29 Apr / 5-Factor Fitness Recommends Wheat-Free

So, I’m trying out a new exercise regime. I’ve been doing the same cardio/strength gig for over 6 years. I change up the cardio and strength regimes every quarter, but I’m simply maintaining. I’m not looking to lose weight, but I really want to kick up my muscle definition a notch (think Halle Berry, not Madonna).

At the recommendation of my dad, I decided to give 5-Factor Fitness a try.

5 workouts a week, 25-minutes each.

And I am SO SORE.

Even better, the author recommends eating flourless bread. The nutrition section does a great job of detailing why wheat/traditional flour is bad for you and causes weight gain.

I love it when the mainstream catches up with the rest of us. You gotta check this book out. It’s awesome. I’m embarking on week 2 – wish me luck!


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