Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

 “I am absolutely LOVING what I’m hearing from Sacred Woman so far. The first call was magical and filled with light and empowerment. I can’t even imagine where we will go in this 9 months together. It will be epic.” -Katie G.


 “I LOVE being a part of such a wonderful group. It lifts me up energetically as well as emotionally so I can continue to raise my alignment with my highest path.” -Janna


“I am so grateful for this gathering and this Soul tribe. I’ve been feeling more and more connected and conscious of my Sacred Woman in so many ways, and with so much ease and grace. Ahhh, loving this so much, Kristian Strang, thank you!” -T.H.


“This morning I woke up and felt like something had seriously shifted and that a fresh start is happening right this minute. It got me all excited! This is a special tribe and I’m so excited to begin this adventure with you.” -E.B.


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A 9-Month Mentorship Program
February 1, 2019 through November 1, 2019


There’s an unclaimed woman who lives inside of you. 


A woman who the Earth and all beings are in desperate need of …


This woman is Your Sacred Woman.


This is your Highest essence, and truest Self.


For most of my life, I was a girl.


A scared girl.


A hurt girl.


A girl who needed mommy and daddy to love her and was searching for that Love in friendships with women and in romantic relationships.


A girl who thought that perhaps accomplishments and “success” could heal her broken heart.


Four years ago, I realized that I was either going to continue on as a girl – naïve, wounded and searching for something outside of me (a relationship, my business success, accolades) to give me the Love that I didn’t receive as a child (and in previous lifetimes) – or I was going to have to get serious and actually become the woman I came here to be.


And so – I left it all behind. The relationship I was in, the work, the clients, the need for recognition and achievement, and instead went deep into ME and my connection with The Divine.


I quit drinking alcohol.


I quit eating sugar (I already had cleared my diet of toxins such as gluten, soy, corn and most dairy).


I quit toxic people and relationships.


I bought a beach house in a remote beach town in Oregon and spent the following three years learning how to feel my feelings and subsequently then what to do with them, how to show up for myself fully, how to be fully led by my connection to The Divine while having a team of physical supports who confirmed what I was shown by Spirit while also illuminating the areas I could not yet see.


Essentially, I did the work I had been far too afraid to do as a girl.


I began channeling 5 Ascended Masters who I call The JOGs on the daily. We wrote three books together and I was taught how to be masterful in a physical body as a highly intuitive/psychic being of the Highest Light, here on this Earth plane.


I had to stop chasing Love, and instead become it.


Sadly, we are programmed to believe that when we want something, we want it outside of us – from another person – a man/woman, a baby, a job, #1 on the bestseller lists, etc. What’s actually true is that our desire is a call to embody what we want, first within ourselves. Then, if it truly serves us, it can manifest in the physical.


And so, after all of this, I was finally ready for Sacred Union with another Spirit in a body.


And so, I made an audacious demand to All-That-Is. I chose my Sacred Union/marriage date of 11/11/18 and demanded that it be brought to me.


A month later, the man who is now my husband was brought into my life by Divine forces.


On our first date we talked about our Sacred Union ceremony and what it would be like. It was on.


(Disclaimer: to be fair to All-That-Is, it sounds like I “manifested” this, but in truth, I had finally done the emotional and spiritual work necessary – big shout-outs to my non-physical and physical support teams for this! – for me to get out of my own way so this partnership could come to me.)


But then, I was scared…again.


My identity was shifting and my New Reality – that The JOGs and Team had told me was en route in 2018  – was coming ever more fully into form.


I didn’t know this version of me, this healthy, joyous in sacred partnership, me. On top of that, my existing life of the past four years no longer fit.


The beautiful, solo mystic life I had co-created was over. Even the way I had operated my “business” and my work as a “spiritual guide/teacher/healer” didn’t feel right any longer.


I wasn’t sure what to do, and so, whenever I hit a barrier I’m unable to unwind, I bring it to one of the wise women mentors who I’ve hired to be on my physical support team.


“And so, what would your sacred woman do?” my mentor asked me.


I paused.


My sacred woman? I felt my heart open, but I did not fully recognize this woman yet. I asked my mentor if she knew more about her.


“It’s time to go on a journey to more fully discover her and set her free into your life,” she told me.


I felt my whole body soften and relax.


Yes, my sacred woman. The woman I was always born to be, and whom I have tried for lifetimes to become.


It was time to unleash her fully into the world.


To fully express my Divine truth, to live fully my sacred being-ness no matter the patriarchy, the religions, the New Age, the government, the corruption, the haters (this was the hardest of all for me, as I so wanted to be liked by all), my family of origin, my lifetimes, my Soul wounds, social media, distractions galore – no matter, it was time to fully BE who I most came to be.


