Due to the depth and sensitive nature of this intimate “work”, my clients often prefer to have their full identity protected from public consumption. We honor and respect their privacy tremendously.

Below are true-life testimonials from my clients all over the world who have found this “work” to be instrumental in living the life of their dreams.


janet-galipo-profile-pictureHeather is an emerging voice in the fields of energy medicine, the love connection and following the intuitive path. I have found her to be kind, intelligent, directed and flexible; qualities necessary for any good teacher who knows it is important to communicate in a heartfelt way. I highly recommend her as a resource for anyone wishing to accomplish their personal and professional goals, as Heather’s focused determination will help to get you there! Dr. Janet Galipo
carin1If I had to pick only one characteristic of Heather’s, that stood out as the most significant attribute that sets her apart from 98% of all those in the field of spiritual teaching and healing, it would be her unwavering and courageous commitment to her own journey of exploration, discovery and healing. Without this key element, teachers and healers are simply binding their wounds with the egoic identity that their little self has found solace in. To state this more clearly, I would refer my adult children and grandchildren to her in a heartbeat! -Dr. Carin’ Poff Bocskay
Synchronicity led me to Kristian Strang in a time of awakening and need. Specifically a need to do a deeper level of inner work than was available on my own. Working with Kristian has been by far my most valuable investment I’ve made towards my evolution and well-being. Prior to, I was living with a significant amount of chronic body pain along with emotional luggage that impeded my relationships, personal expression, and most of all life satisfaction. Through the process, I’ve been continually empowered to release deeply held wounds, become more masterful in working with and holding space for my emotions, and really dive deep into expressing my most authentic self. This has impacted all aspects of my life. I now have the relationships I’ve always desired with both of my parents, less body pain and more vitality than I’ve ever felt, and most of all a much deeper sense of satisfaction with myself and my life which has given rise to more daily clarity and joy. For all of this, I feel I have few words that do justice. -Jeremiah Ott, Artist 
Thank you for always caring. For being present with me. For really holding the space for me as I navigate stepping into and living my highest path and purpose. And thank you for always being a guiding light either through our one on one work, group work, or social media posts. I feel like you’re my “secret sauce” to staying in Alignment and on track when my little girl just wants to go chase bright shiny objects. -Kirsten Hope, Healer & Artist
Just wanted to say how grateful I am for you and your work, dedication to your path and for all the healing I have had and continue to have!!! Janna Zarchin, Soul Magic Healing
I’ve been noticing really beautiful and significant shifts within myself since our calls. Most appetite has shifted! These past few weeks I’ve been far less hungry… forgetting to eat at times, too, which is wild for me. Food in the past has been my number one focus/source of comfort, so this is big. I feel an incredible sense of empowerment in my own health now. I went to see a Naturopath, and from that visit received so much clarity about how “well” I actually am, confirmation that we are the way-showers, and the feeling/knowing that I truly am my own healer and doctor. I trust my body and my Higher Wisdom in a way I didn’t before, and now am being guided to continue on in this way, and to only seek out specific treatments from a practitioner if and when they are needed, and I am guided by my Higher Wisdom to do so. I trust fully that they will bring me exactly who and what I will need every time. My overall mood these past few weeks has elevated and stabilized tremendously as well, and I am better able to navigate through emotions. Just astounded by the upleveling occurring from this workshop, and in such gratitude. Xoxo Hannah Seraphina, Artist
Making the decision to work with Heather Kristian was the best decision I’ve ever made. The blessings that have occurred from doing this work span from coming together with the Love of my life, to gaining more clarity about my life’s work and how that can manifest in endless ways. I’ve been empowered to go deep into my emotional healing and now have a plethora of tools to do so. I’ve had the opportunity to do 1:1 work and group intensives, and both experiences have been very special and meaningful. I will say that if you have the chance to do both, your life will never be the same. I recently had a “health crisis” that brought my life to a halt. Working with Kristian in the 1:1 Heal Your Body package and the Reclaim Your Health and Well Being workshop, was the exact support I needed to come to the realization that my body truly is in love with me and that the cycle of health is not always symptom free. If we choose to see them this way, these symptoms are messages that usher us into an even higher state of being. I now feel better than ever, have a clean bill of health and a new appreciation for how our bodies, minds, and spirits work in concert for our highest good. I’m truly grateful for this work, and for this amazing life I get to wake up to every day! -Maya Rogers
I’m so grateful for you guys and this community. As I’ve been observing, I’ve noticed that people often fall into their stories in order to connect and relate to each other. I’m thankful that I have this place and a wonderful core group of individuals in my life to share the magic and miracles with! Love you all! Have a blessed day! -Brooke Carlson, Wild Earth Crystals
I am feeling so expansive and supported each and every day. My daily readings of the JOGs transmissions are supporting my evolution forward in so many ways. -Amanda Johnson, Author of “Becoming Enough” and Writer’s Mentor
I cannot even believe how much has shifted in the past 11 weeks! At the beginning of this program the relationship I had been in had ended with ease but I was feeling frustrated. I wanted to control how everything looked. Now I am so peaceful and feel so much love just beaming out of every part of me! 💗 I had a heart breaking open experience that has blown my mind with someone I continued to say no to and keep at a distance for 20 years!! It has opened me up in ways I didn’t even know existed. I am so at peace with whatever happens… I am being me and allowing others to respond. I just love it and will continue to do that. I will shine my light, I will pour out love from every part of me and let others respond however they choose to respond without any expectation or feeling I NEED them to do anything. ❤❤

I am so grateful for this tribe. Thank you to everyone for your support and cheers throughout the last 11 weeks! I can’t wait to keep swirling with you. -Jillian Gunlicks, Artist

I am so blown away by all that’s transpired over the last nine months. I had some insight that this is where I was headed, and still had no idea that this is what I was in for during this birthing process. I can feel the lightness of this deep knowing AND the liberation that is happening, along with the uncomfortable stretching and growing that is also a beautiful part of liberating myself.

Thank you, Kristian and team, and all of you Divine beings for being here in this swirl. I am so beyond grateful and filled with love for this Sacred container and all that we’ve done here and will continue to do!! -Tiffani Barnum-Hess, Holistic Life Coach & Love Activist

Feeling so much gratitude and appreciation for these 11 weeks of Love Mastery. My most obvious shift is that I have embodied the message that we are here to live a life that we Love – and I can for the first time in this lifetime truly say that “Play is a priority” – no longer something that “might” happen “after the important things are all done” and only “if I have any time/energy after that”. Nope – now, “Play” literally gets scheduled into my calendar several times per week – meeting up with friends to play (amateur) ultimate frisbee and soccer, moving in our bodies and laughing so hard. And I schedule “the other important things” right around play times!! My commitments going forward after Love Mastery are to (1) continue to make play-time and 11:11 prayer-time priorities that “other important things” get scheduled around (2) keep the “Showing up as Love” in my daily moment-by-moment awareness while using the tools that make that alignment possible and (3) join the 2018 miracles program and allow my perspective to classify “sharing in the FB group” as a form of “play” (so it gets prioritized!). 🙂 Thank you so very much, Kristian & JOGs for another incredible program. <3 So much L.O.V.E. -Angela Johnson, Awaken BodyTalk
Working with you is pulling years of my life together, in ways I am just “tapping” into. Thank you! In fact, my work with you is like a formal training as a healer/channel.

Working with Kristian is a pleasure. Kindness and love ooze out of her being, and it is such a high vibration she sets for her audience. I feel like I am tapping into myself, as I tap in the sessions. I have written material over the last five years, and now, I comprehend it on a whole new level. Kristian has literally helped me tap into who I am with ease. I appreciate the investment of working with Kristian and tuning into who I am. -Michelle Young of Love One Love

You are such a gift to me, my family, my life and to this time on earth. I pray that many more people find you and that the ripple effect you are creating is a wave that soothes this whole planet. -Karla Sauve of Soulful Balance
I can’t thank Heather enough because as long as I have known her she expresses exactly who she is and I find this so beautiful and inspiring. For me this is her signature note of beauty in the world and this is what she brings out in me as well. From my experience in The JOGs Monthly program I feel I deeply shifted. I had been craving a return to the true me since my twins were born and I have found that from the practices, the encouragement, the teachings and mainly I would say from the direct guided messages from the JOGs to me in the monthly calls this occurred. They went to the heart of some ancient patterns I have been asking to be healed and am so thankful they understood me, saw me and were able to guide me back to myself. I feel empowered, at peace and more excited about life. Thank you so much Heather! -April Waldman, healer and intuitive
From the programs with The JOGs, I have made so many changes and feel so much more grounded in who I am and where I’m going and how I’m going to get there! I look back on last fall and I felt so lost and confused on several levels and thank goodness I no longer feel lost and I’m fine with not knowing all of the details on my path ahead. I have new tools, more grounding and changed perspectives. I am grateful. -Sue Staley of Quantum Bodytalk Healing Arts Cooperative
I feel such deep, deep gratitude for this experience and this journey. As I look back, I almost can’t believe the fundamental and profound shift that has occurred during our time together.

