21 Jun / Debut Release of Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems

It’s here!

I went to Kauai to write a book (among other things) and returned with a book that I could not be more proud of. It is raw, 100% authentic and really allowed me to be completely vulnerable.

Below is the official press release. I hope you’ll not only read it and love it, but also share with your friends and family.

From here on out I plan to dedicate my blog to my poetry. Who knew I would have to cross an ocean to find my truest heart’s desire – writing poetry. I’ve been writing since I was 12, but never in a million years would have imagined it would be such inspiring, passionate work for me. Why? I always imagined work had to be “hard”. Turns out, it doesn’t.


Happy Reading (and writing),



For Immediate Release

Heather Strang

Phone: 503-522-9799

After 13 years of writing poetry detailing the beauty of love, the depths of lost love and the heartache of desiring a former lover, writer and poet Heather Strang is now sharing her experiences in her debut poetry book, Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems.

Anatomy of the Heart features more than 50 original poems for lovers of both words and relationships. Walk with her through the beginning stages of love, sink into the depths of the experience, reminisce over lost love and join in the heartache of wanting a former lover back. Readers will also uncover the surprising similarities between the physical heart and the emotional one. Strang showcases how the two work together like mirrors, illustrating all we need to know about love and ourselves.

“Ultimately, true love is a process occurring within each one of us. I hope readers will find comfort and inspiration in these shared experiences. To experience love in any form is a beautiful thing. As Rumi says, love is within us – long before a lover enters our lives,” said Strang.

Heather Strang is a writer, poet and coach passionate about conscious living. Her writing has appeared in blogs, books and a host of print and online publications, including 20-Something Manifesto, Four and Twenty, Women’s eNews, The Oregonian, Amaze Magazine, NW Women’s Journal and many others. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her meditating on the beach, creating new recipes and exploring the possibilities of the Universe. To learn more, visit:

A poetry sample from Anatomy of the Heart:


I breathe into you

My inhale sweet

With the scent of your kisses.

You on one knee

A blade of grass poised gingerly

for my ring finger.

Love and marriage and all

our hopes and dreams

In unison

In one breath.

# # #

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