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You’ve heard the call, haven’t you?

You know you’re here to be a Love Activist, a Beacon of Love, a Love Champion, a Riser for Love, one who is for Love – amidst all life unfoldings.

Our Love Activism Training & Certification was co-created for you if you have felt held back by fear or imbalances or experienced a lack of motivation or vision (or prosperity!) in being a true Love Activist/Champion/Beacon/Riser.

Nothing is tougher than knowing you’re meant to be a conduit and beacon for Love but finding yourself unconsciously sabotaging and living in fear, in negative relating cycles and not living in the Prosperity that allows you to feel free and be a support for others.

I’m Heather Kristian Strang – a mystic, author and spiritual guide – who struggled with the exact same thing. How can I truly live my Destiny, be of the Highest Service of Love as the Love Activist I am and live in the Prosperity that I know I’m here for – even amidst seemingly dire circumstances?

I was guided to co-create this in my own life and support others on their journey through my private 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship and now I am going to share it with you!

We are of no benefit to anyone else if we have not done the necessary spiritual and emotional development so that our service actions are rooted and grounded in Love and our connection with our Higher Wisdom.

Otherwise we are just helping to create more of the same ick that has plagued our personal and collective lifetimes for eons!

After supporting over 1,000 individuals in living the path of Love & Spirit, here are the top 3 areas I see folks struggling with in being a conduit for Love and why I was guided to co-create with Higher Consciousness this Love Activism Training course:

You’re in Fear.

You want “it” so bad – whether that’s to have a “real” impact as a Love Activist or to be in a Loving Spiritual Partnership or to live in Prosperity giving your unique gifts that you get tangled up in subconscious and deeply held programs and patterns and habits that literally keep you from what you most desire. The root? Fear. The antidote? Love. The way through – we will attune you and show you how!

You’re imbalanced in your Masculine & Feminine energies.

And this is wreaking havoc on every area of your life. Too airy-fairy, too in the vision but can’t bring it to form? Or all “hard work” but no results from lack of connection to your Higher Wisdom and vision? Relationships that are grossly imbalanced, work/abundance that goes in spurts and starts and yo-yo-ing emotional states – all are signs of this imbalance that we will support you in harmonizing for your (& all’s!) greatest good and Highest Path.

You struggle with living in Prosperity.

Maybe you don’t think it’s spiritual enough. How can you be “for” Love and live in Prosperity? Wait, isn’t Love naturally prosperous?! (This isn’t a trick question we promise you.) Or maybe you’re obsessed with “making money” or even just “making ends meet” and that keeps you from being of service and supporting the greater whole in the ways you are most meant to. Maybe you have a pattern of flying “high” with money and then you “lose” it all. Or you can never seem to “get” there to begin with. OR you’ve received specific guidance and yet you continue to get stuck in self-sabotaging cycles that don’t allow you to break free and live your Destiny fully. We’ll show you how being aligned with who you truly are and with Higher Consciousness translates into a flow of Prosperity automatically – in whatever forms are most aligned for your specific Destiny and we’ll support you in being the true YOU because when you are, you’ll get paid for exactly that. All while having the impact on the greater whole as a Love Activist and Champion for Love!

You will be attuned, aligned and healed so that you can be the Love that you always came here to be – centered, grounded and unshakeable in your mission and vision, free of fear and in total joy, peace and prosperity, while being balanced in your ability to give and receive, and experiencing authentic and Divinely appointed relationships all while shining the Light of Love everywhere you go. This is what you were born for. This is what you came here for.


