Reclaim Your Financial Empowerment

Are you ready for a healthy and abundant relationship with money?

Are you ready to give your gifts in a way that is completely authentic to the true You?

Are you eager to move through financial strife and into financial thriving?


I have received specific guidance about the need for this workshop – for those I’m here in Divine Service to – as part of the collective Rising UP for Love that is now taking place.

In the coming months and year, there’s a need to reevaluate y/our relationship with money and make necessary changes.

Finances and money is often a huge blockage or trigger point for many Souls. There has been a collective theme of conscious and directed financial disempowerment for the masses, and it’s now time to heal this by elevating your financial experience into one of empowerment.

Those on the leading edge will be the way-showers for what’s possible with money and living in true prosperity consciousness.

In this workshop, you’ll receive what you need to tap into the specific Divine guidance that’s here for you now regarding your relationship with money and how to move out of financial disempowerment and into financial self-sufficiency, independence and empowerment.

This workshop takes place over 2 weeks time, with 2 specific online gatherings that will attune, align and support you with what you need to know about thriving in your finances at this most powerful time in consciousness.

  • Clarity about your work and the new paradigm you’re here to offer it in.
  • How to work with the energy of money in a way that allows it to support your thriving – in self-sufficiency, independence and empowerment.
  • Peace around your relationship with money.
  • Empowerment in your work and in your finances.
  • Clarity about the best uses for your money and finances.
  • Deeper intuitive connection with your Higher Self and your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light.
  • 2 guided Meditations for a lifetime of use.
  • A channeled transmission from the Highest Light for a lifetime of use.
  • A guided journaling experience to go deeper into your true desires – you can use this for a lifetime of check-in’s.
  • A guided experience that will allow you to access the new paradigm that you are here to co-create – that you will have a for a lifetime of use.
  • A Money Matrix session utilizing quantum physics and the unified field of consciousness.
  • All of this is influenced by my extensive 10-year training and study in quantum physics and metaphysics through the International BodyTalk Association, Lynne McTaggert, John of God in Brazil and Abraham-Hicks. And it is now led by my connection to the Highest Light, of which I co-create everything in my life with.

  • An open heart and mind to co-create a new relationship with money and your finances.
  • A journal and pen for specific journaling exercises to excavate your deepest desires in this area of your life.
  • A clear quartz crystal and a rose quartz crystal – which you can acquire from most metaphysical stores or online through Etsy or Amazon.
  • White sage to clear yourself and your space.
  • The ability to both be sitting up for some portions of the workshop, actively engaged and lying down in receiving mode.
  • A glass of room temperature water (or water bottle) and bonus option: herbal, non-caffeinated tea.
  • We will gather together at 11:11amPDT on the Divinely Aligned day of June 22 (a division of Master number 11) and then again on June 29 (2+9=11) – all in this year of 11 (Divine Alignment of the Highest Light!).
  • Each experience will take you deeper into your clarity and Divine Truth about your finances and on June 29 we will open the phone lines so that you can share about your experience, the guidance you received and ask any Q’s about financial empowerment that are up for you.
  • All participants will receive the recorded workshop for a lifetime of re-listens and use. We will also create separate recordings for the meditations so that you can listen to those on repeat as needed and guided.

  1. Gather together via phone with your sacred supplies (see above) on June 22 at 11:11amPDT for a guided meditation, transmission and unfolding that will provide you with greater clarity about your path, purpose and relationship with money. We will also share details about the financial shifts that are upon us and how to best navigate these energies.
  2. An online Facebook forum will keep us connected as we integrate from this 2+-hour experience on June 22.  Share your financial windfalls (yes, they happen!), expansions and Miracles, while receiving Soul Tribe community support and focus for this area of your life unfolding.
  3. We will then gather again together on June 29, 1 week later, at 11:11amPDT to share about our individual experiences and guidance, and ask any Q’s. From there we’ll go into another meditation and attunement to support your financial thriving.
  4. Our online forum will remain open for the length of time Spirit guides while you integrate this upleveling to your vibration and your relationship with money.

Specific Souls are being called to this Divine Gathering and to this new paradigm of financial thriving.

Follow the call of your Spirit and…

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