I found the sacred this week in ME. Fully whole, fully embodied, fully empowered, fully present for the first time in my LIFE.

So, as we come to the end of this beautiful journey, I can amazingly say that I made it!!! I did what I came here to do and it feels better than I could have possibly imagined!!!!

When we started, I didn’t realize what was missing. Now I feel truly whole. -Anna Demouchet, Holistic Divorce Consultant & Life-After-Divorce Coach

Thank you so very much, Kristian, for the gift you have made possible for me. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of the JOGs. Thank you for this magical book and for all your support. JOGs monthly has awakened me to Love, to my true Self, and to what I really am here for. From the truest, deepest part of me: THANK YOU. -Carol Morgan, Live Pura Vida
Heather Kristian Strang has been my mentor for over a year. My life has improved 111% since I first began “working” with her and the JOGs. I’ve often said to myself, if only I knew of her sooner, I wouldn’t have spent so much time in anger and frustration instead of living in joy and peace and love as I do now. If you’re ready to really step it up a notch in your own personal evolution then she’s going to be a life changer! Ramah Kristine Rosenquist, LMT
Working with Heather Kristian and The JOGs has literally been life changing for me. When I began working with them I was struggling.  I loved my work, but was having difficulty keeping up and making ends meet. I wanted to move somewhere warmer (I live in Minnesota) but couldn’t see how that was possible given my financial situation. I experienced significant shifts within the group programs, Spirit Led Mastery and JOGs Monthly. However, working in Mentorship brought everything to the next level x 10. My first month in Mentorship I made more money than in any of the previous 12 months. Not only do I now have a better flow of money, while at the same time working less,  I also feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.  The most amazing thing is that I’m now planning to move to Hawaii, where I always dreamed of retiring!  It’s such a beautiful thing to have confirmation from The JOGs and practical guidance to help me navigate my life, my business and these big changes. I’m a life/business coach so I recognize the value of having a mentor myself and feel grateful to have found Heather Kristian and The JOGs! -Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji
I began working with Heather Kristian and her connection to Higher Consciousness – which she calls The JOGs – almost 2 years ago.

In that time, my life has expanded in so many beautiful ways! I am living my life in a way that is more Spirit-Led – meaning I am able to surrender and put my trust into Spirit/The Universe/The Divine, allowing …for my higher purpose to guide my path as it unfolds. This helps keep me from constantly worrying and stressing out about the future, as well as staying small out of scarcity and fear. I live with more abundance, grace, and ease. One thing that I LOVE about this work is that there is no spiritual bypassing in it, like so many others. This is all about fully feeling your feelings, and moving through them instead of avoiding them. And also not wallowing in them when you are feeling them – which is something that has kept me stuck many times. This work has changed my life and still does on a daily basis. -Jen Kind, Kindful Rebel

JudyBrowneI have loved working with you, Heather and the wonderful JOGs. The whole concept of up-leveling to be more Conscious, Aware, and be to be deeply in “Love with ourselves” so we can open doors to create a life of Pure Wonder and Magic that is our Divine Plan.
I’m humbled by what has happened around me in my life and being mentored is the best thing I have ever done as your support and work has shifted me so powerfully and it’s enhancing every area of my life. So if you have been wondering about taking that next step, do it now and you will shift your reality and learn how to maintain what you have achieved. -Judy Browne of Magical Heart Awakening
karen-betten2Fellow magic makers: This is so long overdue because the words never seem to do it justice, but if you have never experienced the 1:1 experience with Heather Kristian Strang, run to the link and commit!! There is nothing more inspiring to jet set one’s capacity to step into their unique power to create change in their lives than to witness the connection Heather has to this in the 1:1 sacred container she creates! It is powerful, it puts me in awe and has inspired countless transformations in myself, my career, my relationship, and my family. Run, I say, people, and become a part of the change you want to foster in the world by intimately experiencing a master putting her focus and attention on you! Trust me, it will be life changing. Oh and tell her the Betten family sent you. -Karen Betten
Daria9I listened to the replay today.  Let me tell you, it was powerful!  During the transmission itself, I could feel the Spirit Team working in various locations in my body.  It felt expansive and blissful and like a very healing recalibration was taking place.  Thank you for that! –Daria Howell, LMT
AmandaLoveI have made some major progress in becoming much clearer on my life path and purpose and have made many steps to get there…I now have an awesome office where I do life changing nutrition/lifestyle consulting, I went to France for a month (still basking in that trip!!!), and am now leading my first ever international retreat in Peru. I really feel that spirit is infusing my life and business more than ever before. And I see and feel signs all the time…sacred numbers are now in my daily life. 333,11,1111, 108, and lots more. Heather Strang, I am forever grateful for your leadership and compassionate guidance. You have helped me more than words can say. -Amanda Love, The Barefoot Cook
CressSpicerWow, lots of changes since our session! New cell phone, new home, new clothes, including lots of sexy clothes – I’m feeling great again in my body. I’m loving it! I am also so excited that I am now reconnecting to my creativity at a totally new level. Much love & gratitude! Cress Spicer of Infinite Bodytalk
TiffanyConardThank you for teaching me so much, this is and has been an amazing experience. Being able to work with you through my divorce and in getting my independence back has been invaluable. You have helped me grow as a person and learn from all of this, and for that I am forever grateful! -Tiffany Conard, Actress
MaryThurman SquareI am forever grateful to Heather Strang for the assistance she has provided me through her alignment sessions. I have joyfully been releasing what no longer is helpful for me to carry on this journey of awakening because of her Spirit-led work! -Mary Thurman of Find Your Inner Muse
Jen HechtYou are amazing!! Truly, you are a beautiful radiant beam of pure light. My life is forever changed by our ‘work’ together, and by your courage to fully be who you are in this lifetime. Thank you for taking that on and surrendering to Spirit so you can shine source light and wisdom into the world! I am so lucky our paths get to cross this time around! -Jen Hecht of This Body of Work
Carol McKeag SquareYES! YES! YES! Freaking fantastic, Heather. Just listened to your LIVE call with the JOGs transmission. What an awesome experience. I love, love, love how you keep expanding, trusting, expanding, trusting, sharing who you are at the most vulnerable and authentic level. I’m excited about Spirit-Led Wealth Monthly and excited to hear what happens next in your life. You so Walk Your Talk, Heather. I love, love, love being part of your community and seeing you grow. Carol McKeag of Coaching for Life &Spirit 
photo-8I feel so much gratitude for being introduced to Heather Strang. She has been able to get through my defenses and illuminate my truths like no other. Her work is uniquely touching, informative and direct. As a teacher she is both unwavering and endlessly supportive. Heather Strang is a true mentor and an absolute joy to work with. Alexis McFate of Trust PDX 
I’ve had big changes since we started love Mastery. Bought a house so my beloved and I could finally live together in the same city. Found a beautiful place just a block from the lake, so I am going to be living like I’m on vacation. Woohoo! Feeling so much love & peace already.

