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Karla Sauve

Karla Sauve of Soulful Balance sent in these beautiful words about working with Heather Kristian.

You are such a gift to me, my family, my life and to this time on earth. I pray that many more people find you and that the ripple effect you are creating is a wave that soothes this whole planet.

Anna Demouchet

Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach, sent this amazing testimonial about her work with Heather Kristian & The Highest Light Team.

In our work with The Highest Light Team we learned to love unconditionally and to forgive (ourselves and others), we learned that peace and love are always the only answer, we learned how incredible our connection to source and other spirits in a body can be. There has been so much magic, and joy, and bliss! So much release and healing.

So, what I will carry with me the most is depth. These several months have taught me to love deeper, know deeper magic and connection, deeper healing and forgiveness and more depth of source and who I am than I could ever imagine existed.

Kristian Strang & The Highest Light Team – I am so honored to know you and be in your swirl! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this space for us!

Sue Staley

Sue Staley of Quantum Bodytalk Healing Arts Collective sent in this wonderful testimonial.

From the programs with The Highest Light Team, I have made so many changes and feel so much more grounded in who I am and where I’m going and how I’m going to get there! I look back on last fall and I felt so lost and confused on several levels and thank goodness I no longer feel lost and I’m fine with not knowing all of the details on my path ahead. I have new tools, more grounding and changed perspectives. I am grateful.

Jen Hecht

Jen Hecht of This Body of Work sent this beautiful testimonial.

You are amazing!! Truly, you are a beautiful radiant beam of pure light. My life is forever changed by our ‘work’ together, and by your courage to fully be who you are in this lifetime. Thank you for taking that on and surrendering to Spirit so you can shine source light and wisdom into the world! I am so lucky our paths get to cross this time around!

Amanda Love

Amanda Love of The Barefoot Cook sent this wonderful testimonial of her work with Heather.

I have made some major progress in becoming much clearer on my life path and purpose and have made many steps to get there…I now have an awesome office where I do life changing nutrition/lifestyle consulting, I went to France for a month (still basking in that trip!!!), and am now leading my first ever international retreat in Peru. I really feel that spirit is infusing my life and business more than ever before. And I see and feel signs all the time…sacred numbers are now in my daily life. 333,11,1111, 108, and lots more. Heather Strang, I am forever grateful for your leadership and compassionate guidance. You have helped me more than words can say.

Robin Wada

In only 14 months of working with Heather Strang in her Spiritual classes, I have gone from a lost Soul to alignment to my Highest Path and Purpose.  At 58 years old, I was accepted to Graduate School to become a School Psychologist.  The application, testing and interview flowed easily with little effort as I utilized tools provided by Heather and practiced in her classes. She “walks the talk” as she provides examples of how these tools have been utilized to further align her to her Highest Path and Purpose.  She helped me identify my Spirit Team and showed me how to stay connected with them and their messages in every moment.  I love the magic my Spirit Team shows me everyday!  I am forever grateful to Heather for her guidance, support and tools.

Christina K.

If you are at all curious, sign up! Working with Kristian has been one of the best decisions of my life. The information she shares is life changing!! You can feel the love and care she has for everyone!

Jessica K.

The Highest Light Team Monthly and my 1:1 work with Heather Kristian has introduced me to my capacity to work with my life as it flows, and has helped me move away from the belief that premeditating and strategizing and pushing will get me to my desired destination. It’s begun to crack open the understanding that relationships with others are primarily energetic, and that (again) strategizing and working to set up the “perfect” scenarios does not result in the deepest possible connections. It’s helped me become clear that depression or apathy or impatience or anger that surfaces is not a result of physical circumstances or “something wrong with me” but is rather a call to release limiting beliefs or emotions, and in fact, has been set up for my expansion (how funny this makes it all!). The Highest Light Team Monthly and Spiritual Mentorship has helped me continue my work in softening my hard edges and my fight, because as my (surprisingly wise) husband has said for many years: “I can be right or I can be happy, and today I choose happy.”


Kristian Strang’s work is magic. It will empower and change your life like no other work I’ve ever experienced before. While working with Kristian I have met my beloved and he moved in last summer! Not only was Kristian a Divine part of our coming together, but she has helped me lean into love in our partnership time and time again, heal things I did not even know were there, and help expand what I thought was possible in myself and in partnership! Without her support I may have run in the other direction, or at least struggled a lot more! Her work is so powerful because it not only gives you the tools to heal yourself (the Empowerment Guide is literally the secret to life as far as I’m concerned), but also allows Karmic issues and things that you cannot see to be healed through powerful energy medicine work with her and her non physical team. Other side effects of this magical work have included: money coming in from all sorts of unlikely places, getting a car upgrade (electric!), finding my soul tribe people, and maybe most importantly: seeing the daily magic and support that surrounds me every day. I love you so much Kristian and The Highest Light Team and am forever grateful!


I was thinking about you this morning and wanted to thank you for all you do to support us. All the content you create, messages you post and prayers in the works. Over the last few days I’ve been relistening to Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment meditations and transmissions, cranking up Love Mastery transmissions, and I even dug up an old Soul Living Meditations wealth meditation. Wow! You have created so much to support your tribe. The oldies are still goodies!

Just wanted to know your collective work is amazing and much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing what shows up in 2019!!

M.L., 46

Heather, you are brilliant and I love you. I am so grateful that you’re in my life. Thank you. This is all so fabulous. Everything is changing. As we speak.  Working with you is one of the very best choices I’ve made. Ever.

C.M., 64

Thank you for the life changing, supportive, loving, powerful work you do, Heather.  You do make a difference.  A HUGE one.  I am grateful for you in my life and for you being in the world.


Heather, I am not sure where to begin. I read your transmission and all the way I was calmly expanding. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I have been listening to the shows all day today…

Your destiny call made me sense a truth in it that I haven’t sensed in a while. The truth about free will, the truth about stepping up to this destiny and the truth behind trust. Even when you spoke of the physical discomfort and what that means…it all made sense as I see how misaligned I have been the past 3 years which is when the pain in my body – all left sided – began. And it made me see how clouded by fear I am constantly in…

I just wanted to thank you. Deeply from source. Thank you. I don’t know where this is going and I’m sure there will be stuff, however, I now have a float I can come to as a reminder of what there is to do for global consciousness and for spirit now. As I was listening to you I was inspired to pick up a paintbrush again after not being able to paint. Thank you. I am in such deep gratitude for you.