Reclaim Your Sexual Empowerment

Are you ready for a healthy relationship with sex and your sexual energy?


Are you ready to expand your vitality, creativity, joy, sex and prosperity in a way that’s completely authentic to the true You?


Do you desire to be part of a new, empowered sexual paradigm?


Are you eager to move through sexual distortions, fears, limitations and dis-ease and into total thriving?



In order to Rise UP for Love, we must take our power back from all of the places we have given it away. In June 2018, we addressed the #1 place we give our power away –  money. Now, we’re addressing the #2 place we give our power away – Sex and sexual expression.


And this doesn’t just affect the quality of our sex lives. Sexual disempowerment causes us to be disconnected from our creativity, our prosperity and our overall pleasure in life.


Why? The Sexual Chakra – the red-orange ball of light that runs from your pelvis to your root in a clockwise fashion – rules your Joy, Creativity, Prosperity, Sexuality, Sensuality, Pleasure, Personal Magnetism (your ability to attract what you desire), Individuality, Vitality and even Longevity (how long you live!).


When you and I are in a disempowered state in this area of our lives – our whole life is affected. Many of us have experienced sexual abuse, trauma, harassment and sexual thought distortions  (in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes) which has caused us to shut down our connection with this natural well-spring of vital life force energy.


The time has come to open back up – in a safe and sacred container – to your sexual vitality, longevity and pleasure.


It’s time to reclaim an authentic, healthy sex life – whether you’re single or partnered.


It’s time to reclaim your creativity, prosperity and thriving.




When you’re Sexually Empowered, you can thrive in all areas of your life. No longer led by the wounds of disempowerment, you are able to ask for what you need, co-create a life of thriving and remember who you truly are.


In this workshop, you’ll receive what you need to tap into the specific Divine guidance that’s here for you now regarding your relationship with your Sexual Chakra and how to move out of Sexual Disempowerment and into your true God/Goddess nature of Joy, Pleasure, Creativity, Sexiness and more.


This workshop takes place over 2 weeks time, with 2 specific online gatherings that will attune, align and support you with what you need to know about thriving in your sexual energy at this most powerful time in consciousness.

  • Clarity about where you’ve been giving your sexual power/energy away (and how to shift this).
  • How to work with your sexual energy in a way that allows you to thrive sexually and creatively (turns out they are one and the same!).
  • Pleasure and Joy in your relationship with sex – whether you’re single or partnered.
  • Empowerment to co-create sexual experiences that are totally authentic to your Divine expression for yourself and with your partner.
  • Clarity about the best uses for your sexual energy – when and how to use it.
  • Deeper intuitive connection with your Higher Self and your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light.
  • 2 guided Meditations for a lifetime of use.
  • A channeled transmission from the Highest Light for a lifetime of use.
  • A guided journaling experience to go deeper into your true sexual and creative desires – you can use this for a lifetime of check-in’s.
  • A guided experience that will allow you to access the new Sexual Empowerment paradigm that you are here to co-create – that you will have a for a lifetime of use.
  • A Sexual Healing session utilizing quantum physics and the unified field of consciousness.
  • All of this is influenced by my extensive 10-year training and study in quantum physics and metaphysics through the International BodyTalk Association, Lynne McTaggert, John of God in Brazil and Abraham-Hicks. And it is now led by my connection to the Highest Light, of which I co-create everything in my life with.

  • An open heart and mind to co-create a new relationship with sex, your sexual expression and your sexual empowerment.
  • A journal and pen for specific journaling exercises to excavate your deepest desires in this area of your life.
  • A copper stone and/or orange calcite – which you can acquire from most metaphysical stores or online through Etsy or Amazon. This will help empower your Sexual Chakra and connection.
  • White sage to clear yourself and your space.
  • The ability to both be sitting up for some portions of the workshop, actively engaged and lying down in receiving mode.
  • A glass of room temperature water (or water bottle) and bonus option: herbal, non-caffeinated tea.
  • We will gather together at 11:11amPDT on the Divinely Aligned day of August 3 (8+3=11) and then again on August 17 (8+1+7=16=1+6=7 – the # of the mystic!) – all in this year of 11 (Divine Alignment of the Highest Light!).
  • Each experience will take you deeper into your clarity and Divine Truth about your sexual empowerment and on August 17 we will open the phone lines so that you can share about your experience, the guidance you received and ask any Q’s about sexual empowerment that are up for you. If you are not able to join LIVE for the August 17 session, you can submit your Q’s via email prior to the workshop.
  • All participants – even if you are not able to join LIVE (although we highly recommend that you do!) – will receive the recorded workshop for a lifetime of re-listens and use. We will also create separate recordings for the meditations so that you can listen to those on repeat as needed and guided.

  1. Gather together via phone with your sacred supplies (see above) on August 3 at 11:11amPDT for a guided meditation, transmission and unfolding that will provide you with greater clarity about your path with your sexual energy. We will also share details about the sexual shifts that are upon us and how to best navigate these energies. It’s new paradigm time!
  2. An online Facebook forum will keep us connected as we integrate from this 2+-hour experience on August 3.  Share your sexual empowerment & creative windfalls (yes, they happen!), expansions and Miracles, while receiving Soul Tribe community support and focus for this area of your life unfolding.
  3. We will then gather again together on August 17, 2 weeks later, at 11:11amPDT to share about our individual experiences and guidance, and ask any Q’s. From there we’ll go into another meditation and attunement to support your sexual & creative thriving.
  4. Our online forum will remain open for the length of time Spirit guides while you integrate this upleveling to your vibration and your relationship with sex, your sexual expression and your sexual empowerment.

Specific Souls are being called to this Divine Gathering and to this new paradigm of sexual empowerment and creative thriving.

Follow the call of your Spirit and…

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Releasing so much.

I’m in such gratitude for our call. The amount of healing that’s occuring is just astounding. I’ve been using the meditation on repeat, and already has supported me in releasing so much.

Hannah Seraphina, Hannah in Seraphina’s Wings

Absolutely off the charts unbelievable.

This sacred container is absolutely off the charts unbelievable. The first call, and then the last call! Un. Real! And I so love the meditation and healing with the Marys from the last call – I’ve been listening to it daily and it is helping move all of this through and heal so beautifully. Forever grateful to you and what is to come for all of us because of you.

Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach

Major shift in prosperity and cash!

I’m noticing a major shift in prosperity and cash! Just signed up another little lovely in my Kinder Spirit child development program. Her parents were SHOCKED that she took to me so quickly. They said she has never done that before! She totally sees my Light and I see hers. It’s so special. Love this Life!!!

Kristine Rosenquist, Kinder Spirit Preschool

I feel reborn.

I am still overflowing with the BEAUTIFUL energy from this! I am so grateful for all of this. There were so many moments of deep clarity! And OMG the Q&A! I had massive and deep healing today. My awareness just burst open in brilliant expansion! Thank you Kristian, thank you RYSE community, thank you Divine. I feel reborn.

Natalie Elzbeth

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