The Truth About Love

The Truth About Love: A Guide to What Love is, How it Works, and How to Create More of it in Your Life


In The Truth About Love: A Guide to What Love is, How it Works, and How to Create More of it in Your Life Heather Kristian Strang goes deep on what Love really is and offers applicable practices to heal past traumas and invite Love into your life. This beautiful, inspirational, and relatable guide is designed to help you embody the energy of Love in all that you do and are. Strang is a true cheerleader for the ascension of humanity.

This 60+ page heart-centered digital guide includes:

  • What Love is and what Love isn’t
  • The different paths of Love
  • Actionable practices for healing and manifesting Love in your life
  • Relatable story telling that will break your heart wide open
  • Romantic Love, earth Love, soul tribe Love, familial Love, self-Love, Love of spirit
  • How to navigate common obstacles on the path to Love
  • Tons of inspiration and channeled messages from her Spirit team
  • Rich resources to assist you on your journey to Love

If you’ve felt the absence of Love in your life, or if you simply want to cultivate more of its pure energy, this practical guide is sure to set you on your path to freedom from doubt, fear, and loneliness.

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Helping me truly heal more than any other spiritual practice.

This guide has personally helped me during a very difficult time in my life, reminding me of how important self-love is to EVERY other source of love in our lives. I have been using the family of origin daily practice described in the guide (one of many) every night before bed and honestly it is the thing that is helping me truly HEAL more than any other spiritual practice—and I’ve tried A LOT of healing modalities. With the help of the information in this guide I have been able to feel a serious shift inside myself and I know that shift is self-love finally working its magic because I finally allowed it to.

Arizona Bell, Editor at Spirit Guides Magazine 


Off-the-charts amazing!

OMJOG! This guide is off-the-charts amazing and inspiring and helpful! Thank you so much for creating it love!

Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach


Helping me do it — every single day.

I just finished reading the new Love Guide. It’s amazing! It really helped me “get it” and the practical tips are helping me do it — every single day.

Elizabeth Beasley


So good.

I loved the part of the love guide about friendships. Helped me get it. So good.

Stephanie Bingham