Our Story


Hi! I’m Heather Kristian Strang. You can call me Kristian* (the name I go by when I’m not writing books or facilitating healing work, pronounced Christian)…


Rising UP for Love came to be while I stood in my kitchen on the Oregon Coast eating sugar-free chocolate and sunflower seed butter, talking with Spirit about what the next iteration of my Destiny was.


You know, the usual kind of conversations that one has in their kitchen.


In the quiet, I heard 4 clear words: Rising. UP. for. Love.


I was told this would be a mission-based organization that would be focused on Love Activism, and spreading Love far and wide as its sole purpose.


This work was no longer meant to be one mystical woman and her Spirit Team, it was to expand into an organization that everyday asks, “What wants to be created so that more Love can flow onto the Earth plane today?


And then from there, take those focused actions to bring more Love onto this plane of consciousness.


But before we even got there, I was guided to set up a free Facebook group called Rising UP for Love as an online portal for spreading inspiration and opportunities for caring for this Earth plane.


At the time of this writing this group is more than 600 blessed Souls strong from all over the globe.


Over the course of the past year I was guided to shift all of my work to be centered on Love, to support very specific organizations who were engaging in vibrationally expansive work and to bring my own personal life into greater harmony with Love. You can learn more about my own personal journey as a healer/mystic expanding into Rising Up for Love, in this brief video.


And so, Rising UP for Love comes to you firmly rooted and connected to All-That-Is. It has come to be after 10 years of my own personal, intense and epic spiritual journey that involved 2 very dramatic spiritual awakenings (the first in 2008 woke me up out of 3D living, the second in early 2015 started my channeling work and a huge dismantling of my ego into unity consciousness, aka 5D living), massive healing of myself and facilitation of said healing for others in sacred service, as well as almost daily continued remembering of who I truly am (and I’m remembering more and more every day).


Rising UP for Love was born as it was revealed through my connection to All-That-Is, that the desire to be of service is always a desire to be and give Love.


In fact, the core desire of any being on this plane is to be Loved, to feel Lovable and to give Love freely.


Without this core desire met, our culture, our Earth, our collective consciousness suffers. Pain, violence, anger, acting out, even disharmonious relationships – romantic and otherwise – are all symptoms of a disconnection from our true nature which is Love.


It is from this place of Love that all things stem and can truly grow and blossom. And that’s why this is the most important work we can be doing at this time – nurturing and supporting the expansion of Love within ourselves and giving to and supporting the furthering of Love Activism on this plane while also taking consistent action for Love.


It was the great mystic Rumi who reminded us:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


And it is from this sentiment that our Rising UP for Love empowered offerings are made available to you. So that your barriers to Love can be released and you can live as the true, authentic expression of Love that you are.


We look forward to sharing and partnering with you soon!


Yours in Divine Love,
XoKristian & Team

Rising UP for Love Intentions

  • Following the deepest calls to support the aspects of this life unfolding that we’re specifically called to support, whether that be clean water, civil rights, animal rights, Mother Earth, and/or other various peoples and causes.
  • Taking non-violent direct action. We think with Love, we speak with Love, we take action from Love. We employ Loving-Kindness as our key communication & action tool.
  • Fully committed to our daily emotional & spiritual practices that allow us to be more fully who we really are (hint: Love).
  • Leading our relationships – romantic, familial, friendships and beyond – from a place of Love. We consistently get quiet and ask, “What would Love have me do here?” And then we do that.
  • We bless our food, water and beverages, giving gratitude for all those involved in allowing it to come to us.
  • We are conscious of our impact on Mother Earth and seek to work in harmony with her, and so we consistently make choices to reuse & recycle, and we refrain from overusing resources that deplete our Earth.
  • Making amends with those we have hurt or who have hurt us.
  • We choose Love above all else – for self, for others, for this Earth plane. Knowing that in doing so, we are healed in time going both forward and backward, while this Earth has an expanded opportunity to be filled more fully with Love.

*Learn more about Kristian here.