From here forward I want to focus on keeping my alignment on track and easily shift back to it when things get off. Wanting to feel the love vibration more of the day than not. Working my tools to keep it flowing! -Elizabeth Beasley

All of these transmissions lately have caused tears to flow which makes me also realize this stuff is SO REAL. I am finding the TRUTH of who I am and loving it. Today’s transmission seemed like it was just for me… I am SO grateful to be a part of this fabulous group of wonderful people. When you let it flow, it flows. That flow led me to Heather Kristian Strang and my life has not been the same since…thank you xoxox.
-Judy Siebler
A wonderful, powerful meditation for which I thank you, Heather Kristian. Had lots of kundalini energy movement during the meditation and, repeated intense sneezing, of all things, afterward, so I think some unwanted energy was moving out making room for more light and love <3 -Eloise Hill
RobinWadaI have changed SO much since I started working with Heather two years ago.  A friend recently acknowledged that I have changed so much over the last two years. I have worked with Heather in group sessions but the one on one Soul Alignment events take me deeper into the core of who I really am.  With her intuitive guidance, connection with her Spiritual guides (JOGs), tools, and practices, I have been able to bring more and more of that core being into my life. -Robin Klum Wada
NicoleKSmith_April2014I’ve worked one-on-one with Heather and have been part of her Love programs. Through this incredible work, four years ago I aligned with the Love of my Life and Heather even served as the officiant at our wedding. Over the course of two particularly powerful sessions, we felt the energy of my Love come in, and within a month we had met! We also worked on my family matrix, even before I was pregnant. When my Love and I began trying for our family, we immediately became pregnant and now have the happiest little boy in our lives. I’m so grateful to Heather’s work and all of her support along the way! I highly recommend Heather to anyone seeking true Love. -Nicole Amend
Lauren Moss HeadshotMy work with Heather and the JOGs has been life changing! I’ve come together with an amazing man and we’re creating a Divine Love relationship that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I feel my heart expanding every single day – I didn’t know this Love could ever exist. Heather and the JOGs have been right there along the way as we release limiting beliefs, old relationships, and open me and my partnership up to the unlimited potential that is available to us. I am beyond grateful for this work and highly recommend it to anyone who feels a Soul resonance with Heather! -Lauren Moss
I’ve just had two sessions with Kristian and have life changing results. After my first session focusing on health I feel much lighter and the urge to purge and clean up all the “stuff” clogging up my space. For my second session I focused on financial abundance flowing to me so I could work to pay off the massive debt I had since racked up from when I developed dis-ease within my body. Well, within the weeks that followed that second session I had a $1000 bonus given to me from work, another $1100 holiday bonus, a $500 award from work and my husband won $2000 from his work!!! We are continuing to focus on financial abundance flowing freely to me and I can’t wait to continue to see these positive changes! Thank you, Kristian and Team! – Kim Bartelt, Healthy Hippie Mind
I look back and see how much I’ve grown in the past few years AND even more so in the last 9 months! So much has shifted for me as a result and continues to open and shift. It’s a whole new world! From work to home to love and partnership and most recently nutrition and how I take care of my body. It’s incredibly empowering to know I have the tools now to continue that growth. -Stephanie Bingham
Thank you! I have healed so much that would have taken years before, and now happens in weeks. Amazing and honored! -Nancy
Since starting these practices, I have delicious and all encompassing moments of total connection to Divine and creation. It is the most thrilling sensation!! And my dreams are also filled with this sensation – although I can’t always remember the details of them. I feel this massive push to go forward/deeper and I see so clearly we are all connected, all of us and everything! I try to keep this in the forefront of my mind as it truly changes everything. And I am so grateful for this gift. And I thank you for sharing your gift with me. It has been life changing, transformative and what I have been looking for since I was 8 years old! I am loving this journey so much! -Natalie
I LOVE this, have read it 3 times now, I feel I’m right in it. Things are moving so fast for me, all good from all places. My heart is filled with love and gratitude literally all day some days. I am over flowing with joy but I still know I have much more to do for others and for myself. WOW -Jillian Brogan
I didn’t put much thought into the title of this 11 week course when I started- I was just excited and curious because I’d heard how wonderful Spirit-led Mastery was. “Love Mastery” is certainly an accurate description! While I’ve been “working” with Kristian and the JOGs on my relationship with Kevin, this course along with my SAEs, resulted in a quantum-leap of our love connection. I’ve been able to have conversations with Kevin I never thought I’d have, and we’ve been able to get more real and vulnerable than ever before- all while he’s been 1000 miles away for the last 2 months. While our relationship has always improved with time, after nearly 9 years together, I’m in disbelief of how much we were able to evolve in just 11 weeks- and that wasn’t something I thought I could receive from this course! The one action I’m committed to integrate moving forward is to love more fiercely, and especially to love those that bring a reflection of conflict into my space. I ended up following friends into a strange place last night, and was presented with conflict from the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine. I shared words of apology and love and then excused myself to go home to take all of it through the energetic health toolkit. Using the tools last night and again this morning, I see how it was all set up for me to receive an upleveling of love and perspective. Not one person on this planet is an enemy of mine, and not one person can take anything from me that is in divine right mine. So I am choosing not to fear others and not to fight others. I will LOVE! -Jessica K.
I want to share extreme gratitude for being part of this group. I am not too comfortable expressing all the things that are happening, because of a tendency of guarding my privacy. This has been an active time with family houseguests and working on landscaping. It is about being totally and completely in present time awareness of exactly that is happening here and now. When, in the past, I have wanted oh so badly to have not things be as they are and to manifest something better, I find more of a sense of comfort for each little shift, little synchronicity, each nugget of wisdom. Thanks for listening. Blessings to you all on your paths, eating your delicious fruit. Susan Brochin
I have discovered just how much I was living in survival consciousness, and letting it run my life. I’ve been able to start to shift that in a big way, and start to live in source consciousness. It’s allowed me to see how much I was letting fear rule my life. Fear of change, fear of taking that next step in my spiritual growth, fear of what living not in survival consciousness would look like. I’ve started to transmute the fear and it is such an amazing feeling. Peace, clarity, Love, and acceptance have started to become my daily reality and it is incredible.

If you are at all curious, sign up! Working with Kristian has been one of the best decisions of my life. The information she shares is life changing!! You can feel the love and care she has for everyone! -Christina Keneippe


Wow, Heather Kristian Strang, you really are magic. So glad I signed up for this! Listening to that meditation, the messages of the JOGs, has brought me such peace and feeling grounded in who I am and I am learning how to believe in myself…Suddenly, my life doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you! -Marianne Marshall
I realized yesterday how far I have come in this process with you and The JOGs. I went from having so much fear, terror in fact, to such a wonderful experience of being guided and feeling heard by Spirit…and seeing how what my concern is has already been answered!!  It has been such an opening for me and I am sooooo grateful. This is so huge for me because this is what I have been struggling with my whole life. –Janna
Loved the meditation! Thank you! -Blossom Masters
I’ve had 1:1 work with Heather, and WOW! I don’t even recognize the person I was a mere 18 months ago anymore! I was confused and frustrated, and a muddled sense of what I was supposed to do with my life. The changes have been so profound! I’m much more grounded and finally the Spiritual being I always knew I was, but didn’t know how to find. I’m more peaceful and love myself dearly (things I didn’t know I could attain). My purpose is much more focused, and I’m not thrashing around anymore. I could go on, but I think that’s good for now. Thank you!!!! XOXO –Erica R.
Thank you Heather, for sharing this message. As always, it hit home. Love these wonderful reminders they cause me to immediately live better in the moment. -Robyn Schultze
So, today marks the 6-month anniversary for me and the love of my life, Ben. Our blind date was 6 months ago yesterday. We fell in love within 11 days, moved in after 1 month, got engaged at 4 months, and, as of yesterday, bought our dream home that we’ll soon live in. I share this because it is UNREAL to me that this is my life. It’s beyond what I could have picked out or imagined for myself, especially what could flow to me in so little time.

That said, it’s *not at all* surprising that it’s also the 1-year anniversary of me working with Heather Kristian Strang. Over the course of this year I’ve done nearly every program she’s offered and also two 6 month, 1:1 mentoring memberships. It has been truly life altering.

All the exciting external stuff I named above is “validation” of this work, but what’s more important (and Heather has taught me again and again) is my internal climate. I finally feel like I have an internal climate that ALLOWS all this goodness into my life. And that’s the most important work of all.

So, keep going on this path. Keep trusting yourself and this guidance and your team. Keep choosing to up-level instead of staying stuck in your stories. Keep looking for the light, for what feels good, for the flow, for the ease. Allow, allow, allow. We are SO supported and protected on this path. -Katie R.

