I want to bust through the myth that Surrender is this completely passive, you do nothing state and then everything you want comes to you; this false belief that, “If I meditate everyday and visualize my desires, everything will come to me.”


The key to living your most abundant, most rich life is SURRENDER baby. But not passive, do-nothing surrender. This episode lays it all out as well as how to align with a Soul desire that is not fully manifesting the way you would like. Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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When you recognize and understand that you have the capacity–You, just You as the one person that You are–you have the capacity to create a vibration of Peace that ripples out into the Universe and creates an upliftment, a vibration of energy that helps to contribute to the spreading of Peace–not the opposite of Peace–in our world, when you are able to recognize that, you know your power and Divinity at a new level.


Want to see a world where violence and hatred is obsolete? Get the details on how YOU can start right now to create peace in our world.

Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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When we shift our thought-forms, and we shift out of negative-thought forms, we are literally shifting the availability of that thought-form to others in the collective. We are making it less accessible to other Souls in the collective. That’s how powerful we all are!


I was getting in my own way and the JOGs set me straight! I share it with you here. We also address a question about speaking in tongues – what’s really happening here and how do we work with this energy?

Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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You already have everything you need, in your body, to connect with Spirit.


This week we’re mixing it up on Spirit-Led Radio. This week you receive a free reading/transmission from the JOGs to support you on your Spirit-led journey from my newest book A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living!

And we answer a great question about using herbs, plant medicines and drugs to connect to Spirit/Higher Consciousness. Get the Highest Light perspective here in this week’s episode. Listen here.

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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I used to loathe meditation. Even the term made me uncomfortable.

Sitting, alone and quiet, just focusing on my breath for what seemed like hours on end was as close to torture as I could stand.

I would try it, halfheartedly anyway, and after a minute or so conclude that while other people may be able to do this mediation thing — I was not one of them.

But when health crisis after health crisis came knocking on my body’s door and everyone from my physical therapist to surgeon suggested I give it a shot, I knew I had to find a way to overcome my meditation avoidance once and for all.

Read more on FinerMinds.

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Trust me in this: You can handle anything. Because you are a Divine being and you have the full support of Source and legions of Guides and Angels of the Highest Light that are here, cheering you on, to know the unknowable, to integrate and love yourself even more, no matter what it is, and to continue to Soar!


You know that a full-body Yes means go for it! But what about a full-body no? While you may think that means to turn and run the other direction, you’ve most likely tried this with mildly disastrous consequences.

This week’s episode gives you the scoop on what a full-body No really means and how best to work with it. Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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New Age spirituality and psychology loves to talk about the Ego. And then blame it for everything from trying to “take you out” to any thoughts about yourself that are positive and uplifting.

In this episode I give you the 4-1-1 on the Highest Light perspective on Ego and how you can work with this concept in a whole new, Divinely aligned way.

Also, I answer a question about the nature of reincarnation when it comes to humans, plants and animals (so fascinating what came through!).

Listen to this week’s episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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We’re here to evolve. It is never going to be enough to just sit on our laurels. It’s never going to be enough to not grow and expand. Because why you’re here is to evolve your Soul’s consciousness forward, and therefore – because we’re all connected as one – the consciousness of the collective.

The very process of being alive is an evolutionary journey.


Every Wednesday (Spirit willing!) I’ll have a new episode of Spirit-Led Radio for you where I’ll share from my own Spirit-Led journey, take your questions about living Spirit-led and bring in humor & a Higher Consciousness perspective on this incredible life.

My intention is that Spirit-Led Radio: Real, Rich, Miraculous serves as upliftment and inspiration for you in living your most real, rich and miraculous life yet. Listen to this week’s episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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My whole life was oriented around eating and drinking. I didn’t know this until last year though when my next-level spiritual awakening occurred and suddenly I couldn’t…

…eat meat.

…eat sugar.

…drink alcohol.

…eat foods with preservatives like citric acid and carrageenan and mono-blah-blah-blah and all of those other ingredients no one can pronounce.

I was already caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy, & corn-free. What more did they (the ominous, ever present “they”, what I was interpreting as my Spirit Team) want from me?

Apparently a lot more.

