05 Jun / I was on the floor, and here’s what happened…

It happened in a split second. One minute I was joyfully leaping to grab my keys off the top of the fridge to head to a pampering appointment, the next a loud shattering of glass and nail polish splattered all over my hardwoods, myself and my couch.

I immediately cursed Spirit, because who else would have made such a horrible mistake? (Insert winky face and eye roll here.)

And so, on my hands and knees I went. First with rubbing alcohol and then with nail polish remover to clean up the massive mess I had inadvertently created, while also trying to sort out why in the midst of a perfectly wonderful day this had happened.

Except I have to stop things right here and tell you it wasn’t the most perfectly wonderful day – at that point. I was grumpy about some things. I was having trouble letting go of some conversations and some judgements. I wasn’t my worst self, but I most def was not my best self.

Maybe you can relate…

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a big mess – a mess you didn’t exactly want to clean up or even wanted to deal with?

I took yet another knee and began to scrub my floors more diligently, tuning in to what was at work here – as I know there are no accidents. And since whenever we are asking, there is always an answer, the answers began to flow in.

Turns out, messes happen so you and I can remember. I had to stop, get super present – and let me tell you, nothing makes you more present than purply-pink nail polish all over your gorgeous floor and couch – and just BE with a task. A repetitive task that allowed the words and insights I needed to flow through.

I was shown that of your life and my life experiences occur, responses happen, life unfolds exactly so that you and I can remember whatever it is that we next need to remember.

So that we can remember what we’ve been “too busy” to know – whether it’s an insight about a barrier to Love within, or a next step we need to take or a Love action that is needed. It occurs so that we can tune back into the frequency of our Spirit, by being fully present while our mind uses its gift of logic to “solve” whatever the “problem” or “mess” is.

Kinda brilliant, right? Get the mind out of the way, get totally present and voila! – Divine Wisdom of which could not flow through previously is now able to roll right in.

It begs the question – what if every mess in your life was a call – sometimes a scream, sometimes a slight raising of the voice – to tune back into the true You?

To tune into the Divine inspiration that is available to you and to all beings at any and all times?

And in this tuning in you and I are then able to align more fully to our purpose, to our mission, to the catalyst for our very existence at this time in consciousness.

Because here’s the thing about the time we’re living in. It’s hurtling us all into living more fully our true, Divinely aligned purpose.

We may have thought previously we knew what this purpose was, but it is so much deeper than that. So much more than we imagined, so much richer than we originally understood it to be. And now, now all of the cosmos is moving to get us to know this and to live this and to put it into tangible actions each day that we remain on this Earth plane.

The broken nail polish bottle – shards of glass and purpley-pink nail polish splattered in every which direction – was an incredibly creative way that my Higher Wisdom brought me to new clarity. Brought me Divine inspiration, allowed me to see what I had not seen before.

If I had continued my blaming or flown into a rage or lashed out at someone or something else (myself included) I would have missed it, my rage too furious to allow the peaceful depth of my Spirit to speak to me.

Perhaps you too are in a mess and your Spirit has supported the orchestration of this mess so that you can listen, so that you can be expanded, so that you can remember the next piece of your Soul mission, your purpose on this plane.

Don’t distract yourself from getting down on your hands and knees, doing the hard work and letting the clarity come. It’s easy to distract, to blame, to get on social media, to binge-watch, to overeat, to overdrink, to numb out with weed or other drugs, to take it out on our Loved ones or self, or to look for what’s wrong.

It takes courage to be present for our emotions, calm the self, be present and allow the Miracles that want to show up – even from a shattered bottle of nail polish – to make themselves known.

As we move through the summer months, the areas of empowerment and living our Soul’s purpose become more fully available for us to make swift and radical expansions in.

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By Heather Kristian Strang in Dive Deeper, Love, Love Broadcast
  • Ingrid Rotthier

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Heather! These are exactly the words I needed to hear/read!

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    You are so welcome Ingrid! I am so happy that these words resonated. Please feel free to share if you feel so called. In Love, Xo

  • Areanne Lloyd

    Thank you, Heather. Perfect for me, too, as I am trying to figure out where he stops and I start; I’m so very tied in to and connected to him that I become his issues and feelings and forget to stop and figure out what MY truth is for me. Anyway… the work goes on, right?

  • Hannah Seraphina

    Yes!! Oh this is SO good🙏 Love your words love. They speak to my soul! Xox

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    Oh, Love this! You are so welcome. I am so happy this was of benefit to you Lovely. Xo

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    This is the path. Getting clear and living our own truth, not allowing ourselves to be pulled out by those around us and that we Love. Enmeshment is quite easy for us as empaths, but the deeper work must be done and in that all can thrive. Sending you much Love and many, many blessings lovely. Xoxo

  • Tiffani Barnum-Hess

    So beautiful and of course was called to read this at the divinely perfect time! Thank you, Kristian!! Here’s to our beautiful messes and messages!

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    Amen love! What a gift they all are. Even when they’re not. 🙂 Love honey, Xo

  • Ann

    Since I started reading all this loa stuff in the last decade, I try to do the same thing when something bad happens…. like where did I take the wrong turn? Sometimes it helps.

    So then I got to thinking, I rarely have these little disasters anymore. I’m pretty lucky in that respect and I do express gratitude for it,though usually after someone else has a little disaster and I am reminded about my lucky tendencies:)

    But you know what I am wondering after reading this article? I am wondering, since I have lived most of my life kinda flat, purposeless, discontent. (Hence my decade long intense study of loa to find joy). I am wondering if I can put a similar spin on general negativity ( as opposed to obvious disaster type drama that brings notice!)

    Anyway. I think I can. Thank you. Good share.

    What is my malaise telling me? Hm.

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    Love this reflection Ann! Please report back and let us know what you uncover as you try this new approach to your healing. May I also suggest you join us for Reclaim Your Health & Well-Being so you may re-claim (that’s right, re-claim) who you really are.
    In Love, Xo

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