The last couple of years of working with you it is really resonating with me and everything is making sense. Thank you so much for your work.  It really is life changing and I feel so lucky to be able to work with you!! -Kristin Sabin
The most amazingly positive and uplifting changes have happened since I have had you in my life. I couldn’t possibly thank you enough, with all my heart Heather. I absolutely love you and the JOGs, you are the best team ever!! –Marcela Saenz
I sense that there is much more going on with me Spiritually because of Heather and her call. To say I’m filled with wonder, hope and gratitude is an understatement. I hope Heather knows that her actions and words are amazing in and of themselves but they are also a conduit and there is no ceiling on the magic that is happening because of her light. -Darla G.
Thanks to Heather’s group session, I was able to expand my career as an artist by meeting an author in need of an illustrator. We have worked together for several months, and have successfully created a beautiful published children’s book. -Sydney Sloan
Heather’s circle aligned me to actualizing my dream of producing a children’s book. For a long time I was seeking an illustrator but kept running into stumbling blocks. A day after the Manifest Your Dream Live event, I found Sydney Sloan through the group, and our book made its debut in Oct 2014! -Rheba Estante
Working with Heather has given me the confidence to recognize the power in my own body and the beautiful possibilities of my life. I was surprised at the depth of validation and curiosity these sessions evoke in me. Heather offers knowledgeable, positive and nurturing support, which has created, for me, a peaceful space to be present with myself in new ways. – Kelly, 35
In a little less than 6 months of receiving group and 1:1 Soul Alignment with Heather Kristian, my entire life transformed. I got engaged to the love of my life (with whom I am experiencing the most loving, hottest sex), realized my true life purpose and fully stepped into my soul’s career path, moved into a condo in one of the most luxurious parts of town, bought the car of my dreams, invested in a fresh new wardrobe, and feel more spiritually-connected than I ever knew possible. I now love and appreciate my life in every dimension and have overcome the depression I was previously diagnosed with, thanks to Heather Kristian’s healing mastery. She is the real deal. Simply. Amazing. Thank you,
Heather Kristian. You facilitate miracles: I am living proof. I’ve learned through my work with Heather Kristian that I am in responsible for allowing my own healing to occur. She facilitates the session but it is up to me to allow it and follow the guidance that comes through without resistance. This was the key to my success. – S.J.T., 29
You took the path I was already on and just totally upleveled it. I’m so grateful for you! – K.N.
To say this experience was transformational would be a grave understatement. I could literally feel the weight of these things being removed from me. So much clarity came in and so much expansion. The calm I feel is euphoric. Thank you so very very much! I am reborn, realigned and so grateful! – N.N
Since my last session focusing on abundance, I have received a $1000 unexpected bonus from work and my husband won $2000 from work! I also received a great holiday bonus and we have been able to put some back to the universe and provide some unexpected kindness for others while focusing on our financial comfort. Lady Gaga power!!!! Thank you so much for your work and amazing love you provide the world! – Anonymous (for privacy purposes)
I started out 2018 with my word FEARLESS. I had a LOT of fears and was tired of them.

Now, 12 months later, I’m now gluten and ALMOST completely dairy free (HUGE – mixing parmesan with nutritional yeast to get off of it completely), making my own chocolates, breath mints, lip balm, hair oil, detangler and shampoo. I’ve made candles, sea salt scrubs and fancy bath salts as well as a bunch of diffuser blends (never having used essential oils before this year because I was “scared.”) I made my first glue gun projects, I’m painting (for the first time in 30 years), and I wrote a song (my first ever!). I have stepped more into my spirituality and am seeing and appreciating signs more deeply!

I’m shopping regularly at the farmer’s market and connecting with vendors on a deeper level! I’m totally committed to recycling – have Terracycle for single use plastics, am now a collector for Tom’s of Maine products for Portland, and am saving my caps for the next TC box. My composting has gotten epic and I love it!!

Thank you for this incredible work that you do! It has changed my life! – E.

Your new podcast is the best ever! (Really.) J.O.
Every time I open my email and see one from you I can’t wait to read it – always in a quiet space so I can fully absorb….. you always give me something so I say to you a huge deep thank you.

Keep being your magical self and please never stop sharing your perfect words.

Love and warm vibes to you and your amazing team. – V.H., Australia

Thank you thank you thank you, your work impacts me daily and has changed my life and I am SO thrilled to see where this takes me this month and beyond! – K.S.
I was thinking about you this morning and wanted to thank you for all you do to support us. All the content you create, messages you post and prayers in the works. Over the last few days I’ve been relistening to Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment meditations and transmissions, cranking up Love Mastery transmissions, and I even dug up an old Soul Living Meditations wealth meditation. Wow! You have created so much to support your tribe. The oldies are still goodies!

Just wanted to know your collective work is amazing and much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing what shows up in 2019!! – E.B.

Thank you SO, SO, SO much love! I cannot even express how different he is since you started a few months ago – he has been freed into his true self!!! – A happy momma after 3 sessions of the Spirit-Led Kids package for her 8 year old son
This year has taught me to stay more centered, to practice loving no matter what, to let go immediately of anything that gets in the way of being the person I want to be and showing up the way I want to show up in the world. -S.S.
I can say that I am a changed person. It is really true, and how I allowed my life to be what it was is something I can hardly believe! It’s been almost a year ago we had our first session and so much has changed. My body is healed and I continue the journey of my alignment. I thank you with all my heart. The sessions are wonderful and healing and amazing. -K.M., 70
Focused. Dedicated. Life purpose and mission for my work with the children is reignited. All is flowing. Money issues dissolving as we speak. Manifested over $5k the past week with ease and no stress. My heart is opening to the truth of who I am, and I believe that is being seen and felt more in my relationships and interactions with others. Choosing to reserve and dedicate more time to prayer…All is and will continue to keep getting better and better. -J.M.
I have been experiencing more clarity and focus, more authenticity/comfort being seen, a rising level of creativity (I need more space in my days!), more signs of bigger magic/alignment/abundance and a deeper spiritual practice. -C.K.
Thank you for this transmission, Kristian! And for holding this amazing love bodied group. My life came crumbling down in May (and you mentioned May 2018 pushed out of comfort zones.) From those moments in May I continued to see the love light through the tunnel. I picked one foot up after another and continued to love, love, love. I love myself much greater and have it flowing in my aura. I can connect to others more deeply, and I feel more alive than ever because I feel so much more. The ups and the downs and accept it all. Thank you so much for creating this space and sharing the guidance that I so needed. -S.S.
Thank you so much for this SAE!! You really are awesome and such an important and instrumental part of my alignment and spiritual practices. It’s so inspiring just listening to you. Thank you, you are an earth angel!! – Anonymous

Been working with us since early 2018, has shifted into a brand new house, job expansion that is more aligned within same company and huge uptick in confidence and life fulfillment.

I can’t even describe how in awe I am at how much has changed in it since I started working with you! – Anonymous

Been working with us since 2015 – couldn’t get a “job”, couldn’t get creative projects off the ground, co-dependence in relationship and chronic pain, and they are now in a job, creative work thriving and relationship shifting into empowerment and now healing old pain stories.

I am feeling wonderful 😀 The symptoms I came to you with – fibromyalgia, painful piezogenic pedal modules and neuromas in my feet, fatigue, brain fog, hormonal issues have mostly disappeared! The desmoid tumor in my abdomen is GONE. The progesterone lab results, which we worked with the most, are now in normal range, and I have just tested with DUTCH testing to look at the rest. My feet feel amazing, and my joints seem to be functioning well. My muscles are actually functioning more fully now and I have not been super exhausted in months. I have much more clarity, confidence and trust in my body and mind, and the lifestyle choices I can make to be my best. By lifestyle choices, I mostly mean the way I manage my energy, giving myself permission to choose work that supports and buoys me, and allow myself the opportunity to enjoy and be fully present for my daughter. There is not enough thanks and gratitude for you, your work, and your Team 😀  – S.N.
I am happy to report that I am calmer now. I have a new saying. I let this be sacred (whatever I am doing) and I let there be light and then feel my light within me blossom and expand outwards. It is going well and is helpful…Things feel better with my husband…I am enjoying life a lot more and not stressing about finishing things on a time schedule. I’m feeling good, and way better than 6 months ago (when our sessions started) and wanted to thank you for the sessions and the inspiration! – S.S.
Kristian Strang’s work is magic. It will empower and change your life like no other work I’ve ever experienced before. While working with Kristian I have met my beloved and he moved in last summer! Not only was Kristian a Divine part of our coming together, but she has helped me lean into love in our partnership time and time again, heal things I did not even know were there, and help expand what I thought was possible in myself and in partnership! Without her support I may have run in the other direction, or at least struggled a lot more! Her work is so powerful because it not only gives you the tools to heal yourself (the Empowerment Guide is literally the secret to life as far as I’m concerned), but also allows Karmic issues and things that you cannot see to be healed through powerful energy medicine work with her and her non physical team. Other side effects of this magical work have included: money coming in from all sorts of unlikely places, getting a car upgrade (electric!), finding my soul tribe people, and maybe most importantly: seeing the daily magic and support that surrounds me every day. I love you so much Kristian and the JOGs and am forever grateful! -N.L.
If any of y’all are considering Spiritual Matchmaking with Kristian, I say go for it! I’ve had an awesome experience working with her and the JOGs on my love life. Her sessions are much more than just magic — you get smart advice from a lady who has a ton of relationship experience. And you’ll do practical work that gets you in the right frame of mind for a great relationship.