  • 22 channeled transmissions from my Highest Light Spirit Team focusing on clearing the barriers to Love so you can be the Love Activist, Champion of Love, Love Riser that you came to be. Specific areas of focus include: Releasing Your Fear, Harmonizing your Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies, Spiritual Partnership and How to “get paid” simply for being the true You.
  • These 22 transmissions will run on a twice weekly cycle and will act as healing sessions. You can use them as meditations, lie down to receive them, take them with you to listen to when you have breaks in time, and you can play them on repeat while you clean your home (what some do to further “anchor” in the alignment and healing!).
  • Love Activist Actions Checklist with direct actions you can take to more fully live as the Beacon of Love you are here to be.
  • 7 Recorded Masterclasses with me & my Highest Light Spirit Team that can be listened to again and again.
  • Four of the Masterclasses feature a channeled Meditation Activation Transmission for you which you can listen to again and again and use in your Meditation practice.
  • The three other Masterclasses include a channeled Q&A from me and my Highest Light Spirit Team.
  • Best Practices for how to integrate this Highest Light work so that it can be grounded into your day-to-day unfolding with ease.
  • A guide to Love & Peace Organizations you can partner with to support your Love Activism work.
  • Once complete with this training, you can add Love Activist to your title. Message us upon completion and we’ll get your Love Activism certificate out to you!
There are 5 very specific desired results we are holding for you from this program:
  • To be an attuned and aligned Love Activist. You are able to be a conduit of/for Divine Love simply through your presence and the inspired daily actions you take.
  • You live a more joyful, peaceful, Love-filled and Prosperous life.
  • Your relationship with yourself, your Higher Wisdom and with others (including your romantic relationships) goes to a new level of intimacy and connection.
  • You experience a generous and Divine flow of Prosperity just by being YOU.
  • Your Intuition is more on point than ever before and your intuitive gifts expand.

I cannot even believe how much has shifted in the past 11 weeks! At the beginning of this program the relationship I had been in had ended with ease but I was feeling frustrated. I wanted to control how everything looked. Now I am so peaceful and feel so much love just beaming out of every part of me! 💗 I had a heart breaking open experience that has blown my mind with someone I continued to say no to and keep at a distance for 20 years!! It has opened me up in ways I didn’t even know existed. I am so at peace with whatever happens… I am being me and allowing others to respond. I just love it and will continue to do that. I will shine my light, I will pour out love from every part of me and let others respond however they choose to respond without any expectation or feeling I NEED them to do anything. ❤❤

I am so grateful for this tribe. Thank you to everyone for your support and cheers throughout the last 11 weeks! I can’t wait to keep swirling with you. -Jillian Gunlicks, Artist

I am so filled with love and peace and gratitude. Thank you all for this time and space and all of the sharing and healing. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible gift you are, Kristian and the beautiful compassion you and the JOGs bring. These last 11 weeks have turned up the light in such a beautiful way. I had no idea about this would be my life 11 weeks ago, and 11 months ago when I heard the call to let go of a life that wasn’t in total service and start to follow my bliss, my heart and unshakeable peace. I am a dancer, a healer, a Medicine Woman, a Goddess of the Highest Light, and a Queen of Compassion. I always have been, and I can now claim that without fear, without needing to hide and I now wouldn’t have it any other way!! I was in and out during the call, but came to somewhere in the middle of the answer to my question, knowing it was for me. I didn’t catch all of it and can’t wait to relisten while I dismantle my old office space and co-create a more aligned and Sacred Space to do my own personal work, and to better serve my clients. I caught something about bringing in my husband more, which is totally spot on and what I’ve been desiring. And he’s been more open to coming with me (and my dance tribe is eager to meet this man. My primary dance partner told me he enjoyed meeting him briefly at the cafe the other day, and appreciated Adam’s powerful, grounded energy!). I also just checked my email and had a message from another new client!!! OMJOGs, it’s happening. I am beyond blessed and so ready to stand tall and SHINE as we close out 2017 and move into 2018!! -Tiffani Barnum-Hess, Holistic Life Coach & Love Activist
Feeling so much gratitude and appreciation for these 11 weeks of Love Mastery. My most obvious shift is that I have embodied the message that we are here to live a life that we Love – and I can for the first time in this lifetime truly say that “Play is a priority” – no longer something that “might” happen “after the important things are all done” and only “if I have any time/energy after that”. Nope – now, “Play” literally gets scheduled into my calendar several times per week – meeting up with friends to play (amateur) ultimate frisbee and soccer, moving in our bodies and laughing so hard. And I schedule “the other important things” right around play times!! My commitments going forward after Love Mastery are to (1) continue to make play-time and 11:11 prayer-time priorities that “other important things” get scheduled around (2) keep the “Showing up as Love” in my daily moment-by-moment awareness while using the tools that make that alignment possible and (3) join the 2018 miracles program and allow my perspective to classify “sharing in the FB group” as a form of “play” (so it gets prioritized!). 🙂 Thank you so very much, Kristian & JOGs for another incredible program. <3 So much L.O.V.E. -Angela Johnson, Awaken BodyTalk 
I’ve had big changes since we started love Mastery. Bought a house so my beloved and I could finally live together in the same city. Found a beautiful place just a block from the lake, so I am going to be living like I’m on vacation. Woohoo! Feeling so much love & peace already.

