02 Jan / Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

And now – after a month of parties, wine, and amazing food – we are back to work.
Can you feel it?

One of my resolves for my writing business (and it IS a business) is to attend at least 2 networking events a month.

This week I’ll be attending a PDX Mindshare event at Souk.
I’m also plan to attend events for Women in Portland Publishing and the Portland Advertising Federation (for copywriting gigs).

Why? People need to know you and you need to know people. No matter what your business, networking is invaluable. As a writer, it connects me with others and many times results in referrals. I’ve also made some incredible friends through networking events.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Share it here!


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29 Dec / Eat, Pray, Love

My new favorite book is written by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have not picked this up, please do so today.

Eat, Pray, Love is a well-written, heart-wrenching, relatable journey of an amazing woman. Not only do I identify with Gilbert throughout the book (which I am reading while working out – it’s making it A LOT easier to get through that 40 minutes!), it’s an absolute joy to read.

Support Portland’s largest independent (and rockin’!) bookstore – Powells – and buy it – today.

Also, one of my favorite journaling exercises is on its way. End of the year analysis.

Try this out – Light some candles, put on your favorite slow jams (I SO miss the 80’s), and take out a notebook. For every month in 2006 Jan. – Dec. write down what you accomplished, what happened – success, failures – all of it. This is so cleansing, trust me!

Then, write on a new sheet of paper: “I intend to attract the following into my life for 2007…”. Write down EVERY SINGLE THING you want to come into your life in 2007. Just let it flow out of you – do not over think this.

Finally, in your kitchen sink – burn the 2006 list. You are now letting go of this year.

With that, seal up your 2007 Wish List in an envelope. Write the date on the front and put it under your bed. Next year, when you do this exercise again you will be STUNNED by how many of the things you wrote down for 2007 came true. I can’t wait to open up my 2006 wish list to see all that I manifested.

Happy Writing & Happy New Year!

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Try out this yummy lunch-time meal. In fact, I’m making it for my dad today. Wow, isn’t he lucky – getting to try all of my wheat-free, dairy-free, no sugar recipes?! Fortunately, he loves this stuff too!

Turkey & Cheese Quesadilla’s
-Corn tortillas (right now using Mission White Corn)
Healthy Choice sliced turkey
Lisanatti Almond Jalapeno Jack Cheese (the website is down, but you can find this at New Seasons or Fred Meyer Nutrition Centers)
-1 small avocado
-Salsa (love Fred Meyer’s brand black bean & corn salsa)

Grill tortilla with shredded cheese, avocado, and chopped turkey until brown and cheese is melted. Cut in half and top with salsa.

I’m eating this daily for lunch right now. Perfect for winter.



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Do you ever go into a coffee shop (and I’m not talking about Starbucks here) and find yourself drooling over the pastries?

Bummer deal is – it’s all filled with wheat, dairy, and processed sugar. For women with food intolerances (lucky us!) and those of us watching our weight, the pastry case is a complete tease.

Enter the people at Odwalla. They have saved my coffee shop nightmare. Luckily, independent coffee shops like the Pharmacy Cafe, take care of those of us with wheat/dairy/sugar intolerances.

My absolute favorite Odwalla bar is Chocolate Chip Peanut. It is exactly like eating a cookie! I take these with me on road trips and for vacations. It’s a convenient, delicious, and healthy breakfast.

Try it out & let me know what you think!


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My favorite gift this Christmas was a lovely, black Moleskin journal. If you don’t have one – get one (or ask for it as a gift)! This famed journal used by Hemingway, Picasso, and other greats screams success and amazing accomplishments.

I have never experienced the Moleskin, until now. My thoughts and feelings are somehow more profound, now that they sit inside of this Italian-made journal.

In addition, my amazing friends, Jen & Luis, gave me a subscription to Writer magazine. Are there any Writer magazine readers out there? If so, let me know what you love best. My first subscription arrives in a couple of months.

Yay Christmas! Now, onto 2007.