I’ve worked with dating coaches of all kinds in the past and Kristian’s approach was the best for me because the spiritual element opened my heart and the real-life tips helped me navigate dating and being in a relationship. Seriously, she even helped me learn how to talk to my man about sex! Now that I’m happily with my beloved, I still ask her for advice. This program is an investment that’s worth every penny. And you’re worth every penny! -E.B.

For me, the last 11 weeks have been about learning to show up in a loving way, regardless of the circumstances around me. Leaning into love in situations that I previously would have ran from. Healing myself instead of trying to control others or outcomes. And in doing so, witnessing so many beautiful miracles every day and discovering things about myself I didn’t know existed.

Sending so much love and gratitude to all of you for being a part of these 11 life-changing weeks! I can’t wait to see where this life of love takes us in 2018! -J.P.

These 11 weeks have been the anchoring in of this whole year with you and this community. I feel completely surrounded by love and light. I feel completely connected to Divine. This time with you and this beautiful community has been euphoric. And I am so grateful for the shift it has facilitated in me, for the love and magic, peace and prosperity and for the awakening. It has been beyond my expectations. I can not imagine living my life any other way!! And of course, I can not wait for what is next. For whatever it is, I will be there, present, open armed and ready! -N.E.
This Love Mastery experience has been filled with great re-rememberings, wonderful ah-has, and lots of letting go.

Unexpected for me was the beautiful upgrade in love with my husband-more mutual appreciation, more co-creation and more softness. The old patterns are fading away of the stories of  “no I got it” or “I don’t need helps-thanks.” I like being independent and I am learning to be more interdependent where there isn’t expectation of the other, but a willingness NOT to do it all on my own because we were designed to co-create with others. I really thought I had this down pretty well with lots of areas that I have learned to ask for support and help with my husband. However, recently, my husband offered to be present for me for something and I say “no” as my mind went to the practical and logical place of “I don’t need help, you don’t need to take a day off work, etc.” I was gently guided back to asking myself what I actually wanted, which was his presence for this experience. Once I did that I was aware of the times I use this out of balance masculine within me (forge ahead, don’t ask for help, I’ve got it) to not sink into my feelings and of course, to not be receiving. I went back and asked him to be present for me with this event and he said, “Sweetheart, of course, I always want to support and nurture you. It makes me really happy to do that for you.” This is how my husband has always shown up for me (unless it’s dusting and that’s another topic—haha), but in the big picture he always wants to step more and more into the space of his divine masculine. Sometimes he doesn’t know how and I need to be clearer to ask for what I need/want and sometimes I just don’t let him in. I notice more now even the tiny places where I have asked something of him, but have not been willing to receive. That is all shifting!

My commitment is to lean more than ever into the unknown until it IS my place of total comfort and my go to place. -J.B.

Gosh, our time together has been so healing and eye opening for me. Within the first few weeks it became clear that I needed to go into the darkness so I could show up for and honor what was wanting to be healed. Also learned a ton about my triggers (old and new) and I really dug into running things through the Empowerment Guide.

One thing that surprised me is how sensitive I am to others energy. Saging, tapping out my cortices and sea salt baths are a must for me to keep my energy field clear and my immune system humming along.

My biggest takeaway is how differently everything looks when you are coming from a place of love and how positively people react towards you when you show up with grace. Conversations have changed, the people that are drawn to my energy has changed, and the smiles and love given in return has been so amazing. In fact I’m going to go for it and just say all of us in this swirl created movements far beyond our capacity to see. 🙌🏼

Leaning into things has at times been scary so when in doubt I now turn to meditation and prayer. I just love co-creating with the Universe and one thing is so clear…. I came here to remember love and allow it to move through me, heal, and inspire.

Thank you all for our time together and thank you, Kristian, for leading us on this journey. I truly enjoyed the synchronicities, shares, and support from this “love tribe” and send you all oodles of love as we venture into our next unfolding. -K.D.

Thank you Kristian Strang and all Love Masters! My immense gratitude for another great program.

Upon reflection, over these 11 weeks the relationship with my love has increased in commitment. We causally started talking about him moving in “someday” when I started a solar panel project in August. Now we’re planning on February!

My commitment going forward is to stop and feel my feelings instead of “stress” eating!

Happy holidays and love, peace, and prosperity to all! -J.O.

Such a beautiful class and day – thank you, Kristian Strang, JOGs, higher wisdom and everyone! It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit is always there for us if we tune in. I had a rough few days but felt my feelings and today has literally and figuratively been warm sunshine for the soul.

The last 11 weeks have shown me how much fear I’ve been holding, which was oh my god hard but light and miracles continued to surround me. I can honestly say I’ve been consciously feeling into the fear and facing it – mostly reluctantly but still 🙂 – and now…onto loving it and anchoring in my daily spiritual practice. I learned in an emphatic way the concept of conscious choices and the importance of always aligning and choosing love before taking action. And the sweet relief that each moment is new and Spirit is always working for us; just align and take a loving step. -T.D.

When I started this program I really just wanted to clear my block around money. It had been so nebulous. I had been stuck in a pattern of feast or famine for so long and tried so many things to even this pattern out.

This experience has been SOOOOO much more than this!

I’m so much happier and at peace. I’m more deeply connected with who I AM and attuned to when I’m shying away from her.

I’m stepping up more fully and authentically in all ways.

These words simply do not touch the magnitude these past weeks with The JOGs, Kristian Strang, and all of YOU has made in my life.

I love you.

My commitment is to pay attention, grow big, and keep actually working my tools as fully as I can in any given day.

My commitment is to stay connected and honor my Higher Wisdom over distraction and agenda (from self or others).

My commitment is to stay present.

My commitment is to TRUST all will be well. -K.H.

I love my blessing so much. I started to read it at work and then I had to stop because I started crying. It is truly a blessing, I can feel that it is, and I agree with everything you said. Much love to you! -T.H.
My blessing (from The JOGs) made me cry. It has a special place on my altar and I read it every single night before I go to bed. It was one of the best gifts I could give to myself. Thank you, Kristian. -S.B.
Dearest JOGs, thank you for your gracious wisdoms! My life has already been blessed and improved by you, your transmissions and guidance through Kristian. -N.M.
Holy OMJOG, Heather Kristian that was honestly the most powerful meditation I have ever received. I just listened to again for the third time, and each time a new reveal occurs, and I am filled to the brim with more and more Light. I felt Spirit working on me/with me all last night and this morning. During the meditation I felt the presence of the Ascended Masters so strongly, and feel them with me now along with legions of Angels surrounding me, and all of us in the Light of Source as we go forth in Love on this Divine day. Thank you dear love for this, for all you do in the world, and for being you. -Anonymous, Meditation Course Participant
OMJOG Heather Kristian & The JOGs, you’ve outdone yourselves again! The Meditation was EPIC. So many tears & chills! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It just keeps getting better. -Anonymous, Meditation Course Participant
Tonight I read the chapter “what is truly at work all around you”.

I literally got three sentences in and felt so much emotion. … So much love and support. The words coming off the page resonated so deeply. Such a gift. I really really needed it. It’s just felt like I’ve had to support this whole time!

You have such a gift. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m just putting the utmost faith out there that all these words I’ve read and are spoken to me by you are aligning me on the right path that is a little notch above where I used to be.

I was very touched tonight and felt compelled to share with you! -S.B.

It’s been an amazing 6 months and an amazing year since I started working with you. 1 year ago, was at my lowest, so depressed, in such an awful spot, I didn’t have any family, I was really low. It was not a good time. And that’s when a friend suggested I look at your website and check you out and I’ve been rockin and rollin with you ever since.

I appreciate all you’re doing. I don’t know that I would ever be able to evolve as quickly as I am without your support and help. You are amazing and so is this work! -P.M.

Just want to check in about how using your protocol has gone.  From the first email you sent me I felt an energetic shift, it’s subtle but palpable.  I did some of the protocol right away and finally was able to get the salt bath in.  What a shift!!!

Overall, my anxiety & paralysis has shifted significantly.  Besides using these practices to get grounded & connected to my higher self I felt most assisted by the understanding that I don’t have to run around & figure out what’s next as much as I need to get grounded & trust that spirit will lead me to what’s next. –S.I.