From here forward I want to focus on keeping my alignment on track and easily shift back to it when things get off. Wanting to feel the love vibration more of the day than not. Working my tools to keep it flowing! -Elizabeth Beasley

I have absolutely loved our time together! I’m amazed at how quickly the time has passed and am so grateful for being able to come together with such an amazing group of people!!! I love you all so dearly and hope we can continue to raise each other as we continue our work in the world! So much love!!! -Erica R.
I didn’t put much thought into the title of this 11 week course when I started- I was just excited and curious because I’d heard how wonderful Spirit-led Mastery was. “Love Mastery” is certainly an accurate description! While I’ve been “working” with Kristian and the JOGs (part of her Highest Light Spirit Team) on my relationship with Kevin, this course along with my SAEs, resulted in a quantum-leap of our love connection. I’ve been able to have conversations with Kevin I never thought I’d have, and we’ve been able to get more real and vulnerable than ever before- all while he’s been 1000 miles away for the last 2 months. While our relationship has always improved with time, after nearly 9 years together, I’m in disbelief of how much we were able to evolve in just 11 weeks – and that wasn’t something I thought I could receive from this course! The one action I’m committed to integrate moving forward is to love more fiercely, and especially to love those that bring a reflection of conflict into my space. I ended up following friends into a strange place last night, and was presented with conflict from the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine. I shared words of apology and love and then excused myself to go home to take all of it through the energetic health toolkit. Using the tools last night and again this morning, I see how it was all set up for me to receive an upleveling of love and perspective. Not one person on this planet is an enemy of mine, and not one person can take anything from me that is in divine right mine. So I am choosing not to fear others and not to fight others. I will LOVE! -Jessica K.
These 11 weeks have been the anchoring in of this whole year with you and this community. I feel completely surrounded by love and light. I feel completely connected to Divine. This time with you and this beautiful community has been euphoric. And I am so grateful for the shift it has facilitated in me, for the love and magic, peace and prosperity and for the awakening. It has been beyond my expectations. I can not imagine living my life any other way!! And of course, I can not wait for what is next. For whatever it is, I will be there, present, open armed and ready! -N.E.
For me, the last 11 weeks have been about learning to show up in a loving way, regardless of the circumstances around me. Leaning into love in situations that I previously would have ran from. Healing myself instead of trying to control others or outcomes. And in doing so, witnessing so many beautiful miracles every day and discovering things about myself I didn’t know existed.

Sending so much love and gratitude to all of you for being a part of these 11 life-changing weeks! I can’t wait to see where this life of love takes us in 2018! -J.P.

Thank you Kristian Strang and all Love Masters! My immense gratitude for another great program.

Upon reflection, over these 11 weeks the relationship with my love has increased in commitment. We causally started talking about him moving in “someday” when I started a solar panel project in August. Now we’re planning on February!

My commitment going forward is to stop and feel my feelings instead of “stress” eating! -J.O.

