Love U(niversity)

Spiritual Healing & Awakening for Advanced Souls


Love University provides you with the tools, practices and healings that allow you to spiritually awaken to your true nature and to the true nature of all things – Love.


The empowerment of the Love University courses, programs and tools will liberate you more and more into your true Self, into Love.


Each offering is available during select times of the year, so be sure to join our email community here (and receive a free Love Toolkit) to receive updates for when the next Love University course is available.


Each course is attuned to the Highest Light levels of Love, allowing this to open up within you so that you may experience a more fulfilling relationship with yourself, with The Divine, in your romantic partnership and in all relationships in your life.


The ripple effect of these courses in your life is truly extraordinary and will allow you to awaken and transform into your true, authentic Self, the Sacred You that you have always been.


This Sacred Self has longed to awaken while in a physical, Earth body since you began incarnating.


Now, is the time to allow this to happen. Your active participation allows this to be so.


So, dive into the offerings available, go all in to do the “work” and enjoy the expansions and Miracles in your life that take place as you do so!


Simply click on each offering to learn more and from there you can either join now or sign-up to be notified for when it becomes available.



Level 1

What is Love?

Level 2

Know Thyself, Love Thyself

Level 3

Get Empowered!

Level 4

Become a Certified Love Activist

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  • Increased peace in body-mind-Spirit.
  • Strong emotional fitness that allow you to navigate whatever comes your way.
  • Radical healings of your physical body.
  • Radical healings of depression, anxiety and other emotion-based dis-eases.
  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Expanded intuitive abilities.
  • Deep, Loving relationships.
  • Coming together with your Divine partner in Sacred Union.
  • Elevating your current partnership into a Sacred, intimate and holy Union.
  • Feeling spontaneous Love at expected (and unexpected!) times.
  • Happy tears on the regular.
  • Increased synchronicity, flow and ease in your life unfolding.
  • Reduced worry and fear.
  • Changing your “career” / work to one that is in greater alignment with your truth.
Love University is a center of awakening through the foundations and principles of Love.


It is founded by Heather Kristian Strang – a Love Activist, mentor and bestselling author – through our Love-based organization Rising UP for Love. You can learn more about Heather Kristian and her mission here.


A portion of all proceeds goes to support our Love Activism work as we contribute to the global community for even greater Love on the Earth plane.


In addition, a tree is planted in your honor for every purchase you make.

Helping me truly heal more than any other spiritual practice.

This guide has personally helped me during a very difficult time in my life, reminding me of how important self-love is to EVERY other source of love in our lives. I have been using the family of origin daily practice described in the guide (one of many) every night before bed and honestly it is the thing that is helping me truly HEAL more than any other spiritual practice—and I’ve tried A LOT of healing modalities. With the help of the information in this guide I have been able to feel a serious shift inside myself and I know that shift is self-love finally working its magic because I finally allowed it to.

Arizona Bell, Editor at Spirit Guides Magazine 


I use it often!

I highly recommend this vital tool for anyone who really wants to process and heal! So good! I use it often!

Kristine Rosenquist, Kinder Spirit Preschool

Huge surge of creativity.

I’ve been experiencing a huge surge of creativity that seems to have been ignited from our intention setting. One of mine was to allow more creativity to flow through me, thus allowing for more opportunities to do the things that bring me deep joy.

Maya Rogers

I am so peaceful and feel so much love just beaming out of every part of me! 

I cannot even believe how much has shifted in the past 11 weeks! At the beginning of this program the relationship I had been in had ended with ease but I was feeling frustrated. I wanted to control how everything looked. Now I am so peaceful and feel so much love just beaming out of every part of me! 💗 I had a heart breaking open experience that has blown my mind with someone I continued to say no to and keep at a distance for 20 years!! It has opened me up in ways I didn’t even know existed. I am so at peace with whatever happens… I am being me and allowing others to respond. I just love it and will continue to do that. I will shine my light, I will pour out love from every part of me and let others respond however they choose to respond without any expectation or feeling I NEED them to do anything. ❤❤

Jillian Gunlicks, Artist

111% the best choice I’ve made so far this year…

For anyone who’s feeling the call but may be questioning, this program/work/journey is already so amazing. I’ve experienced a level of love and peace and empowerment in such a profound way already, and I’ve been working with Kristian Strang for years. 111% the best choice I’ve made so far this year and is already so expansive. Let your Sacred Woman guide wherever you’re called, and if it’s here, it’s worth every bit of everything (money, work, healing, tears, etc).

Tiffani Barnum-Hess, Holistic Life Coach & Love Activist

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