28 Oct / A Niche is a Niche is a Niche – For a Writer

In business, there’s no end to the talk about establishing a niche. Still, when you ask most people who their target audience is, they’ll blithely answer “Everyone.”


Everyone cannot be your target audience. Well, they can be, but you won’t be very successful. Small businesses in general need to know exactly who their target demo is. This makes marketing/advertising far more streamlined (and therefore, more cost effective) and also allows them to specialize in a particular area, creating expert status.

A career as a writer is no different. We must niche. Of course, we’re often afraid to do this because we feel we might be pigeon-holing (this is actually a word!) ourselves. After freelance writing for 5 years and writing full-time for close to one year, my niche has revealed itself. I am so grateful! It’s actually no surprise, though, as they’re topics I’m exceptionally passionate about and also have a tremendous amount of knowledge on. Ah, the old adage – do what you know (and love!)

With no further ado, I introduce my target niche topics: unrefined eating (sans wheat, dairy and processed sugar) and conscious living – both for women. Conscious living includes authenticity, creativity, eco-friendly initiatives, self-love and much more. Having discovered my own path in both topics makes them the perfect fit for me.

Are you a writer? Business woman? Editor?

What’s YOUR niche?
Who are the people you want to do business with? What avenues of business or writing do you wish to pursue?

If you don’t clearly know yet, start figuring it out now. Write down the clients you LOVE working with, the topics you love writing about – decide what brings you the most joy. Then, find a way to just do that.

We don’t need to know how to do everything and appeal to everyone to be successful in business. We simply need to specialize in one or two areas and then target them unabashedly.

Happy niche-ing (new word)!
-Heather 🙂

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