Gosh, our time together has been so healing and eye opening for me. Within the first few weeks it became clear that I needed to go into the darkness so I could show up for and honor what was wanting to be healed. Also learned a ton about my triggers (old and new) and I really dug into running things through the Empowerment Guide.

One thing that surprised me is how sensitive I am to others energy. Saging, tapping out my cortices and sea salt baths are a must for me to keep my energy field clear and my immune system humming along.

My biggest takeaway is how differently everything looks when you are coming from a place of love and how positively people react towards you when you show up with grace. Conversations have changed, the people that are drawn to my energy has changed, and the smiles and love given in return has been so amazing. In fact I’m going to go for it and just say all of us in this swirl created movements far beyond our capacity to see. 🙌🏼

Leaning into things has at times been scary so when in doubt I now turn to meditation and prayer. I just love co-creating with the Universe and one thing is so clear…. I came here to remember love and allow it to move through me, heal, and inspire.

Thank you all for our time together and thank you, Kristian, for leading us on this journey. I truly enjoyed the synchronicities, shares, and support from this “love tribe” and send you all oodles of love as we venture into our next unfolding. -K.D.

This Love Mastery experience has been filled with great re-rememberings, wonderful ah-has, and lots of letting go.

Unexpected for me was the beautiful upgrade in love with my husband-more mutual appreciation, more co-creation and more softness. The old patterns are fading away of the stories of  “no I got it” or “I don’t need helps-thanks.” I like being independent and I am learning to be more interdependent where there isn’t expectation of the other, but a willingness NOT to do it all on my own because we were designed to co-create with others. I really thought I had this down pretty well with lots of areas that I have learned to ask for support and help with my husband. However, recently, my husband offered to be present for me for something and I say “no” as my mind went to the practical and logical place of “I don’t need help, you don’t need to take a day off work, etc.” I was gently guided back to asking myself what I actually wanted, which was his presence for this experience. Once I did that I was aware of the times I use this out of balance masculine within me (forge ahead, don’t ask for help, I’ve got it) to not sink into my feelings and of course, to not be receiving. I went back and asked him to be present for me with this event and he said, “Sweetheart, of course, I always want to support and nurture you. It makes me really happy to do that for you.” This is how my husband has always shown up for me (unless it’s dusting and that’s another topic—haha), but in the big picture he always wants to step more and more into the space of his divine masculine. Sometimes he doesn’t know how and I need to be clearer to ask for what I need/want and sometimes I just don’t let him in. I notice more now even the tiny places where I have asked something of him, but have not been willing to receive. That is all shifting!

My commitment is to lean more than ever into the unknown until it IS my place of total comfort and my go to place. -J.B.

When I started this program I really just wanted to clear my block around money. It had been so nebulous. I had been stuck in a pattern of feast or famine for so long and tried so many things to even this pattern out.

This experience has been SOOOOO much more than this!

I’m so much happier and at peace. I’m more deeply connected with who I AM and attuned to when I’m shying away from her.

I’m stepping up more fully and authentically in all ways.

These words simply do not touch the magnitude these past weeks with The JOGs, Kristian Strang, and all of YOU has made in my life.

I love you.

My commitment is to pay attention, grow big, and keep actually working my tools as fully as I can in any given day.

My commitment is to stay connected and honor my Higher Wisdom over distraction and agenda (from self or others).

My commitment is to stay present.

My commitment is to TRUST all will be well. -K.H.

Such a beautiful class and day – thank you, Kristian Strang, JOGs, higher wisdom and everyone! It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit is always there for us if we tune in. I had a rough few days but felt my feelings and today has literally and figuratively been warm sunshine for the soul.

The last 11 weeks have shown me how much fear I’ve been holding, which was oh my god hard but light and miracles continued to surround me. I can honestly say I’ve been consciously feeling into the fear and facing it – mostly reluctantly but still 🙂 – and now…onto loving it and anchoring in my daily spiritual practice. I learned in an emphatic way the concept of conscious choices and the importance of always aligning and choosing love before taking action. And the sweet relief that each moment is new and Spirit is always working for us; just align and take a loving step. -T.D.

