When we shift our thought-forms, and we shift out of negative-thought forms, we are literally shifting the availability of that thought-form to others in the collective. We are making it less accessible to other Souls in the collective. That’s how powerful we all are!


I was getting in my own way and the JOGs set me straight! I share it with you here. We also address a question about speaking in tongues – what’s really happening here and how do we work with this energy?

Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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You already have everything you need, in your body, to connect with Spirit.


This week we’re mixing it up on Spirit-Led Radio. This week you receive a free reading/transmission from the JOGs to support you on your Spirit-led journey from my newest book A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living!

And we answer a great question about using herbs, plant medicines and drugs to connect to Spirit/Higher Consciousness. Get the Highest Light perspective here in this week’s episode. Listen here.

If you want more of this Magic, check out A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living.

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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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I used to loathe meditation. Even the term made me uncomfortable.

Sitting, alone and quiet, just focusing on my breath for what seemed like hours on end was as close to torture as I could stand.

I would try it, halfheartedly anyway, and after a minute or so conclude that while other people may be able to do this mediation thing — I was not one of them.

But when health crisis after health crisis came knocking on my body’s door and everyone from my physical therapist to surgeon suggested I give it a shot, I knew I had to find a way to overcome my meditation avoidance once and for all.

Read more on FinerMinds.

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Trust me in this: You can handle anything. Because you are a Divine being and you have the full support of Source and legions of Guides and Angels of the Highest Light that are here, cheering you on, to know the unknowable, to integrate and love yourself even more, no matter what it is, and to continue to Soar!


You know that a full-body Yes means go for it! But what about a full-body no? While you may think that means to turn and run the other direction, you’ve most likely tried this with mildly disastrous consequences.

This week’s episode gives you the scoop on what a full-body No really means and how best to work with it. Listen to this week’s Spirit-Led Radio here.

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New Age spirituality and psychology loves to talk about the Ego. And then blame it for everything from trying to “take you out” to any thoughts about yourself that are positive and uplifting.

In this episode I give you the 4-1-1 on the Highest Light perspective on Ego and how you can work with this concept in a whole new, Divinely aligned way.

Also, I answer a question about the nature of reincarnation when it comes to humans, plants and animals (so fascinating what came through!).

Listen to this week’s episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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We’re here to evolve. It is never going to be enough to just sit on our laurels. It’s never going to be enough to not grow and expand. Because why you’re here is to evolve your Soul’s consciousness forward, and therefore – because we’re all connected as one – the consciousness of the collective.

The very process of being alive is an evolutionary journey.


Every Wednesday (Spirit willing!) I’ll have a new episode of Spirit-Led Radio for you where I’ll share from my own Spirit-Led journey, take your questions about living Spirit-led and bring in humor & a Higher Consciousness perspective on this incredible life.

My intention is that Spirit-Led Radio: Real, Rich, Miraculous serves as upliftment and inspiration for you in living your most real, rich and miraculous life yet. Listen to this week’s episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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My whole life was oriented around eating and drinking. I didn’t know this until last year though when my next-level spiritual awakening occurred and suddenly I couldn’t…

…eat meat.

…eat sugar.

…drink alcohol.

…eat foods with preservatives like citric acid and carrageenan and mono-blah-blah-blah and all of those other ingredients no one can pronounce.

I was already caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy, & corn-free. What more did they (the ominous, ever present “they”, what I was interpreting as my Spirit Team) want from me?

Apparently a lot more.

As it turns out, to be a clear channel for Divine Will, one’s body must be a clear channel. And while that clearly makes sense now that I’ve written it and subsequently said it out loud, I never fully understood how literal this was until last year when I would get sick if I had sugar or preservatives. And then my desire for meat and alcohol (both of which I was a consistent and regular consumer of) completely vanished. I suddenly felt like gagging just thinking about or smelling alcohol and meat.

What in the hell?

Then, more and more of my clients as they became aligned with their Highest path were receiving guidance to adjust their eating habits and they found they could no longer metabolize alcohol as well.

Something was definitely up. Turns out those called to this path are “advanced souls“.

