05 Dec / Spiritual Gift Guide

Beautiful, Blessed You,

Now that the holidays are upon us, we are being guided to elevate our holiday experiences Higher into our Divine Truth, and higher into Alignment with Love.

Stop right now to tune in, and ask yourself:
How can you make the holidays more sacred?
More meaningful?
More in alignment with who you really are (and not the programs you had installed)?

Take some time now to tune into this. Maybe even pause and journal for a bit about this.

For gifts that are conscious, sustainable and bring more Love and Light into the world, below is our 2018 Spiritual Gift Guide.



1.For the cozy-loving, Love-conscious friend: I love their Fair Trade clothing filled with inspired messages!

2.For the eco-conscious, skin-care Lover:

Luminance Skincare, family-owned, glass containers for most everything and all natural ingredients, this goodness will make you GLOW.

3.For the healing jewelry & gifts Lover:

Sivana Spirit – jewelry and healing gifts galore (and you can check out some of the articles I’ve written for them too! :))

4.For the Seeker of Love:

The Truth About Love – our Spirit Guides Magazine Digital Guide is only $11.11 and gives any Love-seeker rituals and support to bring their life into greater harmony with Love.

5.For the Intuitive:

Want to fine-tune your intuitive abilities and communication with Spirit? Try our Oracles – Live Like You’re on Vacation, Ecstatic Union with the Divine, & A Life of Magic.

6.For the Romantic:

Want more romance in your life? Read (or listen to – I narrate!) The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic, or read Following Bliss, and And Then It Was You.

7.For their stocking:

Want an Oracle Card Deck? We Love Journey of Love by Alana Fairchild.

8.For the Tree Lover:

Plant trees for those you Love through One Tree Planted (Rising UP for Love is an official Tree Ambassador, planting trees whenever our offerings are purchased. I come from a family of loggers, so it’s very important that I do my part to heal that wound!).

May this be the easiest, most in flow, most prosperous, most joyful, most Love-filled holiday season of your life thus far.

You have the Higher Realms supporting you in exactly this, so all that is needed now is your free will choices to make it so.

And so it is.
It is so.


Yours in Divine Love & Remembering,

(And The JOGs!)

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P.S. If you celebrated the holidays with your Higher Self guiding you, how would you celebrate? Do THAT this year. Yes, THAT. Leave a comment below and tell me how it unfolds for you! Xo

By Audrey Gates in Love

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