10 Aug / Welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

We’re in the midst of summer and I’m loving it. The weather is gorgeous. Last night I did a
7-mile bike ride (which isn’t much at all), but it killed. It’s my first real ride in over a year. My bike is a totally pimped out and I’m ready to go. I’m trying to find a cycling buddy to do some longer rides with me, but so far no luck.

I’m heading out to the Howie Day/Anna Nalick concert tonight at the Crystal Ballroom. This will be my first time attending a concert at the Crystal Ballroom and I’m looking forward to it. Did a little pre-concert shopping today and picked up some huge dangly earrings to wear tonight. 🙂

The only down side to summer is my lack of motivation to work. Everyone and their mother is on vacation and I’d much rather be reading a book (currently “His Needs, Her Needs”) by the pool than sitting in front of a computer. It’s time to get that laptop with wireless internet I’ve been drooling over…

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