And this shouldn’t be a newsflash, but it was, I think for most of us who have been called to this path. If you wish to live a life guided by your intuition and guidance from your Spirit Team, you need to have a body-mind that is a clear enough channel to be able to accurately receive the messages. So not only do we need to release limiting beliefs, traumas and fears, but we also must have a body that is clear enough for us to receive this guidance from.

So if you have the experience of: “well my intuition told me this but it turned out like this____” and you’re upset about it, you have to assess just how clear your “intuition” is. When I started out on this path, I thought my intuition led me to do things like end relationships and go to this bar to meet this person or do that thing. Now looking back I can see clearly that since I was not a clear channel at all and was just learning about intuition that these “whispers” were in truth my limiting beliefs and wounds nudging me. We have to be taking care of our energetic health and clearing regularly to be able to wisely trust our intuition.

Here are a couple of things to ask yourself if you are feeling like your intuition is “off”:

  1. Are you receiving consistent  and regular release/clearing of limiting thought-forms, beliefs, fears and traumas?
  2. Is your body clear of stimulants like caffeine and addictive properties like sugar and alcohol and preservatives? Are you eating a balanced, clean diet?

If you wish to live a life based on your intuition, you’ve got to be clear more of the time. And depending on your path, these can be simple adjustments like switching to decaf or half-caff or only having 1 glass of alcohol or whatever it might be for you.

I didn’t realize how much alcohol or sugar clouded me until last year when I was down to just 1 glass a week of wine and the next day after having 1 glass I could feel it in my body. Same with sugar. Even the “organic” kind. I can literally feel the cloudiness in my system if I consume it.

That was enough for me to see. But for years I drank wine several times a week, had sugar several times a week and didn’t seem to notice any disruption to my system.

Once it was cleared out, I could immediately feel the dis-ease that it introduced to my body.


It’s not that your intuition can’t work with stimulants and depressants and chemicals in it, it’s just not as finely tuned. So if you find yourself questioning your guidance more of the time or thinking you’re receiving guidance and then having wonky outcomes, it will help to first look at your body-mind to see how clear it is.

If you feel like you could be clearer – and hey listen, I thought I was super clear, I received multiple clearing sessions a week, ate gluten-dairy-soy-caffeine-corn-free and yet I’ve been amazed at what these additional tweaks have done for me – you could probably be more clear.

For me it has been Next. Level. Baby. Next. Level.

There’s an additional expansion that occurs when you make these changes – not only does your food and drink get an upgrade, your social life gets totally reorganized as well.

My “social life” since I was 21 was centered around happy hours and potlucks and wine tasting.
With sugar and alcohol knocked out in 1 fell swoop, I had to get creative.

I had to go deeper within. What did I actually enjoy doing? What was my Soul calling me to? What really lit me up?

The answers were art galleries and museums (I bought a membership!), plays and movies, foot rubs and foot soaks and pedicures, literary events and author readings, nature, nature, nature, roadtrips, cooking my favorite foods but according to my new way of eating, sparkling water and discovering that if it’s not Italian it’s not worth drinking.

Suddenly a whole world of social activity and pure life enjoyment was opened up to me. I was more present, I was more clear, I was savoring moments more fully. Bottom line: I was living more fully.

Only I had no one to go with me to any of these activities since everyone in my life’s social life also consisted of eating and drinking as the sole forms of socialization.

So I had to make new friends. I had to ask my current friends if they were willing to try new things with me. I had to stretch. And it was a very good thing.

Now, when a social outing involves food and drink – I’m to the point where I can navigate the food with ease and I drink hot herbal tea or sparkling water in a wine glass (sexy I know & bartenders now love me ;)).

But the best part is – I don’t miss it. I don’t miss eating and drinking and having it cloud my judgement and my thoughts. I don’t miss polluting my body.

I love feeling clear. I love feeling connected and I love all of the richness this shift in my eating and drinking habits has brought to me.

For those feeling called to upgrade your eating and drinking patterns I highly recommend writing out a list of your favorite foods and then finding a way to make those recipes (google what you’re looking for – it’s amazing what you’ll find!) or eat at restaurants that have clean and healthy versions of this food. For me, I had loved champagne and so sparkling Italian water (Whole Foods brand is literally THE BEST Italian Sparkling water on the planet, just saying) in a wine glass was the perfect upgrade. You can take what you loved before and give it a vibrational upgrade. Then, it doesn’t feel like you’re being deprived, it feels like you are expanding into a higher state of consciousness (which you are).