I have been here in Scotland less than two months and the transformation has been astounding…This was a journey I never would have dared take if it wasn’t for this spiritual path under the guidance of Heather Kristian Strang.

And the fact that I took this leap, walked away from my overachieving and busy life to live in simplicity and beauty, and chose to try to heal a multi-generational karmic wound has led to results I never could have imagined.

And I know that the best is yet to come… and it is beyond anything I could possibly dream of!

I should also mention that I am about to renew my mentorship (round 3), so this should serve as a testimonial besides just an update! – K.B.

Heather, I am not sure where to begin. I read your transmission and all the way I was calmly expanding. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I have been listening to the shows all day today…

Your destiny call made me sense a truth in it that I haven’t sensed in a while. The truth about free will, the truth about stepping up to this destiny and the truth behind trust. Even when you spoke of the physical discomfort and what that means…it all made sense as I see how misaligned I have been the past 3 years which is when the pain in my body – all left sided – began. And it made me see how clouded by fear I am constantly in…

I just wanted to thank you. Deeply from source. Thank you. I don’t know where this is going and I’m sure there will be stuff, however, I now have a float I can come to as a reminder of what there is to do for global consciousness and for spirit now. As I was listening to you I was inspired to pick up a paintbrush again after not being able to paint. Thank you. I am in such deep gratitude for you. -Prefers to stay anonymous

You are truly a magical being! The shifts that I be felt from your sessions are absolutely mindblowing and extremely powerful! Lots of love! –S.B., 15
Heather is so right. Once you make a commitment to this path and do the practices everyday, everything uplevels beyond your dreams. I’ve never been so consistently blissful, and everyday just gets better and better.

Even when the resistance comes up and hits me in the face, I can deal with it with love and light and even a little giggle because I know what’s going on, and I know once I “get” the message it has to teach me, it will get up and skip away like a happy child.

Since I began working with Heather a year ago, I am now a zillion times happier and grounded and living life to the fullest from the heart, always tuning in to my inner wisdom and always following it rather than the inner voice that used to guide me according to what it thought was expected of me.

So much awesomesauce flowing my way! Really tuning in to my True, Authentic Self, and discovering latent aspects within I never knew I had. –J.L., 49

I love getting your transmissions. You have been one of my recent guides a dear friend turned me onto on my own spiritual awakening and I love your light and your story… I’m finding many similar things shifting with me as with relationships, food, heightened sensitivity to most everything in my environment and now recent even my nightly glasses of wine (thankfully ;). Your courage to stand in your truth inspires me. –E.O, 41
I knew something was missing [in my life], [I was] working way too hard!! That is when I started to follow Miss Heather! Since I accepted the Soul Alignment nothing but clearer visions and happiness have happened! I am still learning and receiving so much. Letting go of old ways and thoughts that limited me is like a breath of fresh air!! I am on this wonderful journey with an open mind and heart to see exactly where it will take me. I know with all my soul it’s just the beginning! –T.S., 39
I do know this is all up to me. But I so SO appreciate having you as a resource right now Heather. Thank you so much for your offering of this. And thank you JoGs!  So much is up in my life right now, and this support is so incredibly helpful to process it all. I’m slowly learning to drop some energy leaks. (want to speed that up!). Each time I do it feels so good.

You truly ARE the best at what you do! And I feel like one of the best and the luckiest to have found myself in your Swirl. That alone tells me I’ve gotta be doing something RIGHT! –S.O., 54

This is really amazing healing work, Heather. I am in awe of what you were able to do – it is out of this stratosphere! Talk about your Zone of Genius: you have it going on girl! Thank you from the bottom and the top and all sides of my heart. -S.L., 50
I’ve never been much of a FBer, except for Heather’s secret groups. They ARE the best place on the www, and this one is the BEST EVER!! -M.J.L, 45
It has been one month since I was guided [in a session with Heather] to eliminate refined sugar from my diet. I, of course, had some resistance to doing this at first, but it has been a beautiful journey that has required me to be mindful about what I put in my body in a whole different way. I feel wonderful, more connected to my body than I think I’ve ever been. I’m more balanced, and I have a much easier time during menstruation and ovulation. My body has beautifully shed 10 pounds in a slow and steady way. I’m so pleased with my decision to follow this guidance, and so grateful to have Heather as a facilitator for this. I don’t know if I would have gotten the message quite this clearly without this mentorship. –M.A., 34
I love your work – it’s so inspiring and I really look forward to the JOG’s transmissions – they are spot on! –L.B., 44
This was THE most amazing JOG transmission! I was sitting at my desk at work sobbing when I received this email from you yesterday. This transmission felt like it was directly for me and everything I ever needed to hear. Thank you so much for being in a place where you are able to receive and share these transmissions. I am so grateful to have such a spiritual and MAGICAL blessing of YOU in my life. Thank you! –K.G., 33
Something is shifting. I am calm and peace filled. Thank you spirit!!!  Thank you Heather. Standing here in my truth and knowing.  And it is stronger than ever.  Wow. Peace. Knowing.  Well look at that.  Synchronicity.  Love this!

I’m virtually pollen allergy free!  And I have experienced severe seasonal allergies since I was a child.  I believe that this is the direct effect of the work!  Had to share cause it’s a huge appreciation and Joy! –K.F., 44

1:1 remote session recipient and we have never directly worked on her allergies. Another side benefit to this “work” is that things you don’t even directly focus on resolving – resolve!
I am NOT the same person I was even a few months ago because of what I have learned from you and Spirit School. –J.S., 65
I need to come up with more ways to say thank you, but until I do, Thank You! -J.O., 37
Loving every minute of this amazing new path that I know is what [the] creator had planned for me. I love reading your stories and learning from you. You radiate love and your smile is an extension of your soul. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and sharing your story with such vulnerability. You are helping so many XOX -C.P., JOG reader from Canada
This journey with Heather over the past many months as I did the group Love session, the Love, Sex, Magic course, and now Spirit school has aligned me with my true path. -C.J., 36
Thank you for saying yes to your journey. -A.G., 35
After 1 fully remote session, we received this client email:

Damn I feel GOOD! I mean really GOOD. Powerfully so. You are a dynamo! –P.K., 56

Thank you so so much for all that you do and all that you are for me and this larger critical mass. I feel you as the Divine and Nurturing Mother. Gently watching me take steps towards the highest light and helping me to gain footing when I’ve stumbled. Thank you so very very much. –M.S., 38
I have been so grateful for all your love and support these last few years – I have watched you grow and bloom and I could not be happier for you…I have been able to go through some major life shifts that I would probably have been too fearful to try if it were not for you!  My life has come very far and I owe a lot to you. –W.L., 46
I just want to say that I absolutely love Heather Strang’s JOGs transmissions! They are so awesome! They just “light me up”! Thank you! Keep up the awesomeness and keep them coming, please. –L.S., 27
My work with you over the last 4 months has changed my life. I have so much less anxiety (even in the face of a huge transition), I am trusting wholeheartedly in Spirit and life, I am experiencing a whole new aspect to abundance, and I know the best is yet to come. Signing up for the Retreat was the best thing I could have ever done. Before I was here and there with my work with you. I’d be on the right path and then get sidetracked. Consistently working with you has rocked my world. I’ve never felt more alive, living my purpose, and thrilled for what’s to come next. Spirit School here I come. Another 6 months of Spirit-led bliss. Thank you for being on my journey this far and I know you are meant to be on it for awhile. -L.M., 34
A week before my session with Heather, I was in major resistance and overwhelm. I had a million things to do to promote a fundraiser and I was struggling with the “effort” it was going to take to push the project out to the media. I was supposed to write a press release and send it to media outlets to try to grab someone’s attention… and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! It felt PAINFUL!

Then, I had a 1×1 session with Heather to release a megaton of resistance and fear of success, and lo and behold, early on Monday morning I had a request from an editor at The Huffington Post saying she “stumbled on the site” and loved the project and wanted to write a piece about it. NO PRESS RELEASE. NO EFFORT. PURE MAGIC.

Heather, I am BEYOND grateful for the role you play in my life. This “work” just keeps taking me higher and bigger ALL THE TIME. I’m SO GRATEFUL!!! -J.H., 38

Heather, you are brilliant and I love you. I am so grateful that you’re in my life. Thank you. This is all so fabulous. Everything is changing. As we speak.  Working with you is one of the very best choices I’ve made. Ever. –M.L., 46
I am on the most divine path and it is truly breathtaking. Sitting back, in awe, letting it happen. I have never felt this way before. So good. -L.L, 33
I’m starting a new job next week that feels too good to be true–but it is. It was a little sentimental to cut loose the last remnant of my old life. But, my new level is freaking awesome! Six figures, world travel but also a value on work/life balance. It is literally going to change my life and my family’s allowing us to live with no debt and focus our energy on fulfilling things.

