28 Oct / Azdu Simply Spelt Cookie

At a Ladies Who Launch event last week, (if you’ve never been – GO – and also be sure to sign up for their fabulous e-newsletter) I was introduced to a brand new wheat-free cookie made right here in Portland, Ore. (Beaverton to be exact, but same difference).

Azdu Baking Co. recently released their wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free (how perfect is this?!) cookie. It’s light and fluffy; and for those of us who bake wheat-free, we know how hard that can be. They remind me of a snickerdoodle, but not as sweet – which is perfect. The cookies are a bit high in calories, but if you can handle eating just one, you’ll be fine.

I checked in with Linda – the creator of Azdu Baking Co. – and right now folks can order her fabulous cookies through her website. Enjoy!!! She also has new products on the way and I’ll keep you posted on those…

Heather 🙂

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