As it turns out, to be a clear channel for Divine Will, one’s body must be a clear channel. And while that clearly makes sense now that I’ve written it and subsequently said it out loud, I never fully understood how literal this was until last year when I would get sick if I had sugar or preservatives. And then my desire for meat and alcohol (both of which I was a consistent and regular consumer of) completely vanished. I suddenly felt like gagging just thinking about or smelling alcohol and meat.

What in the hell?

Then, more and more of my clients as they became aligned with their Highest path were receiving guidance to adjust their eating habits and they found they could no longer metabolize alcohol as well.

Something was definitely up. Turns out those called to this path are “advanced souls“.

And this shouldn’t be a newsflash, but it was, I think for most of us who have been called to this path. If you wish to live a life guided by your intuition and guidance from your Spirit Team, you need to have a body-mind that is a clear enough channel to be able to accurately receive the messages. So not only do we need to release limiting beliefs, traumas and fears, but we also must have a body that is clear enough for us to receive this guidance from.

So if you have the experience of: “well my intuition told me this but it turned out like this____” and you’re upset about it, you have to assess just how clear your “intuition” is. When I started out on this path, I thought my intuition led me to do things like end relationships and go to this bar to meet this person or do that thing. Now looking back I can see clearly that since I was not a clear channel at all and was just learning about intuition that these “whispers” were in truth my limiting beliefs and wounds nudging me. We have to be taking care of our energetic health and clearing regularly to be able to wisely trust our intuition.

Here are a couple of things to ask yourself if you are feeling like your intuition is “off”:

  1. Are you receiving consistent  and regular release/clearing of limiting thought-forms, beliefs, fears and traumas?
  2. Is your body clear of stimulants like caffeine and addictive properties like sugar and alcohol and preservatives? Are you eating a balanced, clean diet?

If you wish to live a life based on your intuition, you’ve got to be clear more of the time. And depending on your path, these can be simple adjustments like switching to decaf or half-caff or only having 1 glass of alcohol or whatever it might be for you.

I didn’t realize how much alcohol or sugar clouded me until last year when I was down to just 1 glass a week of wine and the next day after having 1 glass I could feel it in my body. Same with sugar. Even the “organic” kind. I can literally feel the cloudiness in my system if I consume it.

That was enough for me to see. But for years I drank wine several times a week, had sugar several times a week and didn’t seem to notice any disruption to my system.

Once it was cleared out, I could immediately feel the dis-ease that it introduced to my body.


It’s not that your intuition can’t work with stimulants and depressants and chemicals in it, it’s just not as finely tuned. So if you find yourself questioning your guidance more of the time or thinking you’re receiving guidance and then having wonky outcomes, it will help to first look at your body-mind to see how clear it is.

If you feel like you could be clearer – and hey listen, I thought I was super clear, I received multiple clearing sessions a week, ate gluten-dairy-soy-caffeine-corn-free and yet I’ve been amazed at what these additional tweaks have done for me – you could probably be more clear.

For me it has been Next. Level. Baby. Next. Level.

There’s an additional expansion that occurs when you make these changes – not only does your food and drink get an upgrade, your social life gets totally reorganized as well.

My “social life” since I was 21 was centered around happy hours and potlucks and wine tasting.
With sugar and alcohol knocked out in 1 fell swoop, I had to get creative.

I had to go deeper within. What did I actually enjoy doing? What was my Soul calling me to? What really lit me up?

The answers were art galleries and museums (I bought a membership!), plays and movies, foot rubs and foot soaks and pedicures, literary events and author readings, nature, nature, nature, roadtrips, cooking my favorite foods but according to my new way of eating, sparkling water and discovering that if it’s not Italian it’s not worth drinking.

Suddenly a whole world of social activity and pure life enjoyment was opened up to me. I was more present, I was more clear, I was savoring moments more fully. Bottom line: I was living more fully.

Only I had no one to go with me to any of these activities since everyone in my life’s social life also consisted of eating and drinking as the sole forms of socialization.

So I had to make new friends. I had to ask my current friends if they were willing to try new things with me. I had to stretch. And it was a very good thing.

Now, when a social outing involves food and drink – I’m to the point where I can navigate the food with ease and I drink hot herbal tea or sparkling water in a wine glass (sexy I know & bartenders now love me ;)).