Then today I was driving home and there were people on the side of the road waving cash with a sign that said “free money.” You know what my first thought was? “I don’t need that.” Then I thought, well I could donate it to someone who does. This is such a new experience for me. First to have random free money giveaways cross my path, then to not feel the slightest need for it and then to realize I am vibing so high I can ricochet the abundance outwards.

I couldn’t have done it without your support and the amazing groups you put together! So glad I went on the retreat and there’s no doubt in my mind that Spirit-Led Money and the retreat all helped us clear the path for our best life.

It feels like someone took a magic wand to our lives and said okay, now go. So we are thriving and happy and grateful and thrilled at what we can do with our financial freedom–both for our family but also contributing to our communities. It’s truly amazing the peace and balance we feel. -J.R., 38

UPDATE: This client also lost 20 lbs and her husband just got a more aligned job that allows him to make more AND be home with their children more!
Thank you so much for your work – I feel great! I am so glad I was introduced to you and your part of this amazing, fabulous, life changing journey! -J.E., 43
I listened to the session twice already. I am pretty much in awe. Everything that came up is SO RIGHT ON. I am already feeling inner shifts and feeling lighter and more playful. I am in an interesting space right now. It is a knowing (beyond thinking) that all is well. Completely…I have definitely entered a new paradigm. It is interesting. The stuff you brought up in our session… was so right on… it was like you were going down a checklist. I feel, overall, a lot of resolve in my body.  Much has been cleared up over the past year. And, now we are fine tuning… that is at least how it feels. I so appreciate you in my life. I believe 100% in your gifts! I love you so much. Thank you for being my friend, mentor, and health practitioner. –H.W.G., 37
Thank you for the life changing, supportive, loving, powerful work you do, Heather. You do make a difference. A HUGE one. I am grateful for you in my life and for you being in the world. –C.M., 64
I am so very grateful for all the heart centered people at this weekend’s retreat. Everyone from the amazing Cannery Pier Hotel staff, to all us participants, Christine with Blessed Knits and especially to Lynne (Heather’s retreat assistant) and Heather Strang. I felt loved, taken care of, and supported. I appreciate being through this magical process of growth and renewal. I am a magician among us other lovely magicians. -M.H., 50
I am flying so high and yet am able to stay grounded, and SO living the magic I can hardly imagine how I can possibly handle any more. It’s like I can totally see and understand how this whole universe works, my claircognizant abilities are humming, I just go through life following wherever Spirit leads, and Magic happens at every turn. I love me, I love my life! So f-ing amazing!!! All the fear is gone, all the self doubt, just floating in a relaxed blissful stream of amazingness.

Thank you thank you for saving my life, and for already making 2015 my most kick-ass year yet!!! –M.J., 46