And as a total side benny, your body feels and looks AMAZING. And you can’t hate on that.

Some of my clients have experienced push back from friends and family about these changes and have had trouble navigating this when it occurs. The first thing to ask yourself if this happens is if there is any part of you that is judging you as they seem to be. Remember, everyone is showing us something about ourselves.

The second part here is to calmly and politely explain that you want to live at a new level of consciousness or simply that you feel better when you eat/drink in this way. Ultimately you don’t have to explain to anyone what you are guided to, but what does matter is that YOU feel in alignment with whatever path of eating and drinking you are following.

So get clear with you and then everyone around you should be okay with it too. My family has been used to me eating “weird” since I went gluten-free before it was even a cool thing to do about 14 years ago. Now while they never adjusted to it, they no longer make fun of me. I just bring all of my own food when I visit or for the holidays. And big win – they now love my gluten-dairy-soy-corn-free stuffing and gluten-dairy-soy-corn-free mac-n-cheese. Not drinking still freaks some of my sisters out, but I just smile and shrug it off.

I’ve also started attracting friends who eat a lot like I do, and so we have a blast going to our fave vegan restaurant (Harlow on SE Hawthorne in Portland) or making food together that follows our way of eating.

The other piece to remember is that our body goes through cycles and phases. While you may not want to have meat now, you may find you start craving it again in the future or if you’re a woman during your moon time.  I found that my body wanted no animal products for 6 months straight. After that, I am drawn to have animal protein in the form of eggs or organic meat 2-3 times a week (still no cheese, damnit! ;)) with usually some red meat during my moon cycle. So be willing to flow with what your body desires and let it be your guide. Trust that when you are committed to living the fullness of your life experience – working with your Higher Self/intuition and Spirit Team – that you will be guided to what you need one way or the other and that you must be willing to be flexible with whatever comes your way.

Creating friendships and relationships with others who honor and respect the way you live your life is hugely important.

Having a social life that is a true reflection of who you really are – not just what you’ve been conditioned to do (like for me happy hours and drinking) allows your life to be more rich and full. And that’s what you wanted when you incarnated. Trust me on this.

Enjoy this Magical path of Life and allow your channel to be as clear as you are called to create it.

In love & magic,





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You Are SO Worthy – you matter so much, simply because you’re Alive, because you’re here. Do you know how many components had to come together for you to be here? Do you know how many beings – physical and non-physical beings had to come together for you to be alive and be here right now?

You Are So Worthy – because Heaven and Earth moved to allow you to be here!

And we forget this. We forget the Divine Truth which is: You Matter. You matter simply because you’re here!

SpiritLed1RedoEver since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to have my own radio show. In the past year, I felt that desire return strongly, and so offers and opportunities began to appear, but none that felt 100% aligned.

2 weeks ago, after meditation, I was given this approach to begin my Spirit-Led Radio show. It’s not quite radio, but I think you can pretend with me as what it’s really about is this…

Spirit-Led Radio is a weekly 20-30-40 minute (however long Spirit guides me to go!) show addressing topics that matter to those of you on the Spirit-Led path – namely, living the call of your Soul while utilizing the energy all around and within you, including your Spirit Team and Higher Power energy, to create a real, rich and miraculous life.

Most called to this path have gone through some level of Spiritual Awakening – waking up to your true nature, your true path and knowing that you are here to transcend previous limitations about what a life in a body and on this Earth can and does look like.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of living Spirit-led! Listen to the first episode of Spirit-Led Radio here.

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I was so afraid I was unlovable, I kept this fear as a secret even from myself.

Of course, I’m lovable. Look at me! I might say out loud or in over exuberance to myself. But a whisper within would betray me and say just the opposite and then it would go on to list all of the atrocities of my personality and personal history, data that supported my deepest fear. And honestly in a voice that sounded a lot like my mother’s.

Oy vey.

Of course, I had no idea any of that was happening until life (i.e. Spirit) created some very interesting circumstances – as it always does – to get my attention about this core fear.

