The Emotional Empowerment Guide

Get Empowered with The Emotional Empowerment Guide

Providing you with practices and tools to support you in healing any physical, emotional, & mental pain (including limiting beliefs, fears & traumas) so you can rock your Life of Magic.

Listen to my story here about how The Emotional Empowerment Guide
totally saved my life.


And how it can transform your emotional availability and intimacy with yourself providing you with greater Peace, health, ease, Love, intuition, healing gifts, abundance and more!


In this brief audio, you’ll learn how:

  • I spent 10+ years in traditional therapy and on anti-anxiety and depression medications trying to “heal” myself from previous trauma and pain.
  • Then I graduated to using healers and energy work as my “savior” and how that didn’t work either!
  • How The JOGs, part of my Highest Light Spirit Team, “saved” me by connecting me back to the true ME – which meant feeling what I was trying to avoid with all of the above and really showing up for myself – not making anyone outside of me responsible for my healing and thus my rockin life of Magic.
  • Learn how you too can use these tools to become EMPOWERED to heal any of your emotional content and thus be restored to your true self – which is Love, Peace, abundance, and joy.

In The Emotional Empowerment Guide you receive:

  • Audio mp3 downloadable files and written step-by-step instructions on how to work with anything that shows up in your experience – physical/emotional/mental pain, limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, etc.
  • Step-by-step tools to work with all of this that include: 1) A Divine Return process 2) Clearing the Charge, aka the Fully Feeling process 3) Inner Child to Wholeness exercise.
  • How to de-activate karmic triggers.
  • How to make clear intuitive-led decisions.
  • How to navigate receiving guidance from your own Higher Wisdom and/or via an intuitive or guide that you either agree with or don’t agree with.
  • For more confirmation about why The Emotional Empowerment Guide is the most important emotional tool you’ll ever have (and why feeling your feels is critical to emotional maturity/fitness/well-being), check out this article on Live Happy.

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“And so, our dear ones, when you follow the above in this way you are fully empowered in your life. And therefore no longer living a life defined by the stories you know so very well and have told far too many times – to yourself and to others who will listen. You are no longer that version of yourself anymore and it is time you surrender giving your power to that version of you and step instead into the You that is begging to be born through you.”
Ecstatic Union with The Divine

Kristine Rosenquist, LMT

I highly recommend this vital tool for anyone who really wants to process and heal! So good! I use it often!

Hannah Seraphina, Artist

Holy wow, I just read through the JOGS Empowerment Guidebook and it’s AMAZING!! It’s so wonderful to have everything that we need to work through stuff so clearly laid out (my Virgo moon brain is SO so happy with Thank you Kristian. I love it so! So Much love <3 Xo

Carol Morgan

These are some beautiful words by Carol Morgan of Live Pura Vida.

I LOVE the love, the support, the guidance… It’s been a game-changer!

Robyn Schultze

Thank you Heather, for sharing this message. As always, it hit home. Love these wonderful reminders they cause me to immediately live better in the moment.

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