Prayer Healings

Every morning I perform a prayer ritual using prayers from St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus Christ, along with my entire Spirit Team filled with my Highest Light Team, Mother Mary, All of the Highest Light, Source, Archangel Michael and the Beloveds of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene.

Over the years, I have included Loved ones in my prayer healing ritual, and recently have included participants in my Spiritual Mentorship program and other programs.

The results of these prayer healing rituals have surprised everyone – most of all me – as Loved ones experienced near miraculous healings of physical ailments and powerful upleveling in their financial abundance.

In one prayer healing request, a woman asked that her son and his marriage be prayed over as they were currently separated and not on speaking terms. Around the time that I was performing the prayer healing ritual, this man’s wife reached out to him and invited him over for a weekend together after months of no connections. (!)

Folks have had their incomes double, family relationships healed, physical symptoms healed, vacations filled with ease, events smoothed out, wedding ceremonies that are glitch-free and more.

And so, now my Highest Light Team as part of my New Reality manifestations, have guided me to open this up to my entire community.

If you would like to submit a prayer healing ritual request, you can do so by donating an amount that your Soul calls you to and then placing your request in the notes on the donation form.

Once complete, please send a photo of the individual you are requesting the prayer for to kristian (at) heatherkristianstrang (dot) com.

The power of prayer is immense and it’s my honor to be a support to you on your path.


Karla Sauve

Karla Sauve of Soulful Balance sent in this testimonial about her prayer request.

First off, I am so, so grateful for you. At one point that day, around 5, I was standing at the fridge filling a glass of water and all of a sudden an awareness came in….my body felt so light. A lightness I’ve never felt, almost like floating but yet I felt grounded. The next day interacting with the others involved, I was literally completely different. There were two others who felt sick, with stomach aches, chills, etc. Well I felt better and they were still sick. Thank you again!


I can honestly say that I have never felt such power as I did with one of my prayer requests (they all have had an impact on me but this literally shocked me). I was going through an extremely hard time, I had fear overwhelming me and I was all too familiar with these feelings. I sent in my prayer request and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I can recall standing in my kitchen and my mind was wanting to go over every bad thing and really be in the shitty feeling but there was a force that came through me where I couldn’t help but feel joy and just started dancing. I couldn’t believe what was happening, the prayer so powerfully took me out of my old story and literally brought me to such a deep sense of joy that I couldn’t help laughing and dancing. My mind was going “what the hell is happening” as I let the joy take over and danced away. I will never forget that moment and how it changed me.


All of your prayers and work are powerful I have never doubted that but this prayer was (I can’t even find the words for it) powerful but not how I used to describe powerful. My mind is still trying to grasp what happened.

I know the power in this type of work obviously as I have witnessed so much from working with you as well as doing the work myself and yet I am in awe. I hope it’s not too corny to say that I feel I was given a second chance at life…I feel I need to stay consistent with prayers as I am wanting and ready to keep elevating up.


The prayer requests feel like a magnet pulling me back into alignment whenever I get off. Thank you!!!


Holy wow, these prayer requests are completely incredible!!! I did 11 days of prayer requests and it was like magic. During those 11 days, anytime I felt out of alignment, I didn’t stay there long as I felt myself being pulled back into alignment by the prayers, just like a magnet. These prayers, in combination with 1:1 work and my own work, helped me navigate a transition with the most ease, flow, and joy I’ve ever experienced!! So grateful for this life, this path, and Kristian and the Highest Light Team!!!


Two years into my job search I landed an interview for a job that really resonated with me. I felt compelled to contact Kristian and ask for her prayer, “I have a job interview, would you please pray for me to let go and be Love led? Let Spirit guide how the interview should go for my greatest benefit. I’d also very much love to feel grounded during the interview, a prayer for grounding would be lovely.”

It was the most wonderful interview of my life. I was authentic, relaxed and yes… very grounded. I knew that something greater than me knows better than I do, and I relaxed in it and enjoyed myself.

They said they’d contact me in 10 days but I knew I’d be hearing from them right away and sure enough, one business day after my interview they called me and offered me the job. The salary is DOUBLE what I’m making now and I feel really good about the work and the people.

Prayer is powerful and I’m so grateful today. Today my prayer is: thank you, thank you, thank you.
And thank YOU, Kristian. You are a dear.