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Hi all,

Hope you had a lovely holiday!
I had the best Christmas ever. Thank you new boyfriend! 😉

But, enough about that – I also started a new blog that is solely dedicated to wheat-free, dairy-free, and no processed sugar eating. I’ve been eating this way for over 5 years.

Originally, I was desperate to lose 20 pounds. I worked out, ate “low-carb” & tried everything else. No matter what I did, I could not drop the weight. A friend suggested I cut out wheat. I did & 3 weeks later, the 20 pounds were gone! I’ve always been lactose intolerant, so the dairy was easy to get rid of. I had already made soy milk and cheese my friends. I started to also realize that sugar was giving me ridiculous mood swings and cravings – so I cut that out.

My weight has now been the same for 5 years and anytime I feel like I’ve gained a few extra pounds and I’m feeling irritable, I look at my diet. Sure enough, I’ve made exceptions at dinner parties or events and indulged in one of those 3 foods.

My new blog will be completely dedicated to recipes and product recommendations. You don’t want to miss it! Please reply with any recipes or products you would like to see featured. I can take almost any recipe and turn it into a no wheat, dairy, or sugar treat!


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One of my favorite things is to cook for friends & family using wheat-free, dairy-free, and no/low sugar foods. Of course, I don’t tell them right away that they are about to eat amazingly delicious and healthy food. I watch them take their first bite, love it, and THEN I tell them how healthy the food is.

That’s what happened Christmas morning. I made breakfast for my dad – blueberry pancakes. I LOVE Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. It’s the best!

Follow the “Pamela’s Pancakes” recipe on the back of the package and add organic blueberries (I purchased and froze from this summer at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market.)

Smother in Smart Balance Light and SpringTree SugarFree Syrup (the best!). I couldn’t find a link to a website for this syrup, but you can find it at almost any grocery or health food store. I’ve tried all of the sugar-free syrups out there and this one is DELICIOUS.

This is a great weekend or special occasion breakfast. And the carb coma isn’t too bad. Try some turkey sausage links from New Seasons for added protein.



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Merry Christmas!

Forget about eggnog, there are several soynog products on the market that are delicious and A LOT healthier for you. 1/2 the calories and fat. You can’t hate on that!

Check out VitaSoy’s Holly Nog. It’s yum-alicious. And really tasty with a lil’ brandy. Try it out!

Another good option is Silk’s Soy Nog, but right now I’m drinking nothing but the VitaSoy. The price point is more reasonable and it tastes like the real thing (without all the calories or lactose intolerance!).



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OK – I HAVE to talk about this book because 2 other people have mentioned it to me this week. The Renegade Writer. Read it if you have any aspirations of a freelance writing career.

The book found me in a rather odd way. I was walking down Burnside, as I often do, thinking about my writing career. This was pre-quitting the “job”. Suddenly the words “unconventional writer” came into my head. I liked the phrase, but had no idea what it meant. Later that afternoon, while I was “working”, I stumbled across the book The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success on Amazon.com.

How cool is that? Besides, any book that has the word “totally” in the title must be great. Yay valley girls! (BTW-I am NOT a valley girl, yet I use ‘like’ and ‘totally’ in ridiculous amounts. I know, how very attractive).

Dawn, another freelance writer in my new writing group (yay!) mentioned it to me this week also. Apparently, ALL successful writers devour this book. Enjoy!

And Merry Christmas! Hope you get EVERYTHING you want this year.

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I currently teach a twice monthly journaling class to girls through the Boys & Girls Aid Society. If you have not checked out this incredible organization helping kids all over the Portland Metro area, please do so. They are always looking for amazing volunteers and I highly recommend it.

Spending time with the girls is seriously the best thing I do. I’ve learned that it’s not always about doing a “perfect” job or giving them just the “right” info – it’s about spending time with them. In fact, we recently added another night, just to discuss whatever is on their minds.

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding additions to your schedule that you’ll ever make. Make that one of your New Year’s Resolutions!

And to enjoy the last working day before Christmas, tune into SomaFM. The Christmas Lounge rocks. Besides, Santa looks kinda hot with two turntables and a microphone…

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