My sacred self.


My Higher Self while in this physical body.


We changed my whole “business” structure from a solo-focused “me” and “my” gifts service to Rising Up for Love – a Love-based organization committed to bringing more Love to the Earth through a variety of healings, rituals, trainings, supporting other Love-based organizations and more.


We added prayer requests by donation and watched as folks experienced amazing healings and uplevelings through the power of our prayer ritual.


And in this journey of living as my Sacred Self, so much has been revealed to me, so much has been birthed, and I cannot wait to share it with you.


Through my connection with All-That-Is, The JOGs, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ as well as the support of all of the Highest Light – I was guided to co-create this 9-month mentorship experience.


So that the Sacred woman that you are can be fully birthed in 2019 as we continue to support the Earth plane and the collective Soul in its alignment.


For we know that we are of no true service to anyone else when we have not and are not deeply anchored into our truest Self.


We also know that sacred union partnership is incredibly vital to our thriving at this time in consciousness.


All-That-Is, The JOGs and Team have told us that spiritual union, sacred union is literally the key to bringing Peace and Love to our Earth.


Imagine if every being was united with their most aligned partner for this lifetime and were intently focused on being in service to that Love and partnership.


What kind of world would we live in then?


And so, if you are not yet in sacred union, we will be preparing you and supporting you in calling in this partnership.


If you are in sacred union, we will be supporting your union in deepening into your greatest enrichment.


Your partner is encouraged and welcome to join us during the months he/she is called so that they too may go Higher and deeper into their sacred self alongside you. We have a special area where you can sign your partner up for this.


For we have entered a time of deep sacredness. A holy time that invites us into union with our truest Self, our sacred self and with one another.


We also know that in this 5th dimension of consciousness, only coming together to heal will do. The days of doing it on our own, or just one-to-one, are over.


Only joining together can bring us the greatest healing, fulfillment and alignment. It is through our understanding of Unity consciousness and One-ness that all of this is made possible.


As the Divine Feminine, 2018 invoked in us an important rising UP. Now, we must embody what that rising has called us to.


We must be the women we always knew we could be.


We must be the woman who rises Up into her deepest and fullest expression.


This has been and continues to be my journey. And now it is yours.


Now, I will ask you, “What would your sacred woman do?”


It is with much eagerness that I look forward to our journey together.


You will not be the same woman on November 1, 2019 as you were on February 1, 2019 and all will benefit from this expansion of you into your truest, sacred self.


I will see you there my Love,


Your Sacred Woman is your wise woman. She is filled with parts of the Goddess, parts of the Divine Holy Mother, and parts of the Queen. Yes, the Sacred Woman is all of these things.


She holds in her heart what is most Sacred and creates in the world in a way that is on purpose, and is filled with Love, Peace & Prosperity.


The Sacred Woman is not swayed by the fanatics of the time, rather she sees and feels what is occurring deeply and allows her connection to All-That-Is/Great Spirit/Source/God to lead her forward.


She deeply Loves the masculine – within her self and in her counterparts.


She deeply Loves, adores, honors and reveres the feminine – within her self and in her counterparts.


She deeply Loves and cares for the Earth plane, animals and all that is Alive (which is, all things).


She is not interested in pitting anyone against anyone, her intent is Love.
Her intention is Peace.
Her intention is over-flowing Prosperity for all.


This is the woman – the unclaimed woman – who lives inside of you.


And this woman cannot hide inside of you any longer.


She is ready to be unleashed.
She is ready to shine brighter than the Sun.


She is ready to, with her masculine counterpart in tow, heal.this.Earth.plane, and ascend to realms far beyond her dreams.


It will take a 9-month birthing process for her to be born into the world, just in time for the next grand upleveling set to take place in 2020.


Together, we will gather for this accelerated birthing process.


As mentioned previously, at various times, our masculine counterparts will join us (whether identified as male or female – this is not about gender or orientation, only Soul, Spirit, and primary essence) for this journey, as there is much we are learning that we must do together.


Throughout this 9-months we will remember and expand into our holiness, into our Divinity, into our human-ness, into our Love, Peace and Prosperity.


Together, we will go so much further than we ever could on our own.


“You came to live as your Higher Self, as your Sacred Self in this beautiful body that you are now in. It is time to anchor fully into this truest You and embody your primary essence, your sacred feminine heart, your beauty, your sexy (in ways you have not yet known), your prosperity and your Truth.”


