25 May / Best Restaurant Gluten-Free Pizza – Ciddici’s in Albany, Ore.

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On a random trek through Albany (in search of hikes and geocaching), I drove by Ciddici’s Pizza and noticed a banner proclaiming “Gluten-Free Pizza & Beer.” Anytime I see “gluten-free” I pay attention. But, gluten-free pizza and beer? I had to know what this was about.

Sure enough, Ciddici’s makes the most delicious gluten-free pizza (in small size only, but it’s two meals for 1 person easily!) and sells Redbridge Gluten-Free beer.

I ordered the Kitchen Sink pizza (it’s got it all) on a gluten-free crust. And let me tell you, it tastes almost exactly like pizza as I remember it in my pre-gluten-free days. YUM! While not a big fan of beer, it was very all-American of me to chase my pizza with beer. I felt almost like I did back in the day before gluten made me sick and I could eat whatever I wanted.

It’s so exciting to see more and more restaurants serving up good quality gluten-free fair. Thank god, as I was getting tired of eating salads everywhere I went.

Do you know of a restaurant serving up delish GF foods? If so, tell us about it here!

Happy Eating!
Heather 🙂

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  • Grace

    They have yummy GF pizza at ZPizza. I went to the location in Columbus, OH recently, but according to their website, they have restaurants all over the country!

  • Ciddici's

    Thank you for the great review of our restaurant. I am posting a link to your blog on our Facebook page.

  • jackson

    Vic’s in Olympia Wa has gluten and dairy free pizza! they also have vegan pizza!

  • Katie

    Pizzicato has a great gluten-free pizza crust, too! They even have GF flat bread to go with salads. I’ll have to check out Ciddici’s if I’m ever in Albany. Yum!

  • admin

    Katie – I haven’t tried the flatbread – I’ll have to check it out. Right now I am in LOVE with Mississippi Pizza’s GF pizza. It’s OUT OF THIS world! Will post more about it soon. Thanks for sharing! xoHeather

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