But the best part is – I don’t miss it. I don’t miss eating and drinking and having it cloud my judgement and my thoughts. I don’t miss polluting my body.

I love feeling clear. I love feeling connected and I love all of the richness this shift in my eating and drinking habits has brought to me.

For those feeling called to upgrade your eating and drinking patterns I highly recommend writing out a list of your favorite foods and then finding a way to make those recipes (google what you’re looking for – it’s amazing what you’ll find!) or eat at restaurants that have clean and healthy versions of this food. For me, I had loved champagne and so sparkling Italian water (Whole Foods brand is literally THE BEST Italian Sparkling water on the planet, just saying) in a wine glass was the perfect upgrade. You can take what you loved before and give it a vibrational upgrade. Then, it doesn’t feel like you’re being deprived, it feels like you are expanding into a higher state of consciousness (which you are).

And as a total side benny, your body feels and looks AMAZING. And you can’t hate on that.

Some of my clients have experienced push back from friends and family about these changes and have had trouble navigating this when it occurs. The first thing to ask yourself if this happens is if there is any part of you that is judging you as they seem to be. Remember, everyone is showing us something about ourselves.

The second part here is to calmly and politely explain that you want to live at a new level of consciousness or simply that you feel better when you eat/drink in this way. Ultimately you don’t have to explain to anyone what you are guided to, but what does matter is that YOU feel in alignment with whatever path of eating and drinking you are following.

So get clear with you and then everyone around you should be okay with it too. My family has been used to me eating “weird” since I went gluten-free before it was even a cool thing to do about 14 years ago. Now while they never adjusted to it, they no longer make fun of me. I just bring all of my own food when I visit or for the holidays. And big win – they now love my gluten-dairy-soy-corn-free stuffing and gluten-dairy-soy-corn-free mac-n-cheese. Not drinking still freaks some of my sisters out, but I just smile and shrug it off.

I’ve also started attracting friends who eat a lot like I do, and so we have a blast going to our fave vegan restaurant (Harlow on SE Hawthorne in Portland) or making food together that follows our way of eating.

The other piece to remember is that our body goes through cycles and phases. While you may not want to have meat now, you may find you start craving it again in the future or if you’re a woman during your moon time.  I found that my body wanted no animal products for 6 months straight. After that, I am drawn to have animal protein in the form of eggs or organic meat 2-3 times a week (still no cheese, damnit! ;)) with usually some red meat during my moon cycle. So be willing to flow with what your body desires and let it be your guide. Trust that when you are committed to living the fullness of your life experience – working with your Higher Self/intuition and Spirit Team – that you will be guided to what you need one way or the other and that you must be willing to be flexible with whatever comes your way.

Creating friendships and relationships with others who honor and respect the way you live your life is hugely important.

Having a social life that is a true reflection of who you really are – not just what you’ve been conditioned to do (like for me happy hours and drinking) allows your life to be more rich and full. And that’s what you wanted when you incarnated. Trust me on this.

Enjoy this Magical path of Life and allow your channel to be as clear as you are called to create it.

In love & magic,





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You Are SO Worthy – you matter so much, simply because you’re Alive, because you’re here. Do you know how many components had to come together for you to be here? Do you know how many beings – physical and non-physical beings had to come together for you to be alive and be here right now?

You Are So Worthy – because Heaven and Earth moved to allow you to be here!

And we forget this. We forget the Divine Truth which is: You Matter. You matter simply because you’re here!

SpiritLed1RedoEver since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to have my own radio show. In the past year, I felt that desire return strongly, and so offers and opportunities began to appear, but none that felt 100% aligned.

2 weeks ago, after meditation, I was given this approach to begin my Spirit-Led Radio show. It’s not quite radio, but I think you can pretend with me as what it’s really about is this…

Spirit-Led Radio is a weekly 20-30-40 minute (however long Spirit guides me to go!) show addressing topics that matter to those of you on the Spirit-Led path – namely, living the call of your Soul while utilizing the energy all around and within you, including your Spirit Team and Higher Power energy, to create a real, rich and miraculous life.

Most called to this path have gone through some level of Spiritual Awakening – waking up to your true nature, your true path and knowing that you are here to transcend previous limitations about what a life in a body and on this Earth can and does look like.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of living Spirit-led! Listen to the first episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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