08 Jan / Another Reason to Love Canada…

Kinnikinnick Foods.

Over lunch last week, Kinnikinnick Foods came into my consciousness.
At a grocery jaunt over the weekend at New Seasons, I picked up their Italian Tapioca White Rice Bread. Yummilicious. Only 90 calories per slice, this bread melts in your mouth. It’s perfect for toast (topped with 1 T soy nut butter) or grilled sandwiches. Grilled turkey and cheese may be even better – I’ll let you know.

Their website showcases more of the same. Donuts! Bagels! Cinnamon Rolls! ALL Gluten-free. I am in heaven. Heavy on the carbs, but perfect for a treat or special occasion.

AND, get this – I can order and have it all delivered.

Kinnikinnick just made my month…

Happy wheat-free eating!

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