SELF magazine? Is it all the pictures of extremely thin, tan white women that is driving me to begin obsessing about how I look again?

I thought I was done feeling bad about myself, but today, after my magazine indulgence, it’s back. If my women’s studies class is right, beauty magazines make women feel ugly and bad about themselves.

What do you think?
I’m desperate to know!
Post comments or send emails to:


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I turned 29. Can you even believe that noise? I know, it’s ridiculous. My good friend, Sarah and I were lamenting today about how 28 was so very good to us. Now, we’re staring 30 in the eye. Like, that’s old or something. I’ll use my typical response to the age fear – look at Suzanne Somers for god’s sake – the woman looks amazing and she is 60 or something.

Anyway, the b-day was fabulous. We spent it dining at Marrakesh – Portland’s Morrocan restaurant. It was incidentally, completely out of Moroccan beer and wine. Mental note – do not visit this establishment on a Friday night. It was ridiculously crowded. But, I did get a bellydancing lesson from the bellydancer herself (humiliating!) and got to wear one of those Shriner’s caps for the “Happy Birthday” sing-along. All in all, a perfectly wonderful night.

BTW, I accomplished zero writing on Friday. It was my b-day and I treated myself to a pedicure at Nirvana Day Spa instead of work. Is there a better gift? I think not!


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