-The JOGs & The Highest Light Team 

Feel the space within you, feel your Sacred Woman whispering “yes”, and do join us. Below is everything you need to know to do so…


  • A reclamation of your Sacred Self. I.e., an embodiment of your Highest Self in your current physical body (this is something we’ve been trying to do for lifetimes, and now it’s here).
  • An expansion in the Peace you experience in your life.
  • Expanded Prosperity and Wealth consciousness. Your Sacred Woman is a wealthy, prosperous woman.
  • Heightened and expanded intuitive and healing abilities.
  • Greater harmony and union in your romantic partnership, if in partnership.
  • Coming together with your Sacred Union partner, if you’re not yet in partnership.
  • Healing of family wounds and relationships.
  • A liberation from the confines of societal expectations of what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be feminine.
  • A liberation from the barriers, stories and traumas that have been unconsciously holding you back from your most Sacred Self.
  • A greater ability to feel and experience Love.
  • An expanded connection with Great Spirit/Source/God/Universe (or whatever term resonates most for you).
  • Magic and Miracles on the daily as your Higher Self and Spirit Team (also known as your Higher Wisdom) are in expanded communication with you and flowing through you from this experience.
  • Remembering. Your past lifetimes and more importantly, remembering what you truly came here to do.
  • A healing of your family line – ancestrally going backwards and forwards so that your daughters and sons do not have to carry the pain you have carried.
  • Renewed creativity and creative expression.
  • Peace and joy with your sexual expression and sex itself. You now understand what it’s here for, and how to integrate your sexual being-ness into your life.

  1. Gather together via phone on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:11amPacific for a LIVE call with a healing talk on the focus for that month, along with a LIVE Q&A. All calls will be recorded and sent out to all participants. You may also submit questions ahead of time so that your Q’s can be addressed on the call.
  2. Receive a Sacred Woman Meditation mp3 based on the focus of the month on the second Wednesday of every month.
  3. Join me in our private Facebook forum via FaceBook Live on the third Wednesday of every month at 11:11amPacific with inspiration, support, guidance and answering any Q’s along the way. You may also submit questions ahead of time so that your Q’s can be addressed on the call if you cannot be with us LIVE.
  4. Receive a channeled healing transmission via written word and audio on our monthly topic on the fourth Wednesday of every month on how to embody your Sacred Woman in 2019.
  5. We will be utilizing the power of the unified field through quantum physics principles, energy psychology, The Law of Attraction & Law of Magnetism, Sound healing, prayer, meditation, emotional healing practices, breathwork, and conscious co-creation during each week, and each month of our 9-month experience together.
  6. An online Facebook forum will keep us connected as we Reclaim our Sacred Woman.
  7. You will have access to ask us Q’s and receive guided support every step of the way during this Divine Gathering.
  8. You will also have access to purchase one-on-one, remote, one-off Soul Alignment Energy Medicine Sessions from Heather Kristian & The JOGs & Team. These sessions are not available for purchase for anyone, anywhere else.


Each month we will have a focus area that will be the next key to the Reclamation of Your Sacred Woman.


Please note: This order may change, pending guidance from All-That-Is.

Month 1, February 2019: Love: The Elixir of the Sacred Woman

Month 2, March 2019: Living Your Authentic Purpose

Month 3, April 2019: Prosperity: The Overflowing Prosperity of the Sacred Woman

Month 4, May 2019: Fulfilling Your Sacred Contracts

Month 5, June 2019: Sacred Union: Spiritual Partnership is the Answer to Your/the World’s Angst

Month 6, July 2019: Reclaim Your Sexy Sacredness
Otherwise known as, “Yes, Sexy & Sacred go together!”

Month 7, August 2019: Peace: The Embodied Essence of the Sacred Woman

Month 8, September 2019: Ritual & Ceremony: Honoring All Things As Sacred

Month 9, October 2019: Your Life as Your Platform for Your Sacred Woman

*Please note: Your masculine partner may join you for any of these months for $222/per month. A link for this is featured here. You may sign-up your partner for the months you desire. You can do this throughout the 9-month mentorship experience. 

“You have been called to gather through this Divine format to elevate your own vibrational frequency and that of the collective through your sheer presence together here. Your Sacred Woman, your Holy Self will be birthed in support and reverence from your sisters.”


– The JOGs & The Highest Light Team

  • Healers
  • Visionaries
  • Wayshowers in all sectors
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Mothers
  • Creatives
  • Leaders
  • Speakers
  • Founders of non-profits, B-Corps and other mission-based organizations.
  • All those who are called through the resonance of their vibrational alignment to this offering.
  • All those willing to do the self-inquiry and greater reflection to birth the Sacred Self.
  • All those who are done blaming, pointing fingers and giving their power away.


You are now being called to this Divine Gathering and to this New Paradigm of embodying your Higher Self, your Sacred Self as a Sacred Woman.

Follow the call of your Spirit and…

One tree is planted in your honor in partnership with One Tree Planted – when you join Reclaim Your Sacred Woman.