First interesting circumstance…

For over 5 years, client after client after client after client that I worked and shared with in my online programs and 1:1 mentorship would either confess a feeling in the same genre of this fear of unlovability, i.e. Fear I’m not worthy, fear no one will love me, fear that I can’t have what I want, etc. OR it would come up as a priority in their Soul Alignment session. I cannot even tell you how many energetic releases I have done on variations of this fear, but it’s most definitely in the thousands.

It became more and more clear to me that this fear of not being lovable was something massive. It was something massive within almost every person on the planet.

In fact, it appears this fear is within – at varying degrees depending on one’s evolutionary journey (i.e. past lives and current life evolution) – every human being on the planet.

What in the hell?

Second interesting circumstance that validated the guidance I had received that this is a human-wide phenomena:

Ben Higgins stunned audiences on The Bachelorette (yes, I am a silently faithful Bachelor viewer – don’t judge ;)) when he confessed to Bachelorette Kaitlyn that he feared he was unlovable. My mouth was agape. Seriously? This tall, gorgeous, kind, intelligent, loving man who could be the poster child for what most heterosexual women in their 20’s desire in a man – feared he was unlovable??

What in the hell?

All of America cried out in disbelief and outrage – and understandably so – and then demanded he be made the next Bachelor. He was.

Yet, the unlovability theme didn’t just stop there. On Ben’s season of The Bachelor the gorgeous and brilliant Jubilee cried out upon being sent home, “I’m the most unlovable person in the world right now.”

What, this is like a thing now?

And THEN, then I was guided to read SARK’s newest book which she wrote with her Beloved where she confesses that she was “pretty sure” she was unlovable which is why she hadn’t met her partner until she was almost 60.

Okay, so this is most definitely a thing.

When Spirit brings you anything in 3’s you have to pay attention.

This fear and belief that we are unlovable impacts every gender, every race – every human because it is the core fear of unworthiness. It’s bullshit, but it’s there. And it’s there because we have the opportunity to bring it to the Light of Source and therefore heal not only ourselves but one another.

I had to go deeper into this inquiry within myself. Obviously fear of being unlovable was UP in a big way in my swirl and I knew that in and of itself was a message not only for my “work” in the world but for my own personal evolution. I took it into meditation and asked to be shown how this fear had manifested itself in my life.

And oh my loves, it was not pretty. I discovered that this fear that I am unlovable is what motivated me to:

Overextend myself in my work and business – up until 2015 when Spirit flat out stopped me from living out of alignment – in an attempt to prove my worthiness, i.e. lovability.

Be in relationship with men who were abusive and unkind to me, in an attempt to prove my worthiness and “win” their love (hello, my entire childhood with my parents – in this lifetime anyway – who knows how many lifetimes I’ve walked this path!).

Change my appearance in a way that seemed would make me more desirable, i.e., lovable – I had blonde hair for years when I am in fact a dark, auburn haired woman. I believed that men only desired blondes. This was no doubt fueled by my father leaving my mousey brown haired mother for a woman with a huge Texas-sized mass of blonde hair – in this lifetime anyway. Who knew the lengths I had gone to in previous lifetimes in an attempt to quell that fear. Maybe if I was prettier, I would be more lovable. Maybe. But probably not, because I was too busy…

Being in friendships where I over-gave and therefore became drained. Because again, perhaps I could win their Love and therefore somehow win the Love of my mother (in this lifetime, and undoubtedly many others).

To take trips, eat food, go to social events, drink too much – all in an effort to make another happy and to prove that I was so flexible, so easy, so accommodating that I was worthy of loving.

This is beyond hilarious to me, because come on – I was never going to be a blonde, docile, overly-accommodating, 9-5-er who liked to “party” on the weekends. (And let me be clear, there isn’t anything wrong with any of these things, they just aren’t who I truly am.)

No, I was always going to be the brunette with the big curly hair who speaks up, who knows and feels things that are non-physical and has to share, the writer who has to write what Spirit brings through her, the introvert committed to the path of Spirit even when that also includes eating mostly vegan (when I had a previous love affair with meat and cheese) and not drinking alcohol (which had made up my entire social life for most of my life), and the romantic who watches The Bachelor and reads SARK and Rumi.

