Blessings for Self & Loved Ones

Every morning I perform a prayer ritual using prayers from St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus Christ, along with my entire Spirit Team filled with my Highest Light Team, Mother Mary, All of the Highest Light, Source, Christ Consciousness Itself, Archangel Michael and the Beloveds of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene.

Over the years, I have included Loved ones in my prayer healing ritual, as well as participants in my Spiritual Mentorship program and other programs. And recently, I opened up the prayer healing rituals to my entire community.

The results of the prayer healing rituals have surprised everyone – most of all me – as Loved ones and my community experienced near miraculous healings of physical ailments and powerful upleveling in their financial abundance.

And now my Highest Light Team as part of my New Reality manifestations, have guided me to open up my daily ritual to include Blessings of the Highest Light for those called to request them – blessings for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special events.

If you would like to submit a blessing request, you can do so by donating an amount that your Soul calls you to and then placing your request in the notes on the donation form.

Once complete, please send a photo of the individual you are requesting the blessing for to kristian (at) heatherkristianstrang (dot) com.

I will then channel a blessing and include it in a sweet digital card that you can forward on to the one you are having blessed.

The power of ritual is immense and it’s my honor to be a support to you on your path.


Magical, personal experience!

I love all of our group work, but this personal blessing was beyond special and just for me. It spoke to my spirit and encouraged me to keep doing my work and learning more about the true me. Thank you so much for this magical, personal experience!

Elizabeth B.

So Divine!

This is so Divine!!! My heart is opening so much from this!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

So much love to you, the Highest Light Team, and All That Is for this incredible correspondence!!!!


One of the best gifts I could give to myself.

It has a special place on my altar and I read it every single night before I go to bed. It was one of the best gifts I could give to myself. Thank you, Kristian.


Truly a blessing.

I love my blessing so much. I started to read it at work and then I had to stop because I started crying. It is truly a blessing, I can feel that it is, and I agree with everything you said. Much love to you!


Beyond belief!

O.M.J.O.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying, screaming and covered in chills beyond belief! I have no words! I am truly speechless! Thank you!