I read my notes from 9/29. And my state of mind was ‘needing space for spirituality’ and sensing my ex around the corner and being in the midst of my first big project with my side hustle. Well. I got space. I got connection. And I received beautiful lessons from him coming back in. And I have my next big project happening tomorrow. Loved how it all synced up! -S.B.



I was afraid. Very, very afraid. Of pretty much everything. Love, men, women, hate, anger, things going the way I wanted them to, things not going the way I wanted them to – you name it and I was afraid of it.

I was raised in a family and religion that was rooted and based in Fear. Maybe you too can relate. One of the reasons you and I were drawn to this Earth plane was because this planet carries the consciousness of Fear & Survival. And it does so for the very purpose of us recognizing this and then choosing to transmute it to what all things actually are – which is Love!

From there I went on to create a life with my mind that was all about avoiding the very things that I most needed to grow, develop and expand – namely making peace with my Fear and transmuting it.

I constricted my Feminine energy, leaned into where it was “safe” in a more patriarchal masculine energy and armored myself so that I could “survive” my life and experience some means of success.

All of this led me to a health crisis at age 28.

Which led to a quest for healing that put me in Brazil where I received a psychic surgery in 2008. By 2013 not only was I healed, my entire life was transformed and I had co-created with my Higher Wisdom a very successful practice as a BodyTalk healing practitioner. Latent healing and intuitive gifts had been awakened within me.

In late 2014 I found myself at the “peak” of my success making 6-figures and living a very public/visible and what I had thought would translate as a very “successful” life.

Except the call of my Spirit told me I had much deeper to go.

By the end of 2014 I asked to be 100% Spirit-Led which led to the complete crumbling of all I had “created” and launched me on the path of being a true conduit/beacon/riser for Love.

I’ve spent the past 4 years deep in it with Higher Consciousness, channeling messages from my Highest Light Spirit Team, upleveling my energy medicine abilities, becoming a Barefoot Doctor, and healing and balancing my Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies.

I was guided to purchase a home on the sacred land that I have a Soul contract with to support its healing. I perform daily and weekly rituals for the land and I work with a number of non-profit organizations in my Love Territory and beyond to support the increased spreading and rising Up for Love consciousness that this time is calling for.

As a board member of the non-profit The Joy Team and as the now executive director of Rising UP for Love, my/our work sponsors Love-filled and positive message billboards that I co-write in being put up throughout the city of Portland, Ore. and throughout the country whenever those spaces are available.

I was even guided to start a free and public Facebook forum aimed solely at sharing inspiration about how we can support the upleveling of our Divine Planet to Love.

In addition, I surrendered all sense of having to “be” something to “receive” cash-money and prosperity, and rather embraced that I was to simply be who I am and allow the Divine flow of Wealth and prosperity into my life in that way.

It’s been quite the time I can tell you that much!

I’ve experienced more mystical experiences than I ever thought possible along with a deepened sense of purpose and connection to our Divine Planet and all living beings.

I’ve had a new Spirit Guide join my team in the most miraculous of unfoldings and he has guided me to upgrade my home and vehicle and all purchases to those that more fully honor our Divine Earth, among many of his contributions to my life.

My channeling even ventured into the painting realms to further bring more Love and Light to those called to me.

I abandoned all attachment to having a “business” or needing to be a spiritual guide or healer or teacher or any of it and instead created a Divine flow where I am guided by my Higher Wisdom and much prosperity flows to me.

I do all of this as I stay deeply connected to my Divine Feminine self and working in harmony with my Sacred Masculine. Miraculous and magical Divine Relationship appointments have been magnetized to me and I’ve been in utter awe at what occurs when you live as Love.

And now I am so thrilled to be able to share the Divine Wisdom from my Spirit Team and my own experiences to support you in claiming your path as a Love Activist/Champion/Riser/Beacon!


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