And so, I have to bless getting “sick” 10 years ago to wake me up to all of this. I have to bless my parents, every man I loved, every friend I had, every hairstylist – who let me bleach the living crap out of my hair. I have to bless myself for showing up in this lifetime and walking this path, even when it felt excruciating. I have to bless myself for carrying this false fear of being unlovable so that I could wake up and rise up, and do this work in the world, so that I could write this post and I could support the now thousands of individuals I’ve supported in realizing their truth.

The fear of being unlovable drove me to do things that were in direct opposition to who I really am – and that’s what fear will do when you let it run you. I spent years trying to be “normal”, trying to be like other people in an effort to feel lovable.

I didn’t know this fear was running though, and that’s what happens when the unconscious is, well, unconscious.

And that’s why doing your spiritual “work” is mandatory for living a truly vibrant, incredible, fantastical, better-than-you-could-have-thought-up-life. Doing this “work” allows what is unconscious within you to be seen and be made known to you and when that happens, you’ve got real leverage to get rid of that shit once and for all – cuz I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in taking any of my limitations with me when I transition out of this body.

If I hadn’t finally given up my hold on my unlovable story – I would never have stepped into my Destiny to do this Spiritual “work” in the world as an author, teacher and guide. Which just so happens to be one of the very best things that has ever happened to me.

You see, the things within you that you fear make you unlovable are the aspects of you that need and desire the Light of your attention and Love. In fact, many times these aspects are the keys to your Destiny. This fear and all fears and limitations are the very things that you and I came here to evolve forward.

I, with the aid of the JOGs, go deeper into releasing this fear of unlovability and deeper into the power of conscious Loving union in my Eternal Love program that starts this Thursday, February 11. This program only comes around once a year, so enroll today and begin your path to healing this core fear of unlovability.

As you do, and as we come together in this way, we are opening a portal into deeper, conscious Loving of ourselves, of Spirit and of our Beloved.

As you do, you become magnetized to attracting more Love into your life than you ever dreamed possible.

I look forward to sharing more with you there!

And in the meantime, take this into your meditation – where has your fear of being unlovable shown itself in your life? Where have you been out of integrity with who you truly are all in the hopes of feeling lovable? And how can you bring more Loving to yourself, and therefore to your life, right now, today?


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In October 2014 when I made the seemingly simple request to be 100% Spirit-led, Heaven and Earth began to conspire to allow for exactly this. By January 2015, the remaining parts of my life that were not in 100% alignment with who I really am began to be dismantled. Not an incremental dismantling mind you, but a radical shift that did not allow anything to continue unless it was of total alignment with the true, authentic, Source Self me.

2015 was the year that I began my “training” on a level I had never known – so many aspects of my life that used to work for me – everything from a few glasses of wine a week to the people I spent time with to the clothes I wore to the food I ate to how I ran my business to the sex I could have (or not have as the case began to be)  – was adjusted. And not in a way of like, “Hey Heather, you need to make this little, itty-bitty change.” Rather, I would try to do something I had always done, which was apparently out of alignment, and my body would have an immediate “negative” reaction. My Higher Self was speaking through my body (as it always does) but at such a clear level, with zero tolerance for misalignment.

I spent all of 2015 “learning” this new way of being in the world – being fully Spirit-led, allowing my body and my environment to communicate with me to guide me to my Highest aligned unfoldings.

Through my online programs and 1:1 mentorship, my clients also began having experiences that mirrored what I had gone through as they ascended to a more aligned level of living their life.

When I inquired about this to my connection with Spirit to find out what was happening, I heard the term “Advanced Soul.” I immediately brushed this aside because I did not like the idea that there is a hierarchy of any kind when it comes to Souls, although of course I understand that there are Ascended Masters and Archangels and the like in the Spirit realm. Of course this was a very human way to look at things, as Spirit does not see anyone or anything better or less than, but also will give us deeper understanding as to what is occurring in our evolution.

Here’s the dealio: All Souls are Divine, all Souls matter, all Souls have a unique and important purpose on this planet. So my fear that the term “Advanced Soul” indicated that there were “lesser” Souls was simply a case of scarcity consciousness. There can be Advanced Souls without anyone or anything being less. How cool!

So, what now with this term Advanced Soul?

As it has been outlined to me through my connection to Spirit, Advanced Souls are those who incarnate into this lifetime with a specific purpose and mission to elevate their area/corner of the world into one of more Light and Source Self alignment.