111% the best choice I’ve made so far this year…

For anyone who’s feeling the call but may be questioning, this program/work/journey is already so amazing. I’ve experienced a level of love and peace and empowerment in such a profound way already, and I’ve been working with Kristian Strang for years. 111% the best choice I’ve made so far this year and is already so expansive. Let your Sacred Woman guide wherever you’re called, and if it’s here, it’s worth every bit of everything (money, work, healing, tears, etc).

Tiffani Barnum-Hess, Holistic Life Coach & Love Activist

The best decision I’ve ever made.

Making the decision to work with Heather Kristian was the best decision I’ve ever made. The blessings that have occurred from doing this work span from coming together with the Love of my life, to gaining more clarity about my life’s work and how that can manifest in endless ways. I’ve been empowered to go deep into my emotional healing and now have a plethora of tools to do so. I’ve had the opportunity to do 1:1 work and group intensives, and both experiences have been very special and meaningful. I will say that if you have the chance to do both, your life will never be the same. I recently had a “health crisis” that brought my life to a halt. Working with Kristian in the 1:1 Heal Your Body package and the Reclaim Your Health and Well Being workshop, was the exact support I needed to come to the realization that my body truly is in love with me and that the cycle of health is not always symptom free. If we choose to see them this way, these symptoms are messages that usher us into an even higher state of being. I now feel better than ever, have a clean bill of health and a new appreciation for how our bodies, minds, and spirits work in concert for our highest good. I’m truly grateful for this work, and for this amazing life I get to wake up to every day!

Maya Rogers

My life has improved 111%

Heather Kristian Strang has been my mentor for over a year. My life has improved 111% since I first began “working” with her and the JOGs. I’ve often said to myself, if only I knew of her sooner, I wouldn’t have spent so much time in anger and frustration instead of living in joy and peace and love as I do now. If you’re ready to really step it up a notch in your own personal evolution then she’s going to be a life changer!

Kristine Rosenquist, Kinder Spirit Preschool

Has literally been life changing…

Working with Heather Kristian and The JOGs has literally been life changing for me. When I began working with them I was struggling. I loved my work, but was having difficulty keeping up and making ends meet. I wanted to move somewhere warmer (I live in Minnesota) but couldn’t see how that was possible given my financial situation. I experienced significant shifts within the group programs, Spirit Led Mastery and JOGs Monthly. However, working in Mentorship brought everything to the next level x 10. My first month in Mentorship I made more money than in any of the previous 12 months. Not only do I now have a better flow of money, while at the same time working less, I also feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful. The most amazing thing is that I’m now planning to move to Hawaii, where I always dreamed of retiring! It’s such a beautiful thing to have confirmation from The JOGs and practical guidance to help me navigate my life, my business and these big changes. I’m a life/business coach so I recognize the value of having a mentor myself and feel grateful to have found Heather Kristian and The JOGs!

Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji

It has been life changing…

Since starting these practices, I have delicious and all encompassing moments of total connection to Divine and creation. It is the most thrilling sensation!! And my dreams are also filled with this sensation – although I can’t always remember the details of them. I feel this massive push to go forward/deeper and I see so clearly we are all connected, all of us and everything! I try to keep this in the forefront of my mind as it truly changes everything. And I am so grateful for this gift. And I thank you for sharing your gift with me. It has been life changing, transformative and what I have been looking for since I was 8 years old! I am loving this journey so much!


The changes have been so profound!

I’ve had 1:1 work with Heather, and WOW! I don’t even recognize the person I was a mere 18 months ago anymore! I was confused and frustrated, and a muddled sense of what I was supposed to do with my life. The changes have been so profound! I’m much more grounded and finally the Spiritual being I always knew I was, but didn’t know how to find. I’m more peaceful and love myself dearly (things I didn’t know I could attain). My purpose is much more focused, and I’m not thrashing around anymore. I could go on, but I think that’s good for now. Thank you!!!! XOXO

Erica R.

This work is miraculous.

It’s just been 3.5 months since I started working with Heather and I am a TOTALLY different person than when I started. I used to be chronically depressed, unsure of myself, afraid to do anything big, just trying to survive as best I could manage as life went by. Now I am creating my own (incredibly successful!) business/economy/community around my life purpose, I have so many friends, I love life every moment, and it’s all fun and joyful and stress-free. And, the biggest piece for me, it’s sustainable! …It’s totally grounded, which is another huge thing for me. This work is miraculous.

M.L., 44

*All sales are final.

*While you may choose to pay monthly for this offering, there is no “opting out” of this mentorship experience, and payments will run monthly until the 8 payments are complete.

**A portion of all proceeds goes to support our Love Activism work. Learn more about this here.