I’m sitting here in overwhelming appreciation for you and your bravery for living your purpose! Bringing light, hope and movement into so many lives. I’m incredibly grateful I have you in my corner as a cornerstone to my dream team! Thank you!!! -D.B., 38
Thank you for helping me heal from my childhood and most recent adult life into a higher consciousness. -R.W., 48
Wow wow and more wow! So amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful session!  I felt so many emotions during that session unlike any before. Crying a few times, smiling, laughing. And I felt so much movement during the whole session.  Intense!  Oh and I totally felt my past life in China…Thanks again so so much Heather! I so appreciate you and am so happy to have you on my team! -M.J., 33
I am feeling happy for no good reason today!!! Yipee !!!!!! Thank you for the session!! I love you!!! -M.H., 56
Ho-ho-ho-lee-shit! Heather, you were not lying when you said that our money story and our sexy sex story go together! My husband has been signed up for the course (Spirit-Led Money: Live in Wealth & Abundance) and we listened to the module 1 session a couple of nights ago…let’s just say that there was not much direct listening going on while the recording was playing. Instead it was the backdrop of 2 hours of being very much connected to our passion and our bliss – Yowzah! And the passion/connection train has not stopped since! Phew! I tell ya, girls and guys, Heather is speaking the truth when she says that if you want a hotter, stronger, sexier connection with your partner, she can help you achieve it! I didn’t even sign up for this course for that particular purpose, because I was under the impression that we were already pretty okay in that area. Well folks, there’s a big difference between “okay” and where we are now! I didn’t know what I was missing before! And, I can feel very strongly how all this sexy hotness is connected to our wealth and abundance healing process and evolving, quantum-leaping story! I know we’re all here to experience different stories, but boy has mine ever developed an exciting chapter that I was not expecting! I’m lovin’ it – thank you Heather! XOXXXOXO -K.H., 44
I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for these sessions with you. Thank you! -T.D., 33
I want to thank you for your willingness to talk about sex. I can’t tell you how many couples therapists I tried to discuss sex with and the standard answer was, “I don’t cover sex. You’d need to see a sex therapist.” It was astoundingly ridiculous. So, THANK YOU! –J.O., 44
Heather, you are amazing and the real deal! It’s unbelievable how you know me, yet you don’t know me. I was left speechless. I went through the entire session and listening to you was as if you were in the same room with me. You knew what I was feeling. I’ve never attended therapy, even though I’ve often thought I would benefit from it. I don’t believe any psychiatrist/psychologist or therapist could have done for me what you did in helping me release the old negative energy I’ve been carrying around since I was a child…Thank you so very much for this session (as part of Love.Sex.Magic.) I’m excited to be on this journey and ready for all that comes next! –G.M., 48
Seriously, I feel like I got a personality transplant after the last group session. I am like bad ass shining my light (and PR/interview requests pouring in suddenly) and I went from struggling to make $5k/month to having $10k/month just falling from the sky. It’s unreal, and we’ve only just started. Wowza, thank you. -A.H., 38
Last summer I went through a break up that shook my life to the core. I thought, screw men…I’m just going to focus on loving myself. I took Heather’s Valentine’s Day Love Session (because what else was I going to do that day?) after some persistence from a friend. About 2 months later I met the man of my dreams. It is completely ironic how we met and we still talk about how the stars just lined up. We have an amazing connection, amazing sex and our communication is just wow.  Oh man! Words can’t even sum it up! Heather’s group sessions are unbelievable. Thank you Heather! -A.B. 28
I read The Quest and there were a few times while reading that I burst into tears, not sadness, just some release, which was kinda cool. Then, when I was done I saw your ad (on the FB) for Love. Sex. Magic., I decided to join – as this is my year to be with my true love and it is already almost November! So, last night I listened to your Love meditation (included when you register for Love.Sex.Magic.) and I felt profoundly changed. It is beautiful and surprising in all the good ways. Thank you my dearest, thank you for providing this opportunity for me to open up and learn.
-V.B., 39
I can’t say enough about the magic that appears in your life when you just participate in the work that Heather Strang does. I promise you don’t have to believe, you don’t have to be all airy-fairy or woo-woo. I’m not, and yet 2 months of simply following along has brought me and my business such monetary and strategic growth as well as a sense of joy, alignment and ‘Of Course!’ –D.C., 44
I’m feeling more peaceful than I have in years, although exhausted since I’m rolling around with my new beau til the wee hours each night. Haha, not the worst thinig! Thank you! I can’t wait until our next session. –B.W., 32
I was so thrilled to be part of an enchanting evening with Heather at Banyen Books and after at the Magic Makers meet-up.  I felt the energy take over the whole bookstore. The evening helped me surrender to the energy of experiencing an intimate, vibrant life! And it sent “yes’s” to all my “no’s” about publishing and being myself.  I just finished reading the book (The Quest) and you need to know it’s the only novel in my whole life I’ve ever read completely page to page! I felt that all of the messages were for me. I feel so encouraged and in deep peace! -B.F., 44
Finished The Quest!! That was so awesome Heather! Wow. Thank you for your gift! I was crying, sometimes big sobs and laughing all day. Wow. I LOVED it!! Also, I never ever drink alcohol of any kind and I want a glass of wine so bad right now!! -A.T., 34
After working with you for over a year, I am recognizing so many links to “you” and the healing you have brought to my life and now to my family’s life. Each of the kids were able to over come significant hurdles following your work. Our family has taken on leaps of change and acceleration following our work with you as a collective as well as individuals, so we know how intense, beautiful, powerful and full of love it is. Thank you! We love you! -T.W., 36
In a little less than 6 months of receiving group and 1:1 Soul Alignment with Heather Strang, my entire life transformed. I got engaged to the love of my life (with whom I am experiencing the most loving, hottest sex), realized my true life purpose and fully stepped into my soul’s career path, moved into a condo in one of the most luxurious parts of town, bought the car of my dreams, invested in a fresh new wardrobe, and feel more spiritually-connected than I ever knew possible. I now love and appreciate my life in every dimension and have overcome the depression I was previously diagnosed with, thanks to Heather’s healing mastery. She is the real deal. Simply. Amazing. Thank you Heather. You facilitate miracles: I am living proof. I’ve learned through my work with Heather that I am responsible for allowing my own healing to occur. She facilitates the session but it is up to me to allow it and follow the guidance that comes through without resistance. This was the key to my success.
-S.J.T., 29
You are such an inspiration to me, and are literally like a beacon of light when I get overwhelmed about what is happening. I actually had a dream a few nights ago where in the midst of a Tsunami you appeared next to me. You reminded me that I am not here to take on other peoples ish, and we talked and watched the destruction in the safety of a bubble. Thank you for being who you are and doing this work in the world! -A.M., 33
The opportunities that have been presented in the short year or so I’ve been participating in these matrix sessions has been incredible! SO much has become clear, available, intriguing and oh so exciting! I’m thrilled to have found a group that embraces this high vibration and encourages ABUNDANCE in all our affairs – no need to stay small and modest! –T.F., 38
My journey with Heather is removing limitation and opening so much joy and fulfillment in my life beyond what I thought was possible. I am excited and empowered to live my fullest dreams! I love that the higher we go together, the higher the potential of all in the collective. Love and blessings! -L.A., 35
Omg…that session was EXACTLY what I needed!! I felt lighter and really happy afterwards and actually have just been really happy all the way around. It felt like an ah ha….totally made sense. I have felt more motivated. I’m have been tapping A LOT and have committed to meditation for the first time ever and I am loving it. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do…you have made a huge difference in my life! -K.S.S., 33
Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, feels more sensual and at ease. I have had the two most dreamy, deep, peaceful nights of sleep that I have had in a long time after the Soul Alignment group session. My business and book writing feels solid, supported and is flowing with a new energy. What was awesome before has suddenly become even more awesomer. (Yes, I said that! ) Something deep inside has been awakened and I appreciate the support of each and every one of you for holding space for all of us to ELEVATE to the next level. Thank you , Heather Strang, for making this possible, you hot, sexy mama, you!!!!! Let’s keep this up, making everything sexier, more loving and more awake. –K.H., 35
I have been following your blogs and website for a couple of months now. Tapping Cortices has been very helpful in pointing my energies in the right direction and keeping me in a positive flow. Since I started tapping, there have been significant changes in my life. Firstly, I got 3 job offers in 1 week and I am now working in a job I love and am truly appreciated!! Secondly, not 5 minutes after I registered for the Sexy Love Alignment I got a text from the man I’m in love with asking how my day was!! –H.B., 42
Working with you and being in your vortex of amazingness has brought my life to new levels of healing, health happiness peace and excitement!! Since your Bring On the Magic! retreat I’ve been feeling a heightened sense of intuition, connectedness and like something really huge and amazingly wonderful is on its way – swirling to me now. I love the feeling of completeness your work has brought me. Thank you, thank you! -T.L., 34
I feel blessed to have found Heather. From our very first session she highlighted exactly where I was headed, and without knowing any details about my life, at all! She picked up on a new direction my life was taking me and her insights helped provide me the courage to move forward without the tremendous amount of anxiety that I have previously experienced when trying to make changes. I really appreciate how Heather’s sessions always tell it like it is. Sometimes I wonder if she is an angel incarnate who has come here to help us all find and experience our life’s true purpose with joy and laughter. Thanks Heather! -S.P., 38
Heather is a compassionate and intuitive healer. My sessions with her give me the insight to go to the next level in my career and home life, and I am so grateful. I have a great clarity in body and spirit, and I am able to release fears that no longer serve me. This has helped me to fully embrace the life I have always wanted to lead! I highly recommend the joyous life that comes from searching into the depths of your soul to find true purpose and meaning in walking your individual spiritual path. Heather will help anyone accomplish this! -R.P., 35
Each time I’ve participated in a series, my life catapults to another level, there’s a fire in my eyes and the Universe responds. The list of miracles keeps getting longer, and to that I say, Thank you and more please! I thank my lucky stars that I found you, Miss Heather. -M.R., 33
You have been such a gift in my life. I am in awe over the amazing-ness I’m experiencing. So glad to be on this wave! Some of the things that plagued me in the past like “not having enough, not being connected to my sexual self”, etc. I just don’t hear those voices anymore! Thank you! -M.M., 33
After my distance session, I felt renewed with energy. It is like every cell in my body feels more whole. Like something that was weighing me down is gone. Thank you! Big universal love hug for you. -M.M.,60
I do feel different like my whole life is making a shift. I feel calmer, not so reactive emotionally, I feel more secure with myself and my wants, I feel more connected to source energy and I feel determined to be the best me. Ive been thru growth and changes but this feel different for me. -L.P., 48
Heather works magic in aligning mind and heart to manifest goals, dreams, and intentions. I have experienced her healing work both in a group setting and individually. Her sessions have raised awareness of unconscious blockages and fears that prevented me from following my true path. Not only I went through with a new career path but I went “out of the closet” with it a few months later. I’m deeply grateful for her talent, energy, and enthusiasm. -L.G., 36
I have been working with Heather for the past several months on opening myself up to finding my Beloved. I met a new guy and we went on a 10 hour first date! This has never happened to me before and I felt so relaxed and comfortable, open and connected. I could remain grounded in my own body, stay present (and not move into crazy mind chatter), and yet connect in a fun and flirtatious way with this new man. I am feeling the release of old layers of fear around being hurt in relationship and the need to protect myself falling away. Who knows where this new connection will lead but being able to connect in this way and follow my heart and my inner knowing is POWERFUL! -L.D., 36
I’ve been working with Heather consistently for the last 7 months. I can’t tell you what a difference she has made in my life! In this short time, I’ve been able to let go of anger and resentment, forgiven family members for past pain and betrayals, forgiven myself for hanging onto that pain, cleared physical ailments, I am experiencing a level of whole-body healing I’ve needed for a very long time, discovered and claimed my Life’s Purpose and realized (on the heart level, finally!) that true Happiness lies within me and that I can choose to be Happy every day and amazing things will manifest as a result. My life has expanded so much in such a short amount of time and I could not have experienced this without Heather. -K.S., 32
My work with Heather has allowed me to free up emotional blocks around feelings of worth and intimacy. Throughout our work together, I have been able to shed old beliefs and release negative patterns and fears. This has recently culminated in the extraordinary event of falling deeply in love with an extraordinary partner. I am so thankful everyday for the events that have led me to this moment in time, and I know my work with Heather played a huge role in being ready to say a resounding, “yes” to what I have always wanted but never before felt I deserved. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough!!! -K.G, 34
Heather’s ability to listen and hear the whispers of the body’s Innate Wisdom, is profound and moving. Somehow she manages to hear messages from ones own body and higher self, to help clear, heal, correct and realign the cells, memory and emotional levels of the body. I have had 3 profound and deeply moving sessions with Heather, and it is truly incredible. I would never had believed it without experiencing it. I can’t recommend her loveliness and gifts enough! -J.J. , 40
I wanted to tell you that it’s so healing for me to just be in your presence. It’s like you are vibrating so high that it just calls me out to be my highest self and tap in a bit deeper. So thank you. -E.M., 29
I took every program Heather offered over the past year as well as received regular 1:1 sessions – in that time, my entire life transformed. I am on my way to being a multi-millionaire after securing the perfect investor for my business, which is now turning into an empire, I’m engaged to a man I deeply love and I’ve never experienced more overall joy and satisfaction in my life. I highly recommend Heather’s work to anyone who is truly serious about living their most amazing life ever. If you’re willing – it will happen with Heather’s powerful facilitation! -A.L., 37
Thank you Heather for the amazing Be a Money Magnet series! You are so amazing. I now have a new job that pays more, feeling more confidence and have skills to not go to the dark place and feel hopeless. I am more spontaneous every day, and going with the flow. Doing things that I may have not considered but will try and know they are in my highest good to evolve to my true self. -D.G., 58