Advanced Souls feel a specific call to a spiritual life. Many experienced trauma earlier in their life, trauma that instilled in them not only great intuitive gifts, but that opened them to knowing that life was more than merely getting what one wanted. This trauma forced them onto a healing path that opened them up to their intuitive abilities and connection with Spirit (Higher Self, Angels & Guides of the Highest Light and Source/God) so that they could recognize that they are Advanced Souls with an important purpose and mission in this lifetime.

Not all Advanced Souls suffer great trauma, some have simply known they were to be part of supporting the ascension and alignment of Consciousness, but this is rare. Most have come from trauma in this lifetime, the trauma serving as the opening for all of the bliss and Light they are to create now as adults on their Divine Path.

As an Advanced Soul, the usual trappings of human life do not speak to you – perhaps they never have or perhaps like me you went through a time in your life where you really thought it was solely about the money or the person or the stuff or the recognition. But an Advanced Soul comes to realize that this life is about living their purpose, namely to elevate their corner of the world into a state of much Light and Source alignment through the means that they are most called (this can be everything from a 9-5 job to your own business to how you are in every environment you enter).

Advanced Souls are not fulfilled by getting, but rather by making a contribution, by being in service to a Higher path and by fully enjoying and soaking up this life experience. Early on in my life, I thought fully enjoying life meant traveling everywhere, eating and drinking as much rich, decadent food and alcohol as possible and having a lot of “good” sex.

I have of course learned that at one level of consciousness – the level I was at at that time – that was living “fully”, but once you enter this more aligned with who you really are path, the path that I share with others, the Spirit-Led path, these aspects will not fill you up, in fact, you come to realize that that is a superficial way of living this life. Superficial in that it scurries over the depth of emotion and richness that is available to you in every, single moment. That you can be having the richest, most profoundly joyful and awesome experience right in the middle of your living room and that all of that other “stuff” can often serve as distraction from the beauty that is available to you in each moment of this life.

Truly soaking up this life experience is linked to deep connection with others and fully feeling the joy of being alive and interacting with nature and with others on this path. It can be as simple as sitting or walking outside and feeling your body flooded with love and appreciation for this life and all that it contains or having a conversation with another Soul or a member of your Spirit Team and feeling how deeply you love and care for him or her.

Below is a list of experiences you may have when you are on this fully Spirit-led path and are operating as what we’re now calling an Advanced Soul. The purpose for sharing this is so that those of you on this path do not feel alone, something I felt pretty significantly early on in 2015 as I navigated this new way of being.

You are SO not alone. There are many other humans on this planet who are also walking this path! My intention is to continue to offer programs all with online group forums so that no matter where you live in the world you have access to a community of Souls who are right there with you on this path.

So, review this list below and know that you are not alone in your unfolding as an Advanced Soul:

  • You find that you can no longer watch any TV or movies or listen to music filled with anger, hatred and violence.
  • If you are in an environment that is not aligned to you, your body may shudder or shake or contract to let you know you need to move on.
  • You may have moments of looking in the mirror and realize a new you is emerging. It’s somewhere between not recognizing yourself and seeing something you’ve never seen before. It can feel a bit disorienting, so tap Cortices with the intention of aligning to your Higher Self and take deep breaths.
  • Your tolerance for processed foods is low. Gluten, processed dairy, soy, corn, refined sugar, caffeine – will all throw your system out of whack. This is a good thing. Adjust to a free-from the above diet with little bits of the above when you’re feeling a craving to support your body.
  • You will metabolize alcohol totally differently. 2 glasses of wine will impact you like 4, 1 glass like 2, a sip like a glass. Overtime you may find it impossible to metabolize alcohol, cigarettes and any controlled substances. This is because as your body becomes more Light-filled foods, beverages and substances that alter your consciousness have no place for you.
  • Your desire to eat and take in animal products will drastically be altered. You will begin to eat mostly a plant-based diet, with animal products only when you have a specific craving (which means your body will let you know whenever you need animal products).
  • You are sensitive to others energy and must take part in daily clearing activities so that you can feel your best. I highly recommend White sage on the daily. You can get all of my recommendations on maintaining strong Energetic Health here.
  • You feel a profound connection to nature, plants and animals. Animals and babies/children begin to respond to you differently – almost running up to greet you like they’ve known you for some time. You feel grounded and soothed by nature and must be out in it almost daily – rain or shine.
  • You notice your manifestation capabilities begin to accelerate. Just thinking about something can bring it about – “good” or “bad”. You begin to realize how important the thoughts you think are and begin to adjust to focusing on what is filled with Light.
  • You have almost zero tolerance for negativity of any kind. It will actually feel like it’s hurting your body-mind if negative conversations or people enter your space. This will feel scary and isolating at first (i.e., who will I talk to?) but you must ask Spirit to send you your more aligned tribe and connections that nurture you and the Light of Source.
  • You will be “forced” through life circumstances to address shadow aspects of yourself. This means you no longer view anyone or anything that comes into your space as something you have to push away. Rather, you ask to see the mirror within yourself and get to “work” on Loving and bringing to Light that part of you. From there the person or thing will either go away on its own or you will, without charge or trigger be able to set it free.
  • Your teacher/healer/practitioner will be brought to you in synchronistic manner such as through social media, a friend, a dream.  You will just know that they are who you are to work with as you navigate this path. For me, a person entered my life that brought up a strong shadow response in me, this person recommended I work with a teacher I had known for some time but had not felt called to. The minute the recommendation was made, I knew she was my next teacher for this expanded path I was on. I got to see immediately the Magic of this “non-aligned” person popping back into my life!
  • You will ask to come together with others who are also on this path, and again, they will come into your life synchronistically (i.e., you will be guided to go to that event or cafe or take that class and not fully know why and then yes! there they will be) although it’s important to note here, they may not be who you would “choose” or in the quantity that you may desire. Spirit brought me a small handful of individuals on this path and most usually did not live anywhere near me so that I would not be distracted from what I needed to do as a Spirit being in a body. I resisted this at first and asked for more in-my-area friends who were Divinely aligned and they brought me 2. I surrendered.
  • Your body will not let you get away with shit. If you are out of alignment, you will have almost immediate body responses that will let you know. Dis-ease/injury, no longer is about being a victim of “bad” circumstances, but rather a way that you more fully align to who you really are. Taking something (medications, herbs, etc) or receiving healing work to “get rid” of the illness or injury is no longer the focus, rather, “how may I partner with my body so that we can live in a state of well-being today?” In this paradigm, we know Spirit is speaking through the body and will redirect us as needed. We surrender to this and honor what our body is asking for and partner with practitioners who also understand this and want to work with our body so that we can live the fullness of our Destiny, not merely try to force the body to be the way we want it to be or think it should be.

This way of living, while foreign at first – depending on your background – is exactly as you intended for it to be when you incarnated! Your body is meant to be your tuning fork, it’s meant to guide you. You are meant to treat it with the utmost care. You are meant to care for your Energy body so that your life can be aligned with your Highest path. You are meant to only be in environments and around people who uplift you and support you on your path. You are meant to live in a frequency that is the representation of the true you.

As an Advanced Soul, your purpose is to bring as much Light (aka, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Blessings) into your area of the world (or the area of the world you are called to, as many will move if they are not in the most aligned place on the planet for them) and to do so through the vehicles that you are called to. No matter what work you do in the world, you can bring the Light of Source in. But it’s important to note that being able to bring in the Light of Source only comes from doing your own spiritual “work”, becoming more of who you really are so that you can be a clear channel for this Light to flow through.

Why is this important?

Consciousness is continually evolving and we have entered a time where imbuing our planet with Light and Love is exactly what is needed for the collective humanity to ascend to its next level of realization and wonder of what it means to be a human being. Anchors of Advanced Souls exists all over the planet so that we can beam out this Light, literally covering the planet with this elevated vibration. This elevated vibration then supports other Souls in accessing their Divinity and making choices that align them to who they really are, then again elevating the frequency of the planet and the collective consciousness.

Again, this can only happen with those called to this path doing their own work, first and foremost, committing to being a Divine Light in the world and taking focused and specific actions to bring in the Light everywhere they go and in everything they do.

Many blessings and Love to you if you are called to this path. And welcome! My community is open to you if you feel the call to partner with us on elevating the frequency of this planet. Feel free to join any of my programs if you feel the call to live in this beautiful, rich way.


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